Best Soundbars for Movies in 2022 – To Give You A Pleasing Experience!

We live in a world with endless movies only the click of a button away. With streaming services at our fingertips, we’re watching movies at home more than ever before. With some of the best soundbars for movies, it’s possible.

Well, if we know the solution then why not make this experience as immersive as possible?

Make your audio match your visuals with surround sound and deep bass, making you feel like you’re living in the movie. Have audio travel around you from all angles for the most immersive movie-watching experience possible. Bring the cinema home to you from the comfort of your own living room.


Best Soundbars for Movies In 2022

1. Bose Smart Soundbar 900 – Latest Pick By Editor’s 

Want to bring theatre to your home? Buy the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 without a second thought! The soundbar comes with amazing audio features to bring cinema-quality sound to your home. Sit in any nook and corner of your room and still experience the full sound from Bose smart soundbar.

So, now, let’s take a brief look at what it has to serve us. Yeah, our experts have uncovered each small details about this one of the best soundbar for movies on the market.

Dolby Atmos

The soundbar comes with a Dolby Atmos sound system to give you the best home theatre experience. The speakers of this soundbar are custom-engineered to give ultimate audio quality. You can feel the sound coming out of the speakers! The soundbar has 6 transducers, custom upfiring dipole speakers, a center tweeter, and Bose PhaseGuide technologies to give you this feeling.

Bose Smart Soundbar 900

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities

When the world is upgrading every minute, it’s high time you own a soundbar with upgraded features. This soundbar comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities to ensure effortless wireless streaming of music and movies. There are also Chromecast, Apple Airplay 2 and Spotify connect features in this brilliant soundbar.

 Built-in voice assistants

Apart from wireless connectivity, the soundbar is also enabled with built-in voice assistants- Alexa and Google Assistant. It comes with noise rejecting microphones to pick your voice commands with high clarity even when the music is ON. You can disable the microphone when it is not required.

Key Features
  • Supports HDMI eARC and optical cable connection for instant setup
  • Wireless connectivity is enabled through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Easily control the soundbar with your voice commands through Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Thin and sleek design to compliment your room or Apartment
  • Comes with Dolby Atmos sound system for a home theatre experience


  • Brand – Bose
  • Weight – 17 pounds
  • Size – 4.21 x 41.14 x 2.29 inches
  • Model – 863350-1100


  • High-quality sound with best home theatre experience
  • Sleek and attractive design for aesthetic lovers
  • Built-in voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Supports Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth feature
  • Noise-canceling microphone to get your voice commands when music is ON


  • Quite expensive

2. Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar + 8 Inch Wireless Subwoofer with HDMIARC

Seamlessly upgrade your movie-watching experience with the Klipsch Cinema 400 soundbar. Match the intensity of your movies with the quality sound of this soundbar, bringing the cinema to your living room. Experience sound as big as the picture, and never miss a word spoken with dialogue enhancement, even if it’s a whisper.


When it comes to setting up your new soundbar, it couldn’t be simpler. All that is needed is an HDMI cable (which is included) to be plugged into your TV and let the home theatre experience begin.

The HDMI-ARC gives you full control over your system and this includes the wireless sub all by a press of the button on a single remote

Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar

Big, bad subwoofers

With the largest subwoofers on the market, this soundbar and wireless subwoofer give clear, clean, and powerful bass. Experience the deep rumble like never before. The wireless subwoofer also makes for easy placement and movement, with no worries about cords or power points. Bring the action in your movies to life.

Premium aesthetics

This soundbar is crafted using real wood materials. This gives off a premium, designer look.

The sleek design will look beautiful placed in any lounge room, with the wireless subwoofer looking like a crafted piece of furniture, more than a subwoofer. The soundbar will blend in nicely on your entertainment unit under your TV.

Key Features
  • Wireless subwoofer for deep, thunderous bass to immerse you into your movie even more.
  • 400W peak power for clear audio
  • Simple setup with one HDMI cable and one remote control
  • Aesthetic, sleek design to look good in any living room
  • Advanced technology for the ultimate immersive experience


  • Brand – Klipsch
  • Weight – 30.3 pounds
  • Size – 39.9 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Model – 1068774


  • Wireless subwoofer for deep sound and easy moveability
  • HDMI cord provided for simple set up
  • Included remote, controllable all by this one remote
  • Immersive sound provided by advanced technology
  • Clear and crisp audio provided by 400W peak power


  • Batteries not included – make sure you have backups ready.

