How To Connect Two Monitors With Laptop – All Possible Ways To Follow!

Not satisfied with your laptop’s screensize? Well, in that case, many of your colleagues might be recommending you to incorporate a separate monitor as a secondary display with your laptop. Right?

Well, yeah, that’s one of the great solutions that adds up to comfort and visibility on graphical elements.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate but true that, laptops are designed for mobility, and hence incorporating accessibility and comfort on such devices is a real pain for brands too. Anyway, with each problem arose, a solution takes place as well. And that’s the same case with the laptop’s small screen size and limited accessibility issue too.

In this article, we’ll provide you with an ultimate guide to connect not only one external display with the laptop but yeah, we’ll guide you on how to connect two monitors to a laptop as well. Moreover, having a separate tab opened in multiple displays increases productivity at its best while using laptop for animation or machine learning programs.

So, read on for our detailed step-by-step guide to get an idea and then implement it on your own.

How To Connect Two Monitors With A Laptop?

Here’s all the possible ways to connect two or more monitors with a laptop.

First Way – Use A Thunderbolt Port

Thunderbolt Port

Many of recently designed and developed laptops features a special port called thunderbolt port. Well, it’s also known as USB Type-C port as well, so don’t get confused between these names.

Basically, you’ll find these ports on Apple products mostly, however, it’s not limited to Apple products and nowadays many other brands also featuring Type C port which was invented to solve few specific issues by Intel & Apple.

Yeah, it’s the same port that most of android mobiles are using as female charging adapter port; a basic oval shaped port in nutshell.

Now, comes the trick of how to connect external display monitor with laptop? Well, to do so, all you need to do is connect a docking station that’ll allow you to connect two or more monitor to your laptop through that single USB Type C or Thunderbolt port.

Moreover, we’d also like to state that, there are different types of docking stations available on the market. Yeah, few comes with a wide range variety of ports including audio jack, multiple USB ports, Ethernet port and so on. And, few will be specific for a single or couple of purposes, like a docking station with an HDMI port & a display connector VGA Port.

Second Way – Use A USB Display Adapter

USB Display Adapter

It’s one of the most conventional way that many technical geeks were using since old days of computers. Yeah, back then, there was not existence of Thunderbolt port and that’s why they solved problem with our basic USB ports.

Moreover, it’s the easiest solution for connecting two display monitors with laptop as it don’t require extensive knowledge of components and cables. Also, as all the required drivers are usually pre-installed with our OS, this way allows your to connect your monitor with laptop in most convenient way.

Well, to use this method, all you need is an external display adapter. Basically, it’s an USB type gadget that will be fixed into your USB port. And, on Display adapter you’ll get different kind of ports that are compatible for display male adapters.

Now all you need to do is, connect your display’s VGA cable with HDMI port or VGA port provided on display adapter and then check if your laptop is ready with adapter’s required drivers or not? If not, you just need to install drivers for display adapter for which you might have gotten a CD in the box of display adapter.

Third Way – An Ultimate Solution for Connecting Two Or More Monitors With Laptop

Two Or More Monitors With Laptop

Basically, in this way, you need a DisplayPort Splitter. Yeah, it’s a small cable with ports and adapter on both end. What it does is, it’ll open up possibilities of connecting more than one monitor with your laptop. Yeah, as your laptop might be already equipped with HDMI or VGA or DVI ports, you could simple plug this splitter with its suitable port and from there you’ll get multiple HDMI, VGA, OR DVI ports at another end.

Simply, connect your monitors using those extra ports and leverage freedom of using multiple displays on single laptop.

Also, we’d like to state that it’s one of the cheapest way for connecting two monitors with a laptop.

However, before you proceed with this solution, we’d advice you to make sure that the splitter you’re planning to buy is suitable for extending multiple displays. Because, there are different splitters available on the market and few of them only allows mirroring functionality for extra display which don’t extend displays and just transmits visuals displayed on laptop screen onto your extra monitor.

How To Figure Out Your Perfect Way For Connecting Multiple Monitors to Laptop?

Now, comes the question of which one out of above mentioned three ways is perfect fit for you.

Basically, each of these three ways are based on getting high, moderate and low advantage of each device. Yeah, What a thunderbolt port can do is, it opens up an ultimate possibilities to connect multiple gadgets with your laptop and it won’t limit you to just monitors as it also allows audio jack, HDMI port etc to connect with it. Same way, a splitter will only assist you in providing a solution for connecting two or more monitors with your laptop and it doesn’t offer any other advantage.

So yeah, based on your budget for getting an extra gadget, you should pick either of these ways. And, all of them will solve your problem with an ease.


So folks, by now, you have all the information required for “how to connect two monitors with laptop?” All you need to do is, pick one solution based on your requirements and budget and then simply connect your laptop with your extra monitors.

Yeah, these ways are what’s been used by experts for solving their different issues but as each of them are common solution for connecting multiple display monitors with laptop, we thought to share as much information with our readers as possible.

Now, pick your weapon and set yourself for a completely new experience with your laptop. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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