9 Best Touch Screen Laptops Under $400, $500 & $600 in 2022

We didn’t believe it at first either. 

Laptops have become a need in the last couple of years, and we’ve come to blindly believe that the more we spend on them, the more benefits we get. 

We’re calling that idea out

We’ve gotten so used to the thought of dropping thousands of dollars in technological devices, we didn’t realize there’s more than spending on things we don’t really need.

You might be thinking: “I need a computer.” 

However, do you really need every single feature you’re paying for? As a matter of fact, we sometimes don’t even know all the specifications we’re spending our money on. 

This is why we’ve decided to write about the most affordable computers available in the market. Laptops under $600, $500, and even $400 are more than budget-friendly.

We’ll walk you through some of the most prominent features of these laptops. After that, we’ll guide you through some questions you should ask yourself before choosing a computer. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out you might not need as much investment as you initially thought. 

Your Guide For Selecting Your Best Touchscreen Laptop – Right Choice?

Choosing a laptop within a specific budget is not as simple as just picking and buying. The first product we come across might not be the right one, and it may even not meet our initial requirements.

It’s super easy to get lost in specifications and features that sometimes we don’t fully comprehend. It’s also very usual to pay extra money for features we don’t need or miss out on details that we didn’t know we needed in the first place!

When looking for touchscreen laptops under 600, we sometimes focus on the price so much that we end up regretting our investment.

It may turn out that the computer simply doesn’t do the job because it lacks specific features. On the other hand, we sometimes overspend on characteristics we will probably never use. 

Besides the main features, such as the processing power and the RAM memory of your laptop, there are some others you should definitely consider when looking for your next computer. And we’re here to tell you what some of them are. 

  • All about touchscreens

Having a touchscreen as a feature, particularly in laptops that are not on the pricier end of the spectrum, might always seem like a bonus. However, it’s not always the case. 

On our lists of economically-friendly laptops, we’ve included not only the ones with better overall performance, but we paid close attention to their screen features as well. 

More time, investment, and manufacturing costs go into touchscreen laptops. Laptops with touch control are always more expensive than others with the same features that don’t possess this feature. 

Even though touchscreen computers can be controlled by direct contact with our hands, not every touchscreen will work the same way. This is why we’ll teach you about the most relevant element you should be aware of when asking questions about your laptop’s touchscreen. 

  • Kinds of displays

Nowadays, there are fundamentally two different displays. The older displays are called resistive, while the newer ones we know as capacitive

The resistive touchscreens respond to the resistance of the screen against your fingertips. Although they still respond to your commands through contact, the user experience will vary. This older generation of touchscreens will not be able to handle gestures. 

They will most likely limit your experience when it comes to controlling through command, given the fact that you have to actually apply pressure on the screen for it to work. 

Now, if you’re looking for a smooth experience while controlling your screen through touch, you should be looking for capacitive display technology. The overall concept is the same. Commanding your screen with your fingers. However, what causes the screen to move won’t be pressing it, but electrical conduction. 

There’s no need to get more technical than this. When looking for your next touchscreen laptop on a budget, you can ask what kind of technology is behind it. 

  • Responsiveness

Now you have a basic understanding of how touchscreens work. But this is not the end of the story. 

You might find that even though when dealing with capacitive display technology, some touchscreens will offer a smoother experience when compared to others. 

Many factors will have an impact on how your screen responds to your skin-contact commands. Believe it or not, the responsiveness of your touchscreen will be affected by unexpected factors. Things such as the number of applications running, available space, processing power, and dirt! 

  • Backlit Screens

You might’ve heard it all about backlit keyboards. But no, we’re not confusing one with the other. Backlit screens are a special feature that makes reading more comfortable, particularly in low-light settings. 

When the light around you starts decreasing, backlit screens make sure that the letters are highlighted for an improved visual experience. 

  • Keyboards

Now it’s time to talk about keyboards. It may not seem like much at first, but these features will be particularly relevant if you spend long periods typing. 

One of them is the lights on the back of the keys. Although they may not seem like a big deal when you’re using your computer in the middle of the day, wait until night comes. When you’re trying to type in low-light environments, you’ll be forever thankful that you chose to invest in a computer that actually lets you see what you type. 

The inclination of the keyboards is essential for some typing enthusiasts out there and irrelevant for many others. The tilt of a keyboard is so very slight that it’s almost impossible to see in plain sight. However, that subtle inclination will make a huge difference regarding your typing efficiency. 

Best Touch Screen Laptops Under $600 – Top Picks in 2022

Some people swear by the fact that computers under a thousand dollars offer traits impossible to be matched by those that are more wallet-friendly. 

Despite common beliefs, top-of-the-line systems and fast processing units can be found in computers on a $600 price spectrum. 

Out of the many products out there, we’ve chosen a couple of reliable brands that offer overall quality when it comes to screen display, system performance, and design. Check out our list of touchscreen laptops under 600 that are work and play-friendly.

No products found.

1. HP Pavilion Touchscreen – Editor’s Pick

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You will understand the meaning of creativity coming to life. 

For this price range, it’s hard to imagine a computer that can help you turn your craziest ideas into reality. 

Enjoy high-end graphic displays along with features that surpass the boundaries of your creative mind. You’ll be surprised by the quality of the external structure that matches the state-of-the-art performance of this machine. 

Intel Iris X Graphics

Working and entertainment reach a new dimension of graphics with this technology software. The Iris X graphics deliver visuals unlike other laptops at this price point. 

Meet visuals with a sharpness and clarity so vivid you will feel you’re staring through a window. Work on your creative projects or enjoy crisp video streaming with image precision unmatched by similar products. 