3. VIZIO V-Series 2.1 Home Theatre Sound Bar

A simple connection via the included HDMI cord ensures you’re only hearing the best and highest quality audio directly from your soundbar. This simple connection will change the way you watch movies forever. Along with the wireless subwoofer you will be fully immersed with sound making the most out of your movie-watching experience

Voice Assistant

Have a favorite voice assistant? Connect Alexa, Siri, or google assistant via a dedicated AUX input or Bluetooth. This gives you hands-free voice control over your soundbar. The voice assistant is always ready for a command, even in the middle of your movie. Request a lower volume or pause at any moment for the much-needed snack break.

VIZIO V-Series 2.1 Home Theatre Sound Bar

No extra remotes

The HDMI cord means the connection between both your soundbar and TV is completely seamless. This allows you to use your existing TV remote to control your soundbar, leaving you with no extra remotes floating around your living room. If you’re not one for a voice assistant, there’s no need to learn any new remotes or technology to pause the movie you’re watching.

Complete Immersion

DTS Virtual:X enhances everything you’re watching with room-filling, floor to ceiling sound. Creating a 3D at-home cinema experience. Hear the audio from all around you, immersing you deeper into the movie, as if you were really there in the scene yourself.

Key Features
  • 96db sound pressure levels for the loudest and clearest sound.
  • Enhance your movie-watching experience with floor to ceiling surround sound
  • Wireless subwoofer to feel the booming bass without the worry of wires
  • Multiple options for voice assistant for easy hands-free voice control, never worry about losing the remote again.
  • Dialogue enhancement technology for crisp, clear dialogue so you never miss a word spoken (or whispered)


  • Brand – VIZIO
  • Weight – 18 pounds
  • Size – 3.2 x 36 x 2.28 inches
  • Model – V21-H8R


  • Wireless subwoofer for deep, thunderous bass without the need for a power outlet.
  • Super simple setup with all cables included
  • Backlit remote for easy control without needing to turn the lights on
  • Bluetooth streaming for cord-free listening from your phone
  • Choice of voice assistants, so you can choose your favorite
  • Immersive, home theatre sound


  • Doesn’t support Atmos content

4. VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar for TV, Home Theater Surround Sound System for TV with Subwoofer

Everything is elevated with this soundbar, from audio, words, and visuals, bring the cinema to your living room. The best possible deliverable sound is created by auto-rotating adaptive height speakers. These robotic speakers automatically rotate to ensure you’re getting the best possible sound from every movie you watch.

Wider Soundstage

Rotate your speakers forward to hear cleaner and clearer vocals compared to your standard stereo mode. Great for hearing dialogue in every movie no matter how loudly or softly it is spoken. Also the perfect mode for music.

VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar

Backlit Display Remote

Never worry about having to disrupt the atmosphere again by turning the lights on to see the buttons on your remote. All new backlit display remote makes it easy to use with a backlight perfect for seeing what to press in the dark. Also pre-loaded with different quick press modes for gaming, movies, music, and direct mode.

Thunderous bass

All from an 8” wireless subwoofer, the deepest bass emits from the subwoofer, surrounding you in deep, immersive sound. Engineered to precision, hear the bass go down to 30Hz. Yeah, it’s also one of the best soundbar with subwoofer on the market; and that too for a reason.

Wireless capabilities allow you to place your subwoofer wherever best suits your room.

Key Features
  • 18 high-performance speakers to create an immersive sound
  • Adaptive height speakers which automatically rotate optimizing your listening experience
  • Dolby Atmos for a cinematic sound experience
  • 4 up-firing speakers to envelop sound all around you, even from above.
  • Backlit remote for easy control in dark rooms
  • Wireless subwoofer to hear and feel the bass coming from the movie
  • Chromecast built-in, no need for an extra added device


  • Model – VIZIO
  • Weight – 3.69 pounds
  • Size – 4.45 x 20 x 2.19 inches
  • Model – P514a-H6


  • 4 up firing speakers to create an immersive 3D surround sound
  • Wider soundstage to create clearer and more crisp vocals
  • Backlit remote for easy control in dark rooms
  • Wireless subwoofer to feel the bass no matter where you place it
  • Batteries included
  • Auto rotating adaptive height speakers to enhance your listening experience


  • Can have some distortion when played at max volume

5. VIZIO SB36512-F6 36” 5.1.2 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos Wireless Subwoofer

This soundbar comes with upward-firing and forward-firing speakers the deliver multi-dimensional 3D sound that you can hear all around you[1], immersing you deeper with every scene that passes. Make this experience even stronger with the wireless subwoofer bringing the deep, thunderous bass into an already surround sound.

