How to Connect Laptop to Smart TV – Definitive Guide for Beginners!

Same, but better

Enjoying movies or binge-watching series can be all sorts of cozy when it’s only you and your screen. But you can’t cozy up with five people. You could…but it would be weird. 

Connecting your laptop to your smart TV can solve more than one streaming situation. 

How to Connect Laptop to Smart TV

Even if you have a bigger laptop, a 17” screen still comes with restrictions when sharing what you see with a larger crowd. It can also prevent you from actually catching all of those movie details that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy in a smaller display. 

When you realize how easy it is to connect your laptop to your smart TV, there won’t be any going back. 

Why Connecting Your Laptop To Your Tv Is A Game-changer?

We’ve told you about why cloning your laptop’s screen on your smart TV will change your visuals for good. But what about sound?

Computer mirroring on larger screens, such as smart TVs, transport audio as well. Even if your laptop speakers are decent, connecting a computer to a TV will enhance your overall acoustic experience. 

Since smart-TVs are…well…smart, they don’t usually need to be connected to a laptop for certain streaming services. Different platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu are commonly integrated within the TV systems. 

However, entertainment streaming is not the only reason why you want to know how to make this connection. Displaying photos, videos, presentations, and even documents can take on a new level when you’re able to share what you see on your tiny screen on a massive TV.

Moreover, if you own a gaming laptop then you’d be knowing that playing your favorites on a big screen makes your investment of $600 on your gaming laptop worth it.

I’m not trying to offend anyone here by saying their screens are tiny. But, hear me out… Now that you’re convinced your life will never be the same, let’s start setting up that connection. 

How To Connect A Laptop To A Smart Tv

Connecting a laptop to a smart TV is one of the most straightforward processes in the digital world. Whether you do it the old-fashioned way, through cables, or you go all wireless, the steps seem too simple to be true. 

Cable Connection

HDMI connections are the most frequently used to transmit high-definition multimedia from one device to another. This kind of cable allows video and audio signals to be taken from one place to another. Yeah, it’s as same as we transfer data between laptops when we need to do so. 

You’ll need an HDMI cable. This is a cable with identical connectors on each side. One of them is meant to go into the HDMI slot on your computer, and the other one will fit the HDMI port on your smart TV. 

How to Connect Laptop to Smart TV

1. TV port

If you’re not used to making these connections every day, you might look at your TV and laptop and find different-sized slots. 

Labels are good for one thing only. They’ll let you know where your cable is supposed to go. 

When taking a look at your connection slots, you’ll realize they have names on them. Find the HDMI slot and insert one connector of your cable there. 

2. Laptop port

Laptop ports are usually not labeled. But that won’t be an issue. Now that you know what HDMI ports look like, they’ll be easier to find on your laptop. 

Once you’ve spotted your laptop’s HDMI port, connect the other end of the cable to it. 

3. Voilà

There’s no such bliss as the one the word “automatic” produces. After you’ve connected both devices, you shouldn’t have to wait to see your laptop’s screen mirrored on your smart TV.

Do I Get Any More Options?

Wireless Connection

This isn’t the first solution because it will depend on the kind of TV and laptop you have. 

You may use Airplay to mirror your screen. For this, you’ll need a computer that supports AirPlay and a TV that supports AppleTV connections.

  1. Head to your laptop’s AirPlay connections and select “Open display preferences”. 
  1. Choose from the available devices
  1. Wait for the connection to be made and enjoy. 

My Laptop Doesn’t Have An HDMI Port

In fact, not every laptop does. There are different types of HDMI connections. TVs have full-sized ones, although you can also find mini and micro HDMI. 

Telling the difference is actually simple. The full-sized HDMI is the bigger of them all. In these scenarios, you could opt for adapters or find a cable with two different connectors.

USB Adapters

You’ve probably heard about adapters. These gadgets aren’t only useful for plugging different connectors into sockets. 

In this case, the adapter will connect to your computer through the USB port. Since the other end of the adapter is an HDMI slot, you’ll be able to connect your computer to your smart TV with a regular HDMI cable.

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1. Can I connect my laptop to my TV wirelessly?

Wireless connections between laptops and TV will depend on the brand of the devices. Some devices permit automatic streaming from a computer to a TV screen. For example, Apple products are able to connect wirelessly via AirPlay.

2. How do I watch my computer on my smart TV?

The easiest and fastest way to mirror your computer on your smart TV screen is through an HDMI cable. This cable connects your computer to your TV, so your laptop is immediately displayed on your smart screen. 

Do you have a smart TV and wish to stream from various platforms? there’s a high probability the programs you’d like to stream from are already integrated into your TV’s system.

3. How do I connect my laptop to my TV with USB-C?

You may use different adapters to make the same connections. 

You could choose an HDMI to USB-C adapter to connect through the USB ports. Another solution is using a USB-C to HDMI; in this case, the devices will link via HDMI. Make sure you head to your TV settings and select the correct input option to mirror your screen.

4. What cable do I need to connect the computer to TV?

You’ll need an HDMI cable to make the usual TV to laptop connection. However, if your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port that’s full-sized, you’ll need to get an adapter.

You Can Now Enjoy Your Laptop On A Larger Display 

Didn’t we tell you?

A connection between laptops and smart TVs is more than just for fun. Yes, you can take your streaming and entertainment to another visual level. However, there are more than shallow reasons to do it. 

Sharing your trip photos or the video of that first dance can be one of the most touching moments for all ages. Knowing how to connect your laptop to a bigger screen can make these occasions even more special. 

Fun, sharing, and work. A single connection will improve your experience.

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