Best Soundbars Under $500 in 2022 – Value For The Money Picks!

Let’s start by tearing apart a couple of myths.

The more you spend, the better sound you get. Wrong.

Throwing money at specs that you don’t need. Spending on designs that look pretty but the acoustics are not the priority. This truly is a waste of your money.

You can get the same for less. Wrong again.

Buying gadgets that only last a couple of months. Devices that cannot deliver the sound quality you desire; or that will simply look bad. This is also a waste of your money.

Spending almost $500 on a soundbar can seem like a big commitment, and it is! This is why I want to make sure that you get your money’s worth. And, with our best soundbars under 500 budget range, we ensure you that you’ll get the best value for the money.

So now, let’s try changing the word spending for investing. You’ll squeeze the juice of your budget with the soundbars we’ve gathered on the list.

Best Soundbars under $500 in 2022

1. JBL Bar 2.1 soundbar – Latest Editor’s Choice

JBL is one of the popular and trustworthy brands in the market. The soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer to deliver powerful and deep bass. The soundbar is available just below $400 with epic sound quality that can fill your room with in-depth bass and punch. Are you into experiencing some wonderful surround sound? Immerse in JBL’s rich audio experience!

Wireless connection

Now, connect your portable devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets to the JBL 2.1 soundbar easily through the Bluetooth feature. With just a tap, you can wirelessly listen to plenty of music. The Bluetooth connection works at a good range, so you don’t have to stick right next to the soundbar the entire time you play the music.

JBL Bar 2.1 soundbar

Surround sound

JBL 2.1 soundbar comes with an amazing surround sound system with Dolby Digital technology to deliver an engaging and rich audio experience. This will be a great addition to your apartment or home, as you will get the home theater experience with the soundbar after you connect it to your TV.

Powerful subwoofer

With the 6.5-inch wireless subwoofer, get the best audio quality with deep bass and great punch. The subwoofer can enrich your gaming experience when you connect the soundbar to your gaming consoles. The subwoofer can also work wonders when you are streaming movies in HD quality.

Key Features
  • Comes with a 6.5-inch wireless subwoofer to deliver a powerful punch and in-depth bass
  • Equipped with surround sound system and Dolby Digital audio technology
  • Has Bluetooth option to connect smartphones, TVs, Tablets, and Laptops in a wireless way
  • Supports both optical cable and HDMI for connectivity
  • Does not require extra wires or speakers for immersive sound quality


  • Brand: JBL
  • Weight: 22.6 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Optical, HDMI, Bluetooth
  • Subwoofer: Wireless


  • Delivers deep bass and Dolby Digital audio technology
  • Gives home theater experience without additional speakers
  • Supports both wired and wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Has a wireless subwoofer for powerful sound quality
  • Comes from a trustworthy and popular brand known for reliability


  • Does not support Wi-Fi connection

2. Sonos Beam Sound Bar – A little too powerful

This bar stands out from all the larger loudspeakers out there.

Compact and humble.

It delivers a high-definition sound and enhanced acoustic experiences without having to show off. Users have been praising how easy it is to command it to get instantly improved sounds.  

Academy-Awarded Sounds

It’s really not a bluff.

Just like the sound this loudspeaker reproduces, the engineers who’ve worked on the sound-reproducing systems of this bar are beyond ordinary.

Inspired by movies so stories can be brought to life. They have designed a soundtrack enhancing software that will transport you to the film set.

Sonos Beam Sound Bar

Virtual Assistants

Voice control made easy(er).

You might’ve encountered some issues with some devices. When the volume goes up, it can be hard to hear your commands over the music.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are built into the core of your bar. This means your voice will be picked up without interference so that streaming can be seamless.

Air Technology

Within the structure of your soundbar, some radiators augment the reproduction of the low-keys through the passing of air.

This kind of technology allows the air to move freely inside your soundbar and literally warm the sound of your bass.

You’ll feel the temperature of your music going up.

Key Features
  • Alexa is integrated, although you’re not forced to set it up if you don’t wish to do so
  • Reliable connectivity allows you to stream directly from devices and does it all through voice control
  • Its compatibility with other Sonos speakers provides the chance to upgrade your soundbar into a surround system that fills up more space
  • Oscar-awarded engineers are the ones behind the sound enhancement system
  • Far-field microphones with echo-cancellation are in charge of picking up your voice and


  • Brand: SONOS
  • Length: 25.6 inches
  • Color: Black or White
  • Connectivity: HDMI-ARC, Wireless
  • Subwoofer: Built-in


  • The late-night setting enhances voice clarity and diminishes loud noises and effects
  • You can skip the Alexa setup if you don’t want your microphone to be always online
  • Native Apple Airplay streaming without the Sonos app as the middle-man


  • It will only support Dolby Digital

3. Klipsch Cinema 600 – You’ll never set foot on a cinema again

Big is good.

