11 Best Soundbars with Subwoofers on the market in 2022

Soundbars are one of the best additions that you can add to your TV set for superior sound quality and clarity. Unlike the traditional home theatre systems that offer crisp quality audio output, soundbars take that up by a notch, especially when it comes to the quality of the sound from different sources.

Also, home theatre systems tend to take up a lot more space around in your house that is not the case with soundbars at all. They are easy to store, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about stacking them away, especially when you have limited space around the house. 

However, not every soundbar is designed the same. While some are designed for everyday usage with a sleek design, there are a few other options that are a little bigger and bulkier around.

Also, with the growing popularity of soundbars, there are a few important ones that are integrated with subwoofers that offer enhanced features and functions.

Also, these kinds of soundbars are ideal if you have smart TV around in the market. Since there are so many different available options of soundbars with subwoofers, choosing the best one on the list can be a little challenging. That said, we have managed to do our research to find the absolute best soundbars with subwoofers that you can consider purchasing.

Best Soundbars with Subwoofer in 2022

When looking for soundbars with subwoofers, you must find the ones that are compatible with your smart TV or other devices that you connect it to. Just ensure that you set aside a budget for the same and find the best option around. While curating this list of products, we emphasized listing out a little for everyone and every kind of budget around.

1. LG SN6Y Sound Bar – Freshly Picked Up Choice By Editors

  • Color – Black
  • Speaker type – Soundbar, subwoofer
  • Control method – Remote

Immerse in rich audio experience with LG SN6Y soundbar! The soundbar comes with 3.1-inch subwoofers to turn your living room into a mini home theatre. You can expect dimensional virtual surround sound with this soundbar.

It is an ideal choice for people who own LG UHD series TVs of 49-inch and above. This doesn’t mean the soundbar cannot be used for other TVs. It is compatible with almost all smart TVs. The soundbar package comes with a remote for control. Concerning the audio quality, the soundbar is equipped with 3.1 channels and DTS Virtual:X technology.

LG SN6Y Sound Bar

The audio will adjust itself according to the type of content you are streaming. During the music, you will experience effective highs and lows and while watching movies you will witness enhanced dialogues. The soundbar can be connected through Bluetooth or HDMI ARC or an optical cable, making it extremely flexible for users. High-resolution audio of 24-bit / 96 kHz is delivered through the speakers.

You will feel in-depth audio with impressive surround sound when the soundbar is active. The soundbar weighs 19.3 pounds and comes in classic black color to suit a room of any color. With all these amazing features, the soundbar comes at an affordable cost and is a good value for money.


  • Comes with 3.1 surround sound
  • High-quality in-depth audio
  • DTS Virtual:X technology
  • Sound optimization according to content
  • Supports both Bluetooth and HDMI ARC
  • Home theatre experience


  • No built-in Alexa

2. Sony HT-S350 2.1 – An All-Round Performer

  • Color – Black
  • Speaker type – Soundbar
  • Control method – Remote
  • Weight – 22.5 pounds

Given how superior Sony is as a brand, it isn’t surprising that we had to slip in another soundbar and subwoofer combo in the top 3 mentions. The Sony HT-S350 2.1 is known for enabling users to experience a deeper bass and richer quality surround sound like nothing else in the price range.

The best thing about this is the fact that it’s one of the few soundbar and subwoofer combinations that is priced under $300. It provides the users to experience an immersive surround sound experience like nothing you’d ever experience.

Sony HT-S350 2.1 SoundBar

Despite being one of the most affordable options in the market, the brand has ensured to integrated it with all the best features and functions that you’d need in your soundbar for a surround sound experience.

The 320W output is ideal for individuals who live in cramped apartments but don’t want to experience a home theatre-like experience. Also, the soundbar features function like S-Force Pro Front Surround Sound to allow users to experience theatre-like sound output.

The enhanced 2.1Ch Front Surround sound features seven different adjustable modes for the sound quality depending on the kind of show that you are watching.


  • High power output
  • Highly Reliable & Most Recommended Brand “Sony”
  • Rich sound output with good bass
  • Affordable and reasonably priced
  • Comes with a built-in subwoofer
  • Easy to install and operate


  • HDMI connectivity ports are not the best

3. Yamaha YAS-207BL – A Soundbar With Subwoofer

  • Color – Black
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth, Wifi, HDMI
  • Weight – 20 pounds

Aside from Sony, if there’s another brand that manages to make it apart from the other options, it is the Yamaha YAS-207BL. This budget-friendly soundbar with a subwoofer enables you to enjoy your favorite shows without having to compromise on the sound quality.