Moreover, a combination of graphics & touchscreen panels helps a lot if you’re buying a laptop for photoshop or visual edition, etc.

HP Pavilion Touchscreen

Connection Optimizer

Remote working and unplugged entertainment are the new normal. And you should be a part of the modernization of our era. 

Staying offline is no longer an option, which is why the wireless features of this computer have been optimized for a swifter and real-time connection experience. 

The Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi 6 are a perfect combination for always being connected to what truly matters. 

Optimized Design

The durability and practicality of a laptop are intertwined. The material of this 2-in-1 laptop is what brings these two concepts together. 

Avoiding plastic is more than a good cause. The streamlined design leaves behind cheaper materials to offer an all-metal structure. Thin and resistant, you’ll know portability like never before and will enjoy the high-end feel of a luxurious and durable 2-in-1 laptop.

In a nutshell, if you believe in the quality first concept then you won’t find any other model beating this one in that regard. So yeah, it’s been selected as our editor’s pick as it made sure that it can beat all its competition without getting heated. Moreover, the comfort of use & portability of this touchscreen laptop is beyond expectations.

Yeah, a definite thumbs up from our team for this tremendous touchscreen laptop under $600 budget.

Key Features
  • Within seconds, the 360º hinge allows you to go from a laptop format into a tablet mode  
  • It comes with an SSD storage of 256 GB
  • One of the only computers of this price-point supporting Wifi 6 connectivity
  • It supports the latest and fastest Bluetooth wireless connection
  • The laptop guarantees high-definition graphics through Intel Iris X technology
  • The higher RAM bandwidth allows for a faster performance on a 8 GB memory size


  • Brand: HP
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Weight: 3.55 lbs
  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Memory: 8 GB


  • The touchscreen is not only practical, but incredibly responsive
  • It’s perfect for multitaskers who need plenty of tabs open at the same time
  • The display maintains vivid colors whether you use it for working or entertainment
  • The battery life lasts long, even when used for power-consuming activities
  • The SSD grants speed and more capacity for improved performance


  • The keyboard is not backlit
  • The brightness of the screen is not the best to use under direct sunlight

2. 2019 Dell Inspiron Flagship – Best Touchscreen Laptop Under $600

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You can do more than expected on a budget. 

Working, studying, and enjoying your favorite entertainment doesn’t require multiple technologies. And it certainly doesn’t require you to get a loan. 

This computer is in charge of enhancing the simple things that make life worth living. Work and play every day without interference. 

The Inspiron guarantees a safe place for your personal files and a fast-paced environment for when you’re multitasking.

8th Gen Intel Core i5

This kind of central processing unit is one of the most requested ones in the market. It’s often used to power computers meant for heavy work and multitasking. 

This is the 8th generation of this line of processors. A powerful piece of hardware that boosts the performance while keeping the clock speed up and avoiding inflating the price of the entire machine. 

Dell Inspiron Flagship

HD Graphics 620

You shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on good display quality. 

This graphics card makes sure you have high-definition visuals throughout your entire experience with your laptop. 

Whether you’re working, playing, or watching movies in your free time. You’ll be provided with up to 65 fps of high-quality visual frames. You will experience 1280×720 pixels of visuals without overspending. 

Integrated Bluetooth

Wireless connections are essential on a day-to-day basis. 

Connections through wireless networks are something we experience every day. This is why it may come as a shock that not every laptop supports Bluetooth connectivity. 

Having integrated Bluetooth technology allows this best touchscreen laptop under 600 dollars to connect to speakers, printers, and external control centers, like a keyboard or a mouse.

Key Features
  • SSD memory with a 256 GB capacity to allow optimal system performance
  • The back-lit screen supports touch-control for an improved user experience
  • True-life HD offers sharp and bright graphics for each of your visual experiences
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology supports wireless connections to other devices
  • Multiple ports for various wired connectivity options
  • The 8 GB DDR4 memory allows you to run work programs as well as play medium-weight games 


  • Brand: DELL
  • Operating System: Windows 10 S
  • Weight: 5.07 lbs
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Memory: 8 GB


  • The computer performs much faster than expected
  • The wireless connection to internet is stronger and more stable than the average
  • Although very powerful, the computer is silent at all times
  • The touchscreen works smoothly
  • The battery life is long, making it perfect for working and studying


  • The S mode of the operating system works runs certain applications only, you will have to remove it to run the ones that are not supported
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3. Dell Inspiron 15 – Known For Performance

Same, but different. 

These computer series have more to bring to the table. Decide which are the most relevant features of your next laptop. Then, choose the Inspiron that meets all your requirements. 

Read, write, and play in ways you thought were no longer possible. It’s hard to find a new laptop that plays nicely with technologies believed to belong in the past; yet is still in use today. 

This is a gemstone amongst computers that live in the present without forgetting the past. And that’s the reason we decided to take a look at this amazing touchscreen laptop under 600. Well yeah, it has gone through a practical lab test by experts, and only after doing that we’ve included it among our top 3 best touchscreen laptops under $600 list.

2.5 GHz of CPU Speed

The price of a laptop usually goes up according to the brand and type of the processing unit. 

Intel processors are the most used brand of processing units in the market. Although 2.5 GHz of speed is not the fastest you can get, it’s more than enough to boost your system’s performance. 

You will be able to multitask, work, and study without having to worry about lags and your system crashing.

Dell Inspiron 15

Solid State Drive

SSD or solid-state drives are the improved versions of HDDs. Unlike the hard disk drive, the SSD uses a different kind of circuit to store the information. 

This information is usually stored in flash memories. It consistently uses the system’s data, resulting in a system that performs faster than the average ones. 

