How to Measure Laptop Size? – Your One Stop Guide!

A laptop is something that almost every one of us owns to carry out our personal and professional tasks efficiently. The portability feature of the laptop makes it advantageous than a desktop PC. You can carry the laptop device anywhere you go without any hassles. The size of the laptop is considered an important factor in determining its usage.

Laptops come in various sizes such as 11 inches laptop, 15.6-inch, 14-inch, 13-inch, 12-inch and even 17-inch. Laptops with bigger screen sizes are usually expensive than the ones with smaller screen sizes. Students and professionals mostly prefer laptops of size between 14-15 inches, whereas creative artists & gamers prefer a 17-inch laptop for larger display & visuals.

“Size matters; Not just for you & me, but also laptops”

Your laptop size matters for the following reasons:

  • To buy new laptop bags & laptop sleeves
  • To place your laptop inside a bag you already own
  • To decide if the laptop is suitable for preferred usage

How To Measure The Size Of Your Laptop: Your Ultimate Guide

You can measure the size of your laptop using both inches and centimeters, whatever is comfortable to you and easy to understand.

Measure The Size Of Your Laptop

Measure the laptop height

Some of you might be confused about the height and width of the laptop. We will tell you an easy way to identify and measure the height and width of the laptop. Firstly, let’s deal with the height. Follow the instructions below carefully. Place the laptop on a desk or wherever appropriate. Now, take the measuring tape and place it on the top of the laptop. Now stretch the measuring tape in the downward direction and bring it down to the bottom part. This is the height of the laptop. When you buy laptop bags or sleeves, remember to buy bags that are slightly larger than the measured height. This will ensure easy placement of the laptop inside the bag.

Measure the laptop width

After measuring the laptop height, you should measure the width of the laptop. To do this, horizontally place the measuring tape on the laptop. Do this from left to right direction for precise measurement. When you buy a bag or sleeve for the laptop, look for just one or two inches extra from the actual measurement. If you add too much to the measurement, the laptop bag will look weird and bulky and will not be effortless to carry.

Measure the laptop depth

To measure the depth of the laptop, look at the laptop’s side and place the measuring tape in the vertical direction on the sides. Now, measure the laptop’s depth. The depth of the laptop will be only a few centimeters. Though the depth of the laptop doesn’t play any role in buying the bag or sleeve, measuring the depth may help you know the bulkiness of the laptop for future purposes.

Measuring the bag or sleeve size

After measuring the length, width and depth of the laptop, you should measure the laptop bag or sleeve size if you are purchasing a laptop bag or sleeve. For laptop bags, you should check the compartment size of the bag. Make sure the compartment size is bigger than the actual measurement of the laptop. This will help the laptop slide inside the bag smoothly. Check both the vertical and horizontal compartment sizes of the laptop bag.

When it comes to laptop sleeves, you should make sure you buy sleeves that are slightly looser than original laptop measurements. Only if the laptop fits correctly inside the sleeve without much extra space, it will give maximum protection. If the laptop sleeve is loose, the laptop may move loosely and cause discomfort. To buy a laptop sleeve of the correct size, ensure you follow the above instructions on how to measure the laptop size.

Conversion of inches to centimeters & vice-versa

Conversion of inches to centimeters

While measuring the size of the laptop, some may use centimeter and some may use inches for precision. You can use any of the two according to your comfort. If you have the laptop measurement in inches and want to know the measurements in centimeters, you can multiply the inch size by 2.54. This will give you the measurement in centimeters.

Example: If your laptop height is 3 inches and you need to know it in centimeters, simply multiply 3 by 2.54. The result is 7.62 centimeters.

You can get the centimeter values of inches by following the same procedure.

Know the laptop size without measuring

Know the laptop size without measuring

If you don’t have a measuring tape or are in a hurry & need to know the size of the laptop as soon as possible, you can seek the help of Google. Search the size of the laptop in Google. You can simply type “Laptop name and model number” + “Size” as a keyword. This will give you results on the laptop screen size and more details. In this way, you can instantly know the screen size of your laptop and purchase bags or sleeves accordingly.

Example: Search “Dell Inspiron 15 size” in Google. You will get the screen size. This may be 15.6-inch or whatever the original size is.

But, this type of search usually gives you only the laptop’s screen size, which is the width. Even in the laptop product information on the laptop brand’s official site, you will see the width mostly. To know the length, you can either search the length in Google manually or use a measuring tape to measure it. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can also use a ruler to measure the size of the laptop.

We hope the article provided you with clear and step-by-step information on how to measure the size of the laptop. Follow the given instructions as it is to easily measure your laptop size. Also, you can find by keywords like largest sized laptops. Measuring the laptop size accurately will help you find appropriate bags and sleeves for the laptop, which can be useful for many years & keep the laptop safe from scratches or harsh handles.

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