Also, there is the virtual sound technology that produces a realistic sonic and audio reproduction that you’d need multiple speakers for. These functions allow you to experience immersive audio reproduction without any kind of compromise.

Yamaha YAS-207BL SoundBar

The life-like and immersive audio reproduction in this device is what makes it stand out from the rest of the available options. Moreover, the overall design of this cheaper soundbar fits right in your TV cabinet without any hassle.

The DTS Virtual X Sound technology is a winning factor that enables you to experience realistic sound reproduction without any complications. The lightweight design of this soundbar is easy to carry around and set up too.


  • Easy to control via app
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Realistic sound reproduction
  • Affordable price range
  • Booming sound reproduction


  • Base wavers on low level

4. TCL Alto 6+ 2.1 Channel – Reliability & Performance Is Identity

  • Color – Black
  • Speaker type – Soundbar
  • Control method – App
  • Weight – 9 pounds

If you are particularly looking for a high-quality soundbar with a subwoofer at a budget-friendly price point, the TCL Alto 6+ 2.1 Channel is hands down the best option that you can get your hands on. This is one of the few devices priced under $100.

Coming to the quality of the functions, it is integrated with the standard Dolby Digital function that helps maximize the sound quality and clarity without any questions. The rich bass and immersive audio is perfect for you to enjoy a room-filling virtual surround sound experience.

TCL Alto 6+ 2.1 Channel SoundBar

The wireless subwoofer with this soundbar creates a richer and deep bass reproduction for improved audio quality like nothing else in the market. Also, this is a Bluetooth-enabled device, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about the connectivity options.

The specialized sound modes in this device allow you to switch between them depending on what you are listening to. So, if you are listening to the news, you can adjust the sound modes accordingly. Also, the HDMI and optical cable connectivity enable you to install them easily. Also, it’s a good pick for people owing a ROKU TV at home.

So yeah, people who’re looking for one of the best soundbars with a subwoofer and massive bass would never neglect this promising gadget. Well, it’s a complete no-regret pick and that makes everyone raise a thumbs up for this soundbar on the market nowadays.


  • Easy to install
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Produces better sound clarity
  • Room-filling surround sound experience
  • Multiple sound modes


  • Audio-visual sync is a little issue

5. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar

  • Color – Black
  • Speaker type – Soundbar
  • Weight – 3.9 pounds
  • Connectivity – HDMI, wireless

Another budget-friendly and lightweight soundbar that you can consider buying are the Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar. Unlike the other leading and popular brands, this one is a bit subdued but one of the best ones around.

This premium ultra-slim soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer with five full-range drivers that create a beautiful and rich bass. Also, the Voice Adjust technology with the Dolby Digital Decoding ensures better clarity of the audio output.

Polk Audio Signa S2 SoundBar

The functions of this soundbar with the mid to high range functions are easy to mount on the wall for convenient storage without any confusion at all. Furthermore, the product produces such amazing sound that it makes you feel like you are in a theatre.

The wireless connectivity options allow you to enjoy your favorite music without any complaints. Also, the installation process is pretty simple and requires a few minutes of work. 

Not only because it has a subwoofer with it, so you should buy this one. In fact, there are many other underlying reasons as we discussed in our review and that makes it one of the best soundbars with subwoofer on the market.


  • Premium design
  • Lightweight and wall-mounted design
  • Comes with a wireless subwoofer
  • Supports mid to high range functions
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Remote functions aren’t the best

6. VIZIO Sound Bar for TV – Best Soundbar With Subwoofer

  • Color – Black
  • Power source – Corded electric
  • Mounting type – Wall, floor-standing

If you are particularly looking for a wall or ceiling mounted soundbar for your needs, the VIZIO Sound Bar for TV is a superior option within an affordable price range. The triple speaker system in this creates better, clear, and powerful audio output than nothing else in the market.

Aside from the soundbar, the package is further integrated with a wireless subwoofer that you can make the most use out of. The booming bass and enhanced clarity in the audio enable you to experience the most use without any distortion.

VIZIO SoundBar

The DTS Surround X is another sound enhancement technology that creates a room-filling sound for a comfortable listening experience. Also, the device supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth functions.

The package comes with all the needed cables, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about the installation and setup of this soundbar.