Windows 10 Operating System

This operating system is one of the preferred operating systems by users in the entire world. Microsoft developed it as a new version of Windows 8.1. 

It’s meant to work more swiftly, allowing it to be processed without bumps along the road and decreasing its loading times. This system is also more user-friendly for a smooth experience between you and your new laptop.

Key Features
  • This model of Inspiron is integrated with an Intel i5-7200U processor
  • The SSD type of drive allows your system to work faster and more efficiently
  • The CPU speed is above average, delivering accurate and speedy system performance
  • The screen’s LED back-light is energy-efficient, for a more productive power consumption
  • Initial setup has been developed to be easier to use in comparison to other laptops of the brand


  • Brand: DELL
  • Operating System: Windows 10 S
  • Weight: 5.51 lbs
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Memory: 8 GB


  • The initial setup is a quick and user-friendly process
  • Whether used for professional or entertainment purposes, it runs fast and without delays
  • It’s kid-friendly when it comes to user experience and speed
  • Multiple connectivity ports allow you to use plenty of add-ons
  • The touchscreen answers quickly to your touch-commands


  • You will have to disable the 10 S software needs to run third-party applications 

Top 3 Best Touchscreen Laptos Under $500 – Editor’s Curation

Setting out on a search for touchscreen laptops under 500 might seem like an impossible task. Except it’s not. 

We’ve done all the research for you. 

Not only compact but powerful gadgets can be found at a reasonable price. We’ve specified some of the most relevant features that might interest you when looking to buy a new laptop at a fair price.

Well, regardless to mention that each of these three picks has been selected based on a specific set of criteria designed by our laptop experts. Yeah, all of these best touchscreen laptops under $500 range has passed through a lab test conducted at our lab, and then only we’ve included them in this list.

1. ASUS Chromebook Flip C433 – Editor’s Pick

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Physically and conceptually modifying the way you interact with reality. 

This computer is meant for those who’re ready to take on the world without limits. Bend it or flip it to your convenience. After all, you’re the one in charge.

You will understand what it’s like to have a gadget that performs at peak capacity without compromising quality and battery life. 

Unlimited Connections

Connectivity is so much more than hooking up your computer to Wifi or having the option to plug a cable on your laptop. 

Connections are what determine the way you communicate with the world through your device. This is why integrated strong wireless connections are as important as flexibility when it’s time to connect other devices to your machine. 

USB, audio jack, and an SD card slot make sure you never lack what you need. 

ASUS Chromebook Flip C433

Embedded Google Assistant

Efficiency takes on a new face with a laptop that’s integrated with Google Assistant. You’ll find the software is part of your Chromebook, so you can do it all without lifting a finger. 

It’s simple to use. Just by saying “Hey Google” you’ll be able to send emails, jump from one screen to another, find and open files, and so much more. 

Remember the available features of this virtual assistant will vary according to your region. If you decide to take your laptop on an international trip, you may encounter different features. 

Engineered Portability

We’re not going to pretend that every laptop is easy to carry around. As a matter of fact, many laptops with fantastic specs and optimal performance are often some users’ regret because of how heavy they get. 

This 16.5mm thick computer is meant to fit even in the slimmest of spaces inside your bags and packs. Barely over 3 pounds, so you can carry it where you go without ever regretting taking it with you. 

Well, this comfort of use alone leads us to take it among our list of best touchscreen laptops under $500.

Key Features
  • An ultra-compact design and a full HD display are the perfect combo for working and studying on-the-move
  • Integrated dual band Wifi 5 connectivity for fast and reliable connections
  • Even when connected to other devices, the battery life can last up to 10 hours
  • A 360º hinge allows you to use it in a position that suits your environment
  • The tilted keyboard enhances typing for a more productive user performance


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Weight: 3.31 lbs
  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Memory: 8 GB


  • The design is perfect for digital nomads due to its size and weight
  • Using it at normal capacity, the battery may last up to 8 hours
  • The aluminium exterior is something found on high-end more luxurious laptops
  • Speed when running programs and surfing is impressive
  • The material helps spread the heat evenly so the computer never overheats


  • Boot up times can get very slow, so you might want to initialize your system with enough time
  • Automatic system reboots may occur unexpectedly 
No products found.

2. HP Home and Business Laptop – People’s Pick For Best Touchscreen Laptop Under $500

The world is moving so fast that it seems hard to keep up with all the technological developments that rule over our lives. 

This laptop was designed to be your personal assistant at your workplace and at home. One tool for working, playing, and keeping your personal documents in check. 

AMD Ryzen 3

The hype around AMD processors has grown significantly over the last couple of years, and there’s a very good reason why. 

Testing the performance of multiple computers with these kinds of processors has led to the discovery of how well the Ryzen 3 handles even the heavier tasks without lagging your computer or slowing down your system. 

Moreover, this laptop is nominated among some of the best gaming laptops under $500 by our experts here at newsmavens.

HP Home and Business Laptop

4K Output HDMI

It doesn’t matter how good our computer’s graphics are. Having the option to connect it to a bigger screen for work-related or recreational motives is definitely a bonus. 

HDMI 2.0 connections allow you to link your laptop to screens and transmit 4K signals. This means you will never have to compromise the quality of your image again. 

Multiple Docking Stations

We’re sure you’ve witnessed the advances when it comes to connections through cables. They’re getting faster, and smaller. 

Although USB connections are not going anywhere anytime soon, the standard USB-A is slowly making room for it’s newer formats. It’s a good thing this computer has dual USB standard ports as well as a USB-C one. 

