How To Extend Verizon Fios WiFi Range? – An Ultimate Guide!

The Verizon FiOS is an internet package that delivers its services through optical connections. Already an incredibly fast package, so what are the perks of stretching out the range of its signal?

When dealing with several rooms in a house, or even open spaces, there’s an extremely high chance that a single router can’t take all the workload by itself. Yeah, in this guide, you’ll get an ultimate solution to your problem of How To Extend Verizon FIOS Wifi Range. 

And yeah, we need to do it when we have a compatible router for Verizon FIOS, and not for the one that’s been provided by the service provider.

The wifi range and signal strength can be modified, not only for a faster and more stable connection but to ensure every corner of your house is blessed by a powerful signal.

Extending the range of your Verizon FiOS will not only grant even more speed throughout your home, but it won’t have you running around for a strong signal when that life-changing online meeting’s about to start. 

Wireless Extenders: A Guide to Extending Your Verizon FIOS WiFi Range

There are multiple ways of extending your FiOS signal. Whilst some will require a little more investment, it will do more than just fixing signal issues and extending the range of your network. 

If the name hasn’t given it away yet, these are wireless artifacts designed to amplify an existing signal so that the area of coverage of your wifi network is, well…extended

These little gadgets are meant to be plugged into your wall. They grab the incoming wifi signal from your house, increase it and repeat it so that its range is boosted immediately. 

1. Choose the right extender for you

All routers have certain features that allow them to be properly paired with an extender to enhance their signal. 

There’s no need for a technician to check this compatibility, you can do it online or ask your retailer which extenders or signal repeaters will be compatible with your specific router. 

The easiest way to avoid getting lost in this process is to get your hands on a universal extender, which will ensure compatibility between your router and your new extender or repeater.

Users’ choice

It’s quite remarkable how the No products found. is being recommended by users without the need for paid ads. Although it might not be your first choice if you’re on a budget, this is definitely the extender for Verizon FiOS. 

Sometimes cheaper can mean more expensive in the long run, but you might be willing to spend a couple hundred on a signal extender. That’s quite alright, coming across repeaters within different price ranges starting from $100 and it goes to 3 & 4 figure range, so it will certainly not be a problem.

As long as you find a device that it’s compatible with, your network signal’s accessibility will definitely increase.

2. Find your socket

It may seem like a joke, but it really is that simple. 

As with most things in life, balance is key to making the most of your things. This theory applies to your signal extenders. Contrary to common belief, the best location in your apartment for an extender is not as close to your device as possible. 

Why? You want your repeater to be within the range of your router’s original signal, or else the repeated signal won’t end up being too strong.

Fundamentally, you want your gadget to be plugged halfway between where your router is located and where your device will be in use. 

3. The installation process could not be simpler

With the extender in place, wirelessly connect your computer to it, log in and fill the required fields with your existing network’s details so that the extender’s software and your wifi are paired.

Just by completing this step, your repeater will have access to your desired wifi network and will start expanding the range of connectivity in real-time.

Two other ways for Extending FIOS WiFi Range

  • The one where you don’t spend money

The results might not be as drastic. But moving your router to a different location will have a direct effect on your signal and will definitely improve your connection to your network. 

For some reason, we’re fixated on corners as special places to place our routers. In a way, it seems like the logical choice, hiding it in a place where it doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of the room. 

You might want to rethink this.

Although it may not look pretty, moving your router to a central spot in your house can, in fact, increase the range of its signal. If moving it around is out of the question, you may also try adjusting the direction of the angle of the router’s initial position. 

  • A Router Upgrade

Definitely not the free option.

But, we do live in the digital age. A one-time investment on a high-quality router that guarantees extended reach and a strong connection is undecidedly worth it.

Although you have hundreds of options, the extended signal range you get with the Verizon Fios G1100 | AC1750 WiFi G-1100 Quantum Gateway Router doesn’t only do an amazing job at expanding the signal, but it keeps it strong and stable in all the areas it covers.

FAQs – How To Extend Verizon Fios WiFi Range?

1. How can I improve my Verizon FIOS WiFi signal?

One of the most practical and efficient ways to solve this is to get a signal extender that will pick up the wifi network of your choice and expand its range without losing the original signal’s strength. 

As we commented earlier, when it comes to repeaters there will be a truckload of available choices. At the time of choosing one for your Verizon FiOS, make sure they are MoCa or universally compatible. Yeah, a compatible MoCA adapter is always a good bet to have on your router.

2. Do WiFi extenders work with FIOS?

Not only does this wireless bundle have amazing reviews, but Verizon is known to be a trustworthy and reliable internet provider. 

Extenders or repeaters will work perfectly fine with Verizon FiOS. As long as you purchase a device that supports the standards needed by the system, your signal will be amplified just the way you need it to. 

3. What WiFi extender works best with FIOS?

Before looking into the specifics of the extender that caught your eye, make sure it is universally compatible or that it supports MoCA. Having taken this into consideration, you can now focus on the little things that make up the rest of the extender’s features. 

One of the most important (often overlooked) features of signal repeaters is the setup process. Make sure you’re dealing with an easy configuration so that the installation process goes smoothly. 

How will you be boosting your Verizon FiOS?

Amplifying your signal will mean that no matter where you are in your home, you’ll enjoy a reliable internet connection that will not mess up your Netflix night or that very necessary virtual interview. 

Big investment or charge-free, there is always a way. 

The main objective is for you to be able to improve your connection throughout your entire home. So, regardless of which boosting process you’ve decided to try first, don’t forget to follow these simplified steps so that your wifi range knows no boundaries

Also, By now, we hope you’ve got a solution to your problem of How To Extend Verizon FIOS WiFi Range in a satisfactory way. If not! then let us know where are you facing difficulties? In the Comment section below.

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