How To Keep A Gaming Laptop Cool? – An Ultimate Solution for Overheating Issue!

No matter if you’re using a premium range gaming laptop or a budget friendly gaming laptop; all have one thing in common and that’s their limitations.

Yeah, any gaming laptop being a machine, has some boundaries when we talk about usage. And, first that comes along the way is their nature of getting heated. Yeah, all laptops regardless of its pricing will face issue of overheating when you hit a continuous long time of usage.

As a human being, even we can’t stress ourselves above and beyond, so we can’t expect machines to be out of their capacity without providing them some support to be there.

Yeah, overheating might be an issue, but there are some ways to keep them cool even during a continuous sprint of usage for more than 12 hours. Well, you heard me right. There are some ways!

In this article, we’ll discuss many way about “How to Keep a Gaming Laptop Cool?”

So let’s begin with our discovery that took our experts years of experience in maintaining decent cooling levels in their gaming laptops.

1. Surface Matters

Surface Matters

Yeah, we can’t expect our laptops to stay cool when we use it on bed or any such similar surfaces. Usually, for continuous usage, a laptop should be placed on a flat surface where there is enough room for air circulation as it’s the key behind laptopo’s temperature levels.

Well yeah, most of laptops designed for gaming purposes have enough of ventilation mechanism designed for it, so all they need is a proper placement to leverage their built-in mechanism.

So, when you use your gaming laptop on a flat surface which will allow a gaming laptop to maintain a decent level of air circulation, you’re ensuring that all the heat produced from processors and underlying components is getting exhausted on time.

2. Elevation Can Make Things Easy

laptop Elevation

Well, not for forever, but yeah, after every couple of hours you should elevate your laptop a bit to provide all the heat enough room for escape.

By elevating, what we mean is, lift your laptop for few minutes after every couple of hours continuous usage. And, it’ll work! As every laptop has ventilation ducts placed at the bottom of laptop as well as at right side to provide enough room for heat to escape. And yeah, it prevents excessive heat buildup at bottom that results into decent temperature levels.

3. Cleaning Up The Inside

Cleaning Up The Inside

With time, dust and dirt gets accumulated into inside body of the laptop. Well, we all love cleanliness around us, but, fact is, we don’t know what’s inside a gadget that we’re using since too long.

Yeah, in that case, regular clean up of inner components could really do magic for your gaming laptop.

Moreover, as games are things producing most heat, it requires a decent room and space for escaping outside from your gaming laptop, and, these debris accumulated inside the body of laptop blocks its way. Well, that results into higher level of temperature inside body. Yeah, as heat don’t get an escape route for itself, it’ll find a way to get settled down inside the laptop itself.

So, if not yourself, then visit a professional technician who could assist you in cleaning up inside body & components of your laptop.

4. Take Help Of A Cooling Pad

Take Help Of A Cooling Pad

Cooling pads are the best inventions for gamers. Yeah, this gadget is designed in a way so that it could dissipate most of the heat produced by our gaming machine in a precisely prompt manner.

Yeah, cooling pads do wonder for laptops provided you use reliable one.

Moreover, as they remove all the heat spontaneously from bottom and side of your gaming beast, it also prevents batteries to catch up excessive heat. Yeah, according to many experts, they noticed a decent extension on lifetime of a laptop as well as its battery after they started using cooling pads for keeping things cool while gaming.

5. Remove Malwares & Viruses; And Stop Memory Hunting Processes

Remove Malwares & Viruses

A rare cause for many gaming laptops catching up the heat is, malwares & viruses on their gadget. Yeah, these tiny troublemakers keep on running behind our back and cause some serious technical issues not only from softwares & processing point of view, but also from hardware’s point of view.

These unusual and unnecessary processes requires to be stopped on time, so that our laptop don’t require to keep components and resources into action for a long and for unnecessary amount of time.

To do so, all you need to do is, install a reliable antivirus program and do a deep clean up of malwares and viruses. And then with help of a tool like CCleaner; clean up the debris files and useless processes along the way.

And yeah, that’s is, you’re all set to go & experience a neatly cool gaming time.

6. Avoid Using Too Many Programs At Once

Too Many Programs At Once

I remember, lastly when I kept around 50 tabs open in chrome browser of my laptop because of a research task I was carrying out, it made my laptop go hot crazily.

Well, it was three years back, and since then I’ve adapted an habit of closing anything where I’m not focusing at the moment. If required, I take a note of which URL I’m closing and what it relates to in a separate notepad file.

You might not believe, but that was the last time, I faced a serious laptop overheating issue in my professional life, and it’s not repeated even a single more time afterwards.

So yeah, always keep those programs and tabs open where you’re focusing at the moment and close everything else. As, it’ll help your laptop’s resources to work efficiently and things will remain in control for longer time.

7. Update Components If Required

Laptop Update

One of my colleagues recently experienced a massive heating coming out of his laptop because his laptop’s RAM was malfunctioned and wasn’t working properly.

Yeah, such hardware disfunction could lead your laptop towards a serious issue of overheating, so, always check for such malfunctions and resolve the issue by replacing components with new reliable one, so that, you could prevent other components from getting damaged due to overheating.

Yeah, RAMs, HDDs, SDDs etc are core components for your gaming laptops perfect functioning and when such components face any issues, they’ll trigger it to you by making your gaming laptop behave strangely.

All in all, replacement of such hardwares might cost you couple of hundred bucks in present, but, it’ll always save your thousands for future.

8. Avoid Hibernation & Sleep Mode

Laptop Sleep Mode

Many gamers, put their laptop on Hibernation or Sleep mode when they’re not using their laptop. Well, they thinks that their laptop will not consume any resources by doing so, but laptop’s memory will have stay at work during such modes; and, this can cause heat to get generated inside body when you start using it.

So, in a nutshell, always turn off or shutdown your gaming laptop when you’re planning to take a rest. Yeah, give your companion a rest to cooldown and it’ll work like a charm when you start using it again.

9. Stay Updated

Stay Updated

At last, always prefer to keep your softwares updated because many inter-relying software won’t be able to function properly when your operating system or any of software is not updated for its latest version.

Yeah, this causes heat production in your laptop, be it a professional purpose or gaming purpose laptop.

So, always upgrade your laptop’s Operating system to its latest update and stay updated to make your laptop work smoothly for long time.


So guys, that’s all about how to keep a gaming laptop cool for a long time. We’ve shared almost all ideal tips that we’ve learned from years of experience. Also, we hope that you’ve learned couple of new things from our article and if you do so, share your experience with your friends and fellow gamers.

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