Laptop Wattage: How Many Watts Does a Laptop Consume?

When it comes to carrying out our personal and office-related works efficiently, ‘laptops’ play an important role. These devices have become so popular and of high necessity that it is rare to find one without a laptop nowadays. The laptop of each brand comes with unique and versatile features. One feature in a laptop may not be present in another model. New models of laptops are introduced every year.

Power consumption is a significant topic to be discussed when considering laptop usage. It is determined both by the laptop model and the number of hardware connected to the laptop. If numerous hardware devices are connected to the laptop, the power consumption of the laptop will be high when compared to using alone the laptop without any hardware.

Also, brands develop their new laptop models with low power consuming technology and uncompromised features. This will help you with low power cost as well as efficient performance.

Aren’t you keen to know how many Watts your laptop consumes?

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Consume?

Now, before delving into the method to calculate the power consumption of your laptop, let us discuss some important factors responsible for the power consumption of a laptop.

Factors influencing power consumption in laptops

Factors influencing power consumption in laptops

Apart from the below-mentioned factors, the laptop’s brand and model type also influence the energy/power consumption of a laptop. As the motive of the laptop brands is to increase sales by improving the efficiency of the device, they have innovated low power consuming laptops with the best features. Now, let’s know about the important factors that influence the laptop’s power consumption.

Type of adapter

The adapter that is provided with your laptop is one of the significant factors influencing the laptop’s power consumption. If your laptop comes with a 60W Charging Adapter, then that is the amount of power your laptop consumes. Usually, a 15.6-inch laptop comes with a 60 W adapter for charging. Similarly, a 17-inch laptop comes with a 90 W adapter for charging. Therefore, a 17-inch laptop consumes more power than a 15.6-inch laptop. This can be simply understood by the charging adapter type and the Watt amount mentioned.

Type of the laptop

Next, the type of your laptop plays a crucial role in determining the power consumption. By ‘type of laptop’, we mean a normal use laptop or a gaming laptop with high-end specifications. A basic laptop with decent features will consume about 60 W per hour. Gaming laptops with high-end features will consume more than 60 W of energy per hour. Some high-end laptops will even consume more than 100 W per of energy. The higher the energy a laptop consumes, the sooner it gets hotter. This is why some laptops get overheated in a few minutes after charging. You will have to cool the device using a cooling pad. Very rare laptop models come with both high power consumption and low heating.

Laptop’s CPU

If you didn’t know, the CPU of your laptop also influences the power consumption. If the laptop is equipped with a low-grade CPU or processor to function, it is likely to consume higher power to deliver efficient performance. Laptops with quality processors or CPUs like the Intel i5 processor or Intel i7 processor will consume less power and still give greater productivity. This is why it is always recommended to buy laptops with reliable and quality processors. You will not only receive the best output but also pay less for energy consumption.

Laptop’s Graphics card

The graphics card of your laptop contributes a major chunk to the power consumption. A laptop with a high-end graphics card will consume much power. High-end GPU is mostly used in gaming laptops. These laptops come with a high-end CPU along with a high-end GPU. They provide high-quality visuals and performance and naturally consume more power than a basic laptop. A basic laptop comes with a decent GPU and consumes lesser Watts. Gaming laptops come to tend to use CPU, GPU, Battery, Display and more in a higher amount and easily consume more power than normal laptops.

Calculate your Laptop Wattage by these 2 methods

Calculate your Laptop Wattage

If you want to calculate the exact Watts consumed by your laptop, follow any of these two methods.

Use an Electricity Usage Monitor

To precisely calculate the laptop’s power consumption, you can utilize the Electricity Usage Monitor. You should place this device over the power socket. This will help you calculate the exact Watts used by your laptop while charging. You can instantly see the Watts amount on the monitor. Not just for laptops, Electricity Usage Monitor can be used for other devices and appliances in your home. You follow the same process mentioned above to calculate the power consumption of any device. The device can be purchased online.

Calculate the Watts manually

Another way to know the Watt consumption is through manual calculation. You can either do this by knowing the power of your laptop charger or adapter. For accurate measurement, you have to take some points into account. Like we already mentioned, the CPU, GPU, & other hardware devices of your laptop will influence the power consumption. You can calculate the exact Wattage of your laptop by finding the power consumption of the processor and graphics card used in the laptop. You can also check the laptop’s back panel for double-checking. The brightness of the laptop and power for every brightness level can also be taken into account. Storage is also one of the components responsible for power consumption.

We hope the article threw enough light on the power consumption of the laptop. Ensure you do not overcharge the laptop when it is already fully charged. You can also use a cooling pad in times of overheating. Follow the above two methods to calculate your laptop’s power consumption. You can also keep in mind the factors influencing power consumption to get a better understanding of the amount of energy your laptop consumes. Both manual calculation and Electricity Usage Monitor are useful in calculating energy consumption.

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