How To Solve Problem Of DVD Drive Not Spinning/Working?

Just plugged-in your favorite movie’s DVD to your laptop for encountering that your DVD Drive isn’t spinning and hence not working?

Yeah, we keep on waiting for CD-DVD Drive to start spinning and it just keeps on giving that weird sound. Right?

Well, with this detailed guide showing you all the solution to your problem of DVD Drive not spinning, you could get all your plans back on the board for your sweet holiday.

So, now, without waiting for anything else, let’s begin with our guide.

Understand the Root Cause

Yeah, first and foremost thing to solve the issue is to understand the root cause behind the problem. Well, it’s not a rare thing that people get their drive not spinning. However, it don’t happen often too.

So yeah, there could be multiple reasons behind your DVD drive’s unusual response on your laptop with CD-DVD Drive, and to get it back to work you first need to understand the root cause so that you could apply a suitable solution for the same.

Root Cause 1 – You Placed DVD Inappropriately Into Disc Drive

DVD Inappropriately Into Disc Drive

Well, we understand, you don’t do it intentionally; but, sometimes we might be in hurry or in excitement and hence place the DVD onto Disc Drive inappropriately.

By “inappropriately” what we mean is, our laptop’s DVD drive works based on a scientific mechanism to read data stored on the disc and hence we’re supposed place it perfectly so that spindle could spin properly. Well, spindle will only spin properly if you insert the disc properly in a way so that spindle has perfect grip on the disc.

Solution for Cause 1: When we insert disc into drive, we hear sound of a click. Yeah, that sound ensures that our DVD or CD is inserted properly on the DVD drive. Hence, solution to this root cause is to insert disc into drive in a way so that we here a click’s sound, well, you don’t need to be very hard and you’ve to do it gently.

Root Cause 2 – Due to rare usage, spindle got hard

spindle got hard


Not every laptop user uses their CD-DVD drive regularly, in fact, since I bought my third laptop, I’ve not used my DVD drive even once. Strange! Isn’t it?

Well, when we don’t use things regularly, their get caught by rust. However, DVD drives are not prone to rust that much, yet its motor will show some firmness when left unused for a long time.

To check whether your spindle is free or not? You should try spinning your DVD Drive’s spindle manually. Yeah, it’s a test and if it’s free and smooth to spin, then it’ll spin freely when you spin it manually, and, if not! Then you need to apply solution suitable to this root cause.

Solution for Cause 2: Yeah, to solve the issue of DVD Drive not spinning, you should simply lubricate your spindle’s motor using a reliable lubricant. Well, most reliable lubricant in our opinion is, WD-40 and you could get it for couple of bucks on amazon too.

Moreover, while applying this solution, you should be utmost careful as you have to apply it in a way so that it don’t touch the reading lens of your optical drive. Yeah, in case, it goes their, it could cause damage to your whole drive and in worst case, you might need to replace your DVD writer altogether.

Root Cause 3 – Stickers might be a culprit

DVD Stickers Problem

Yeah, it happens many a times, that we insert a DVD disc along with some stickers & adhesives sticked on it. And, as it gets hot while playing, these stickers stick onto our DVD drive, which won’t let next drive you insert to spin properly.

Solution for Cause 3: Well, cause itself is explanatory for the solution. Isn’t it? Yeah, you just have to wipe out those leftover part of the stickers or adhesive from your DVD drive using ethanol based substance. Yeah, an ethanol based substance will help you to remove all the dirty culprit away from your drive.

Root Cause 4 – Optical Drive Drivers OR CD/DVD-ROM Drivers are got Corrupted

CD/DVD-ROM Corrupted


Well, not only hardware could be at fault at all the times! Yeah, software has to do something with working of hardware too.

Basically, a laptop or a computer is not just a machine or a combination of different hardware. It’s a combination of multiple hardware but it need commands & operational guidance from a software that’s called driver.

So yeah, in case, none of the above root causes are behind your CD/DVD drive’s improper functioning, then there might be an issue with the drivers you installed when you configured PC for first use.

Note: This root cause isn’t visible at naked eye like our previous root causes, so you’ll have to consider it as a troubleshooting procedure instead.

Solution for Cause 4: Well, a simple solution to this problem is to update your CD/DVD-ROM Drivers along with Optical Drive’s drivers. Yeah, there are two different software at work to make one hardware function properly in your laptop.

In case, you don’t know how to update Optical Drive Drivers? OR How to update CD/DVD-ROM Drivers? Then follow below mentioned step-by-step process for ease.

1st Step – Press “Windows + R” key together; which will open Run.

2nd Step – Type “devmgmt.msc” and hit enter; which will open Device Manager window.

3rd Step – Expand DVD/CD-ROM Category in Drives section.

4th Step – Open Optical Drive’s Properties Window by Double Clicking on its name.

5th Step – Navigate to Drivers tab in the Properties Window.

6th Step – Uninstall the Driver which is currently existing on your laptop by clicking on “Uninstall” button.

7th Step – Close everything & Restart your device.

8th Step – Repeat Steps 1 to 5 again to open Drivers tab in your optical drive’s Properties window.

9th Step – Click on Update Driver button to install fresh drivers.

10th Step – Close all windows & Reboot laptop.

11th Step – Insert a DVD Disc into your DVD Drive & Check if it’s spinning properly or not?

12th Step – Thank me later once you’re done with your movie.

Root Cause 5 – Drive’s Death

dvd drive's death


Well yeah, unfortunately, it’s true! When you’re done with all of the above solutions and still the problem exists then the only case is a complete hardware failure.

Also, we’d like to mention that all of the above-mentioned root causes and solutions are not random. In fact, in more than 80% of cases we’ve found either of them as real culprit and we applied same solution to resolve the issue. However, in 20% of cases, we also found that entire DVD Drive or Optical drive has been damaged and requires a replacement or repairing.

Solution for Cause 5 – Visit a nearby professional technician. Yeah, in such cases, you need to take assistance from someone who’s professional in his job. And, they’ll guide you whether your disc drive is repairable or requires a complete replacement. So, don’t take decisions in hurry and ask them to replace it, yeah, let them investigate the issue and seek their opinion for a most affordable solution.

Our Verdict

So by now, you might have got an answer to your problem of DVD Drive isn’t working properly. Yeah, there are some rare culprits that could cause such an issue and we need to avoid panic attacks during such situations.

We just simply requires patience and need to investigate our case ourselves first. And, if nothing works then we always have had a solution to visit a technician. Right?

Well, we shared what we had; so, in case, you got a solution to your problem then shower us with your love in comment section.

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