How to Set Up Your Soundbar With Your Roku TV – An Ultimate Guide

Smart TVs are here to stay.

So if we keep on upgrading our intelligent technology when it comes to our visuals, we shouldn’t let our acoustics fall behind.

Soundbars and surround systems are the perfect accessories to enhance an immersive experience. Imagina watching those sci-fi visual effects in 4K just to have a wave of saturated sound makes you regret movie night.

Sound systems are not only here to make things louder. They’re here to make them better.

Granted, you will have more volume range when you connect your soundbar to your Roku TV, but what’s the point of it if you can’t crank it up?


Sound systems are a must to enhance your auditive experience not only with TV but with any kind of streaming. They guarantee a balanced mix of frequencies so you can feel every single sound detail.

This is how you make your acoustics match the quality of your Roku.

What Makes Roku Tvs So Special?

Roku TVs have been getting fantastic reviews because of their simplicity.

Yes, they’re smart devices. We have tons of those, don’t we?

However, the Roku prides itself on being more user-friendly than anything that’s come before it. You don’t have to spend hours navigating your settings to find what you’re looking for.

With this kind of TV, you can choose and tweak it to your liking without leaving your home screen.

But, as stated, Roku TVs comes with a completely different operating system which is entirely different compared to all general android operating systems available on variety of the TV models in the market. So, process of connecting a soundbar to a ROKU TV is a bit different, and that’s the reason we decided to craft this step by step guide for our readers.

How To Connect Your Roku Tv To Your Soundbar

Sometimes it can seem like there are many obstacles when connecting a soundbar to a TV screen, especially if they’re not from the same brand line.

Roku TVs can be connected in different ways. However, this will depend on the available connections of your soundbar and on the brand of the soundbar.

The simplest way to get your Roku and your soundbar singing together is through one-cable connections. You can connect them in just one step.


Before you start plugging things, there’s something you should know about HDMI and HDMI-ARC.

HDMI and HDMI-ARC ports are the same, but they don’t support each other. The difference is in the way the audio is transmitted. If you have HDMI but not HDMI-ARC, then your audio signal won’t pass through.

Now that we got that out of the way.

1. One-Cable Connection #1

Roku TVs support ARC, so make sure that the audio receiver does too.

Once you know your devices will play nice together, take your HDMI-ARC cable and connect your soundbar to your TV.

Verify that the port you connect to is ARC and not the regular HDMI.

Optical Cables

Not every device plays nice with ARC. We know.

But optical cables don’t compromise sound quality and they’re perfect for one-cable solutions as well.

1. One-Cable Connection #2

As we mentioned, before plugging in devices, make sure the correct ports are supported by the two gadgets you’re trying to connect.

Once you’ve located the optical ports on your TV and on your soundbar, connect them with the Toslink (optical) wire, and you’re set to start enjoying your new sound.

What If I Don’t Like Wires?

SET UP YOUR SOUNDBAR WITH YOUR ROKU TV - what if dont like wires

Similar to other intelligent televisions, Roku does allow wireless connectivity. But there’s a catch.

Even though your soundbar might support wireless Bluetooth connections as well, Roku TVs are only wirelessly compatible with soundbars from the same line.

It means that you may have a wireless connection option if you have a TCL soundbar as your sound-enhancing system.

Roku Speakers

These are the only speakers that support wireless connections to Roku TCL TVs, which is why Bluetooth pairing might not be your first solution.

However, if you own these, we’ll walk you through pairing your TV and your speakers so you can give your sound a little nudge. Also, if you have a ROKU TV compatible soundbar then this guide will imply there as well.

1. Power on

Make sure the devices you want to connect have power. Your TV has to be turned on, and your speakers have to be plugged into an electrical current.

Check that your TV is updated and connected to the internet.

2. Press the right things

You’ll find buttons labeled “pair” on the back of each one of the Roku speakers. Press them.

3. Pair your devices

On your remote control, press the “home” button until your screen shows your TV settings. Head to the audio option and select “speakers” to complete the pairing.

Streaming Player

A Roku streaming player is a piece of hardware that works just like a satellite box. The difference lies in that it doesn’t require to be connected by a coaxial cable, nor by satellite.

We mention these little streaming devices because they can also be used at the same time as a soundbar.

1. Roku connection

Take an HDMI cable and connect your Roku TV to your streaming player gadget.

2. Audio connection

Once that’s in place, take an optical cable and connect your streaming player device to the soundbar of your choosing.

You’re ready to stream directly with your TV while having your audio-enhanced.


1. Can I connect a soundbar to my Roku TV?

Yes, Roku TVs can connect to any soundbar if they have the corresponding ports that the TV supports.

If you have Roku speakers, you can pair them to your TV wirelessly via Bluetooth. Soundbars and Roku TVs can be connected through HDMI-ARC or Toslink (optical) cables.

2. Does my Roku TV have Bluetooth?

Roku TVs and other streamers from the same brand don’t support Bluetooth. Nevertheless, a wireless connection is supported for Roku wireless speakers.

The speakers can also be used as rear speakers that may connect wirelessly to a Roku soundbar. However, the soundbar will have to be linked by cable to the Roku TV.

3. How good is the Roku soundbar?

Even though the Roku soundbar doesn’t have an external subwoofer, the audio quality is good.

The good thing about Roku TVs is that you can pair them with other soundbars, which is why you might get additional options that come with that soundbar from another brand.

4. Can I use any Bluetooth speaker with my Roku TV?

Unfortunately, the only device you can pair via Bluetooth with your Roku TV is the Roku Wireless Speakers. They can also be paired to the Roku Soundbar and work as rear speakers for a surround-sound system experience.

You’re All Set To Start Enjoying A New Dimension Of Sound

If you already have your Roku TV and your soundbar, you’re one cable away from starting to feel sound in a whole different way.

If you haven’t found a soundbar for your Roku TV yet, that’s okay. The television supports HDMI-ARC and optical cables, which gives you flexible connectivity options.

Last but not least, remember you can always purchase the Roku Speakers if you want your audio to be completely wireless.

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