High definition doesn’t cut it when trying to explain the quality of the sound. They’ve managed to mix enhanced dialogues with extraordinary bass.

The biggest bass reproducer on the market and voice clarity improvement can only meet like this here.

Proprietary Horns

No, not those horns.

You’ll find dual Tractrix horns in each extreme of this soundbar. These clean the sounds it reproduces and offers lower distortion when compared to other exponential horns.

The shape of the horn manipulates the form of the sound that’s coming out. Sounds will go out of the bar more efficiently and crisper than in other cases.

Klipsch Cinema 600

Bigger Is Better

Your woofers have never been this exclusive.

Not kidding, this is the only place where you’ll find them. The Cinema Series soundbars include external wireless subwoofers not only praised for their power.

This is as big as woofers get. The thundering basses combine smoothly with voices your hearing can grasp without even trying. And, if you’re living in an apartment and want something even cooler for your music and sound experience, then this should be your priority pick.

Premium Materials

Why is no one talking about this?

Within this price range, it can be hard to find these materials. You’re usually stuck with plastic and a silver metal plate (if you get lucky).

Soundbars and woofers are modernly designed with actual wood. Your design is elevated, and plastic consumption goes a little down so everybody can win.

Key Features
  • The external wireless subwoofer is the biggest bass reproducing system available in the market
  • The Connect App includes updates, video guides, and customer support. You’ll find all you need to access your system and customize your sound
  • Yes, this is crafted wood. This loudspeaker is about state-of-the-art sound and design
  • You can pair your soundbar and woofer with rear speakers for an enhanced surround acoustics
  • Supports HDMI-ARC to simplify the control and setup of your system


  • Brand: KLIPSCH
  • Length: 50 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: HDMI
  • Subwoofer: External


  • The bar reproduces flawless sounds in every single mode
  • It offers the chance to connect external add-ons to turn it into a surround-system
  • The subwoofer is powerful as can be, while the other sounds stay completely bright
  • Simplified process of assembly and set up


  • Some users have reported their remote working intermittently

4. VIZIO M-Series – Redefining the meaning of sound

This is what happens when a sleek design and advanced audio technology have a baby.

Enhanced, independent internal speakers and immersive tech recreate the sound of a stage. Advanced input supports 4K Dolby Digital content so that original quality remains.

2-Way Speakers

Independence is underrated.

The woofers and tweeters found inside your soundbar separate frequencies when reproducing enhanced sounds.

This simply means that the acoustics are broader and can cover more ground; meanwhile, the clarity is improved.

This process creates stage-like sounds. These are meant to mimic a 3D experience of immersion without the need for a complete surround system.

VIZIO M-Series

Immersive Sound

DTS Virtual:X experience can recreate three-dimensional atmospheres inside your home. Floor to ceiling, no space is left without an enhanced undistorted sound.

Meanwhile, your TV’s 4K HDR content stays true to reality. The original quality is supported and passes through with losing quality and always stays synchronized.

Dual Subwoofers

Practically looks good, and it sounds even better.

Besides the two single-woofers and independent tweeters, you’ll find two 3” subwoofers. Each one is placed inside the bar to add depth and character to your improved acoustics.

These subs create a strong enough bass without the need for an external speaker that occupies unnecessary space.

Key Features
  • You can connect all virtual assistants via Bluetooth and use voice command as you see fit
  • A new angular shape for better integration with your screen and your interiors
  • It doesn’t matter how you want to set it up! All cables you’ll need are included
  • The DTS Virtual:X system is paired with 4K support that reproduces sound quality like no other
  • The two-way speakers work independently to separate frequencies for a passionate yet transparent sound


  • Brand: VIZIO
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Optical, Coaxial, Auxiliary, HDMI, Bluetooth
  • Subwoofer: Built-in


  • Immediate sound enhancement after plugin saves you the trouble of long setups
  • Bluetooth streaming is stable and without delays
  • A great deal of bass for an integrated soundbar
  • You can program other remotes to work with the soundbar for volume control


  • If the compatibility with the TV is not perfect, audio syncing problems may occur

5. Razer Leviathan – Lets you feel sound

Who knew that this tiny soundbar and powerful subwoofer could be best buds.

The bar is packed with full-range drivers and pairs with an external sub. They turn the sounds of your PC into acoustics you didn’t believe possible.

Yeah, we’ve ensured that you get the most out of this soundbar under 500 price range.

Preset Equalizers

Equalizing your sounds has never been simpler.