Key Features
  • Ergonomic design offers a real on-the-go device without compromising its power
  • A 128 GB solid state drive offers a wider storage capacity
  • Free switch to Windows 10 software
  • A total of three USB ports, including USB-C, so you won’t have to look for adapters
  • It supports HDMI connections in 4K so you can mirror your screen without losing image quality
  • LED backlit screen that supports control through touchscreen feature


  • Brand: HP
  • Operating System: Windows 10 S
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs
  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Memory: 8 GB


  • Getting the system out of the S mode takes a couple of seconds
  • It has a RAM slot that allows you to upgrade the memory for optimized performance
  • The laptop includes multiple USB ports, including the newest standards
  • It supports wired internet connections through the ethernet port
  • It’s powerful enough to be used by web and app programmers


  • The kind of plastic used in the exterior materials of the laptop doesn’t seem durable
  • The hinges are very delicate

3. 2021 HP Touchscreen Laptop – The Powerfull Package In Touchscreen Laptop

Style and scientific development meet halfway in this innovative HP design. 

A powerful machine shouldn’t ruin your life’s aesthetics. You shouldn’t have to compromise the capacity of a computer for its looks. 

You’re getting the best possible combination of technology and design. It promises to take your life’s productivity to the next level. 

Frequency Boost

Although the base frequency of this processor is that of 1.1 GHz, it can be boosted. Boosting a processor means that the cores that are not being used turn off so the clock-speed of the other cores goes up. 

This processor’s frequency can boost itself up to 2.8 GHz to improve the system’s overall performance.

Before moving forward with other features, we’d like to state that, this capability is not observed in many so called best touchscreen laptops under $500 range.

HP Touchscreen Laptop

Dual Micro Edge Display

A micro edge is just another name for what you’d usually call a slimmer frame around your screen. Believe it or not, such a small design feature can have an impressive impact on the way we perceive our visuals. 

The side bezels of this computer have been engineered to be thinner, so you can enjoy a broader visual experience. 

HDMI Connection

As we’ve mentioned, connectivity options are not to be taken for granted. Many computers that are not equipped with overly big RAM memories tend to lack the connectivity port options. 

This is why a 1.4 HDMI connection is a positively surprising bonus when it comes to compact and practical computers such as this one. 

Key Features
  • A 4 GB memory with a 64 GB hard drive handle your everyday tasks with you
  • Processor frequency can boost to perform at more than double of its base speed
  • The narrow side bezels allow for a 79% screen to body ratio for an enhanced visual experience
  • The laptop supports HDMI 1.4 connectivity
  • The RAM works alongside a 64 GB eMMC multimedia card storage
  • An HD 720p camera is integrated in the body of the laptop


  • Brand: HP
  • Operating System: Windows 10 S
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs
  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Memory: 4 GB


  • The setup process is user friendly, you’ll have your new laptop running in a few minutes
  • You can enjoy working and studying on your computer without any system noises distracting you
  • The keyboard is particularly comfortable for efficient typing and even light gaming
  • The batter lasts so long that it can accompany you throughout your work or study day
  • The sleek and low-profile design lives up to higher-end expectations


  • You may experience freezing of the system when trying to run extremely heavy programs or applications

Best Touchscreen Laptops Under $400 – Best Budget Laptops in 2022

Would you believe us if we told you you don’t even have to spend $400 on computers that turn into tablets? Would you believe us if we said that was just one of the many high-end features you could get for that price?

You might’ve started reading this article thinking you’d have to compromise quality when looking for affordable computers. We want to prove this wrong. 

All the features of these touchscreen laptops under 400 will make you wonder why you ever thought spending would offer what you needed. 

1. ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 – Editor’s Choice for Laptop Under $400

We had to see it with our own eyes to believe it. These kinds of materials, design and overall performance are usually expected on computers cataloged as luxurious. 

This incredibly lightweight laptop is more than just looks. The high-end design encloses a system that will keep up with all your daily tasks. The best part? You don’t have to invest your life savings in it. 

Flip Modes

How would you feel if we told you that your new laptop can take on any shape?

Although it won’t magically transform into a unicorn, your laptop’s hinge allows you to flip it and move it around until you find a position that’s comfortable for the task at hand. 

Yes, you may use it as your everyday laptop. But you will be able to do so much more. Make it look like a book, fold it to turn it into a tablet, and set it in a tent mode so it can stand on its own to offer a new kind of comfort. 

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

3:2 Ratio Display

There’s no need for you to settle for a 2-in-1 computer so small that you have to zoom in every time you’re trying to catch a sentence. 

You have the designers to thank for this. Their mission was to offer an immersive and more comfortable viewing experience. And they were able to deliver. 

The ratio display of this computer offers you 20% more screen space so you can browse, work, and share without hassle. 

Enhanced Writing Experience

Have you ever thought about the birth of science? Great minds were behind it, but they couldn’t have done it without taking notes. 

Taking notes without having to type them is one of the most practical and efficient actions executed by humans. This laptop makes sure that practicality never dies. 

By supporting the ASUS Pen feature, you will be able to enjoy a natural-like experience when taking your notes. Grab your Flip, take your pen, and start writing and sketching your brightest ideas. 

Key Features

  • The 360º hinge allows you to fold and flip your laptop into more than three modes
  • The ASUS Pen feature meets the Universal Stylus Initiative so you can write and sketch on-the-move
  • The screen ratio allows up to 20% more display space for a comfortable and enhanced visual experience
  • The battery life is inspired in the people of today, it can last up to 16 hours
  • With 2.5 lbs, taking your laptop wherever you go will never be an issue


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs
  • Screen Size: 12.5 inches
  • Memory: 4 GB


  • Its long lasting battery life makes it the perfect companion for working or studying
  • Bright illumination on keyboard
  • The speed of the system is worth comparing to higher-end laptops when performing everyday tasks
  • The general quality of the screen is incredibly sharp and clear for the price range
  • The materials are sturdy and seem to be very durable


  • Playing some external files may be limited do the the OS operating system
  • It only supports Chrome apps

2. HP Stream Touchscreen – Best Touchscreen Laptop Under 400 Dollars

The perfect size for a productive lifestyle. 

