Best Wireless Soundbars in 2022 – An Ultimate Guide with Reviews

Who said soundbars are meant to lie at the feet of your TV?

Sound systems and soundbars are meant to enhance our acoustic experience. Home theaters promise us immersive soundtracks, and loudspeakers swear by the way they deliver stage-like music.

So how come no one’s hyping computer soundbars up?

We carry out every relevant activity on our computers. Not only our entertainment, our education, and even our jobs are directly linked to our experience with our digital companions.

Computer soundbars shouldn’t be a marginalized topic but a priority. We’ve created everything virtually, so it’s time our sound system keeps up with the tech powering our computers.

These are some of the most purchased and reviewed soundbars of 2022, so we thought you might want to take a look at them.

This is how you choose the best soundbar for you

  • Remember your budget

As I mentioned before, having a budget is not a crazy proposal. In fact, this is the first place you should start.

If you start thinking about specs and design, you might end up finding the soundbar of your dreams just to figure out that you need to sell an organ to afford it.

  • Ask yourself the main questions

Why and where will be the two questions that should remain with you throughout your entire search for the perfect sound system for your computer.

Don’t forget why you’re buying the soundbar in the first place. It’s easy to get carried away by all the state-of-the-art features soundbars have to offer, but don’t let these blind the priorities you have.

Don’t let dimensions slip your mind. Where you’ll be placing your new soundbar will dictate the measurements of the hardware you need. It will also influence the power that your soundbar should have to fill up the room.

  • Find specs that meet your criteria

After setting your budget and priorities straight, it should be easier to start disregarding some of the options before even looking at their particularities.

The features you’re looking for in a soundbar will have to match your expectations. Based on what you’ll be using your sound system for, you can shuffle through specs like power, independent speakers, connectivity options, and more.

Let’s think of a quick example.

Are you prioritizing online meetings or work-related calls? You might not care about features like the ability to connect wirelessly to stream music. Your focus will be directed towards specs like voice enhancement or background noise canceling.

  • What are you willing to sacrifice?

It isn’t hard to find a soundbar that meets every requirement. But, it certainly is to find one that has it all and is also within our budget.

Don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there.

With your priorities in check, it’s easy to decide which of the system’s features we’re willing to compromise and which are definitely a must.

10 Best Wireless Soundbars in 2022

1. Razer Leviathan – A titan of sound

If the name didn’t give it away, this sound system is a king amidst its waters.

It wouldn’t be fair to compare many soundbars to this one, especially when we’re talking about soundbars for your computer.

This bar is specifically designed to enhance the acoustics of every experience your computer has to offer.  

Dolby Clarity

The Dolby technology that powers the Leviathan directs enhanced sound waves towards you while making sure the side speakers fill the rest of the room with crystal clear acoustics.

Your gaming worlds and movies come to life when the bass shakes the ground as the voices stay sharp throughout this immersive experience.

Razer Leviathan SoundBar


Thought to match your gaming station, imagined to serve your computer’s every demand.

Did you know desktop PCs are at least 19’’? With space as a priority, this soundbar has been designed to fit under every computer. It will deliver crisp voices and thumping basses without taking over your room.

Bluetooth aptX

Life’s tangled enough.

You don’t need cables to hook this bar up to your computer. The external subwoofer is entanglement-free. You won’t be needing any wires to have your sound system up and running.

aptX simplifies the transportation of audio. You get the same quality with fewer delays due to the way the signals are compressed.

Key Features
  • The design of the soundbar is innovative and slim, meant to fin under every computer in the market
  • aptX Bluetooth delivers high-quality audio with no delays
  • The external subwoofer is more powerful than you’ll ever expect for such a compact bar
  • Wireless connections make it easy to place your equipment around your room without interfering with the space around it
  • Dolby sound guarantees your mid and highs are crisp and that you never miss what the voices are saying


  • Brand: RAZER
  • Speakers: 19.7 inches soundbar
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Subwoofer: External


  • Having the bass at a minimum level is enough to fill up average-sized rooms
  • It includes three equalizing default modes
  • The middle and high frequencies are well balanced and don’t saturate sounds
  • It’s specifically designed so you can use it with your computer
  • Good quality of packaging and materials


  • The bass sounds may sound monotone if you’re an audiophile
  • It doesn’t include a remote control

2. Logitech Z623 – Is the definition of a bargain

There’s no way your mind will not be blown.

