How to turn a laptop on without a power button? – An Ultimate Guide!

Have you ever locked your keys in your car?

I have and, getting them took one locksmith, a couple of dollars, and over an hour of standing on the side of the road in the blaring sun. Nothing beats the frustration of a situation like this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a release button of some kind to get you out of a bind like this? Not something that gives everyone access to your car, but something built into the vehicle to detect a problem.

Whatever the solution, it would be great to maneuver our way around a pickle like this.

We have a similar problem when it comes to our devices. Cell phones and Tablets all require password entry. Besides that, the ability for their keyboards to operate is essential.

If you have a cracked screen on your device, you often have problems with access. Face recognition doesn’t work and, even the fingerprint option will suffer. You may also battle to type on a cracked screen.

If you can’t get into the device that keeps you connected all day, you are bound to have some extended problems. We all work on our phones these days and, having it out of action due to a malfunction makes life hell.

We need our technology to stay in touch for work, family, and even for those much-needed gaming breaks.

What happens when the one device that we need to earn a living starts to malfunction in a way that would make most of us cringe? Your laptop power button has fallen out or stopped working.

So, now, without wasting time, let’s figure it out that whether or not it’s possible to power ON your laptop without the physical presence of a power button on it?

How to turn a laptop on without a power button?

When you are suddenly left stranded with a laptop that has a malfunctioning power button, how on earth do you turn it on?

Luckily there is hope out there. There are a few ways that you can turn on a laptop that has a faulty power button.

How does the power button on your laptop work?

If you want to identify a problem with one of the components on your computer, it’s best to know the behavior behind them.

A laptop has motherboards and circuits inside its shell. Whenever you make a selection, data flows between two points to activate that option.

When you press the power button, you initiate a communication process that sends signals between the circuit boards and the motherboard telling the computer to power up.

If your laptop experiences a break in the circuit or the power button becomes dislodged, the signals will not flow between the two.

And, that may lead to an ultimate malfunctioning of your laptop altogether, however, there are a couple of ways to come out of the situation or to resolve the issue, and that’s why we’ve crafted this article.

Yeah, to do so, once you have determined that there is a problem, you can address it. In this article, I will discuss different methods of switching your laptop on without the power button:

  • External application
  • Wake-on-LAN for Windows
  • Clamshell Mode for Mac

Also, if you’re interested in knowing the probable causes behind why your laptop isn’t getting connected to a mobile hotspot then check our guide.

Using an external approach

A large majority of external keyboards come installed with a dedicated power button that powers up your computer. If you have an external keyboard set up through Bluetooth, use the dedicated key to turn it on.

This method works with a selected number of keyboards, so check that yours has the capability and that it is compatible with your laptop.

Under normal circumstances, we don’t have external keyboards with this feature and need to adjust our settings. The power-on-by keyboard setting comes deactivated by default and will need to be activated.

Bear in mind that this is a proactive step and will only be successful if this function is enabled before the power button malfunctions.

The first time you switch on your laptop, you need to access the BIOS settings and select the “Keyboard power-on feature” You need to choose which key will act as the alternative power button and save the changes.


Wake-on-LAN makes it possible to power up your computer with another computer on the same local area network.

But yeah, to do so, you must have a physically established connection between other PCs in the network, before your laptop’s power button goes to out of work. Well, here’s the guide to do so.

Steps to follow:

  • Make sure that the computer we are trying to switch on is currently off
  • The laptop is plugged into the power supply.
  • The computer we want to turn on must have a network card
  • Use a Wake-on-LAN tool like FUSION WakeUp on LAN or Nyxbull Wake on LAN
  • Search for all the available computers on the LAN
  • Locate the targeted computer with its IP address
  • Select switch on the computer

Mac’s Clamshell Mode

The Clamshell mode on a Mac is a nifty feature that allows you to use your Mac while it is closed and to convert your Mac into a desktop.

All you need for this to work is an external display, Bluetooth or a USB and a keyboard, a mouse, and a power supply.

There is an extensive process to be followed beforehand. All the external devices need to be paired with your Mac for this to work. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with all these requirements before you try to activate this mode.

And yeah, if this approach helped you in resolving the issue then don’t forget to check out our guide about how to connect your laptop to television set with HDMI cable. Yeah, it’s a detailed walkthrough with all the pieces of information you need to do so.

One last lifeline

There is an alternative lifeline that you can use to make sure that the power button failing does not mean the end of your laptop’s life.

You can set your laptop to switch on every time you open the lid. This function does not activate all the time, but it could be the easiest option for you.

Opening the lid to switch on the laptop must be activated before the power button gives out or when the laptop is already on.


1. Can I install a new power button on my laptop?

You can have a new power button installed on your laptop when the current one gives out. You can either take your machine into a computer shop to have it fixed or follow the below steps to do it yourself:

  • Remove the battery, make sure that the laptop is powered down
  • Take out the RAM and hard drive
  • Take off the keyboard bezel
  • Take the keypads out
  • Detach the top frame and locate the power switch
  • Remove the damaged switch and replace it with the new one
  • Put everything back together

2. Why does my computer not turn on?

This may be an indication that you are experiencing a hardware fault. First, check that the problem is not power-related.

If the problem does not relate to power, look at the hardware to see where the problem lies.

3. Can anyone access my computer through TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is an app designed to allow authorized people access to your laptop remotely. TeamViewer is commonly used with IT companies when troubleshooting problems.

Access is granted by the user with the added security of a unique password every time TeamViewer is opened.

Unauthorized access should not be a common occurrence through TeamViewer.

4. Can I use TeamViewer to turn my laptop on?

Yes, TeamViewer does have a function that allows remote access to turn on another laptop. There are a few steps that need to follow to set this feature up.

In closing

Short of opening the laptop and tinkering with the motherboard or circuits, there are alternatives that you can employ to make sure that you do not get stuck.

My biggest worry is that most of us don’t think about a solution until the problem has occurred. The majority of the fixed available are preventative measures rather than a way out of a bind.

If you are looking for a quick fix, you are fresh out of luck. As the old saying goes, rather be safe than sorry and pre-empt a situation that will cause you massive headaches in the future.

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