How to Test a Laptop Display? – [All Secrets Revealed]

We all knows that prevention is always better than the cure. Yeah, it also implies when you’re out looking to buy a new gadget; be it smartwatch or a laptop.

Also, many times it happens that we get to a shop or an online platform for buying a laptop and then we don’t know how to test its all hardware manually. Furthermore, we don’t believe that we should always rely on information mentioned on box by manufacturer. Yeah, we prefer to cross check each claim for its purity be it a household item or a technology gadget.

Well, in this particular article we’re about to share some never shared methods of testing laptop display. Yeah, by end of this article, you’ll everything you need to know about How to test a laptop display? And, things to keep in mind to be assured of an intact and non-damaged display.

Especially, when we visit a shop, their salesperson will simply switch start button of a laptop and then he’ll start repeating same thing he repeats to all customer enters into their showroom or shop. Yeah, often we fall into words and don’t care about looking into details or test things ourselves.

Moreover, it’s essential to test display for quality on FL Studio compliant laptop or a laptop for AutoCAD designs, as they are graphic heavy pursposes, and display has a lot to do in such laptops.

Moreover, when you buy a laptop from online platforms, it comes with a specific replacement period. So, it’s always recommended to check it out and test physically and ask for replacement if there’s any defect found in any hardware. Well, that’s why we’ve decided to give you a detailed step by step process to test laptop display or screen.

Now, without spending time on other things, let’s dive deep into process of testing laptop display for intactness.

How to Test Laptop Display – A Step By Step Guide

Step 1 – Start It Up

Start It Up

Firstly, we’ll switch on our laptop to begin our test. Yeah, do it, simply plug-in the power adapter in case your laptop’s battery isn’t fully charged.

Once, it’s switched on properly, take 2-3 minutes halt to let its startup processes settled down properly.

Step 2 – Adjust Brightness

Adjust Brightness

In this step, move your mouse pointer to task bar and press right click button on battery life icon. And then click on “Adjust Brightness” menu.

A slider will show up on the screen. Simply, drag it to least levels for lowest dimming level of brightness. And, then drag it slowly to higher level to check that brightness getting adjusted as it should.

Step 3 – Playing With Lid

Playing With Lid

While your laptop is ON, move your laptop’s lid close & far to check that it’s not flickering or getting any disturbance when you move screen.

Moreover, be careful while doing this step as pushing display too far could break it from hinges and pulling it too closer could make it fall into sleeping or shutdown mode. Usually, an engineer stream professional don’t need this advice, but medical stream people often make mistake of harming hinges while doing this task, so, we thought to explain it upfront here.

Step 4 – Test on Multiple Displays Using VGA Cable

Test on Multiple Displays Using VGA Cable

In this step, we’ll need an extra screen or monitor in a nutshell. Well, in case, you don’t have an extra monitor then you should simply skip this step.

To follow this step, you need to connect your external monitor with your laptop using VGA cable. Yeah, you need to connect your computer to the laptop using VGA Cable.

Then, check for screen resolution and change it.  After that, enable multiple screen option to duplicate both displays. Now, as you’ve two displays showing same things, check if both screens are showing similar visuals or things are changed in both screens!

This trick works most of times and it gives most accurate and best results.

Step 5 – Color Test (New Secret Tip)

Laptop Color Test

We wonder why no one has ever shared this secret tip on internet! Yeah, we’re the first team showcasing our readers this tip.

To execute this step, you simply need to start chrome browser and then search for white image, red image, blue image, green image, & black image one by in different tabs. Yeah, you need to open each image in full window in chrome.

Then press F11 one by one in each color and check if there is any pixel of different color existing in a different colored image or not! If you find any other color’s pixel in white colored image then it means you display is damaged and can’t render white color properly. Same implies for other colors as well.

So, that’s all about how to test a laptop display for perfection and accuracy!

Now, to help our readers with other information regarding test of laptop’s display, we’ll cover some frequently asked questions too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do We Need To Test Laptop Display?

Yes! Especially, when you’ve bought a laptop online, you should test your laptop’s display without missing. Also, before buying from local vendor you should execute this test once to be assured of no defects in the gadget you’re buying for future usage.

2. What to Do If Laptop Display Is Defected?

If it’s a fresh laptop, then we’d suggest you to go for a replacement claim for your laptop. And, if it’s an old laptop then you should visit a nearest laptop repairing technician eliminate the defect.

3. I’ve bought a refurbished laptop & my test encountered defect in display; what to do?

In that case, talk to seller and inform him about the issue. If it’s possible, return it to the seller and ask for a refund. If it’s not possible, then visit nearest laptop repair center.

4. Do I need to be technically sound to execute test of laptop’s display?

No! We don’t think so! Even a beginner could follow our guide as we’ve mentioned each step in utmost detail here.

5. Will a brand take his laptop back if it fails to pass display test after bringing it home?

Usually, before buying any laptop or monitor, we insist our readers to test its display at shop or store itself. But, in case, you’ve bought one from online store or marketplace then depending on seller’s return & refund policies, they may or may not take it back because of this test. However, you should still try it yourself to see whether its returnable or not!


I’m glad you’ve finished my whole guide and reading the closing. Yeah, that’s a sign of a loyal and respected reader. As my closing words for this article about How to test laptop display for defect & damages, all I’d like to say is, I’m always here to help you. Yeah, in case, you’re still facing any difficulties in executing this step by step process, just let me know in the comment section.

However, I firmly believe that by now, you’ll have all the guidance ready in your mind to execute a test for laptop display on your own. So, if you successfully get your laptop tested and find no defects then share your love by letting us know about your experience with our guide.

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