Laptop Screens: How To Clean Them And Care For Them

Many laptop owners just don’t clean their screens. Like…ever

I’m not judging, and I understand the reasoning. You probably use it every day, so keeping it sparkling neat can seem a waste of your time since it will end up dirty. 

Why do you take showers then?

Unless you don’t…But since you’re looking for ways to clean your screen, I’m guessing you can take care of the other things that need cleaning. 



A clean computer will go a long way, and I don’t only mean those smudges that make our lives miserable when writing an email or watching a movie. I’m referring to the fact that cleanliness will save you money and time. 

Fighting the dirt of your computer will be a breath of fresh air to its entire system. Keep reading so you can find out who your dirt enemies are and how to fight them without damaging your computer. 

What Your Screens Are Allergic To

Before taking you through cleaning your laptop screen and keeping it that way, we’d like to tell you what not to do.

This is more than a wild guess, but most of us have cleaned our laptops the wrong way.

Using fabrics that make the whole situation worse. Taking out smudges…with our fingers. Occasionally thinking a screen is a window and spraying some glass cleaner here and there.

It’ll be simple. 

When using a cleaning solution, avoid harsh chemicals like acetone and anything containing alcohol. The moment you’re about to touch your screen, avoid any kind of paper, no matter how soft it seems to be.

Let’s Make Marie Kondo Proud

I know, she tidies up. Same but different. 

Before engaging in battle, you should know who your enemies are. If you know them, you can take them without damaging the battlefield. 

What I’m basically saying is: Know what you’re dealing with before dealing with it. 

The gross sticky stuff

By any means, I am not saying you put your fingers in nasty places. But creams, lotions, and even sweat turn into smudges on your screen that just look nasty. 

I’m also not accusing you of touching your screen. But even if you’re extra careful with your display, someone’s finger might find its way onto it. 

Now that we know smudges are the enemy, you’ll need a fiber cloth and possibly a cleaning solution. 

1. Choose your poison

Repeat after me. Glass cleaners are not screen cleaners. 

Yes, your screen is technically made of a kind of polarized glass. That doesn’t make it a window. 

Opt for solutions that have been specifically created to clean computer screens. If you don’t have them, you can use distilled water. 

2. Pick your weapon

And make sure it’s as soft as it gets. 

Like you already know, even the softest of papers can be a hazard and potentially scratch your screen. 

Unlike the solution part, I’m not giving you any options here. Get your hands on a microfiber cloth. This is the one fabric that will guarantee a clean screen without scratching it. 

And yeah, if any senior in the family is having a suitable laptop to them, then you should help them by informing about these accessories so that they could take advantage of the same.

3. Don’t give it a bath

Whichever solution you’ve decided to use, use it carefully

You’re not meant to submerge your laptop in the liquid, nor the cloth for that matter. Just make sure the piece of fabric you’re using is just a little damp. 

The last step comes at the end. 

The One That Sticks To The Gross Stuff

I could write a book about all the times dust has made my life miserable. 

Dust on your screen is a nightmare. By itself, it’s just everywhere, it might make you sneeze, and it seems impossible to get rid of. 

You know what’s worse? When dust decides to attach itself to sticky screen smudges. It’s a swamp on your screen. 

If you’re dealing with the swamp, I recommend you follow the guide explaining how to get rid of gross and sticky things. 

If it’s only dust, it gets a little easier. 

1. Pick the same weapon

This isn’t Halo 3, you really don’t get a choice. Go find your microfiber cloth. 

LAPTOP SCREENS-Pick the same weapon

The last step comes next. 

This is the last step 

Be gentle

Don’t scrub your screen. You’re not exfoliating it. Make sure you put just enough pressure on the cloth so that it gets rid of any smudge without damaging your display. Go over it many times if it means avoiding pressing it too hard. 

Isn’t it easier than connecting your laptop to wifi without cable? Well yeah, it is. And that’s why we mentioned it in very beginning that this guide has everything that you should know about cleaning your laptop’s screen without causing any hassle or trouble in the end.

If You’re Really Invested In Your Screen

You might have to invest a couple of dollars in this one, but it’s my preferred method of them all. 

1. Buy screen wipes. 

These are the definitions of practical. The wipes come in individual bags, so you can take them everywhere. Also, they’re already damp in a screen cleaning solution, and they’re very accessible

However, before buying, you should ensure that these wipes are made up of soft and smoother material and it won’t cause any scratch on your laptop screen. Yeah, many time it happens that a wipe ends up damaging one’s laptop screen and it costs a lot in the end.

Before moving forward with frequently asked questions by our readers, we’d like to let you know that our team has crafted and curated a detailed list for laptop suitable to realtors. So, if you’re in real estate business then you should take a look at our guide as well as selected picks too.


1. What can I use to clean my laptop?

A microfiber cloth will most likely get rid of all the dust particles on your computer screen. If you notice denser smudges, you can damp that cloth in a screen cleaning solution before you wipe your computer. 

2. What household product can I use to clean my computer screen?

If you don’t have a solution meant to clean screens, distilled or filtered water is the best you can do. If you need to do some heavy-duty cleaning, you can try homemade solutions. Add equal parts of filtered water and white vinegar and use it as a cleaning product for your screen.

3. Can you use alcohol wipes on computer screens?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Avoid harsh chemical solutions, including acetone, alcohol, and ammonium. These can actually cause severe damage to your display.

4. Can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen?

Although your screen is made of glass, remember it’s much more than that. Eyeglass cleaning solutions also contain chemicals that could ruin your computer’s display. If you don’t have a cleaning product meant for screens, you’re better off just using filtered water.

A Clean Laptop Is A Happy Laptop

It’s not about the looks. 

Although you might want your computer to be presentable for many different reasons. 

It may be your workspace. Working with a good-looking computer is refreshing for your eyes and brain. You’ll do much better when a clean laptop is your co-worker. 

Entertainment. Try binge-watching some series with smears here and there. Your eyesight will lose it before the opening credits. A clean computer will genuinely let your mind relax as you enjoy your rest time. 

Take care of your investments. Dirt, dust, and oil are some of the many substances that get on our screens daily. Getting rid of them means preventing them from getting inside your computer. 

Cleaning your screen is how you take care of your most-used device.

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