It is as intimate as sound can get. You’re getting dual speakers instead of a soundbar, so the central channel is split into two directional ones.

It’s also not the powerful subwoofer that complements the entire system with 400 watts of strength.

It’s the price range of it all.

THX Certified

They’ve described their sound as captivating.

Not loud, not hearing stopping or head-turning. It is the acoustics that are being delivered just right.

In the sound industry, THX is what you called an audio quality that goes beyond the average enhanced sound.

This label is not gifted but earned. It means the sound coming out of your speakers has been engineered to behave in a specific way.

Logitech Z623 SoundBar

Specific Tuning

Just like we mentioned, a THX certification doesn’t fall off the sky.

The chambers that produced the sounds deserve that title. The acoustics they create are deliberately engineered to sound in a certain way.

The tuning is so precise that you couldn’t get any closer to naturalsounding acoustics.


It was this sound system’s destiny to be unique.

No other sound systems come close to how versatile this one is. The connectivity options of this loudspeaker include digital ports as well as analog ones.

It includes auxiliary as well as RCA inputs. You can connect up to three devices at the same time, including your gaming console.

Key Features
  • A wide variety of connections makes this the perfect sound system to sit near your computer and adjust to your acoustic experiences
  • THX-certified sound guarantees the quality and tuning of the acoustics recreated by the dual speakers and the subwoofer
  • Engineers fine-tune the sound system so that the sound replicates real-life intimate acoustics
  • You can find all the controls on one of the dual speakers for easy access without having to change what you display on your screen
  • 400W of bass power


  • Brand: LOGITECH
  • Speakers: 2 separate satellite speakers
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Subwoofer: External


  • An intimate and cozy field of sound that’s not going to blow the house
  • They provide a personal dimension of sound, whether it’s movies, gaming, or music
  • The subwoofer has more power than expected from a compact sound system
  • They are built with durable and top quality materials
  • This system has a good soundstage, particularly for gaming


  • The sound doesn’t simulate surround systems so you may find it flat
  • The mid range is not well integrated in the frequency mix

3. Sound BlasterX Katana – More than PD speakers

Inspired by gaming stories, delivering to all alike.

This system stands out for its design and its audio quality the same. It fits under your monitor and submerges you into your gaming narratives.

Although designed for PC gaming, it also enhances music listening and movie watching experiences in your room or in broader spaces.


UMAS System

A multi-core DSP audio system is behind the recreation of the acoustics of the bar. This is an award-winning operational system that makes this bar sound one of a kind.

UMAS stands for Under Monitor Audio System. This makes it the first of its kind to be powered by this kind of technology.

Sound BlasterX Katana

BlasterX Acoustic Engine

The DD 5.1 decoder guarantees you have an immersive experience without hooking your computer to a complete surround system that will take over your entire room.

The BlasterX engine and the decoder pair up to deliver resolution up to 24-bits through a system of 5 integrated drivers.

Aurora Reactive

This sound system elevates the ambiance your computer can create.

A subtle combination of LED lights illuminates the bar but stays out of the way from your visuals. The lighting experience is as customizable as the visuals of a soundbar can get.

You can choose from 16.8 billion led colors from a database, so the colors match your every mood.

Key Features
  • The only UMAS for computers in the market
  • A PC sound system that recreates sound through Dolby 5.1 Decoding and BlasterX technology
  • The Sound Blaster Connect software allows you to personalize the lights of your soundbar by choosing from almost 17 million colors
  • There are two dedicated drivers for mids and two for high frequencies
  • The Katana features comprehensive connections. You can link it through every possible channel you can think of


  • Brand: DOLBY
  • Speakers: 26.7 inches soundbar
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Subwoofer: External


  • It fits perfectly under the monitor, so you don’t struggle with finding a place for it
  • It’s a perfect upgrade for your gaming setup
  • You can customize the lights to your liking
  • The sound can fill up larger spaces, like a living room
  • It works flawlessly with movies, music, and games


  • It work better if your motherboard is older, 2.0 systems instead of 3.0+
  • Minor struggles with the remote

4. Razer Nommo Chroma – Delivers your stories in a magical way

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Games are so much more than some effects smacked together.

