How To Connect Computer To WiFi Without Cable? – An Easy Solution!

Headache-free process of connecting to WiFi without wires? It can be done. 

You probably wonder how to get your desktop computer online without cables, this can be done whether or not your computer has a built-in wifi card. 

In just a few seconds and without involving wires, modems, adapters and even a phone can take your computer online.  

3-step guides to get you and your computer online

To connect to a wifi network you need one of two things. Either a computer with the incorporated capacity to do so, or an external device that will enable your PC to connect to the internet. 


Nowadays, most portable computers (even the ones that are not exceptionally new) have built-in wifi cards in their internal hardware design. 

This means that the ability to connect to wifi networks is integrated into the device. 

  1. To get your computer online, head to your network settings and locate your preferences so your wifi is on. 
  2. From the list of available networks, select the one you wish your computer to connect to. 
  3. If the network is password-protected, you will need it to have access to it.

Well, it’s just one way of doing it, and in case, you don’t have laptop with you then too don’t worry as we’ll soon explain steps to connect desktops with wifi connection wirelessly and that too with very less hassle.

Wifi Adapters & Cards

Adapters are fundamental devices that you plug into your computer so they can reach out for a network signal allowing you to choose where to connect.  

  1. Connect your adapter to your computer’s USB port
  2. Once it is plugged in, go to your WiFi settings to select the network you wish to connect your computer to
  3. The adapter will do its job and connect your computer wirelessly to the selected WiFi network

Wifi cards are designed with wireless networking technology. This means they transmit a specific network to which your computer can connect. Some adapters even cop well with faster internet connection like hughesnet router connection.

  1. Insert the wifi card inside the slot on the side of your computer
  2. Make sure you are in the range of the signal dedicated to the card’s particular network
  3. On your computer’s network settings, select the one you’re ready to connect to

Now, wasn’t that easy?

Your computer should already be wirelessly connected to your chosen wireless internet provider. 

If you’re looking for confirmation or would like to check on the strength of the signal and connection; head to the advanced settings of your network preferences for detailed information.

Need more power?

If you notice your signal is not as strong as you’d like it to be. Don’t sweat it, there’s always a way to boost the power of the connection. 


Before losing your head after setting everything up and realizing that you are actually not online, make sure that you have a strong and steady WiFi network connection that will not falter.  

When your desired WiFi network is not as you’d like it to be, rebooting the system to give it a fresh start is always a good idea.

Also, if you want to stream 4K videos then some routers like we suggested in our edition are doing quiet well for the same.

Where are you?

The simplest way to do so is to make sure your computer is close enough to the wireless tri-band router. The location of your computer and the direction of the router have a dramatic influence on the strength of your signal. 

The closer, the better. 

The less space and obstructive elements in between your computer and the router, the stronger your connectivity will be.

Adapter upgrade

If you’re looking for an advanced adapter, you may be able to get your hands on some who integrate antennas into their design.

The adapter connected to your USB port will be able to receive a stronger signal when improved by the presence of a certain number of antennas meant to concentrate the strength of the signal in one place. 

Wireless boosting

Signal repeaters are extremely reliable when it comes to enhancing the range of your network’s reach. These small gadgets present an accessible way to increase the power of the signal near your computer. 

You must simply fit the repeater in the socket on the wall, it works by taking the signal of your router and amplifying it wherever the repeater is located. 


We don’t have to get too technical, just not that firmware is the software in charge of how your connectivity mechanisms work.

This is why you want your routers and adapters to always stay up to date, this way they’ll run smoothly without causing ups and downs in your connections.

Also, if you’re using your laptop frequently for tasks such as watching movies then it might have got some files corrupted and you could run a simple scan for the same.

What everyone’s wondering

How can I connect my PC to WiFi without cable?

If your computer or laptop is manufactured with built-in wifi cards you will simply have to find your connection settings and select the wifi network you wish to connect to. Some networks are private, you will have to know the password to be able to join them.

Even if your PC is not integrated with this connectivity perk, you can still join a wifi network without the need for wires. 

USB and SD port adapters are extremely common and efficient ways to get you online. They are simply plugged into your computer and bring to your device the ability to connect to wifi networks wirelessly. 

Why is my PC not connecting to WiFi?

Routers have software that should always be updated for stable and strong connectivity. If everything’s up to date with yours, you should make sure that the position of your router and the distances between it and your computer are within the ranges needed for a good connection. 

If you’re using adapters, remember these need to be updated as well. Compatibility has to be taken into account as well, for if an incompatible adapter can cause connection troubles. 

At last, if every step fails and you’re not able to figure out what’s causing the issue, then you should try doing a factory reset for laptop and check whether issue got resolved or not?

How do I connect an old computer to WiFi?

If your computer is a little older than the models including built-in wifi cards in their systems, you can still connect them to wifi networks without using cables. 

Add-on options such as adapters give your old desktop computer or laptop the ability to connect wirelessly to the internet

Depending on the gadget you decide to use to get this additional wireless connectivity feature, you will be able to connect to several or specific networks.

Alternative wireless connections

Enabling the hotspot or tethering options on your phone can actually turn it into a modem. This means that you could connect your computer to your phone and use its roaming services as an internet provider.

Although not the best option for speed or internet prices, it is always good to keep in mind backup options for unexpected scenarios. 

Wireless connections shouldn’t be rocket science

Now you know. 

Your desktop PC can connect to the internet wirelessly through various methods. You can follow this over-simplified guide to get your desktop screen online or choose one of the other easy ways to get your connectivity updated.

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