Each moment of life is unique. This is why we want our sounds to bring something else to the table.

Equalizing ain’t no simple task. But you can do it in seconds by selecting one of the three settings created by experts. By pressing a button, you can turn your musical, gaming, or cinematic experience around.

Razer Leviathan

5.1 Sound

Soundtrack immersion for movies and for enhancing gaming experience.

This soundbar incorporates 4 drivers that have been finely tuned by experts. These offer a virtual surround system through each one of the full-range drivers.

The experience comes from a bar so small that it makes it hard to believe. Your bedroom is one connection away from turning into a cinema.

Dedicated Subwoofer

A combo you might’ve not expected.

This slim and compact bar might give the impression that it misses out on the action. Believe me, it is just an impression.

The external subwoofer fires the low-keys downwards for a powerful boost. The tuning is so precise that the frequencies can go as low as they want without suffering any distortion.

Key Features
  • The external subwoofer directs low frequencies towards the ground for deeper sensations
  • You get to choose from default equalizing settings created by tuning experts for a professional-sounding experience
  • Four internal tuned drivers offer surround-system immersion for games and movies
  • Bluetooth v4.0 and aptX technology are responsible for an astonishing connectivity range
  • Dolby Technology powers the bar and converts your PC audio into a virtual sound ambiance


  • Brand: RAZER
  • Length: 19.7 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Auxiliary, Bluetooth
  • Subwoofer: External


  • You can individually customize features of the default settings
  • All the frequencies are well balanced, so sound improves as the voices stay sharp
  • Exceeds expectations such a compact soundbar meant for PCs
  • The lowest volume setting still delivers perfectly defined human voices


  • Some users complain about a shorter lifespan than expected
  • It’s meant for smaller spaces, like bedrooms

6. Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar – Sometimes, bigger is better

More than simply upgrading sound experiences.

You don’t need a surround system kit to submerge yourself in a universe made of sounds. Virtual immersion is a possibility with this bar and sub combo.

This compact-sized system will bring just enough bass and clarity into your acoustics.

Enhanced Technology

The advanced technology behind the design of this dual sound system is what makes it superior.

The 8” external subwoofers are known to be the biggest available in the world. This means you can’t possibly get sturdier devices to reproduce your low frequencies.

The soundbar itself carries Tractrix horns with proprietary tech that elevates the way it delivers sound.

Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar


Headaches, no more.

Connecting devices shouldn’t require a manual as big as a book. You shouldn’t have to go to external sources to be able to pair and link your sound system with your devices.

Choose between the HDMI or optical cable for your single-wire connection. Get complete control of your acoustics with a single plug.

Dialogue Mode

This one is for those of us in love with the sound.

Listening to what characters say is as important and feeling each whisper of your songs. You’ll be getting just that.

True left and right stereo fire bright sound, while a subwoofer pumps it up. In the meantime, the enhanced dialogue mode will maintain human voices clearly.

Key Features
  • Belonging to the Cinema Series bar, it’s manufactured with high-end materials
  • The state-of-the-art technology of the soundbar and subwoofer’s design has no match
  • The system works with 400 watts of peak power
  • A 5.1 Decoding software simulates a virtual sound experience without needing more devices
  • The soundbar includes proprietary Tractrix Horn technology
  • Dialogue-enhancement mode keeps human voices extra-clear during the sound experience


  • Brand: KLIPSCH
  • Length: 39.9 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: HDMI, Bluetooth
  • Subwoofer: External


  • Dialogues stay crisp even in surroundings with a lot of white noise
  • The subwoofer provides an impressively immersive experience for a simulated surround system
  • Sound is capable of filling the largest of spaces inside a home
  • Easy to mount on the wall through the included template
  • Supports HDMI-ARC


  • The quality of the sound is not meant for incredibly immersive experiences but for audio enhancement

7. Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL – Fills your spaces with sound

We can’t seem to stop dropping Yamaha soundbars on this list. Just as they can’t seem to stop manipulating sounds to their liking.

Each bar takes it a notch further. Whether it’s all-integrated or an external-subwoofer system, they do more than deliver good quality sound.

Well, we’d say that it’s one of the best soundbars under 500 budget range, to be honest.

Built-in Assistant

Virtual assistants are on fire, and we all know why.

Let’s get real for a minute. We all like to boss our AI around. But it gets complicated when the music’s playing. We end up doing a horrible slo-mo talk in an attempt to get their attention.

Built-in Alexa voice control solves all of the above and more.

Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL

DTS Virtual:X

With the technology embedded in the soundbar and the wireless subwoofer, you get virtual 3D sound-immersion just by pressing play.