True PC gaming immersion is so much more than loud sounds with every scenario. Those of us who admire computers will understand that so much is told through the sound they recreate.

This system is here to make it better.

Computer Focused

The position and composition of these dual speakers with rear bass were created with computers in mind.

The speakers are tuned, so you get the dimension of sound. Focused on gaming experiences, it produces realistic acoustic scenarios around you, and works just as well for music and movies.

Razer Nommo Chroma Soundbar


Consistent Sound

USB has to be one of the more underestimated connections of our time.

This is one of the best universally supported connections, and you shouldn’t think twice before pairing your computer and your sound system through it.

It offers audio that’s digitally processed without losing quality, completely independent from your motherboard, and delivering unshakeable sound.

Razer Synapse

Razer Synapse is a configuration of hardware. It means that the elements that make up your speakers are designed to enhance the acoustic level as much as the software does.

You’ll be granted access to intricate audio settings that allow you to manipulate and tweak every aspect of your sound to your liking.

Key Features
  • The dual drivers are built with woven glass fiber
  • The subwoofer is integrated into the rear of the speakers, where it blasts the lows from behind
  • Practical knob that lets you control the bass
  • USB connection offers stable and faithful sound throughout the whole experience
  • You can choose from up to 16.8 million pre-set light settings to personalize the visual and auditory experience simultaneously
  • The fiberglass allows the sounds to stay as sharp as they can get


  • Brand: RAZER
  • Speakers: 2 separate dual speakers
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Subwoofer: Built-in


  • It is built with high-quality materials and components
  • You can easily customize equalizing settings in the system
  • Colder sounds are enhanced for a more natural feel of the acoustics
  • The volume can go extremely high, and the sounds stay clear
  • Works with every computer motherboard


  • If one hardware part breaks, you can’t replace it or buy a spare of that specific piece
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5. Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System – As big as it gets for computers

Computers seem to finish last.

Not with this system. It is possible to get a 5.1 surround system with this Logitech endeavor. No, we’re not talking about systems that simulate home-theater acoustics.

It’s the real deal.

For this price, it is impossible to find another 5.1 system for computers.


3D stereo

This system keeps ticking boxes.

There’s no need to simulate a virtual sound experience when you can get the real thing. The surreal amount of independent speakers take your acoustics to another dimension.

As if it wasn’t enough, this sound system is designed to transform dual-channel stereos from older gaming scenarios and films into a 3D stereo virtual experience.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Soundbar

1K Watts

You read it right.

Power can peak at 1000 Watts. A cinematic experience has never been this close to a computer before.

All the speakers combined deliver powerful theatrical acoustics, and the center channel directs clear vocals towards you, no matter where you’re at. Designed for computers with the ability to take over your home.


They really thought of it all. You don’t have to go cable-hunting anymore.

You can plug and play with your devices as you see fit. Its connectivity could not be more flexible. You have access to six audio sources to choose from. You’re in charge of how your computer and sound system are going to be linked.

Key Features
  • It reproduces THX-certified sound, which brings professional award-winning tuning to your computer sound system
  • It integrates six audio sources and supports optical, auxiliary, and analog connections, to name a few
  • You get a total of five satellite speakers to set up your surround system for your computer
  • You can enjoy up to 1000 Watts of peak power with this virtual sound system
  • It can convert older dual stereo sounds into full surround-sound acoustics


  • Brand: LOGITECH
  • Speakers: Multiple independent speakers
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Subwoofer:


  • The bass is rich and powerful without causing distortion
  • Despite the volume levels, the voices stay sharp throughout the entire experience
  • Although meant for computers, it has so much strength it can rumble through large spaces
  • High-quality materials match the quality of the audio
  • All the frequencies are well balanced


  • The lifespan of the overall system is not incredibly long, especially if shipped from longer distances

6. Audioengine A5+ Plus – Goes beyond your wildest expectations

They came up with fun designs without compromising the quality of the sound. This goes beyond computer speakers and can become new acoustic assets of any space in your home.

This is the third generation of this line of speakers. You’re not only getting high-end sound enhancement. You’re getting your entire sound experience redefined.


Integrated DAC

The digital age didn’t come without its bumps on the road.

These sound systems take care of them for you. The DAC process translates digital audio into analog signals.