In a nutshell, if you don’t want to invest too much on a sound gadget for your home and want to remain light in spending then Vizio Soundbar with Subwoofer should be your first bet. Yeah, you get almost everything that you’re paying for.


  • Storage-efficient design
  • Wireless subwoofer for enhanced sound quality
  • Integrated with DTS Surround X
  • Comes with necessary cables for easy installation
  • Affordable price range


  • After-sales service is disappointing

7. JBL Bar 5.1 4K Ultra HD 5.1 – Sound That Melts In Ears

  • Color – Black
  • Speaker size – 10 inches
  • Weight – 37.3 pounds

If you are into gaming and music and want to enhance your overall user experience and the audio experience around the room, the JBL Bar 5.1 4K Ultra HD 5.1 is hands down one of the best. The seamless design of the soundbar enables you to transform it seamlessly to the levels of a home theatre system.

The brand has also integrated this soundbar with the latest technologies like Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II for enhanced sound quality like nothing else you’ll come across. Also, the integrated subwoofers in the soundbar enable you to enjoy a rich and thrilling bass.

Aside from the general functions and features, the soundbar is further integrated with HDMI inputs for connecting 4K devices with two detachable battery-powered wireless surround speakers with the best quality audio-playback time.

JBL Bar 5.1 4K Ultra HD 5.1 SoundBar

Another superior function in this device is the SoundShift technology that enables you to switch from one Bluetooth device to the other. The 510W system power further maintains enhanced clarity in the audio like nothing else. And, we must mention that the detachable subwoofer is of top grade quality that enhances trouble and bass like a pro.

Professional music and sound enthusiast would definitely know what JBL could deliver to them and they definitely don’t need our opinion when it comes to one of the best soundbars with an additional subwoofer as a must.

Yeah, think yourself! where else you’ll get one such gem for such a reasonable price window? And, then, make a decision!


  • Easy to control
  • Connects with 4K devices
  • Integrated with SoundShift technology 
  • 510W system power
  • Detachable and wireless subwoofer


  • Has a hollow sound in some cases

8. YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar

  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, HDMI
  • Weight: 7.10 lbs

Yamaha is a brand that is known for a diverse set of products, right from their bikes to their racquets to their guitars, the company has dabbled across various segments. Yamaha’s audio equipment too, are top-notch products! The Yamaha SR-B20A sound bar is actually one of the best soundbars with subwoofers out there. We have another Yamaha product on this list, so let us get straight to the product rather than talking about the brand any longer.

The Yamaha SR-B20A soundbar comes out into the markets with a price point that is neither too high nor too low. Usually about $20 up or down off the $200 mark, this soundbar comes with bluetooth connectivity, but also allows you to connect via optical cable and HDMI, in case the need be. Bluetooth streaming is great for the users as it allows you to switch from one device to another seamlessly. The soundbar also supports 4K passthrough via optical/HDMI connections, in case you plan to connect it with your TV. 

One of the best things that we really love about this soundbar is that it supports the DTS Virtual: X audio, giving you a proper surround sound using virtual 3D technology. There are dual built-in subwoofers inside this sound bar, which make it easy for the users to get that punchy and thumpy sound that is often required. Other than that, if you want an even stronger bass, you can connect a bass extension for that. 


Another very fascinating thing here is that while you have your remote with which you can control the soundbar, there’s also a mobile app that allows you to do so, giving you even more control over the way you listen to your content. There are various pre-programmed modes, such as ‘standard’, ‘stereo’, ‘movies’ and ‘games’ which give you a different sound output based on what content is being played. All of these modes can be controlled using the remote, which is the primary means to control the soundbar. 

The soundbar comes with built-in keyholes on the back, which make it easy for you to wall-mount it, if the need be. Besides that, no matter how you place it (vertical or horizontal) your output won’t really be affected because there’s a built-in gyroscope inside the soundbar which makes it aware about how it has been placed, and the sound output changes based on the orientation of the soundbar. This is another really cool feature of the Yamaha SR-B20A.

All said and done, this is a soundbar that you should totally consider buying if you are looking for a soundbar with built-in subwoofers. There are a number of other benefits other than the subwoofer that are associated with this soundbar, primarily the cutting edge technology that powers it. Rarely do you see a soundbar with so many high-end features priced in around $200. The price angle really makes it a very lucrative product. Do give it a serious thought if your budget is around that! 

