How to Charge Laptop in Car? – [New Ways To Do Old Things]

With ever-evolving technologies, world is on its peak of taking advantages from machines. Yeah, there was a time when idea of talking via wires was merely a joke to people, and, today, we have facetime to talk with our loved ones around the globe.

Well, this article isn’t what wasn’t possible once and what’s made possible today! In fact, it’s about solution to a problem of recent times. Yeah, 5 years back everyone was owning a laptop & a car, but back then it wasn’t possible to charge their laptop in their car.

So, this article is all about How to Charge a Laptop in Car? Yeah, today, it’s became possible with help of some new gadgets and evolving technologies.

Well, before we proceed further, we’d like to let you know that laptops are a kind of gadgets that’s been typically charged through wall power outlets. But now, with help of some supporting accessories, it’s become possible to charge a laptop in your car too.

However, we’d also advice you to stay attached to charging laptop through power outlet and don’t charge laptop in your car regularly, as it could lead to some consequences in longer run. Well, doing it sometime and in emergencies is completely fine, but it shouldn’t become a routine.

Ways to Charge Laptop in Car

As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t happen often when your boss calls in middle of your way to make modifications in your presentation that you’re supposed give in a video conference meeting, and at same time your laptop’s battery is already drained fully.

So, there are ways to cop up with the situations, and that’s what we’re going to discuss in this section.

Make Use of Newly Designed Car-Friendly Charger Adapters for Laptop

Charger Adapters for Laptop

Well, we stated this as our first solution because it won’t make a hole in your pocket. Yeah, it’s a budget-friendly solution for charging a laptop in your car.

Basically, many companies are designing car’s outlet friendly laptop chargers. Well, this are not conventional adapters with usual three prong pins; rather, it makes use of adapter which fits perfectly in your car’s mobile charging outlet.

So, all you need to do is connect a car-friendly laptop adapter into your car’s charger outlet and connect other end to your laptop’s power input port. Yeah, things will start rolling on with this simple step.

Moreover, before implementing this solution make sure your car’s power outlet is designed for 12-16W power output. Yeah, it’s a must in order to charge a laptop in your car.

Using State-of-the-art Power Bank to Charge Laptop in Car

Power Bank to Charge Laptop in Car

You heard me right! Not only mobiles but laptops can also be charged through a dedicated power bank designed for your model.

Well, this won’t work with all models of the laptops as this only works well with laptops with USB-Type-C or Thunderbolt charging port.

Yeah, all you need to do is, connect these power delivery bank (A.K.A Power Bank) to your laptop’s power input port and it’ll start charging your laptop. Usually, these power banks are capable of storing a massive amount of power in it and one time’s charge for a power bank could charge your laptop for two to three times, depending on your laptop’s battery capacity.

Moreover, as it’s a complete mobile solution and don’t need a dedicated power outlet nearby, it’s considered as one of the most portable charging solution for laptops nowadays.

Take Help of Power Inverter

Power Inverter

This is a bit costly solution compared to two others mentioned earlier.

However, it’s considered as a universal solution for charging any laptop’s battery in any car; regardless, of your laptop or car’s model.

Usually, these power inverters do work as all other do the same. Yeah, they simply store power generated by your car’s battery in it and distribute it to the gadgets you wish to charge through it.

All you need to do is, buy a 12W to 16W power inverter and connect it through provided three prong pin with your car’s battery. And, connect your laptop’s power adapter on provided USB power outlets on the inverter and connect other end to your laptop’s power inlet port to start charging your laptop’s battery.

However, this solution isn’t advisable to all as it requires a bit of extensive research about power capacity, your laptop’s power input requirement, your car’s battery output capabilities etc.

Moreover, this isn’t recommended because most of small inverters that people often fall for don’t produce sine waves and hence it’s vulnerable to many electronic gadgets. Yeah, it could lead towards serious consequences and hence do it only if you’re sure about what you’re doing.

Some Relatively Asked Question

Yeah, it’s not a routine frequently asked questions section; instead, we’d call it relatively asked questions as many readers asked different questions related to same topic so let’s cover some here.

1. Will It Harm My Laptop or Laptop’s Battery If I Charge It In Car?

As long as it don’t happen often and you need to charge your laptop in car when you run across some emergencies, it won’t cause any harm to your laptop or your laptop’s battery.

However, it also depends on which solution you’re adapting for charging your laptop in your car as power banks are safest and convenient solution while using a power inverter requires a bit of extensive research to be sure about safety parameters.

2. Can I Charge My Laptop In My Car?

Yeah, you can! However, there are no direct ways to do so and you need some specifically designed gadgets to give a helping hand.

3. How Long My Laptop’s Battery Last If I Charge It In My Car?

That completely depends on your battery quality. Usually, it’ll last for enough time so that you could get done with the emergencies in place.

Our Verdict

So, that’s all about “how to charge laptop in a car?” We hope you liked our article and it helped you in your case as well.

As a closing sentence, I’d again like to advice that don’t adopt a habit of charging a pricey gadget like laptop in your car. Well, the ways we mentioned in this article are 100% authentic and genuine and won’t cause any issues, yet, a laptop needs a proper charge in order to survive longer and hence you should charge it at its pre-designed and most suitable location only.

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