This means that it doesn’t matter if you’re connecting your computer to the speakers or adding a headset. The audio quality will always be higher.

Audioengine A5+ Plus Soundbar


Connections are more important now than ever. This sound system knows it, which is why it doesn’t decide for you.

You can choose from every possible connection to link the speakers to your computer. Compatible with every device and every wireless and wired connection, including RCA inputs.


Quality Check

How many manufacturers can vouch for the durability of their products?

It is no minor thing when looking for new ways of improving the way you experience your sound. You’re making sure your investment is long-term.

Your product will be covered for a total of three years, and you’ll have access to US-based customer support if you ever need it.

Key Features
  • This soundbar permits every wireless and wired connection virtually possible
  • The quality of your audio gets bumped up with the integrated DAC technology
  • You can connect it to your computer or stream directly from other devices
  • The high-quality MDF is handcrafted and versatile, so the speakers fit your aesthetics
  • The Bluetooth 5.0 audio receiving guarantees no delays or sound deficit of any kind


  • Speakers: 2 bookshelf speakers
  • Color: Black or White or Bamboo
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Subwoofer: Built-in


  • The subwoofer is incredibly powerful without distorting the basses
  • The sound system is enough to fill up acoustically challenging spaces
  • The sound quality doesn’t diminish when streaming wirelessly
  • They fall under the category of computer speakers, but you’re getting close to live sound system
  • The acoustics become so detailed you can hear things you never heard before


  • After a three-year usage there are reports of cracked and saturated sounds coming from the amplifier

7. Dell Pro AE515M + attractive verb/adjective to describe it

You might want to pay attention to this soundbar. Avoiding all the conference calls gone wrong you’ve probably seen this year is now within your reach.

You don’t have to change your entire desk settings to fit this soundbar into your computer space. It was designed to blend in and improve your virtual experience.

Call Functions

Did you even think it was a possibility to administrate your calls from your sound system?

There are LED lights that indicate what’s going on so you can manage your sound during a call.

You can switch between modes with the touch of a button. Jump from private to group calls immediately with our headphones. Your sound is the one listening to you.

Dell Pro AE515M + Soundbar

Audio Clarity

The audio this soundbar reproduces has been tested and meets the call standards from Microsoft Business Skype.

You won’t have to worry about what’s going on around you when you’re taking that important call. The bar will minimize background noises and cancel echoes so that the dual microphones can pick up your voice flawlessly.


This soundbar wants to keep human calls as sharp as possible. This is why its design follows its initial concept.

You probably hold your meetings and even gaming moments through your computer. This is why you’re getting a sound system designed to fit the size and requirements of your PC.

Size, style, and quality. None is compromised.

Key Features
  • The system incorporates GSM shielding, so there is close to no interference when you feel like streaming from your phone
  • LED lights to help you manage your calls modes and switch between speaker and headset mode simultaneously
  • One-cable connection is all it takes to acoustically enhance your virtual persona
  • When you set it to call mode, the system minimizes background noises, eliminates echo, and focuses on picking up your voice
  • The range of 90Hz to 20kHz allows deep and natural basses that integrate seamlessly into the rest of the frequencies


  • Brand: DELL
  • Speakers: 17.44 inches soundbar
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Subwoofer: Built-in


  • The design is sleek and functional, so it blends in with any kind of aesthetics
  • It offers organic sounds by keeping the frequencies mild and balanced
  • This sound system is meant to upgrade a computer’s acoustics
  • The control buttons on the unit are straightforward to reach
  • You can crank the volume to its maximum capacity and still hear no distortion


  • The speakers only can only be connected to a computer through a USB port
  • Other participants may hear echo if you use it for online meetings and classes

8. Creative Stage Air Portable and Compact Under-Monitor USB-Powered Soundbar

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Everyone’s all about the bass. But don’t you feel like no one pays attention to higher frequencies?

This soundbar delivers a well-balanced mix. You’ll get enough bass, so your sounds are profound. Meanwhile, your mids and highs will stay sharp and bright.


This is a feature that no other computer soundbars out there can claim.

Yes, you will most likely connect this loudspeaker to your computer. After all, you’re looking to enhance your gaming experience, improve the quality of your soundtracks and have better video calls.

Have you thought about taking it for a walk?