Multi-Dimensional surround sound

Virtual 3D surround is created by multi-directional firing speakers. Some facing forwards and some up firing to surround you in audio no matter where you’re sitting in the room. Yeah, it’s ideal for an apartment as well if you live in one.

Feel one with the movie as the sound rushes around you, as well as coming from above. The rear speakers adding even more to the experience.

VIZIO SB36512-F6 SoundBar

Mastered by Dolby Atmos

Your audio is just as important as the visuals in every movie. This VIZIO soundbar is mastered by Dolby Atmos to bring you the best audio to accompany every scene, making movie night as incredible an experience as possible.

Chromecast built-in

Chromecast built into the soundbar for easy streaming from any of the provided Chromecast apps. This eliminates the need for any extra devices being plugged in, as all your favorite Chromecast apps are built-in

Key Features
  • Up firing and front-firing speakers to create an immersive surround sound experience
  • Mastered by Dolby Atmos for crisp sound to accompany every movie
  • Rear surround sound speakers to ensure audio flows all around the room
  • Wireless subwoofers to bring the deep bass, without the worry of cords.
  • Chromecast built-in for streaming of all your favorite apps
  • Voice control for hands-free control


  • Brand – VIZIO
  • Weight – 5.6 pounds
  • Size – 36 x 3.19 x 2.5 inches
  • Model – SB36512-F6


  • Voice control that allows hands-free controlingl, no worries if you lose the remote
  • Rear surround speakers as well as up firing and front-firing speakers to create the most immersive surround sound possible
  • Mastered by Dolby Atmos for the richest audio
  • Wireless subwoofers so you feel the bass
  • Batteries included
  • Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth


  • Rear speakers are wired, meaning they must be placed near a power point

6. YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar with built in subwoofers and Bluetooth

An all-in-one soundbar, perfect for a smaller living room with no extra speakers. With the built-in subwoofer, you get that deep bass experience without cluttering your room with extra speakers. Get the best of both worlds with deep bass as well as clear voice technology for enhanced dialogue clarity to hear every word spoken

All in one

Enhance the sound of your TV with only one soundbar. Powerful bass is emitted from dual built-in subwoofers, generating a powerful, deep bass without any separate speakers. The bass extension can be chosen with the click of a button to bring an extra deep punch.

YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar

Clear voice technology

Vocal frequency is enhanced with clear voice technology, ensuring you hear every word spoken in every scene, be it screamed or whispered. No need to struggle to hear what’s being spoken by rewinding or turning on subtitles, hear it all with enhanced clear voice technology.

Control options

Control your soundbar with different options. Yeah, control it from your TV remote, the remote supplied with the soundbar, or the free soundbar remote app. Use whatever’s closest or whatever is easiest, losing the single remote is a thing of the past.

Key Features
  • Wall mount with included keyholes to make the placement of your soundbar as versatile as you want
  • 4K pass-through connection to have your visuals match your audio
  • Multiple different control options, from remotes to phone apps
  • Hands-free streaming via Bluetooth
  • Enhanced voice technology to ensure you hear every word spoken
  • All in one soundbar, built-in dual subwoofers with no extra speakers needed.


  • Brand – Yamaha
  • Weight – 7.1 pounds
  • Size – 38 x 7 x 5.2 inches
  • Model – SR-B20ABL


  • DTS Virtual:X for immersive 3D surround sound
  • Four different customizable sound modes to create the perfect audio for different occasions
  • Controllable by different devices, remotes, apps, etc
  • Enhanced voice technology to hear every word be it whispered or shouted
  • Built-in subwoofers to get that deep bass sound without any extra speakers
  • Wall mountable so you can choose where you want your soundbar placed in your bedroom or living room.
  • Batteries included


  • Virtual surround sound not as strong as other soundbars

7. VIZIO soundbar for TV, M-series 36” surround sound system for TV 2.1 channel

This singular soundbar is designed with 6 precise speakers, 2-way speaker designs, and separate tweeters and subwoofers to ensure you’re getting a rich, clean, and clear sound for every movie watched. Loud and clear with a sound pressure of 98db with a dynamic frequency range delivering an accurate sound with every scene

Sleek, modern design

An angular, all-in-one design that doesn’t hold back on its performance. Perfectly shaped to slide seamlessly beneath your TV for a sleek, clean look. Perfectly matches your TV and will look good in any living room, not distracting from your movie at all.