The sound system will disperse acoustic effects throughout the room, so that the mood is set. At the same time, it will fire improved human voices directly at you.

Controller App

Commanding your soundbar should be a seamless process. Then how come losing a remote or pairing issues cause movie night to turn into a disaster?

The Sound Bar Controller App lets you manage your soundbar without thinking about it. You can regulate volumes, modes, and your music through the app.

Key Features
  • Virtual 3D-sound immersion through a soundbar and a subwoofer
  • The Controller App makes your life simple. You can adjust your bar’s settings and more on your phone
  • A built-in Alexa picks up your every wish without the need to exert yourself so you can be heard
  • HDMI or optical make up a single-cable setup that can’t get any simpler
  • Over voice control, you can control your Fire TV through your soundbar


  • Brand: YAMAHA
  • Length: 36.6 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: HDMI, Bluetooth, Wifi
  • Subwoofer: External


  • Optimal compatibility with a wide range of brands
  • The sounds it produces are fuller in comparison to other soundbars
  • The subwoofer is surprisingly powerful for such a compact sub
  • Part of the MusicCast family. It’ll let you create a multi-room sound system


  • Firmware updates can cause performance issues

8. VIZIO SB36512-F6 – The all-inclusive of soundbars

When you thought, I need a soundbar, would you have guessed that you’d be getting a surround system to recreate a cinematic experience?

You’ll receive a state-of-the-art soundbar paired with a powerful ground-shaking subwoofer. As if that weren’t enough, a couple of rear speakers will complete your immersive experience.

DA Mastered

I don’t need to tell you how crucial sound is when making or breaking a cinematic experience. Music and soundtracks are not only companions to images…they also have stories to tell.

This is why all your movies will be formatted in Dolby Atmos and streamed in the highest possible quality.

VIZIO SB36512-F6

360° Sound

You said surround sound. They listened.

This sound set is ready to be installed and elevates your perception of what it means to have a movie theater in your home.

Every single device is specifically designed to modify and enhance your sound, spreading it to fill every corner of the room.

Dimensional Sound

Sound is so powerful it can create an environment around its listeners.

But powerful sounds are actually not enough to pull that trick. The direction in which the sound waves travel will make an enormous difference in the way you experience music and movies.

This is why every directional speaker inside the device is meant to fire sound, causing different dimensions.

Key Features
  • The bar comes with built-in Chromecast so you can stream your favorite playlists
  • Sound design has taken a step forward. All your films and series mastered in Dolby Atmos for streaming
  • Virtual sound takes on a whole new different identity with multi-dimensional immersion through the soundbar and all its external speakers
  • Wireless subwoofer keeps the lows in the ground
  • Directional speakers fire sound in every direction for a 3D feeling


  • Brand: VIZIO
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Optical, HDMI, Bluetooth
  • Subwoofer: External


  • You can adjust surround sound, subwoofer, and center speaker separately from each other
  • When the volume is cranked up, power increases dramatically without causing distortion
  • Dolby Atmos adds dimension to the enhanced sound that you receive
  • You can set it up quickly and without complex steps


  • There have been complaints about the hardware of the product
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9. YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar – Natural enhancement of the sounds around you

Powerful bass isn’t only meant to be felt inside your body.

Yamaha proves, once again, how balance is more important than loud. Clarity and well-integrated frequencies meet halfway to provide you an immersive sound experience.

This is a mix of enhanced sounds and crystal-clear voice unlike any other.

Clear Voice

Yamaha is known to improve audio quality without taking it too far. They know how to manipulate sound and make it just right.

Human voices can definitely become more audible without spending more than necessary. You can select the mode on your screen or through your remote control for an instant enhanced dialogue experience.

YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar

Default Sound Programs

Customizing your experience without adjusting individual audio features is not only possible…it works too well.

Stereo, standard, movies, and gaming can be naturally enhanced. No sound effect or frequency will overpower the other.

The acoustics will be perfectly balanced out to give you a real-life immersive sound experience.

Dual Bass Reflex

Organic bass. Your sounds get deeper without being too far from reality.

There are two built-in subwoofers inside the body of the speaker, connected through dual bass reflex ports. These guys are there to enhance low-frequencies production.

This allows the speaker to deliver natural-sounding bass without sound distortion since it’ll be able to handle more power.

