How to Connect Soundbar to TV

We’re glad that your soundbar has finally arrived at your place. Now, you’re all set to feel the limitless sound experience at your place. However, to do so, you’ll have to first connect your soundbar with your TV set.

In this article, we’ve explained the whole process of setting up a router with a TV in a simple and easy-to-digest guide form. Yeah, just 5 simple steps and you’re all set to experience a whole new world of sound.

So, now, without wasting our time in unusual discussion let’s move straight to the subject.

Steps To Connect A Soundbar With A Television.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide for you to follow.

Step 1: – Determining Connection Media.

Firstly, there are two types of soundbars available on the market. One which can be connected to the TV using HDMI cables. While some of the budget bound models of the soundbar requires you to have an optical cable to establish a connection with the TV.

So, at first, we’d like you to determine your soundbars requirements for connecting it to TV. However, sometimes what happens is a soundbar allows HDMI connectivity but TVs are not compatible with the same. So, before buying a soundbar, check its connectivity requirement and figure out whether your TV set is compatible with the same or not?

How to identify HDMI connectivity of a soundbar with a TV?

In the connection panel, you’ll have to check for ARC output. Yeah, you’ll notice ARC OUT text printed on one of the ports which are dedicated to HDMI connections.

How to identify Optic cable connectivity of a soundbar with a TV?

Usually, Digital Audio OUT is the print on your TV set in one of the connectivity ports for establishing a connection with a sound output device. Yeah, using this port you could connect your soundbar with the TV with help of an optic cable.

Step 2: – Determining a suitable placement for a soundbar

Once you’ve clarity about connectivity media, you’ve to figure out the best place for your soundbar. Usually, we recommend our readers to place a soundbar beneath or above the TV set. However, your goal should be the best place that could produce astonishing sound output for you in your home.

And yeah, if you’re planning to use your soundbar inside your bedroom or study room then too you should have a placement ready in your mind for the same.

Step 3: – Establishing Physical Connection between Soundbar & TV set

After finalizing the best suitable placement, you’ve to connect your soundbar with help of HDMI or Optic cable to your TV. Yeah, on the soundbar you’ll have an Input port where you’ve to connect either of the above-mentioned cables, while on TV you’ll have to put the cable in either ARC OUT or Digital Audio Out port depending on the type of connectivity media. Moreover, if you have an external subwoofer then in this step you’ll have to connect it with a soundbar too. However, we always advise our readers to opt-in for a built-in subwoofer in a soundbar if they want better bass & treble.

Step 4: – Turn On Your TV

Once you’re set with all the physical connections between TV and soundbar, you’ve to turn on your TV. After turning on the TV, you’ve to set input in a soundbar. Well, it’s doable with help of the soundbar’s remote itself. Yeah, On the soundbar remote control you’ll have to press the input/source button and meanwhile keep an eye on your soundbar’s LCD screen. Depending on connectivity media, you’ve to select an input source. For example, if you’ve connected the soundbar with help of an HDMI cable then select HDMI as the input source; and, for Optic cable input you’ve to select Optical, Digital, or D-in as the input source.

Step 5: – Set Up Sound Output Device in TV Settings

If the sound is already playing through your soundbar then skip this step of our guide. Otherwise, you’ll have to set the sound output device in your TV settings using your TV remote control. Usually, this setting is part of the sound settings menu and you’ll find it under that setting for most of the time. To set the soundbar as a sound output device, just set external speakers as sound output and then you’ll experience sound playing through your soundbar.

Moreover, for the advanced OS of TVs like Roku TV, you might need to figure out sound settings based on the OS version.

Our Verdict

All in all, these are the steps and an easiest process of connecting your soundbar to the TV. And, we hope you found it useful enough.

Also, we’d like to state that, this process might not work in some cases when you’ve a different operating system provide in TV which is not common, but yeah, we could ensure you that we could help you with the same if you let us know about your Operating system in the comment section.

So now, connect your soundbar to your TV and if you’re not able to do so then let us know in comment section so we could do our two cents to help you out.

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