VIZIO M-series Soundbar

Built-in dual subwoofers

Duel 3” subwoofers are built directly into the soundbar, creating a deep bass without the need of needing a separate subwoofer, keeping your soundbar setup simple and clutter-free. Also designed with 2-way speakers to improve sound clarity. Well, this is something on which you could count on while looking for one of the best soundbars for movies out there on the market.

Immersive sound

You don’t need an entire speaker system to enjoy your movies with an immersive sound.

Dolby Audio helps provide the highest fidelity sound and creating room-filling, virtualized 3D sound to immerse you deeper and deeper into every movie you watch

Key Features
  • Easy setup, all cables included in the box for a setup in minutes
  • Easy to navigate remote with a comfortable grip
  • Voice assistant ready, no matter the assistant you use you can connect it for hands-free voice control
  • 2-way speaker design with built-in dual subwoofers for an all in one soundbar experience without the clutter
  • 4K HDR pass through so your visuals match your audio
  • Sleek, angular design to perfectly fit under your TV


  • Brand – VIZIO
  • Weight – 8.5 pounds
  • Size – 36 x 36 x 4.5 inches
  • Model – M21d-H8R


  • All in one soundbar system, no extra speakers needed. Perfect for a small space
  • 6 precisely designed speakers with a large tweeter and dual sub woofers for a strong sound
  • 4K HDR pass through so your visuals are as clear as your audio
  • 98db sound pressure level for accurate sound
  • Sleek, modern design to fit the aesthetic of any living room
  • Easy to control remote with a comfortable grip
  • Super easy set up with all cables included


  • No wifi support

8. Razer Leviathan Dolby 5.1 surround sound Bluetooth aptX technology

With cutting-edge Dolby technology, this soundbar delivers superior sound to ensure you’re getting the best quality sound. With a dedicated subwoofer, a deep, thunderous bass will be delivered when needed, immersing you deeper and deeper into the movie. Project rich sounds to draw you in. Never miss a scene.

Small enough to place under a computer screen if you prefer to watch movies from your computer.

Built-in NFC technology

The built-in NFC technology allows for ultra-fast pairing. It is also able to remember recently paired devices, meaning you can connect quickly and get the sound started. Connected by a simple tap.

Razer Leviathan Dolby 5.1 Soundbar

Downward firing subwoofer

With a downward-firing subwoofer that has 2 full-range drivers and tweeters, you’re guaranteed distortion-free, low deep frequencies, as well as impressive highs. Feel the rumble and hear the rumble from this subwoofer.

Pre-set equalizers

Pre-set equalizers to make it easy to switch between three different expertly tuned settings with the push of a button. Choose between games, movies, and music. With each setting having been expertly created to create the perfect sound profile for the best audio experience, whether you’re being pulled into the game or having a cinematic movie viewing experience.

Key Features
  • 5.1 channel surround sound with 4 finely tuned drivers for an immersive experience
  • NFC technology for fast Bluetooth pairing of your devices
  • Dedicated subwoofer to feel and hear the deep bass
  • Preset equalizers to match your audio to what you’re watching.
  • A space-saving design will easily fit under your TV with an easily placable subwoofer.
  • Dolby technology for superior sound


  • Brand – Razer Leviathan
  • Weight – 9.76 pounds
  • Size – 3.1 x 19.7 x 2.9 inches
  • Model – RZ05-01260100-R3U1


  • Immersive sound provided by a small soundbar, perfect for switching from TV to computer
  • Memorable, fast tap Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dedicated subwoofer for deep, rumbling bass
  • Preset equilizers to ensure your sound perfectly matches your audio
  • Small, space saving design. Perfect for smaller homes
  • Dolby technology for supreme audio


  • Subwoofer connector can be tricky sometimes

9. Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL soundbar with wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth, and alexa voice control built in.