Key Features
  • Reproduction of crisp-sounding dialogues and vocals through a human voice enhancement process
  • Four mode programs are integrated into the software so you can select them to customize your audio improvement
  • The soundbar produces a powerful bass that doesn’t overpower the other frequencies
  • The new Sound Bar Remote App lets you control your device from a smartphone or tablet
  • You can connect to Bluetooth in a snap and switch between devices seamlessly


  • Brand: YAMAHA
  • Length: 38 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Optical, HDMI, Bluetooth
  • Subwoofer: Built-in


  • The most simple at-home setup process
  • Compatible with virtually any external subwoofer
  • Cranking up the bass doesn’t interfere with the clear-voice function
  • Voice enhancement available by pressing a button
  • There are no compatibility issues with any TV
  • It includes ARC-supporting input


  • Mounting options are limited
If you’ve a limited budget to spend on that give a try to one of our budget friendly picks.

10. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar

Polk Audio’s Signa S2 is indeed one of the best soundbars under $500 in our opinion. This is because the soundbar provides audio quality and experience that is very similar to what you would expect of a high end $750 Sony or LG soundbar, while actually being priced at less than a third of that price. To make things even better, the soundbar also comes with a wireless subwoofer, which enhances the overall audio experience. 

Audio Quality

In terms of audio quality and performance, the Signa S2 from Polk Audio delivers an impressive performance. It features premium quality audio which comes with a power-packed bass thanks to the subwoofer. More on the subwoofer in the next segment. One of the biggest USPs of the Signa S2 is that it delivers a loud and clear audio performance while being one of the slimmest soundbars out there. 

The soundbar measures just 2 inches in height, and can easily be placed anywhere you want it to! It is also easy to wall-mount this soundbar. Even if you decide to keep it right in front of your TV, you can be assured that it will not have a negative impact on your remote’s sensor and will allow you to control your TV with ease. The soundbar is great for streaming 4K audio as it gives you a very clear output. Every dialogue can be heard without any glitches or disruptions. There are no sync issues as well, even if you play wireless audio.

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar

Wireless Subwoofer

One of the most impressive things about the Signa S2 from Polk Audio is that it comes with a wireless subwoofer. This is another factor that makes it one of the best soundbars under $500. Generally speaking, you would barely find a subwoofer in a $200-$250 soundbar, let alone an external, wireless one. The advantage of using a wireless subwoofer is that it allows you to control where you want to place it, and experience the thump and the bass coming from that direction.

This enhances your movie-watching experience by a lot, and also makes for a great gaming audio experience. Having a subwoofer while playing a game will make sure that you get to experience every bomb and every bike, as well as feel every ‘thud’ the way the developers of the game intend you to!

Connectivity and Control

One thing that we really like about the Signa S2 is that it supports HDMI ARC connections, as well as an optical input and AUX audio. Another great thing here is that the soundbar supports Bluetooth connections, which allows you to connect and play audio from your phone, laptop, and other wireless devices with ease. 

The soundbar can be controlled by a remote – which comes with three different modes. There’s a mode for movies, a mode for music, and a ‘night mode’ as well. The remote allows you to switch between TV, AUX and Bluetooth audio by just pressing the relevant button. You can also control the volume and the bass using the remote. Setting up the soundbar is also quite easy and can be done in just a few minutes!

Polk audio is known for their high-quality products at a relatively low price point and that’s exactly what they’re doing here. The audio quality that you get here is excellent and the soundbar is good enough for multiple purposes – be it a movie night with friends or family, or be it a couple of hours of gaming to bust some stress. You can also use this soundbar to play some music or read out an audiobook while you do your daily household chores. This is a great option for those who want a great multipurpose speaker. Do make sure that you check out the Polk Audio Signa S2 soundbar. 

Key Features
  • Comes with a wireless subwoofer 
  • ‘Ultra Slim’ sound bar, does not occupy too much space 
  • Supports AUX, Bluetooth and HDMI connections
  • Controlled by a remote as well as physical buttons 
  • Comes with pre-set Movie, Music and Night modes 

Pros and Cons of Polk Audio Signa S2 Soundbar 


  • Very slim (measures 2 inches in height) and can be kept anywhere
  • Loud and clear audio quality 
  • Does not cost too much 
  • Supports bluetooth audio streaming
  • Wireless subwoofer can be placed practically anywhere 


  • The remote control is not durable and feels rather cheap

11. Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar – Latest & Updated Model

Besides the plain design and a few downsides, the Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar is one of the few 2.1 channels soundbar available for under $500 that you wouldn’t regret purchasing. This is ideal for users looking for a budget-friendly option with high-quality audio output.


Starting with the design of this soundbar, as mentioned, it has a very plain look to it. Compared to the modern soundbars that are available in the market, this one does have a bulky and large design to it. The 1m width is what makes it a chunky piece that you’d have to lag around in the house. The build quality isn’t the worst compared to the price you pay.

Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar

Setup and installation

Coming to the setup process, everything is pretty straightforward. You need to use the TV’s optical output cable for the easiest installation process. The device does lack some of the staple connectivity ports, so you need to makedo with what is available. It does support Bluetooth connectivity, which is always a bonus.


When it comes to reviewing the quality and performance of the Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar, we can’t go wrong with it. Besides coming from a reliable brand like Hi-Fi, the product stands out for all the claims it makes. The sound is clean and crisp without unnecessary distortions in the background. Also, the audio output contains just the right amount of warmth to it that making the listening experience very pleasant.

Key Features
  • Comes with a built-in subwoofer
  • Wall-mounted design with a flared shape
  • Uses BMR drive units for sonic performance
  • Integrated with multiple digital optical and analogue inputs
  • Bluetooth compatible


  • Sleek design
  • Reasonably compact construction
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • Clear and crisp sound output
  • Integrated with a subwoofer


  • Doesn’t come with an HDMI port

12. Yamaha YAS408BL – Music always comes first

The spotlight shines on music streaming in this all-in-one soundbar.

Have you ever heard of a loudspeaker that plays nice with every device out there? One with every single music streaming service you can think of embedded in its system? 

However, before we proceed further, I’d like to let you know that it’s a soundbar without any built-in woofer, well, it does have an external one but not in the bar. So, read about it only if you’re ready to let it occupy some extra space in your room or table.

Well, now you have.

Streaming Services

Which ones? All of them.

Yes, loudspeakers will most likely support streaming music from any device you hook them up to. But will these systems be built-in?

Integrated streaming services include Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, Napster, and Deezer…just to name a few.

Whichever streaming platform you prefer, you’ll find it incorporated in your new soundbar.

Yamaha YAS408BL


An incredible amount of Yamaha products possess the MusicCast software embedded in them. This one isn’t the exception.

This program allows you to create some kind of multi-room sound system. Soundbars, speakers, and even AV receivers can wirelessly connect with each other.

You can use this particular Yamaha feature to turn a soundbar into a home-theater 5.1 surround system.

DTS Virtual:X

Think of virtual sound. Seems cool and all, but what does it really do?

The way the sound waves are directed and scattered through the room will make you feel you’re inside the movie. These spacious acoustics will offer your soundtracks actual dimension while keeping the dialogues sharp.

Once you experience the depth of sound, there’s really no going back. And believe me, this single feature makes it one of the best soundbars under 500 dollars range.

And yeah, this soundbar is also an ideal choice for Samsung smart TVs or even LG TV.

Key Features
  • You can connect to everything, literally. The wireless and wired connection-flexibility of the soundbar is outstanding
  • DTS Virtual:X surround system submerges you inside your favorite movies and TV shows
  • This soundbar can be the foundation to build a 5.1 home-theater
  • Multiple connections available for the setup of your choosing
  • Wireless connectivity includes Spotify, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, and Wifi
  • You can now control your virtual assistants through AirPlay


  • Brand: YAMAHA
  • Length: 38.63 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Optical, HDMI, Analog, Bluetooth, Wifi
  • Subwoofer: External


  • Instantly hear voices and lyrics that TV and computer speakers seem to not reproduce
  • The soundbar can be the foundation for add-ons to create a surround system
  • The Bluetooth connectivity never falters
  • Easy pairing and installation with any device


  • The steps to set up the Wifi can be overly complicated, according to some users

13. Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro – Best Budget Soundbar Under $500

When looking for good quality and reliable soundbar, the Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro is an option you can’t miss out on. The product has created a lot of rave in the market, thanks to the 7.1 home channel theatres along with the sleek design and programming functions.

Superior design

The first standout feature of this soundbar is the stunning design. The bold styling of this compact and sleek soundbar makes it a pretty amazing option for you to consider purchasing. The entire package comes with the soundbar, attachments, and subwoofer, all of which come together and make it a viable purchase option.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro

Easy set-up

Unless you are completely unaware of soundbars and their connectivity, you should be able to set this thing up without any complications. The entire package comes with the batteries and the cables required for easy installation and setup. All you have to do is follow the instructions and connect everything the right way to make it work. It does come with a wall mount, in case you have limited space.

Sound quality

Moving ahead to the performance and functionalities of this soundbar, it is programmed with Dolby Audio which reflects well on the listening experience. The full and immersive audio output from this soundbar makes it a viable investment, especially if you are into a holistic listening experience while watching Netflix, sports, or other entertainment shows.


Although it is priced under $500, the Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro is not the cheapest option that you will get in the market. The price does make up for all the accessory components, so we’d suggest giving this a go.