The integrated battery allows you to take your soundbar and use it as a portable speaker with up to 6 hours of battery life.

Creative Stage Soundbar

Plug and Play

After reading the first feature, you might’ve realized that this is no ordinary computer soundbar.

If you have a USB drive of up to 32GB you can just plug it into the back of the bar, and it will do the rest for you. Just look for the USB slot, insert your drive and enjoy your music.

Compact Audio Enhancement

No other soundbar pays attention to the high frequencies like this one.

The passive radiator inside the body of the soundbar reproduces profound basses that don’t require an external subwoofer to feel alive.

The drivers are customtuned, so they can deliver the highest quality of higher frequencies, making sure they don’t get lost in the lower sounds.

Key Features
  • Dual full-range drivers deliver crystal clear audio balanced with deep and thumping bass
  • Take the speaker wherever you go. The battery lasts up to 6 hours
  • You get universal wireless and wired compatibility
  • It automatically plays the music inside a USB drive right after you plug it into the soundbar
  • You’ll find all the controls you need at the side of the bar. You can access them whether you use them as a computer soundbar or as a portable speaker!


  • Brand: CREATIVE
  • Speakers: 17.52 inches soundbar
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wireless, Wired
  • Subwoofer: Built-in


  • It is a good design that exceeds expectations for the price range
  • The soundbar has a built-in battery, so mobility is a bonus option
  • The speaker turns off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • It has a more a powerful bass than most speakers its size posses
  • Streaming is seamless, and you can expect it to be without delays


  • Your Bluetooth connection can falter if you get too far from the sound system
  • The lifespan of the soundbar is not too long

9. BYL Bestisan Sound Bar S9920

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Wireless soundbars are absolute saviors! No matter if you want to keep the soundbar next to you while you sleep, or just because you want to get rid of all the excess wires that are there. The BYL Bestisan soundbar S9920 is perhaps one of the best wireless soundbars out there. This is a 40-inch, 100-watt, remote-controlled device, and one which has consistently been one of the highest-rated products on Amazon in the wireless soundbars category. Let us take a closer look and try and understand what makes this soundbar so special:

The Ultimate Audio Experience 

This is a soundbar meant for true audiophiles. If you are looking forward to a great listening experience, go forth and buy this device! One of the best things about this soundbar from BYL is that it delivers absolutely noise-free audio. Every layer of the sound will be played to you in a crystal clear way, and you will be able to hear all the sounds without any disturbances. 

This is a product meant for loud and powerful sound – the kind you’d like to have with your home theaters. A 40-inch length ensures that the audio spreads all over your room and you get an optimal audio experience. Six professional tuned drivers have been placed inside the soundbar to ensure you get the best output. Oh, and if you’re looking for power, this soundbar packs in 100 Watts of power in it!

BYL Bestisan Sound Bar S9920

Remote Control: Truly Wireless!

When you’re buying a wireless soundbar, you don’t really want to go up to it and use the touch-based buttons to control its volume, or to change the modes, right? This soundbar can be controlled by a remote control, which allows you to switch between various modes of connectivity, as well as increase or decrease the audio based on your needs. Furthermore, the remote also allows you to control the bass and treble levels of the soundbar, which is another advantage.

Moreover, it also supports Amazon’s Echo series of devices. You can connect and pair your soundbar with your Echo, and control it simply with your voice! It doesn’t get any better than this and this is truly the most ‘wireless’ you can go. Let us tell you a little secret – once you get addicted to voice controls, there’s just no going back! 

Movie, Music, Dialogue, Gaming: Pick Your Poison!

This is a soundbar that is well suited for all sorts of things – be it movies, music, dialogues or even gaming. For the first there, there are three different modes programmed into the soundbar! The soundbar utilizes a DSP technology, thanks to the built-in Digital Signal Processor, which allows it to produce three unique sound experiences based on the kind of content that you are watching on your device. Apart from these three, the soundbar is also great for anyone who is into gaming and would like to get every detail, every footstep, every whisper heard. 

Summing it up, this is the ultimate soundbar for anyone who is looking for one for their living room or for their home theater. It fills in the entire room with a powerful sound, and ensures that you get to hear each and every detail that is being played. The voice-control and remote control features make it a truly wireless product, and the DSP technology makes it truly worth the price. This is perhaps the finest wireless soundbar you can find for under $100.