Taking your movie watching experience to cinema quality. Clear voice technology means you’ll never miss a word spoken, no matter how quiet the dialogue is being spoken. Immerse yourself into every move by the DTS Virtual:X effects, enveloping sound all around you to bring you deeper into your favorite movies.

Controller app

Control everything on your soundbar from the simplicity of your phone. A single, free app allows you to control different sound modes, music, and everything else. Never worry about losing your remote again, just pull out your phone and open the app and you’ve got all the control you need.

Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Soundbar

Clear voice technology

Switching to clear voice sound mode enhances dialogue so you can hear it clearly. This technology brings the conversation to the forefront so you never have to worry about pressing rewind or turning on subtitles because you can’t hear what’s being said.

Alexa built-in

Alexa is built into this soundbar for easy hands-free voice control. Use nothing but your voice to pause and play your movies, turn the sound up or down, switch modes, or even ask simple questions.

Key Features
  • Alexa voice control for hands-free control – just ask and you shall receive
  • Controllable by the free app, never worry about losing the remote again
  • DTS Virtual:X sound to envelop you in sound for that true surround sound experience
  • Clear voice technology to never miss a word spoken in any movie
  • Wireless subwoofer for easy placement without the worry of cords
  • Connect your phone via Bluetooth for wireless music


  • Brand – Yamaha
  • Weight – 20.0 pounds
  • Size – 2.44 x 4.29 x 36.6 inches
  • Model – YAS-209BL


  • Alexa built-in, no need to purchase another device
  • Bluetooth connectable for hands-free streaming
  • Wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere without needing to worry about a power point
  • Clear voice technology to hear every word, whether it’s whispered or screamed
  • Surround sound to immerse you deeper into every movie


  • Batteries not included – make sure you have some ready.

10. Sonos beam – smart TV soundbar with amazon alexa built in

An all-in-one soundbar, perfect for smaller homes. Providing rich, detailed, and crisp audio for every movie you press play on. Turn movie night into a high-quality cinema-like experience. Easily controllable by either your voice, the provided remote, the free app, and more.

Compact size

This single, all-in-one soundbar is only 25.6 inches. Therefore it won’t hang off of any furniture, and more importantly, won’t block your TV screen. Place it under your TV for a sleek look.

Sonos beam Soundbar

Simple setup

Setting up your new soundbar couldn’t be more simple if we tried. All you need is to plug in 2 cords and set up your automatic remote detection (no more losing your remote!)

You’ll be ready to press play on your favorite movie in minutes.

Full HD recording

Class 10 for full HD recording and playback so you never miss a show or movie again.

And yeah, it’s also considered as our favorite pick for one of the best sound bar within $300 price range.

Key Features
  • Simple set up, be ready to press play minutes after unboxing
  • Easily buildable with other Sonos speakers to create a more immersive surround sound feel
  • Controllable in many different ways, from voice to remote to app.
  • Small size for no TV blocking and easy placement on your entertainment unit.
  • High definition sound to make movie nights more immersive.


  • Brand – Sonos
  • Weight – 8.09 pounds
  • Size – 25.6 x 2.7 x 3.9 inches
  • Model – BEAM1US1BLK


  • Super simple set up, no confusing instructions
  • High-quality audio to immerse you deep into every movie
  • Available in both black and white
  • Small compact size, perfect to fit under your TV and for smaller rooms
  • Voice controllable for a hands-free experience


  • Can hit a level of distortion if pushed too high

11. Sony HT-G700 Soundbar

Sony’s HT-G700 is perhaps one of the best soundbars that you can get for yourself when it comes to watching movies at home. Sony, which is known to be one of the best brands in the world when it comes to high-quality audio performance, creates some amazing soundbars, and the G700 is an outstanding product for home-theater needs. It literally produces a theater like audio in your living room! Let us take a closer look at what makes this soundbar so special:

Audio Performance

When it comes to the audio performance, you never have to think twice about getting anything that comes from the house of Sony. The company has been at the absolute top of the audio business for decades now. Why we find the HT-G700 to be one of the best soundbars for movies is that it comes with a special dedicated center speaker which is meant for dialogues. If you compare it with any other soundbar you will feel the difference, as every word comes to you crystal clear. 

The soundbar supports 3.1ch Dolby Atmos DTS: X and Vertical Surround Engine technologies, which gives you a surround sound, the likes of which most other soundbars will fail to deliver. There’s also an immersive audio enhancer here which upscales the audio to as close to a 7.1.2 channel setup as possible. 4K HDR Pass Thru is also supported in this soundbar which ensures you can enjoy your favorite movies just the way you want them.