Key Features
  • Designed with 7.1 channel surround sound realism
  • Backed with 400 watts room-filling sound
  • Comes with an 8” subwoofer with the soundbar
  • Produces 104 dB crystal clear sound
  • True to life clarity with acoustic wideness


  • Clear and crisp audio quality
  • Easy installation
  • Surround sound simulation
  • Backlit remote control
  • Multiple HDMI ports


  • Requires constant firmware updates

Some Features You Can’t Take for Granted In A Soundbar Under $500

Looking for the best soundbar under 500 dollars is not only about getting a cheap bar that will pump loud music out its speakers.

Some features might seem extra, but that can really make an impact on how you rediscover your acoustics.

  • The Connections You Need

Cables are not totally out of fashion. In fact, many wires face continuous upgrades for better transmission quality.

HDMI, HDMI-ARC, Optical, and USB ports are some of the inputs you should be checking your soundbar for.

And although wires are not going anywhere yet. You really want your soundbar to support some kind of wireless connectivity.

Whether it’s Bluetooth or integrated Wifi boards so you can connect directly to the internet.

It might seem that some of these are unnecessary. Maybe your devices just need one of the mentioned inputs to properly work with your soundbar.

But think about the future!

New tech is constantly being developed. When the moment comes to take your TV or your gadgets a step up, you’ll be thankful your sound system supports a wide range of connectivity options.

  • It’s all about control

We might think of them as heavy black bricks that are so nineties, but this little device will determine your entire experience.

No remote means no control.

Some sound systems have control centers on their soundbars. However, not all are practical when it comes to diving into the settings. They can also get annoying, walking to your soundbar each time you’d like to change a little thing.

Devices that let you command them through apps and universal remotes are always a plus. You might also want to consider built-in voice controls.

What Should My Soundbar Be Like?

Black can be boring. But it does match that living room of yours.

  • Seamless

When it comes to colors, decently priced and good quality soundbars are pretty straightforward. You might find them in white if the manufacturers were feeling adventurous.

Would you rather have equipment producers offer 5 colors or invest all the money in the technology that powers your sound?

Thought so.

This doesn’t stop here. Black and slim-looking loudspeakers are the best way to get them to fir every home they get to.

Soundbars like to be humble. These days, we should appreciate a little discretion.  

  • Dimensions

Read before buying.

I’ve encountered multiple user reviews that complain solely about a soundbar being too hefty to mount or too big for their screens.

Sometimes we focus only on specs. So much that we don’t stop to think about the basics.

Is my soundbar going to fit?

A little work can save you a whole lot of trouble. Just head to wherever your soundbar will be mounted and measure the space.

If it’s meant to be under your TV, make sure you take a look at the speaker’s dimensions so that there’s enough room for your new soundbar.

Sort out your dimensions before you look at the features.

Steps to selecting the right soundbar for your home

  • Now, repeat after me…

I must check the dimensions before checking the specs.

Once you’ve done your homework and written down the maximum measurements your soundbar should have, it’s time to take another look at the room.

The size of your room will be fundamental when deciding the power of your new loudspeaker. You can always help your economy by avoiding more sound-power than what you really need.

  • I’m all about that bass

I really am, though. But I’m also very space-friendly.

Maybe you need that heart-dropping bass to make you feel alive. But is a giant subwoofer going to fit in your bedroom?

Bear in mind the dimensions of where you’ll be locating your soundbar and possibly your external speakers. At the same time, think about the kind of sound you’d like to get.

With those in mind, you might find out that you really do a big sub to fill your living room with enhanced sound. Deep basses and large rooms call for external subwoofers.

Maybe you’re a bass-head, but you’ll be placing your soundbar right under your computer. You could end up realizing that an integrated soundbar will give you what you want.

  • Default Modes

Are you an audio settings master? Cause I’m not.

When it’s late at night, my last working brain cell can barely choose a movie. Imagine trying to customize each feature of your sound one by one, manually.

Are you all about that extremely personalized sound, no matter what? Then you’ll be looking for a soundbar that lets you spend hours tweaking acoustic details.

But if all you’re looking for is enhancing your sound, find a soundbar that’ll get you what you want by touching a button. Presets are actually configured by sound experts, so you’ll get more than a couple to choose from.

How to Look After Your Soundbar

  • Investing vs. Overspending

My dad always says, sometimes cheaper is more expensive.

After going through some of the soundbars we mentioned, you could think some prices are on the steep side.

But listen to my dad. Spending half or even a third of the price is very much possible. But, at what cost?

In the end, investing in one good sound system that delivers the acoustics you’re looking for will be cheaper. Buying multiple bad quality and short-lived speakers can end up taking more time and more money.

A lower quality loudspeaker for less will end up not being easy to maintain for long.