  • Brand: BYL
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 
  • Subwoofer: Not Present

Pros and Cons of the BYL Bestisan soundbar S9920


  • Can be controlled by voice
  • Separate modes for movies, music and dialogues 
  • Doesn’t cost too much
  • Powerful, 100 Watt audio output
  • Great for home theaters


  • Does not include a subwoofer built-in
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10. VIPEX Bluetooth PC Speakers – Prove that small is the new black

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Let’s debunk that small sizes don’t deliver.

This soundbar is perfect for computers because it was designed to blend in with them. You can place it virtually anywhere without worrying about space.

The Vipex soundbar doesn’t only like computers. Your games and movies will be enhanced, but you can also connect it to every device to stream music just the way you like it.

Superior Sound

You’ll be getting dual 5 Watts, independent drivers. These reproduce sharp sounds and turn average acoustics into a relaxed and natural sound experience.

The high frequencies blend in with a mild bass to offer an organic and realistic enhanced sound.

Your acoustics will stay natural, and you will hear every detail there is to your sound experience.


This is meant to improve your computer’s sound, but it doesn’t have to end there.

Not every computer loudspeaker works with so many other devices. You have a wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection option and also a wired auxiliary one.

You can connect tablets, phones, computers, laptops, and the headset of your choice directly to the speakers.


This soundbar redefines the meaning of design efficiency and practicality.

It is so slim and compact you can place it essentially under any computer monitor and even a TV screen. It will blend in with either.

It is lightweight, and the design is sober and modern. You can mount it or place it on top of the most delicate shelving units.

Key Features
  • Compact and lightweight design to mound and position it around your house how you want it
  • It offers dual connectivity so you can decide between a wireless or auxiliary connection
  • It doesn’t only connect to computers. It can link to every device that supports one of its many connections
  • The soundbar recreates mild natural volumes while maintaining a balanced mix of frequencies
  • You won’t have a problem sliding it under any computer since the design is extra slim and seamless


  • Brand: VIPEX
  • Speakers: 19.5 inches soundbar
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wireless, wired
  • Subwoofer: Built-in


  • The bass and the crispness of the higher frequencies mix well
  • You’ll find all the controls together on one side of the system
  • The materials are of good quality and durable
  • The Bluetooth connection always remains stable
  • Its size is perfect to fit it under any computer


  • It doesn’t include information about how to set it up or pair it
  • The volume’s highest level is not extremely high
No products found.

Other things you should consider when looking for a soundbar

  • Budget

Despite soundbars being considerably more accessible than sound systems meant for TVs, there’s still a wide range of prices.

Bear in mind that price doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Nevertheless, the lower-priced soundbars will naturally possess less power and lower-end materials to make them beyond accessible.

We recommend looking for a balance between the higher end and the lowest priced bars.

  • Ambiance

If you’re here looking for a soundbar for your computer, you will most likely want to use it in your room or in an office-designated area in your home.

These spaces are easier to fill simply because of their size. Don’t be surprised if a simple soundbar with not many Watts can get the job done.

Think about the location of your soundbar before you overspend on unnecessary power.

  • Uses

Your soundbar will be connected to your computer. These are by far the most versatile devices the history of technology has ever seen.

Computers are places where we play, talk, watch movies, listen to music, and have that very much irrelevant daily job meeting.

Don’t dive directly into checking specs. Ask yourself what you mainly use your computer for and why you’re looking to enhance its sound.

Your answer will determine the features you’ll prioritize when researching for the perfect system.

Is a soundbar’s design that important?

How about…obviously.

  • Size

The dimensions of your room are not the only measurements that matter.

If I remember correctly, you’re looking for a soundbar for your computer. So don’t forget your new sound system has to play nicely with your PC.

Computer sound systems consisting of dual or more speakers are easier to deal with. The size of your screen won’t make a big difference. You will just place the speakers on each side.

However, if you’re looking for a soundbar that will live underneath your screen, you might want to take that measuring tape. The last thing you need is a soundbar that covers the lower part of your computer.

  • Aesthetics

I want my sound system to look cool. Don’t you?

But it’s more than just looks. It’s about not being blinded by lights while we work. It’s also about not having a massive black box that doesn’t match anything else in the room.

