How to Hold a Gaming Mouse? – Secret to Best Aim Potential

Once in a while, we all think that how one of our friends has so prompt and perfect aiming skills in our day-to-day multiplier game?

Well, you’ll get amazed to know that it’s all because of his gaming mouse grip and not because of his gaming laptop. Yeah, if you’ve digested the secret of how to hold a gaming mouse in detail then you’ll also gain some level of prompt response and perfection in aiming the target within a short period.

Basically, it’s not like that, that if you don’t have a grip or you’re not holding your gaming mouse the way your friend or top player among the team is holding, then you’re not a good gamer. Yeah, it’s more of understanding the physics behind grip and psychology behind the action, than it’s about copying them.

So, in this article, we’ll explain everything in a crystal clear manner and from a more understandable point of view.

Yeah, our goal is to help all the gamers among our readers to stand out of the crowd when they aim for the target in their favorite multiplier or single-player gameplay.

What do you say? Should we start the guide about how to hold a gaming mouse for perfect aim?

Let’s start then!

How to Hold a Gaming Mouse?

Here are few key points you should keep in mind before understanding the different types of grips and holding fashion.

  • Don’t stress yourself for perfect grip.
  • Be natural and be comfortable with holding your mouse.
  • Keep your elbow at a 90-degree angle as it’ll help you to balance reach and to obtain a comfortable grip on your mouse. However, you’re not supposed to force yourself to be accurate. Just close to a 90-degree angle would do the job.
  • For movements of the mouse, prefer to move arm instead of the wrist. Again, it depends on your instinctive sense, and hence don’t push too much of performance pressure for doing so. Being natural is the key but, this is part of a secret so you might need to do some practice of moving an arm instead of the wrist to get used to it.
  • Use a plain flat surface and avoid trembling surfaces. Also, while holding the mouse make sure your elbow is stable and not causing any unusual movement. Yeah, it’ll help you to get those sneaky tricky shots in a neat manner as it’ll eliminate chances of distraction.
  • DPI settings might help sometimes, however, if you’re not used to faster or slower DPIs then avoid it. Yeah, being comfortable matters the most. But, to get better we’d suggest you try out different DPI settings and then pick any one preference with which you feel most comfortable.
  • For aim lock, get used to stability, and for shooting target get used to single finger click. Yeah, using multiple fingers for clicking will cause an imbalance in your subconsciousness and that’ll lead you towards most shot failure.
  • Practice makes the man perfect but performance pressure makes one lose a winning battle. So, balance is everything here.

Now, coming to the most important part of the process, you should know how to obtain a comfortable and perfectly suited grip on a gaming mouse. And, in a while, we’ll start discussing the same.

However, before we start, we’d like you to know that there’s not a single way of getting grip on the mouse. Yeah, it varies from player to player and what works for one might or might not work for another one.

The key thing to take out here is, understanding what sort of grip you’re using? And, how well you’re leveraging the power of that particular grip?

Moreover, by understanding all types of grips, you’ll learn about what’s that one or two things that you’re missing while using a particular type of grip that’s leading you to miss out on your perfectly aimed headshot!

Yeah, in a nutshell, all of the ways we’re soon going to mention are right as well as wrong. So, debate on the right way to hold a gaming mouse might never end.

Furthermore, the majority of well-known gamers accepted that their way of holding their gaming mice isn’t a scientific one and they’ve adapted it naturally so they’re not able to change it. Also, many of them have faced fatigue, pain, and injuries due to their way of holding their mice.

Yeah, what we’re trying to convey here is, if there would be a single perfect way then such uncertainty in outcomes could have been eliminated. But as hold and grips are usually natural, all we could do is to leverage the utmost possible power of science and physics to avoid injuries and to get perfection in aim without any physical or mental issues.

So, to understand it in a better way, we’d like to discuss all three major mouse grip styles in brief.

Types of Mouse Grip – Which is your favorite grip?

Yeah, many might say that mouse grip or mice holding depends on the type of mouse you’re having. Well, it’s partially true but not completely.

So, in this section, we’ll discuss all three major types of grip regardless of the laser or optical, wired, or 3D gaming type of mouse you’re having for your gaming purpose.

Yeah, as stated; there are mainly three types of Gaming Mouse Grip as follows:

  1. Palm Grip
  2. Claw Grip
  3. Fingertip Grip

Want to learn about each one?
Let’s start.

  1. Palm Grip

You won’t believe it, but, palm grip is the most common and widely used grip by gamers and non-gamers around the world. Yeah, it’s usually natural and it’s the way we learn to hold mice in our school days. So, we adapt this grip from our early days of learning computer basics.

Well, it’s known as the palm grip because while holding a mouse using this grip, a major part of the palm is placed on the upper part of the mouse. Yeah, the most common we and our colleagues hold mice in a computer lab or at the workplace.