  • Vacuums are your friends

We don’t always have time to meticulously dust every inch of our homes. But, no matter which sound system you’re getting, it’ll appreciate the effort.

Don’t become a cleaning maniac and vacuum your house every 3 times a day. Just don’t let the surroundings of your speaker get too dusty.

Dust particles are public enemies of your speakers. They can get everywhere and not only clutter inside your device. If not cleaned properly, dust could eventually damage the electronics as well.

  • Liquids are not your friends

Slap your hand before you take a damp cloth and place it on your soundbar. Yes, even if it says it’s water-resistant.

There are a zillion ways to get rid of the dirt accumulating on your electronic devices. Okay, maybe not that many, but the last thing you do should be getting wet elements near them.

The slightest misplaced drop of any liquid could be catastrophic for your entire setup. Avoid electrocuting your soundbar by simply cleaning with a soft piece of fabric and vacuuming the areas around it.

FAQs For Best Rated Soundbars Within $500 Budget Range

1. What does home-theater mean?

Sound systems that offer theater-like or cinematic acoustics are those meant to redirect sounds. They do this in such a way that it creates a virtual surrounding made from sound waves.

To do so, they use different channels that direct the sound precisely, so it fills up all the space.

Not all soundbars have the number of channels needed to be called surround systems. However, most of them direct the audio in such a way that it simulates virtual sound.

2. Can you add a subwoofer to a soundbar?

Many soundbars out there support add-ons. This means that they give you the option of pairing them with external subwoofers or amplifiers.

Are you set on getting a separate sub? You might want to take a look at the large number of soundbars that can already be purchased with their corresponding bass reproducing device.

3. What are Dolby Atmos sound bars?

Dolby Atmos is a newer piece of technology. This system uses ceilings and walls as trampolines for the sound waves the bar emits.

The sound travels directly to the walls, and it bounces off them, giving the sensation of an immersive 3D virtual sound experience taking place.

4. How many channels do I need?

This can be tricky. You may only need 3 channels for a wild enhancing experience. Sound will leave the loudspeaker through the sides, and crips dialogues will get to you through the central channel of the soundbar.

Now the right question would be, how many do you want. If you’re looking for a soundbar to compliment your living room, I have just one piece of advice:

The more, the better.

5. What should I expect from soundbars under $500?

We broadly see soundbars under $500 as two categories – the first are generally sub-$200 products which don’t come with subwoofers and the others are between $200-500 which come with subwoofers. When you are buying soundbars under $500, you can get some really good audio quality, but don’t expect something as loud or as power-packed as what you’d get from a high end $750-$1250 product. From a sub $200 soundbar without a subwoofer, you can expect an audio quality just marginally better than regular bluetooth speakers. 

6. Is it recommended to buy a soundbar without a subwoofer?

While we won’t really recommend you to go for a soundbar without a subwoofer, if one doesn’t really fit your budget, you can go for it. However, if you can find one with a subwoofer, we would recommend that because the kind of audio quality you’d get with a subwoofer would be really intense compared to what you’d get from an ordinary speaker. Subwoofers come with quite the thump and a heavy bass that you won’t get in a regular speaker. 

7. Can I get good gaming soundbars under $500?

Yes, you can find some really good gaming soundbars under $500. Gaming soundbars require two things – clarity and loudness. This ensures that you can hear approaching footsteps while being able to experience all the in-game sounds in the best possible way. Every acceleration, every hit, every bullet fired needs to bring in a special effect in your room that is possible with these soundbars. Razer Leviathan is one such soundbar that we have reviewed on our list above. 

8. Where can I buy the best soundbars under $500?

Soundbars have become pretty common of late and you can find them at practically any store that sells audio equipment, or computer-related equipment. However, we still consider Amazon to be one of the best places where you can buy these soundbars because Amazon gives you a very large collection of products, the likes of which you won’t find in a regular store. Besides that, there are discounts and promos, as well as easy return policies too.

Final Thoughts?

You came here to find the best soundbars under 500 dollars in the market. I hope you got more than you were looking for.

I’ll let you know that when it comes to smaller spaces, my personal favorite is the YAMAHA SR-B20A. It offers more than enough power these intimate rooms in our homes need.

If you’re ready to take it to party level and want to fill every corner of your living room with clear sound and thumping basses. The Klipsch Cinema 600 is your guy with a one-of-a-kind external subwoofer is what you might be looking for.

If you’re still unsure, that’s okay (with so many options, I would be too). I’d suggest you go back to review the things you should know before your search even begins.

Always remember that sound quality is not just about the specs and tech behind a system’s design. The features of the loudspeaker will only be relevant once space and your priorities are in check.

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