PS5 AND Soundbars: How To Set Them UP

If it feels like PS5 has been the talk of the past year, it’s because it has. 

You might be thinking that people connect sound systems to everything these days. And the question is:

Why not?

We have upgraded our movie watching, music streaming and brought out gaming moments to life. We think they should all be accompanied by high-end acoustics to take these experiences to the next level. 


Games are not just entertainment. Games tell us stories

Just as every other story, the music that goes hand in hand with it plays a fundamental role in how the story is told and the emotions it can transmit. 

By connecting a soundbar to your console, you’re doing much more than getting good quality sound. You’re being transported into your narratives. 

Why Soundbars And Ps5s Are A Perfect Combo

Soundbars are really not a necessity in your gaming experience until you really think about it.

Imagine for a second that you’re having the best pizza that New York has to offer. Is cheese on pizza a necessity? You could technically eat it without the cheese. But, why would you?

This analogy is the perfect example of why your PS5 should be paired with a system that can improve your gaming moments. 

You’re already eating the pizza, so why eat it without the cheese?

The action, the stories, the soundtracks. Games are so much more than just some action-packed graphics. They can be moments of peace, take you on a trip, and even offer adventures you couldn’t possibly have access to in real life. 

And all of it comes to life by just plugging a gadget in. And it only gets better. PS5 supports not only soundbars but surround systems too. 

You can choose to connect your PS5 to a soundbar that simulates a virtual sound experience, or you can even upgrade to a 7.1 surround system for a complete immersion in another world. 

How To Set Up Your Ps5 With Your Soundbar

PS5 AND SOUNDBARS-How To Set Up Your Ps5 With Your Soundbar

Before you start following this step guide, you need to make sure some things are in order. For this to be possible, you’ll have to check your soundbar and your TV to make sure both support HDMI-ARC connectivity. 

Once that is out of the way, you’ll find this to be the easiest and most practical way to do it is through a couple cables. Quite literally. 

1. PS5 to Soundbar Connection

Take one of your HDMI cables and connect your PS5 and your soundbar. You will, of course, do this by plugging the cable into the corresponding HDMI port of each device. 

2. TV to Soundbar Connection

Take a second HDMI cable. What you’ll do is connect your TV to the soundbar. You’ll plug one end of the cable into your TV’s HDMI-ARC port and the other end to that same port on your soundbar. 

3. Yes, that’s it

Here is how this works.

The ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows your PS5 to send video signals. This means your TV will receive them through the soundbar. The soundbar will fundamentally be a transport channel.  

Not Having Arc Is Really Not An Issue

We know not every soundbar or TV supports HDMI-ARC connections, which is why it’s not the only way to enhance your gaming sounds. 

We just walked you through how you can use your soundbar as a transport channel to transmit video signals. 

But not everyone needs a middleman. Certainly not a PS5. 

You’ll also need a couple of cables for this to work, but not HDMI ones. 

1. PS5 to TV connection

Once again, take an HDMI cable. Insert it in the corresponding ports on your PS5 and on your TV to connect your console to your screen. 

2. Soundbar to TV connection

It is no secret. With every upgrade in the tech world, we find new ways of connecting things. This also means that we have less. In time, some types of connections will indeed be obsolete. 


Whoever said optical cables are about to be part of history is plainly wrong. These babies will be here for a long time. 

Take your optical cable and use it to connect your soundbar to your TV. Your HDMI cable will send video signals from your console to your TV. At the same time, your TV will output its audio through the enhanced system of your soundbar. 


1. Should I plug a PS5 into a soundbar or a TV?

There is a controversy about this. Soundbars can be directly connected to your PS5, and TVs can connect to soundbars as well. 

Some say the audio you get through the connection between a TV and a soundbar retains better quality than when you connect your console directly into your loudspeaker. The difference lies in the compression of the audio signals that each cable carries.

2. Is there an optical port on PS5?

Toslink is the technical name for optical cables. However, PS5 consoles do not integrate optical ports. These consoles have HDMI connections which are in charge of transporting audio signals and video signals in high definition.

3. How do I get an optical connection for my PS5?

Although PS5 consoles don’t possess optical digital audio ports, there is a way to manage a connection through this kind of cable. 

You can accomplish this through an HDMI audio extractor. This is a kind of adapter that will transport information between the console and the TV. It will connect with the PS5 through an HDMI cable and to the TV through an optical audio wire.

4. Should I connect my PS5 to HDMI-ARC?

You can connect your PS5 with an HDMI-ARC cable, although it works like a regular HDMI port. The difference is that it offers enhanced characteristics. 

While the PS5 allows HDMI-ARC connections, some people prefer to stick with optical. They believe the sound passing through ARC connections sometimes doesn’t benefit gaming consoles.

Are You Ready For A Gaming Experience Like No Other?

Games will be felt

If you have a PS5, you’re probably making the best of it by connecting your console to the best screen you can find. If you’re gaming, you want the highest quality for your graphics. 

This is why we’ve assumed that you want the best possible audio to go with it as well. 

It’s no secret that integrated TV speakers are not the best thing that has happened to the world of acoustics. In fact, even those who’re not audiophiles will upgrade their sound system eventually. Whether it is through a soundbar or a surround system. 

You’re here, which means you’ve made up your mind about turning your gaming experience into an immersive adventure. Follow the guide to connect your PS5 to your soundbar and enjoy sound effects like you didn’t think were possible.

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