This is not only about liking what we see. It’s about setting up a system that integrates seamlessly. Your computer and your sound system should look like one.

You don’t want to bring extra furniture into the room just to hold the speaker that doesn’t fit on your desktop.

Believe it or not, aesthetics and functionality are tightly related.

Remember: Your soundbar is another type of speaker

Taking care of your computer’s sound system is as simple as it gets.

Avoid direct sunlight at all costs. I don’t think you’re taking your soundbar tanning with you. In case you were thinking about it, don’t. Sun rays are harmful to copper, and this is the most used material for wires that make up the internal structure of speakers.

Stay away from runny things. By that, I mean liquids. Avoid spilling anything near and on your soundbar. A drop of any liquid found in contact with your system’s internal hardware can mean irreparable damages.

Keep it clean. Dust is the enemy of humanity, and it doesn’t get along with soundbars either. A speck of dust is nothing. However, let it accumulate and it will distort the noise your soundbar reproduces and eventually cause performance issues.


1. Is a soundbar good for a computer?

Yes. Computer built-in speakers don’t tend to match the quality or technology of the computer themselves. If you want to enhance your acoustic experience, soundbars are a great match for every kind of computer.

2. Can you connect a soundbar to a PC?

Soundbars are not only able to connect to PCs. They also offer multiple ways to do so. Although some computer soundbars support optical connections, not all of them integrate this port into their hardware. The good thing is you may also connect through Bluetooth, auxiliary ports, analog cables, and USB connectors.

3. Should I get a soundbar or speakers?

Soundbars are different kinds of speakers. In fact, they are a collection of speakers positioned in a certain way, so you get your sound delivered horizontally.

Your sound will be improved with either. You may want to ask yourself if you have the space to spare. Soundbars tend to be more compact, while speakers occupy more space.

4. Are soundbars worth the money?

The simple answer is yes. Whether you want to improve your gaming experience, movie night, or your video calls, a soundbar for your computer will do the trick. If you have your priorities in check, you can find a soundbar without overspending.

5. How much should I spend on a soundbar?

Some soundbars circle the $50, while you can find computer soundbars that go way beyond 1K. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality. You shouldn’t let price ranges dictate quality expectations.

6. Do wireless soundbars provide lesser clarity than wired soundbars?

No, this is a complete myth. Wireless soundbars do not provide a quality of sound that is any lesser compared to wired soundbars. However, if you are placing your wireless soundbars too far from the source from where the audio is being transmitted, you might face some issues such as the audio cracking, or there being a lag between the dialogue being spoken and being played, etc. But if you place it the right way, there’s absolutely no difference between the sounds of wired and wireless soundbars. 

7. What is the benefit of a wireless soundbar over a wired soundbar?

The benefit is simple – you don’t have to deal with wires and all the mess that wires create. Wires can cause quite a nuisance, especially if you are planning on playing music outdoors. Unlike traditional speakers, you don’t even have to plug wireless speakers to a power source at all times. You can simply charge them and then use them for as long as the battery lasts. Also, not all audio sources support 3.5mm jacks and wireless speakers are pretty much the only way to connect to them. These are particularly beneficial when you want to go out camping or on a trip somewhere. 

8. What devices do wireless soundbars connect to?

Wireless soundbars can connect to almost all devices that support Bluetooth, and if your soundbar supports it, even to WiFi networks. This makes it a great option for TVs, desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and basically pretty much every device that can pair with another device using Bluetooth. 

9. How to control a wireless soundbar?

Most soundbars can be controlled by remotes, or by using the buttons/touch panel that is embedded on them. Some high-end soundbars might also support the use of mobile apps to make things even simpler. However, in most cases, remotes are generally seen as the most popular and the easiest of ways to control wireless soundbars.

I’ll tell you my favorite one if you tell me yours

I’d like to finish this up by sharing my personal favorites. Just in case you want some insight from a more personal perspective.

The Razer Leviathan and its powerful external subwoofer made it to the top of the list for more than customizable lights. Razer managed to nail every aspect of this bar for immersive gaming, augmented movie soundtracks, and music that crawls under your skin.

When thinking about integrated systems, the A5+ from Audioengine is the first that comes to mind. They have managed to find the balance between sound quality, connectivity, and design.

What about you? Which one will be the one enhancing your computer experience?

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