How to Connect a Soundbar to a Computer

Let’s break down some taboos.

Every time I hear about soundbars, their marketing aims directly at enhancing your TV’s sound. They promise wonders for your living room and go beyond to convince you they can fill up your house with improved acoustics.

And who thinks of our computers?

Even if you have a 70” flatscreen in the middle of your home, don’t pretend you’ve never cozied up in your bed right next to your laptop screen.

If you’re a music lover, you don’t necessarily crank it up in the middle of your home. Sometimes we want a private moment with our sounds. Wiring a speaker to your laptop and blasting your tunes inside your room will never be outdated.


Then, why is it no one is talking about soundbars and computers as a combo?

How To Connect Soundbar To A Computer?

Although most times left out, computers are more than excellent devices to connect to soundbars to have a more profound sound experience.

Laptops or desktop PCs, truth be told, they can always do a little better when it comes to reproducing sound.

Despite the primary uses of computers, they are widely used to play music or stream movies and series. This is an unshakeable fact.

If you’re already using your computer for music, streaming, and even working. Why wouldn’t you like to improve what it has to offer?

Well, process of connecting a soundbar to a computer is easy yet it needs a bit of tweaking in settings to grab the best sound quality that you admire.

Step-guide: Connecting Your Soundbar To Your Computer

Computer soundbars are often advertised as perfect matches for gamers. There are, in fact, many budget friendly soundbars solely designed for the purpose of enhancing the gaming experience.

Add that to the list of things a soundbar can improve, but don’t stop there.

ENHANCING YOUR PC’s SOUND-Connecting Your Soundbar To Your Computer

Music, movies, zoom meetings, everything can be crystal clear and multi-dimensional if you decide to connect a soundbar to your computer.

Also, many latest soundbars suggested on our site are compatible for a connectivity with a desktop computer or laptop and we consider it as an essential factor of consideration while curating soundbars on this site for our readers. Yeah, this guide will be suitable for you if you’ve bough a soundbar from any of our suggestions.

Less than 5 steps that will take you seconds can have you experiencing sound on a whole different level.

Wireless Pairing

1. Power

If your soundbar runs on batteries, make sure you press that power button to turn it on. If it needs electricity, plug it into the nearest socket.

2. Ready to mate

All soundbars have a pairing button. This one will depend on the model of your soundbar, but it will generally be one with a Bluetooth symbol on it. Press it, so your soundbar is discoverable by your computer.

Make sure your computer’s Bluetooth option is turned on as well. This way, it can receive your soundbar’s signal.

3. Mating call

Head to your computer’s Bluetooth settings. This will also depend on your computer system, but most will be found under the Bluetooth symbol.

Once you’re looking at your Bluetooth options, you’ll see a list of devices available for wireless pairing.

4. It takes two to tango

Select your soundbar from the list of displayed devices. Wait until your computer and soundbar connect and you’re ready to go.

Auxiliary Cable

1. It’s always the same

Step 1 will never change. You want all of your devices to be turned on before you connect them.

2. Finding the one

Some might confuse auxiliary cables with some similar ones. Whether you’re buying or looking for one in your cable box, find the right one.

Make sure you have a male-to-male 3.5 mm cable.

3. A special connection

One of the ends will go into the headset jack of your computer and the other one into the auxiliary port of the soundbar. The soundbar port will most likely be labeled “AUX.”

Is There Any Other Way To Do It?

Toslink Method

Toslink is simply the technical name of the cable we all know as the “optical” one. Some computers and soundbars support optical connections.

If they do, then all you need is a Toslink cable to connect to the corresponding ports of each, and you’ll have enhanced sound in no time.

TV as middleman

If you’re thinking of streaming from your computer to your TV, or if you simply wish for another alternative, you have one.

As always, make sure the devices support the desired connection.

To link them, take an HDMI cable and connect your computer to your TV screen. Take a second HDMI and use it to connect your soundbar to your TV.

Although these methods beat around the bush a little, it’s always to know you have multiple connectivity options to enhance your sound.


1. What is a soundbar for a PC?

Even though soundbars are often talked about when mentioning sound upgrades for your TV, they’re no strangers to computers.

In fact, there are compact soundbars specifically designed to upgrade your computer’s sound and even offer an immersive gaming experience.

2. Can you use a sound bar as a computer speaker?

It’s a common belief that soundbars are big sturdy loudspeakers meant to fit under your television screen. However, the latest models can prove otherwise.

Some soundbars don’t even reach 20” in length. They are designed to provide sound enhancement to smaller rooms and to occupy less space as well.

3. Is a soundbar good for a PC?

Yes they are.

Soundbars have the goal of improving the sound of any device. They transform the sound of embedded speakers without a lot of frequency range.

Some might think that soundbars can be impractical for computer connections. Some can be long and heavy, which makes them hard to position.

Despite that, there are TV soundbars compact enough to fit in tighter spaces. These are a perfect asset to your room or office space.

4. Are soundbars worth it?

If you enjoy a good quality sound, then the answer is yes. It doesn’t matter how high-end your computer is. A soundbar will always be worth it when it comes to getting clear sounds with more dimension.

5. Is there any negative side to a connection between soundbar & laptop or computer?

No. Soundbar is a peripheral device like any other device that you connect with your computer and in most of the cases you could do a connection between soundbar and computer without any worry.

You’re Ready To Experience Intensified Sounds

Soundbars are known to be the center speakers of your home-theater channel. They are also known for the sleek designs that work as artsy add-ons to your living room while improving the quality of your acoustics.

Don’t limit their technology to a single space in your house.

They are game-changers when it comes to experiencing music in your bedroom or in your office. They play well with computers, and some are even designed to fit them.

Movies in the living room are not always the way to go.

A cozy evening under the sheets while watching your favorite film. Binge-watching that action series without getting saturated noises. Playing some music while you work on that annoying essay that’s due in a couple of days.

All of the above are situations where you could do some music enhancement. Take a chance and level up your computer sound.

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