Sometimes we want wider screens to get things done, and we need a touch display to get things done more efficiently. 

Believe it or not, it’s hard to get a responsive touchscreen, an enlarged display, and a compact device for an affordable price. This is one of the many reasons this particular HP made it to our list. 

Yeah, we’ve picked it as our best touch screen laptops under $400 range and there’s not only one reason, there are plenty of it. Yeah, let’s take a look at things that forced us to consider this touchscreen laptop as one of the best on budget.

AMD Radeon Graphics

Your ideas are not limited to words and sentences. So neither should be your experience with your computer. 

AMD is known to provide high-end quality graphics for reasonable prices. You don’t have to worry about overspending on a computer to get good visuals. These graphics will transport you to your screen. 

Expect the best quality from what your display can deliver, whether you’re reading, writing, or streaming. 

HP Stream Touchscreen

TrueVision HD Camera

In a way, we’ve all become digital nomads. 

We travel through our computers, we even hold some of the most important social events on them. This is why powering our digital life is more than having a device that can help us with some tasks.

The TrueVision HD camera allows you to hold your conferences or personal calls without missing out on the details. Let them see the best version of you with the TrueVision technology. 

Enhanced Display Experience

The display on this laptop will offer so much more than what you were expecting. 

The backlit LED display works through liquid-crystal so that the letters are illuminated in environments with low visibility. More comfort and precision when reading boosts your everyday productivity.

At the same time, the dual nano bezels will ensure an immersive experience with your screen. They’ve been designed so that the screen blends in with your surroundings. 


Key Features

  • AMD is responsible for delivering high quality graphics in any kind of visual setting
  • The screen is backlit for an enhanced low-light reading experience
  • There’s a high-definition webcam integrated for upgrading your social and professional calls
  • The SSD optimizes the overall computer performance
  • It includes personal Office package for an entire year without extra costs
  • The laptop includes integrated stereo speakers
  • The battery life can last up to 10 hours when used in normal settings


  • Brand: HP
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Weight: 4.41 lbs
  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Memory: 4 GB


  • The touchscreen feature is smooth with good responsiveness
  • It’s weight makes it very convenient for short and long trips
  • You can get everyday tasks done swiftly and in a practical way
  • It includes a webcam so you can do more than just work and study
  • Although small and compact, it supports all kinds of wireless connections


  • It’s not the best laptop for gaming, they will slow its processing power down
  • Not the best computer for multitasking, it’s meant for lighter tasks

3. HP 2-in-1 Convertible Chromebook – Best Budget Touchscreen Laptop

No products found.

Not only cars are convertible. Some computers are that…and more. 

It’s hard to pinpoint the best part about this 2-in-1 laptop. It literally changes form to change your life for the better. You won’t have to spend on two different devices or carry them around. You’re getting a high-end tablet and optimal laptop performance in a single tool. 

Get ready to upgrade your lifestyle. Yeah, it’s not only a 2-in-1 laptop or a best budget touch screen laptop, in fact, it’s one of the best modular & upgradeable laptops out there too.

B&O Audio

It’s not often that we find such audio technology in computers that are more accessible. 

Bang & Olufsen audio engineering makes its way to your computer all the way from the Danish market. They are manufacturers and designers of high-end acoustic products such as headphones and speakers. 

We think having your laptop’s audio system designed by one of the most respected companies in Europe is not to be taken lightly. 

HP 2-in-1 Convertible Chromebook

Dual Array Digital Microphones

More than just being seen. 

Our lives have taken many unexpected turns during the last couple of years. Computers have become more than entertainment gadgets and occasional social companions. They’re the devices that most of our jobs depend on. 

Array microphones are integrated into the system, so the laptop picks up audio in a different way. These types of microphones are like the ones you can find on telephones. They deliver better sound quality to improve your experience when making those important calls.

Big Connections

There’s no need to be a technological mastermind. We have all realized that wired connections seem to be changing by the minute. This includes the traditional ones like USB. 

Although light and compact, this computer’s ready to give you what you need. You’ll get one USB-A (standard) port as well as the option to connect through USB-C wires without the need to run around looking for adapters. 

Key Features

  • Multiple connectivity types supported through different available USB ports
  • The dual array microphones enhance your communications with video-calling by picking up voices in a unique manner
  • European-base designed audio system brings you the highest possible sound quality
  • An 720P HD Camera takes makes sure your video quality keeps up with your acoustic levels
  • The 360º lets you turn your laptop into a tablet in a few seconds
  • It includes an SD card slot in case you want to upgrade your storage capacity


  • Brand: HP
  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Weight: 3.48 lbs
  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Memory: 4 GB


  • It’s user friendly, so kids and senior citizens don’t encounter issues when setting it up or handling it
  • It’s great for practical tasks for work or school
  • The loading times are almost nonexistent when surfing the internet
  • The touchscreen is extremely responsive
  • It’s performance has been compared to top-of-the-line laptops when it comes to work-related tasks


  • The screen isn’t  bright enough to use under daylight or in extremely bright environments
  • It may run slower when you try to open heavier files or programs
No products found.

4. HP Pavilion X360

No products found.

While HP makes some really good top-of-the-line products, the company also has a decent hold over the sub-$400 market, and the HP Pavilion X360 is one of their best products in this range. This laptop comes in various different variants at different price points, and the one that we’re discussing here is priced the lowest of them all. However, don’t be deceived by the price point, this is one of their hottest selling products in the category and delivers a punch way above its weight. 