Sony HT-G700 Soundbar

Subwoofer: Feel the Thump 

The Sony HT-G700 soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer, which can be placed practically anywhere in your room and allows you to enjoy your audio in different ways. It has a very thumpy and powerful output – and not the kind that has a negative impact on your audio and causes a blur. In fact, given that the soundbar does not rely on internal subwoofers, it gives it more space to enhance the audio output while relegating all the bass related work to an external device. 

This subwoofer also has quite a long range and doesn’t lose sync at any point. Using this, you can experience every throbbing sound that you want – right from bikes racing to objects falling. The bass is really strong here and can sometimes rattle up things around it! This enhances your movie experience manifold.

Connectivity and Control

There are a large number of connectivity options too. The soundbar, first and foremost, supports bluetooth pairings. This allows you to pair up your laptop, tablet and smartphone with it and stream your favorite music and podcasts wirelessly. HDMI connectivity is also supported, and you can also connect it with your TV via an optical cable. 

Sony also provides you with an HDMI cable and an Optical cable in the box, which ensures you don’t have to go to purchase these additionally. Installation is also rather quick and easy and the only part where you might want expert help is if you wish to wall-mount it because that might get a little tricky. The soundbar can be controlled via the remote control provided, which also allows you to switch between various audio modes to get different audio outputs. 

This soundbar from Son is all about power. 400 Watts of power to be exact. A 400W audio output is excellent for anyone who wants a loud and clear audio as well as a powerful thumpy bass which will allow you to experience every sound just the way the filmmaker wants you to. This is the kind of soundbar that will allow you to experience powerful audio-based moments such as those in Dunkirk in all its glory. This is truly a product for the biggest of movie buffs and you get value worth every penny  that you pay for it!

Key Features
  • Comes with a wireless subwoofer
  • Dedicated center speaker for dialogues  
  • 400W output 
  • Supports 4K HDR Pass Thru  
  • Bluetooth streaming supported 


  • Brand: Sony
  • Weight: 24.30 lbs
  • Size: 38.6 x 4.38 x 2.63 inches
  • Model: HT-G700

Pros and Cons of Sony HT-G700 Soundbar:


  • Very powerful bass  
  • Subwoofer can be kept anywhere as it is a wireless device 
  • Very clear dialogue quality thanks to dedicated central speaker
  • Supports 3.1ch Dolby Atmos DTS: X   
  • Lots of connectivity options 


  • Can be quite Expensive

12. Yamaha YAS408BL Soundbar 3D Surround Sound with DTS Virtual:X

Create an all-immersive, riveting sound with the Yamaha YAS408BL Soundbar, perfect for any movie night. Complete without the mess of wires. Clear voice technology makes narration and dialogue a breeze to listen to, bringing out every word spoken in every movie watched.

Clear voice technology

Dialogue becomes more distinct with the clear voice technology, meaning no matter how quiet any word is spoken, you won’t need to worry about rewinding to try and hear. Dialogue is more distinct, so whether your favorite character is whispering or shouting, you’ll know exactly what they’re saying.

Yamaha YAS408BL Soundbar

Wireless subwoofer

Explosive bass surrounds you without the need for cords and power points. Being wireless means you can place it anywhere in the room. Immerse yourself into your movie with both the sound and feel of the deep, rumbling bass.

Wall mountable

This Yamaha soundbar is wall-mountable, giving you choice in where you want to place it. It can sit on your entertainment unit under your TV, or be mounted on your wall by the keyholes, making it a simple process. Don’t be restricted by your soundbar’s placement.

Key Features
  • Surround sound to create a 3D, at-home cinema experience
  • Simple set up, so you’ll be watching your movies in no time.
  • Control your soundbar via voice control for a hands-free experience
  • Connect via optical or HDMI for 4K pass-through
  • Wireless subwoofer, place it anywhere in the room to feel the bass
  • Wall mountable, place your soundbar wherever you please.


