How to Disable Your Laptop Keyboard? – Everything You Need To Know!

Being able to disable your keyboard is a useful skill to have. Luckily it’s not hard to learn.

Perhaps you would like to disable your keyboard to give it a well-deserved clean. Maybe you want to use a separate keyboard with more useful keys. Or perhaps some of the keys on your keyboard have stopped working.

Whatever your reason we have the answers you’re looking for.

How to Temporarily disable your keyboard

If you want to temporarily disable your laptop’s keyboard all you need to do is follow the next three steps.

Firstly, go to your start menu, type in the words ‘device manager’. Your computer will then give you results related to your search. Open your device manager from the options given.

Once it is open a list will appear. Locate the option that says ‘keyboard’. Double click on it, or click on the arrow to the left of it, to show the enabled keyboard devices.

Lastly, right-click on the keyboard device and select ‘uninstall’.

This will temporarily disable the keyboard. However, once you restart your laptop the keyboard will automatically reinstall. This saves you the trouble of having to reinstall it if you only needed it momentarily disabled.

How to Permanently disable your keyboard

If you need a more long-term solution you might want to permanently disable your keyboard. This process is a bit more difficult. However, if you follow these steps it should be quite simple.

Begin by going to your start search box and searching the following ‘gpedit.msc’.

An option will arise that says ‘Local Group Policy Editor’. Click on that.

Click on the arrow to the left of ‘Computer Configuration’. A couple of subfiles will appear. Select the one that says ‘Administrative Templates’.

More options will open. Double click on ‘System’ then ‘Device Installation’.

Then select ‘Device Installation Restrictions’ and under that, a bunch of options will appear. Right-click on the one that says ‘Prevent Installations of Devices not described by other policy settings’. Right-click and select edit.

There will be three options, ‘Not configured’, ‘Enabled’, and ‘Disabled’. Select ‘enabled’

Once this is done you can then follow the same steps as described in the section on how to temporarily disable your keyboard. The steps just taken will ensure that your laptop doesn’t automatically reinstall your keyboard once you have restarted it.

If you would like to undo this just follow the same steps and instead of selecting ‘Enabled’ select the ‘Disabled’ option. After this, you can restart your laptop and your keyboard will be reinstalled.

How to Disable specific keys

If you would like to disable specific keys on your laptop keyboard some apps can help you with that. Unfortunately, there aren’t any functions in your laptop system where you can control this. But there are tools online that have a list of keys they can assist you with. This can be handy if certain keys are giving you issues and you would like to disable them.

Simply type ‘disable keyboard keys’ into your online search engine and the top tools will appear in the results. You can then continue to click on any one that suits your needs and follow their directions. Don’t hesitate to try different tools until you find one that fits your needs.

How to install an external keyboard

With all these steps on how to disable your keyboard an important question to answer is how to install an external keyboard on your laptop. There are two options of external keyboards to choose from, a USB connected keyboard or a Bluetooth connected keyboard. Luckily, they are both easy to install.

If you have an external keyboard that you want to connect to your laptop you can use a USB cord to do so. The cord will be connected to the keyboard on one end and have a USB plug that you can insert into your laptop on the other end. Once you have inserted the USB end into your laptop the device will automatically be installed. This may take a moment. Once that is done you’re good to go.

Bluetooth enabled keyboards on the other hand have no cords connected to them. They are convenient for when you use them for multiple devices or would like to use them from a distance. The process of connection is somewhat different.

First of all, you need to ensure that your Bluetooth keyboard has enough battery life and switches on. On your laptop, you will then go to settings. From there you will select ‘devices’ and then ‘Bluetooth and other devices’.

Here you will make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled. Once it is on you will select to add another device.

Your laptop should pick up your Bluetooth keyboard and it would then appear as a device you can add. Select to pair with the device.

They should then automatically connect and you can start using your new device. Note that your Bluetooth needs to be on whenever you want to use the Bluetooth keyboard.

Disabling your keyboard, whether temporarily or permanently, is luckily a reversible setting you can change on your laptop. This is a great option to use in varying circumstances to fit your needs. External keyboards are also quite useful to incorporate for many reasons. It can enable you to use your laptop whether your built-in keyboard works or not. These steps are simple to follow and show just how much you can customize on your laptop.

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