How to use your own router with AT&T Fiber or AT&T U-verse

You might have heard the name AT&T before.

In case you haven’t, AT&T is a telecommunications group. It is the largest on the entire planet and one of the biggest companies that provide phone services worldwide.

If this is the case, you might be wondering why so many people out there advise you to use your own router when you hire their services.

One of the main reasons, and not a lesser one, is to look after your capital. You might not be interested in renting their modems. In the long run, buying your own equipment will save money.

That is definitely an advantage.

The management of the network is another factor you might want to take into account. Having your own router automatically puts you in more control over your Wifi network.

And, who wouldn’t want that?

Before we walk you through the process, there are some things to consider.

Use Your Own Router: How To Understand And Manage Your At&T Service

What is AT&T U-Verse?

U-Verse is a triple communications service by the AT&T company. It was launched some years ago as a three-service package including IPTV services, broadband internet, and telephone.

The broadband service fore-mentioned is now known as AT&T Fiber or internet, and available in almost the entire country.

In a nutshell, it’s a renowned ISP providing internet connection to all substantial areas and states in the USA.


AT&T Fiber

This internet service from AT&T functions on fiber technology. It powers the fastest internet plan the company has to offer.

It works solely through an optic fiber network and provides the users with a connection speed of an astonishing 1000Mbps. The goal of this kind of velocity is to transport large data amounts in less time.

How to use your own router with the service

1 Get your own router running

For this one, you’ll need an Ethernet wire. You’ll have to connect your own router to the one provided by AT&T.

Make sure the cable goes from your WAN port to AT&T’s LAN port.

2 Re-Configure your AT&T modem

Go to your preferred browser on your computer at home and insert the AT&T router’s IP address in the search bar:

Once you press enter, it will redirect you to a page where you’ll have access to the configurations of your network’s settings.

3 Change your wireless settings

Find the “wireless” option and click on it so you can change the features. Once redirected, find the Wifi setting and make sure you disable it.

4 Now it’s your router’s turn

Once again, go back to the web browser of your choice, insert the IP address of your own router and hit “enter.”

5 Connect the routers

When you’re looking at your own router’s configuration options, look for the option that will allow you to connect both routers.

This will be under the name “DHCP” or “Bridge Mode”. Make sure it’s enabled. This will permit your own router to use the AT&T’s router IP address.

If you’ve followed every step, you should now be able to access your Wifi network like you usually do.


Restrictions & Limitations

Their services are renowned for what they provide. You get HDTV straight to your house that includes enhanced features available on your devices. It will be an improvement in the way you watch TV.

But there’s nothing such as perfection.

When you subscribe to their fiber service, AT&T doesn’t allow only third-party routers. It doesn’t mean you can’t use your own router as well, but you’ll need to tweak some settings.

If the previous steps didn’t work, then we might have another solution. What you’ll be doing is configuring the router provided by AT&T to a router of your own. This procedure is called a True Bridge Mode configuration.

How to get close to true bridge configuration

This configuration or mode has a simple task: transforming your default gateway. To sum it up, the gateway is the only access point you have to the internet. It is basically your service provider.

The ability to manage your gateway means you can change the features of your modem. Although we mentioned this configuration is not compatible with AT&T platforms and services…there’s a way to get close to it.

You can get a shot at getting as close to this desired configuration as you can. It will require a little investment and three simple steps.

1 Buy IPs

Purchase a block or bundle of public IP addresses from AT&T.

2 Head to AT&T configuration

Insert your regular AT&T IP address:, and login to your network’s settings.

3 Public Routes

Select “LAN” and then head to the “DHCP” option. Once redirected, you should look for the option “Public Routed Network” and select it.

Once your connect your own router (also called third party router), it should link to one of the IP addresses you purchased automatically.

FAQs – How to use your own router with AT&T Fiber

1. Can I use my own router for ATT Uverse?

AT&T services require all their users to use the modem provided by the company. However, you may still acquire a third-party router. And yeah, this third-part router must be compatible with AT&T U-Verse fiber if you want the best out of it.

They don’t allow customers to rely solely on the router they’ve purchased. If you want to use your own device, you will have to connect it to the AT&T router. However, this will still grant you more speed, range of reach, and a safer connection.

2. Does ATT charge for the router?

Almost every company in the world charges for the use of the routers they provide. Once the client hires their services, they install a modem and a router, so the users have to pay a small fee to rent the equipment.

Despite the prices not being high, when you hire services from AT&T and other companies, you will have to pay a fixed amount each month.

3. Is my AT&T modem also a router?

Some companies, like AT&T, have devices that integrate the functions of a modem and a router into one single piece of equipment.

These artifacts are in charge of delivering the internet. They also spread the wireless signal for your Wifi connectivity.

4. What is better option? Buying an own router? Or using one provided by AT&T?

It’s upto you! However, if you’re looking for our advice then we’d suggest you buy your own router. Yeah, the reason being simple that, if you’ll prefer to buy a router yourself then you’ll have freedom of selecting the best one also, you could buy one that meets all the criteria of your choices gaining better speed, performance and reliability. Of Course, all this is not provided when you choose to use one provided by ATT.

You’re all set

Sometimes, dealing with routers and connections can seem like rocket science.

Connecting the cables is the easy part. But changing your network features can be a whole different story.

We hope you’ve found a simplified way to gain more control over your wireless and wired connections.

Whether you’ve decided to get a third-party router or buy some public IP addresses, you will end up with an internet connection that’s more stable, secure, and fast.

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