Specifications: Processing/RAM/Storage

The laptop runs on the Intel Pentium N5000 ‘Gemini Lake’ processor, which works on 4 cores and 4 threads and offers the best frequency of 2.70 Ghz. It has a 4 MB cache. Alongside the N5000, the laptop also features Intel UHD Graphics 605 GPU, which offers a base frequency of 200 MHz. While these aren’t specifications that will allow you to perform power-intensive tasks, this is still good enough for your everyday use such as working on word processing, slideshows and spreadsheets. It also makes for a good laptop for regular browsing and content consumption needs. 

Alongside this CPU/GPU combination, comes 4GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage. This is just enough for daily home-based users for carrying out all their day to day tasks. The inclusion of an SSD gives you a quick boot time and ensures that all your files are stored safely. The SSD also ensures a reduced heat production and decreased power draw, thereby ensuring your battery lasts longer.

HP Pavilion X360

Display and Design

This laptop features an 11.6 inch HD (1366 x 768) IPS WLED backlit touch screen display, which is one of its key highlights. When you’re looking for the best touch screen laptops under $400, this one is bound to come up as it makes for a great 2-in-1. The laptop allows you to flip the screen over and use it as a tablet. You can also place it in a V shape to watch content on it. It comes in HP’s classic ‘Natural Silver’ color.

There’s an HD webcam on top of the screen and it comes with an array of powerful microphones which make it a great device for video conferencing. There’s nothing really special about the keys, standard HP laptop keyboard which is well spaced enough for you to type for long hours. However, it does not feature a backlit keyboard, which isn’t really expected at this price point, but having it would’ve been great. The laptop features Bang & Olufsen stereo speakers which come along with HP Audio Boost for an enhanced performance. 

Battery Life, OS, and Connectivity Details

When it comes to the battery life, while HP hasn’t really provided the exact details, most users have found it to last anywhere between 6 to 7 hours on a full charge. This is a good number, but given the small size of the laptop we’d expect it to last for longer. The laptop runs on Windows 10 in the S-mode, which is one of the biggest disadvantages here, as S-mode allows you to download applications only from the Microsoft Store and you cannot install external apps. 

The laptop comes with two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, as well as one Type-C port. There’s an HDMI port and a MicroSD card reader. You also get a 3.5mm port for plugging in headphones and mic. All in all, this is a great laptop for anyone who doesn’t have power-intensive needs. If all you need a laptop is for regular office work and for some content consumption, we strongly recommend you to go for the HP pavilion x360 touchscreen laptop!

Key Features:

  • Runs on the Intel Pentium N5000 processor + Intel UHD Graphics 605 GPU
  • 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop with 11.6 inch display 
  • Comes with Bang & Olufsen stereo speakers with HP Audio Boost 
  • 4 GB RAM + 128GB SSD storage   


  • Brand: HP
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home (S Mode)
  • Processor Type: Intel Pentium N5000
  • Screen Size: 11.6 inches
  • RAM: 4GB

Pros and Cons of HP Pavilion x360


  • Includes an SSD instead of an HDD 
  • Decent battery life of about 6 to 7 hours
  • Good for regular home-based work and video conferencing
  • Can be used as a laptop and a tablet  
  • Priced under $400 


  • Windows 10 on the S mode limits the apps that you can install

The important design aspects of portable computers

For a long time, consumers have discredited the role of design in the technological market. It’s time to give it the attention it deserves. 

Design (in terms of how a product looks) is often used to sell the particular gadget for a higher price. This is not entirely questionable. After all, we pay for the way things look in every aspect of our lives. 

However, design is so much more than making our computers look fancy. 

  • Is your screen as big as your computer?

A crucial part of your user experience will depend directly on your relationship with your screen. Whether it may sound hard to believe at first, the size of your screen is directly linked to the way you perceive what you can visualize on your laptop. 

Screens that are bigger in size are always nicer to work in. They are more convenient for all kinds of activities. Working on documents, writing emails, and even watching films. All of it seems to improve according to the size of our screens. 

However, a bigger screen equals a larger device. These are naturally heavier, which makes laptops less efficient in terms of portability and mobility experience. 

The size of the screen will also have an influence on the way your mind perceives displayed visuals. The elements in charge of how immersive your experience is are the bezels. Commonly, we call them the frame of the screen. 

The slimmer the bezels, the bigger the screen-to-body ratio your computer possesses. This means more than using up space on the laptop more efficiently. Bezels that are more narrow give the impression our screen is a continuation of our environment. This helps with immersion as it seemingly merges your entire visual field with what you see on your screen. 

Design is meant to enhance the visual experience in every possible way. It’s not about the looks of the computer but about an engineering process that will determine the way we relate to our technology and the digital world. 

  • There’s no wrong or right decision when it comes to size

No one can tell you which is the perfect screen size for you. This will be relative to how and where you use your laptop. However, there is one fact that can be addressed without taking personal preferences into account: Weight. 

By definition, a laptop is meant to be carried. You might take it from one room to another, or you might travel with it daily. The fact is that the heavier your computer gets, the more troubling it is to transport it. 

If your laptop is meant to be your everyday companion, you should consider making a choice where screen size and portability meet halfway. Carrying around a machine that’s too heavy (and its charger) will not take long to turn into a bother. 

Pro tip: Don’t let the size fool you. 

Some laptops can be compact in size but still be heavier than touchscreen laptops with wider screens and bigger bodies. This is why it’s always a bright idea to check the specifications for not only the dimensions but the weight of your touchscreen laptop before the actual purchase. 