Pros and Cons of Yamaha SR-B20A Sound Bar


  • Comes with built-in subwoofers that deliver quite a thump
  • Allows you easy access to connect with bass extensions
  • Mobile app to control the soundbar  
  • Gyroscope to ensure however you place it, the audio is delivered right 
  • Priced in at around $200 


  • No mounting equipment provided with the soundbar 

9. Sony X9000F 2.1 – Editor’s Favorite For A Reason

  • Color – Black
  • Speaker type – Soundbar
  • Control method – Remote control
  • Weight – 10 kgs

When it comes to the best soundbar in the market, Sony is a brand that has time and time stood out with its products. Amidst all the prevailing options, the Sony X9000F 2.1 has managed to make it to the top of the list.

Aside from the basic compact design and features, the soundbar is designed with a range of innovative technologies, including Vertical Sound Engine and 2.1 Channel Dolby Atmos audio quality. 

Although the product is no doubt a little on the expensive end, priced just under $700, the quality of this soundbar makes it one of the best purchases in your life. Aside from the basic functions, the soundbar is integrated with seven different audio modes depending on the kind of program that you are watching on the television.

Sony X9000F 2.1 SoundBar

Also, the Sony X9000F 2.1 is integrated with the Vertical Sound Engine technology that enhances the audio quality and voice clarity if you are watching a show. Aside from the 2.1 channels, the audio available is in 4K quality. 

The soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer along with HDR support. It has easy connectivity options, thanks to the HDMI and Bluetooth wireless connectivity for easier operation. Also, the operating system of this device is Android.

All in all, if you’re aiming for true bass-packed sound with the addition of a subwoofer then none can beat Sony on the market. Moreover, from a price point of view too, it’s quite affordable for all budget ranges. Yeah, an ideal yet premium pick on the pack.


  • Integrated with innovative sound technology
  • Adjustable seven sound modes
  • 4K HDR quality audio output
  • Easy to mount on the wall or set aside on a table
  • Wireless connectivity options
  • True bass output.


  • Sound clarity could be better

10. Q Acoustics M4 – People’s Choice For A Reason

  • Color – Black
  • Speaker type – Soundbar, subwoofer
  • Weight – 4.9 kgs

Deviating a little from the list of the standard available soundbars, we have the Q Acoustics M4. The brand and the product are not the most popular; however, the quality of the product makes up for the blind trust that you put into it.

This M4 soundbar is designed with a built-in subwoofer that eliminates the risks of disturbing noises that often comes from the surrounding reverberation. Also, the sleek and lightweight design of this subwoofer and the soundbar is ideal if you have limited space around the house.

The distinct and unique flare shape enables sufficient space between the units for seamless cable entry. The soundbar also uses a BMR drive to deliver the users with outstanding sonic performance like nothing else in this price range.

Q Acoustics M4 SoundBar

Also, the distinctive dispersion of the audio around the room ensures that you wouldn’t be stuck listening to poor audio quality around the room. It disperses the audio evenly across the room. The quality audio output makes you feel like you are watching programs like in the theatre.

The soundbar also comes with a range of digital and analog inputs that enable you to connect it to other entertainment outlets for easy hearing of the favorite songs and TV shows that you are watching.


  • Subwoofer is built-in
  • Sleek and unique design
  • Eliminates disturbing noises from the background
  • Supports digital and analog inputs
  • Features packed in it make it a premium range product.
  • Easy to install


  • IR remote is very basic

11. LG SK9Y 5.1.2 – Proming Brand’s Power

  • Color – Black
  • Speaker type – Soundbar
  • Control method – Voice

While you will readily come across Sony and Yamaha as a brand for soundbars, LG is one of the most underrated options in the market. Despite how amazing the quality of the products is, you are not going to know about every single one of them.

The LG soundbar is integrated with the best quality Dolby Atmos audio technology that enables you to experience the quality of cinematic sound while you are in your home. The sound reverberates in the 3D dimension without any challenge at all.

LG SK9Y 5.1.2 SoundBar

Well, it’s not just brand and its promising caliber that you should focus on, in fact, it has many technical aspects that makes us give a thought on this beast. So, now, let’s discuss the same.

The digital music reproduction via this ensures the experience of high-resolution audio output without any issues. Also, the device works with Google Assistant, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about the operation.