This grip is ideal for consecutive and longer gaming sessions as by using this grip you won’t feel tired also issues of fatigue and pain or injuries are eliminated with this grip. Yeah, it’s due to the fact that your palm’s major part is getting appropriate support while holding a mouse and it won’t create any imbalance for your entire hand and muscle system.

This grip helps in having an utmost focus on the game. So, yeah, If you’re in the battle game or in a multiplier session and situations are of do or die, then this grip might leave you in the middle of the battle.

Yeah, sad but true; as while holding a mouse using a palm grip, you’re assured of locking the aim, but the accuracy of a perfect shot might get a bit wiggle out sometimes. Yeah, more focus and less speed is the plus and minus factors of this grip respectively.

So, ideally, palm grip is suitable for longer friendly gaming sessions. But, if you’re planning to join your team for a competition then you’ll have to figure out the way of avoiding this grip.

2. Claw Grip

You might have figured out the ideal positioning of fingers and palms for this grip. Yeah, the name says it all for you. Usually, in claw grip, one holds all essential component of a mouse using his fingers and bends his palm in an ecliptic fashion so that it resembles a claw of a bird.

Well, this grip gives you the advantage of both; speed and focus altogether. Yeah, as your palm will be resting at the rear part of the mouse and you’ll be holding all essential elements of the gaming controlling unit or your gaming mice using your fingers only, you’ll have comfort that leads to proper focus and perfect finger positioning that leads to prompt response.

However, we all knows that everything comes at a cost and here too, you’ll pay the cost of short durational comfort for perfect aim and targeting. Yeah, the key disadvantage of claw grip fatigue and pain after continuous gripping of mouse for around 2-3 hours.

So yeah, in a nutshell, if you’re having a short competition session at your school or college and you want to lead your team with highest number of kills then start adapting this grip. With time, you’ll learn to improvise yourself with this grip and it’ll help you in getting rewarded with more number of perfect headshots among your crowd.

3. Fingertip Grip

This is the most difficult yet perfect grip. Well, that’s what some of the highly rewarded gamers says about this grip.

Yeah, it’s difficult because you’ll have to do all the job with help of your fingertips only. And, in this grip, your palm has least possible contact to the mouse surface.

Well, a perfect fingertip grip is one where one’s palm is not at all in touch with mouse. So yeah, if you succeeds in obtaining this grip, then you’ll have supersonic speed of reaction timing.

Fingertip grip ideal makes things light but this grip features a very small lifespan. Yeah, ideally within half and hour or at maximum one hour, your wrist will start paining and to avoid injury we’d suggest you to avoid this hold after one hour.

Not satisfied? No issues! We’ve a wayout. Yeah, according to one of our master player, he is using this grip for an extended time period each time he plays in multiplier. Want to know; how?

“I uses fingertip grip when I need it and for rest of the gameplay I use palm grip” these are the words of our master player who’s pro of our team.

Yeah, basically, what he’s doing is, when he sense enemy on his headphones using his enemy’s footsteps, he obtains fingertips grip quickly and for rest of the gameplay while doing roaming and searching; he uses palm grip. It helps him in provide proper rest to his muscles and avoids fatigue, pain, and injury. Also, helps him in getting accuracy and perfection in playing.

So, now comes the question; which is the best grip for you?

Which Mouse Grip is Best for Me?

Want to know answer? Well, an experienced gamer would already know the answer and a newcomer will need some time to understand it.

Yeah, basically each of these three grips are best in providing the end results mentioned in each one’s explanation. So, now thing is you’ve to adapt the habit of using each one at right time.

Exactly! With a single grip of mouse you can’t do wonders in your gameplay; but, with combination of all, you’ll get perfect aiming, perfection in response and proper muscle rest that leads to a longer gameplay. So yeah, secret to win next battle lies in your practice of using all of these three grips at right time. You’ve to learn how to quickly change between grips so your wrist get proper rest when needed, you get perfect focus when it’s expected and a never missing shot that’s your teammates are looking for from you.

Our Verdict

Now, you’ve an open book of secret to success. All you need to do is choose your best way to hold your gaming mouse. Yeah, you came here with a question like how to hold a gaming mouse and we’ve explained you all we were knowing about holding a gaming mouse in a perfect way. So, now, after learning about all these three grips, you’ve all your favorite weapons showcased to you, all you need to do now, is to choose your perfect one.

However, while making selection, you should keep our secret opinion in mind. Yeah, instead of sticking to any one, learn to adapt each one when and where needed, as it will maximize output to 100X levels.

So, that’s all for today in our guide for holding gaming mice for our readers. If you’ve any query, feel free to connect to us.

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