Pre-game: Things to consider when purchasing your next affordable laptop

We’ve included touchscreen laptops from $500 to $600, we even added a list of the best three touchscreen laptops under 400 you can find on the market. 

This is still a lot to choose from. Although many components will be similar, these computers all differ in the little things. Processors, capacity, design elements, and so many other details make each of them unique. 

This is why we thought it’d be a good idea to help you through the buying process. We’ve compiled some questions you should always ask yourself to help you decide which touchscreen laptop is the right fit for your lifestyle. 

Well yeah, finding a gamer’s thing isn’t a cup of tea and it requires a lot of research and filtration to grab the right bite. But, while curating laptops or touchscreen laptops we’ve made sure that we’re considering all essential features and functionalities that gamer’s usually don’t like to miss out on.

Obviously, serving our lovely readers with routinely upgraded gadgets is our prime aim. And, that’s why we regularly update our list and details of features and functionalities for each recent update by the brand itself.

  • What are your intentions?

The first thing you should keep in mind before even looking at your next potential laptop is what you’re planning on doing with it. 

Light tasks, working, studying, or gaming. 

So why is wanting to do one or multiple activities the main question before finding your new laptop? Because the answer to it will determine how much storage capacity and processing power you’re gonna need. 

Multitasking and running heavier programs will definitely need a newer and stronger processor. Knowing this information will help you narrow your search scope. 

Take the following example. If you need a touchscreen laptop that can run heavy programs and download large documents. If you need to work or study with multiple open tabs. This is when you want to start looking at laptops with at least 8 GB of RAM. 

However, if your tasks are lightweight and don’t need to deal with countless simultaneous applications, 4 GB of memory will suffice. 

This question has a double purpose. 

It will help you understand the storage capacity you need so you don’t end up with a computer that lags every time you open another tab, or that it crashes because it simply can’t run one of the programs you need it for. 

The answer to this question will also be reflected in your budget. Just like processing units, memory storage is an element that raises the prices of a computer substantially. If you’re the type of person who will do just fine with a smaller RAM, you could be saving in memory capacity and investing that capital somewhere with more relevance according to how you use your computer. 

  • Hinges are the skeletons of your 2-in-1 devices

Not every touchscreen-enabled laptop allows you to fold it and transform it into a tablet…or even set it up like a tent. If you’re looking for one that’s two devices in one, take a close look at its hinges. They might be what makes or breaks your relationship with your computer. 

Laptops that let you turn them into tablets have more than one perk to them. They’re practical, flexible, and usually designed to be lighter so you can carry them around just like you would a tablet. 

But every bright light casts a shadow

Since you have two devices in one, you need a piece of material that will make the transformation possible. The hinges will work as the joints of your 2-in-1 laptop. This means that you will need to pay particular attention to how they work. 

Reading about testing processes for the hinges and the materials they’re made with will help you understand how resistant these are. However, it doesn’t matter how durable these may seem to be. You will have to handle your device gently to avoid issues with its articulatory system. 

  • Materials have more than one function

There’s more than one reason that aluminum laptops are pricier than the ones made out of plastic. 

Metal finishes are often advertised as high-end. It’s because they really are. The market cost of having metal protection around the internal hardware that powers your computer. 

Aluminum is not only extremely lightweight and durable, but it’s a heat conductor. This means that computers covered in aluminum will have enhanced cooling systems. By avoiding overheating, a laptop’s performance doesn’t only improve, but it’s more stable.

Lastly, metal finishes make your laptop’s life more durable. By having an aluminum exterior, you avoid cracks due to falls and accidents. A cracked computer case is a time bomb, particularly when it comes to touchscreen laptops. 

  • Your unplugged companion’s life

Do you remember the first question you needed to ask yourself? The answer will come in handy when you’re checking the specifications about your computer’s battery life. 

First of all, you should be aware that the heavier the programs you run, the more battery life is consumed by your computer. This means that the more you expect your computer to do, the faster the battery life will last when unplugged. 

If you’re planning on using your laptop at home most of the time, then shorter battery life shouldn’t be a problem. However, if your laptop is your faithful companion to work and classes, then there’s a lot more at stake. 

Leaving your house with a charger is always a solution. But, it won’t only weigh more…Imagine being in the middle of a classroom and running around looking for an available electrical socket. 

So count battery life as another feature to take into account when you’re checking the specifications of the touchscreen laptops under 600

  • Operating systems are the soul of your computer

Think of the processing units as the brains of your laptop. They are the ones responsible for how everything works. The operating system of your computer will be the way you communicate with your laptop’s brain. 

This system is a communication channel. It dictates how your computer relates to you and to the rest of the digital world. This software will be the one in charge of running your programs and opening your files. 

Knowing which operating system your laptop comes with will fundamentally dictate the kinds of applications you will be able to run. You’d be surprised at the number of people who buy computers to realize they don’t operate with the programs they need. 

Caring for your laptop: Why is it a top priority?

Taking good care of your laptop will be, amongst other things, what determines the lifespan of your new computer. 

The components of your computer are not the only things that determine how well it performs. Many external factors will impact the performance of your laptop directly, and these can come into play even before you receive your computer. 

  • Delivery Services

It’s no secret that those of us who buy our electronics online make up a big chunk of the population. And this is one of the main factors that will influence the functioning of your computer. 

Many of us place our blind trust in the delivery services without fully understanding how they care for our products until they reach our homes. 

Buying from a reliable retailer, having a trustworthy delivery service. These will save you time and issues that are virtually unrelated to the computer itself. It doesn’t really matter how sturdy your new computer is.  If it’s not carefully managed when being transported, you might have to deal with future issues that the brand’s warranty might not even cover. 