Aside from Google assistant, the soundbar is compatible with Chromecast enabling you to enjoy your favorite music from leading platforms like Pandora and Google Play Music. The wireless surround-ready feature covers the entire room while you are listening to your favorite music.


  • Ideal for recreating midrange sound
  • Affordable price range
  • Easy to set up
  • High-resolution audio reproduction up to 4K
  • Compatible with Chromecast


  • Not ideal for extremely big rooms

FAQs – Soundbars With Built-In Subwoofer

1. Is the quality of the soundbar better with a subwoofer?

Keep in mind that a soundbar is more than enough to enhance the audio quality and output of the entertainment source. It doesn’t necessarily require a separate subwoofer to enhance the audio clarity. However, adding a subwoofer in the equation helps produce low-frequency sound quality like nothing before. Subwoofers also contribute to improved clarity of the audio output.

2. Which brand is the best for a soundbar with a subwoofer?

While there is a range of amazing soundbars available with subwoofers, Sony is a brand that you wouldn’t regret spending your money in. Not only is it integrated with all the best functions, but it is also backed with the best after-sales service once you are done making the purchase.

3. Can I use a subwoofer without a soundbar?

While a soundbar is enough on its own, we’d suggest that you avoid using a subwoofer by itself. Remember that a subwoofer is meant to support the audio output of a soundbar and not the other way around.

4. Why To Buy A Soundbar with Subwoofer?

Well, it’s all about preferences! Yeah, a true sound enthusiast would know how important is the role of bass & treble in music. And, it only comes out perfect when you have got an additional or built-in subwoofer in your soundbar to back you up with.

5. Which is a better choice? A soundbar with a subwoofer or without a subwoofer?

The answer to this question is a bit subjective actually. Yeah, basically it depends on your preferences of sound quality. However, if you want a room-filling sound with the best bass & treble adjustments then a subwoofer is a must in your soundbar or home audio system. And, if you are OK with a bit of compromise on a sound quality point of view then you always have a choice of woofer-less soundbar out there.

6. Are exterior subwoofers better than built-in subwoofers?

Yes, generally speaking, exterior subwoofers tend to be more power-packed than built-in subwoofers. This is because these exterior subwoofers are larger, dedicated devices. Built-in subwoofers are generally smaller units placed inside sound bars, and hence they have to be even more compact. While a soundbar with built-in subwoofers is better than a soundbar without any subwoofers, if you were to get an exterior subwoofer along with a regular soundbar, this would be the best combination to experience true power-packed bass.

7. What is the cost of a soundbar with a subwoofer?

Generally speaking, you can get a good soundbar with a subwoofer (be it interior or exterior) for about $200 to $400. There are a few products which go above and below this range too, but a bulk of these soundbars will fit here. In fact, you’ll find a very large number of them actually rest between $200 to $300. We would recommend you to not go for something that is priced at under $150 because that would mean that there’s some compromise with the technology. Subwoofers do add quite a bit of a cost to the soundbar.

8. Can Bluetooth soundbars have a subwoofer built into them?

Yes, bluetooth soundbars can and do have subwoofers built into them. There’s no discrimination between a sound bar that works on bluetooth and one that works in a wired fashion. However, the one problem with bluetooth connections is, that if you place the soundbar a little further away from where the source of the audio is, the audio might start getting distorted because there’s only a limited range that the bluetooth technology supports. But to answer the question in one line, yes there’s no restriction on subwoofers when it comes to bluetooth soundbars. 

9. Which soundbar with a subwoofer gives me a good balance between price and quality?

Well, this honestly depends upon your budget and your needs, but generally speaking, the product that we have found to be among the best options is the LG SN6Y soundbar, which comes with an external subwoofer, gives you an incredible performance, as well as offers a good balance between price and quantity. We have reviewed it above in great detail, do make sure you read up about all aspects of the product before you make the purchase. However, for most average users who need a good quality soundbar for their homes, this is it!


If you are tired of the poor-quality audio reproduction from your entertainment sources like a television or radio and want to improve the same, investing in a soundbar is probably the best option. Not only do you get to experience enhanced clarity but you also get improved bass and richer sound quality from the device.

However, since there are so many different types of soundbars with subwoofers available in the market, we wanted to curate a list that can help you decide on the best option for your needs. Also, our recently added pick of LG SN6Y is one of the best soundbars with a built-in subwoofer out there on the market, and we recommend you consider this model during your curation as well.

We hope this article gives you all the basic details that you need to be aware of before making the final purchase.

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