  • Brand – Yamaha
  • Weight – 6 pounds
  • Size – 4.38 x 38.63 x 3.38 inches
  • Model – MusicCast BAR 400


  • Wireless subwoofer, no need to worry about wires or power points
  • Clear voice technology so you hear every word spoken in every movie watched
  • Virtual 3D surround sound to immerse you deeper into the movie
  • Voice control for hands-free control
  • 4K pass through to match your cinema-quality audio to high-quality visuals


  • Batteries not included

Amazing Secondary Features of Soundbars for movies

Soundbars can be the difference between watching TV at home and have a complete home theater experience.

The audio you hear while watching a movie can completely immerse you into the scene. As the sound flows around you from all angles it feels like you’re really there.

When shopping for your soundbar to enhance your movie-watching experience there are a few things to take into consideration.

For most movies. Having the ultimate audio experience is going to greatly improve your experience.

Choosing a soundbar with surround sound would be the most immersive option.

Although this is a review for soundbars best suited for movies, don’t forget about everything else your soundbar can do, from playing music via Bluetooth technology to everything in between. Take into consideration what else you will do with your soundbar. If music is important to you, Bluetooth will come in handy as you wirelessly connect your favorite bands and dance around your kitchen.

Design Elements of Soundbars for movies

When looking for a soundbar to match your visuals from your movies, it’s important to understand what you’re after.

The size of the room you’re placing your soundbar in plays a role. If your living room is very small, there might not be any room for a wireless subwoofer, and the all-in-one soundbars will do the trick. If you have a dedicated home theatre room, adding the entire setup of wireless subwoofers and rear speakers may just be the investment you’re after to greatly improve every movie night.

Moreover, if you don’t want a subwoofer or want to extend an external one then there are quite a few good sound bars without subwoofers too. Yeah, you should check it once if you like.

The good thing about soundbars is once they’re placed somewhere they generally stay there. You’re not moving your speakers around every time you watch a new movie.

If you don’t have an entertainment unit, a soundbar that is wall mountable would be a better option. If you aren’t able to wall mount, a smaller design that will fit nicely under your Samsung Smart TV or an LG TV might be the way to go.

Unfortunately, when it comes to soundbars, you’re not spoilt for choice. Almost every soundbar comes in black, and black only. There are a few out there that come in white but your chances of finding the soundbar you want, in a fun bright color are very unlikely. Understand that you’re most likely getting a black soundbar, which matches most TVs

How to Select the right soundbar for watching movies

Selecting the right soundbar for you and the movies you want to watch with it comes down to your movie viewing preferences. In our above listing of different soundbars, they all provide a different audio experience.

If you’re a huge fan of action movies and feel the thrill of every chase scene, then choosing a soundbar with a wireless subwoofer (and potentially even rear speakers!) will bring you right into every chase scene. The wireless subwoofer will provide a deep, thunderous bass you can both hear and feel.

If you’re more of a romantic comedy fan, while a subwoofer is still a great extra speaker to have, and will improve your audio, it may not be used as often as if you’re constantly watching action movies.

Every soundbar comes with extra features, from backlit remotes for easy channel changing in the dark, to enhanced voice technology, so you never miss a word spoken (or whispered).

No matter what soundbar you choose, you will hear a great improvement in the audio of your movies, it all depends on how intense you want to take this experience. If you’re just after louder and clearer dialogue, then an all-in-one soundbar will be perfect. If you want to bring the cinema into your living room and have immersive 3D surround sound and thunderous bass you can feel, you may be after a larger set.

Maintenance Tips for your soundbar for movies

In terms of taking care of your soundbar, to get a long life out of it is very simple.

Wiping down your soundbar every now and again with a soft cloth will wipe away any excess dust. You don’t want a dust build-up with the possibility of this getting into your speakers.

Another maintenance tip is to turn your soundbar off when you’re not using it. This will also help to save your power pill at the same time.

Keeping your soundbar continuously turned on can wear it out, so turn it off if you’re not planning on using it for a long period of time.

If you’re worried about the lifespan of your soundbar, be sure to ask about a warranty when making your purchase.

As long as you give your soundbar the occasional clean and turn it off at the PowerPoint, you should have a soundbar that lasts you for years to come, enhancing every movie every time you press play.


1. Do I need a soundbar to watch movies?

You don’t need a soundbar to watch movies, the internal speakers in your TV will still produce the audio. In saying that, having a soundbar will greatly enhance your movie-watching experience as it will help to produce a louder, more clear sound. Ass well as pushing the audio through the room in ways that your internal speakers cannot. This will feel like the audio is surrounding you, coming from all directions.