  • Smudges & Dirt

Now, whether your eyes are already set on the laptops with the most advanced features, or one of the touchscreen laptops under 400 meant for a lighter usage, you should know that caring for them works the same way. 

Avoiding liquids, foods, and other substances that might spill and find their way into the internal structure of your system is a no-brainer. But there are other things to take into consideration. 

Since you’ll be dealing with a touchscreen display, let us tell you a little secret to keep your screen’s responsiveness to touch peaking:

Clean it. 

You see, sticky substances, the smallest dirt particles that gather on your screen, and even your skin’s natural oils can affect how responsive your touchscreen feature is. 

Having a microfiber cloth wherever you go is always a good place to start. This is the only fabric that should come in contact with your laptop’s screen. Constantly cleaning it will make sure that dust doesn’t stand in the way of smooth control. 

  • Deep Cleanse

Every once in a while, you might want to get the more sticky substances off your computer’s screen. You will need more than the microfiber cloth to do so. 

Rule number one when it comes to deep cleaning your screen is to never use solutions meant for glass. Technically, yes. Your screen is made of glass. But, because of the other components it possesses, you should never clean it with anything except screen solution

Let’s address some FAQs

1. How much should I spend on a laptop?

The answer to this question will vary according to each user and their needs. Spending $1.000 on a new laptop is the average estimated price according to what buyers have spent in the last years on their personal computers. 

However, it’s easy to get carried away by specs, by flashy features, and especially by marketing campaigns that guarantee you need more money to get what you need. Whether your budget is a couple of a few hundred dollars, it’s not about how much you spend, but where you spend it. 

Be sure you know what you’re going to be using your computer for so that the money you’re willing to invest is directed straight at the main features. These will include RAM memory, processing units capacity and speed, and screen resolution and display characteristics.

2. How much RAM do I need for my laptop?

The RAM memory of a computer will allow you to engage in different activities. The amount of memory you need will depend on the tasks for which you’ll be needing your computer.

If you’re looking for a laptop that will take care of the essentials, such as emails, surfing the internet, opening small documents, or even very light-gaming, a 4 GB RAM will do the trick. 

Most computers meant to be work and study tools will have at least 8 GB of standard memory. It will allow for improved overall performance. If you’re looking for a laptop that will let you multitask, run some heavier programs, and handle larger files, you’ll want at least 8 GB of RAM. 

3. Do laptops come with Microsoft Office?

Although almost everyone uses Microsoft Office applications daily, not every laptop comes with all pre-installed Office programs. You will, most likely, have alternatives for these programs, or you’ll be able to purchase a Microsoft subscription based on the programs you require. 

4. Are old laptops still good?

If a laptop is well taken care of, it can last for many years. One of the first laptop components that start turning obsolete after some years of use is the hard drive. Another reason why some laptops fall out of date is losing their ability to run heavier and more sophisticated programs that might need newer and more powerful processing units. 

5. Can you find good touch screen laptops under $500?

Contrary to popular opinion, yes, you can actually find some really good touch screen laptops under $500. These laptops actually begin at the $250-$300 price point and provide you with a really good interactive experience which allows you to control your laptop in multiple different ways. Touch screen laptops are usually 2-in-1 devices, allowing you to use them as a regular laptop, and then you can flip the screen around and use them as tablets too. This list features many such laptops under $500 that can be used as a laptop as well as a tablet. 

6. Which company makes the best touch screen laptops in 2022? 

There isn’t any one brand that makes the ‘best’ touch screen laptops. However, if we were to consider the price point of under $500, we believe that HP is the clear winner here, as the company has come out with a number of Windows laptops as well as chromebooks which are priced quite low, but offer some great specs. We have listed quite a few HP products on our list and we hope one of them solves all your needs! However, you can find other companies such as ASUS and Lenovo too coming out with the occasional products in this price range. 

7. Where can I buy the best touch-screen laptops? 

You can buy some really great touch screen laptops in any store that sells consumer electronics. Touch screen laptops have become quite common of late and are sold at every retail store where you can find laptops. However, most stores don’t have a large number of options when it comes to these laptops. You get the same 3-4 top-selling models. Amazon is one such platform where you can get a variety of different options, as well as deals and discounts. Moreover, if you’re unhappy with the performance, you can always replace or return your laptops within a stipulated period of time when you buy from Amazon. 

8. Who are touch screen laptops good for?

Touch screen laptops are great for users who want to make use of them as 2-in-1 devices. These laptops work for your everyday usage in the classic laptop form factor, but also work well if you want to use them as a tablet. Some of these laptops come with screens that can turn around completely and you can use them as a tablet, while others come with detachable screens that can double-up as a tablet. These laptops are also great for people who like to take frequent notes or want to carry their laptop around to places.

What you expected…and more

We wanted to take the time to talk about the things that people don’t usually tell you when you’re looking for an affordable laptop as your next gadget. 

Besides telling you about the main features of each of our favorite touchscreen laptops, we wanted to walk you through other important aspects that are usually put aside. Knowing a little bit more about the details of what makes a computer unique will help you make a well-informed decision. 

You might’ve started reading this article thinking it was only possible to get good features on touchscreen laptops under 600, like the ones you found on the HP Pavilion. However, we wanted you to have the same amount of good options for each price range. This is why we also invested some time on finding the best touchscreen laptops under 400, our favorite one being the ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

This article is packed with information. It will not only let you choose the best touchscreen laptop but will also offer general guidance when you have to think about buying your next computer. 

We recommend bookmarking this tab for future reference and hope we managed to shine a little light on what sometimes can be one of the most turbulent decision times.

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