2. What soundbar should I get to watch movies?

This is entirely up to you. Ask yourself some questions before purchasing. Is deep bass important to you? If so you probably want a separate subwoofer. Is convenience important to you? If this is the case voice control might be what you’re after.

3. Are soundbars better than my TV speakers?

Absolutely, the audio will be greatly enhanced when using a soundbar and even give off a surround sound feeling, immersing you deep into the movie.

4. Can my soundbar only be used to watch movies?

Of course not, you can use your soundbar for anything you want to be improved audio for, be it movies TV shows, or even hands-free music if your soundbar has Bluetooth technology

5. Can I control my soundbar and movie from my phone?

This entirely depends on the soundbar you choose. Some have to complement apps that can control the soundbar through your phone, while others are only controllable through a remote. If this is a requirement for you, make sure you pick a soundbar that has this capability.

6. Are wired soundbars better than wireless soundbars to watch movies?

No this is a total misconception that people have when they say that wired sound bars are better than wireless soundbars. If anything, wireless soundbars are neater and easier to use than wired soundbars. However, this arises from the fact that if you place the sound source far from where the soundbar is kept, then there will be some distortions and glitches in the audio playback. If you keep your soundbar below the TV or at a reasonable distance from it, it will have absolutely no such glitches or distortions and will give you an excellent audio playback experience. 

7. Can my soundbar play the audio when I watch movies on my phone?

Yes, even if you plan to watch movies on your phone, your soundbar can work along well with it, connecting via Bluetooth in most cases, and in case your phone comes with the 3.5mm jack, it will also support AUX connections. However, given that most smartphones today don’t have that port, and most soundbars today come with Bluetooth support, it is safe to assume that most soundbars do support playing audio from your phone. Many of them even allow you to switch between bluetooth playback and TV playback using the remote, making it easier to play audio from different sources.

8. Can soundbar improve the audio quality of the movie I am watching?

While the audio quality that is encoded in the audio file cannot be changed and you will only get an audio as good as was originally created, where a soundbar can have an impact is that it can actually improve the audio quality of your TV. Since television sets aren’t really great audio players, and soundbars are specialized for audio playback, you will notice a significant improvement in your audio quality when you connect a soundbar to your TV. 

9. Is it ok to use a soundbar without subwoofers to watch movies?

Yes, you can use any soundbar, be it with or without a subwoofer to watch movies by connecting it to your TV. However, if your soundbar carries built-in subwoofers, it would be great for you as you can get that thumpy and bass-heavy sound that you generally experience in theaters, but at the comfort of your home. Subwoofers are always an improvement over standard speakers, but then they also increase the cost of the product. Hence, ensure that you get something that suits your budget – but see if your budget permits any soundbars with subwoofers.


Whatever soundbar you choose, you will have a greater experience when watching your movies.

A soundbar will help create that home cinema feels as it produces a virtual 3D feeling surround sound.

Depending on what soundbar you choose you will have an array of features to accompany your soundbar. If you want deep, rumbling bass that you can feel we would recommend you choose a soundbar with a subwoofer.

If you have trouble hearing dialogue in movies and find yourself rewinding or turning on subtitles to hear what’s being said, then a soundbar with voice control technology would be more beneficial for you.

Go through our key features and pros and cons and find the soundbar that resonates with you the most. No matter which one you choose, you will have an enhanced audio experience.

In terms of recommendations we would recommend the Yamaha YAS408BL Soundbar 3D Surround Sound with DTS Virtual:X if you’re looking for a truly immersive experience. This soundbar gives that surround sound audio, bringing that cinema experience to your living room. This soundbar also comes with a wireless subwoofer for that deep, booming bass. It is also wall-mountable and has a 4K HDR pass-through to make sure your visuals are as good as your audios.

If you’re after something a little more small room friendly, then we would recommend the VIZIO soundbar for TV, M-series 36” surround sound system for TV 2.1 channel this sound bar is an all in one, no extra speakers, perfect for smaller rooms. This soundbar comes with voice control for simple and convenient hands-free control. While this soundbar doesn’t have a separate subwoofer, it does have a built-in subwoofer, so you won’t be missing out on the bass.

This soundbar is also sleek with an angular design, meaning it can fit perfectly under your TV on your entertainment unit.

No matter what type of audio you’re after, there will be something for you in our list.

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