10 Best Soundbars for Dialogue – List of Curated Products in 2022

You can own the best-quality television at home and still struggle to hear all the dialogue. And, that is all because of how bad the quality of the in-built speakers is in the television. However, that doesn’t mean that is the case with every TV that you likely come across in the market.

So yeah, No matter how good audio your Television is delivering, an additional soundbar could always throw out a seamlessly amazing experience without a doubt.

With so many different brands of soundbars available in the market, finding the ideal one compatible with your television is a challenge. There are some which enhance the overall audio quality and clarity while there are a few other options that further muddle the dialogues, making it hard for you to decipher what the actors are speaking.

In a nutshell, grabbing a truly immersive and pleasing soundbar that’s further compatible with your TV and could deliver smoother dialogues is the key. And, that’s the reason we’ve researched and curated a list of some of the best and most reliable soundbars for dialogue clarity.

Yeah, as it’s our tradition here on The Router Arena, we filter out products based on multiple parameters so that we could ensure our readers of getting the best available options that are further worth investing in.

Best Soundbar for Dialogue in 2022

With a soundbar, your primary aim is to find something that will not just accentuate the overall audio clarity, it will also enable you to experience an immersive listening experience while you are watching your favorite show or even your favorite news channel.

Following are some of the best soundbars that you can consider buying for enhanced dialogue and audio clarity.

#1. Sony HT-Z9F – Editor’s Choice

  • Color – Black
  • Brand – Sony
  • Control method – App
  • Weight – 23.8 pounds

When talking about the best soundbar for dialogue clarity, there is nothing that beats the Sony HT-Z9F. Not only do you get the reliability of the brand, but you also get to experience the premium quality build and construction of the device that everyone raves about.

This is the ultimate choice from Sony, especially given how reasonably priced the product is. The soundbar features a stunning 3.1 setup that reproduces clear and accurate dialogues like no other in the market.

Sony HT-Z9F SoundBar

The soundbar individually comes with a dialogue enhancement feature that allows you to adjust the settings according to the kind of show you are watching. This enables you to experience more clarity in the dialogue system based on whether you are watching a TV show or listening to a podcast.

The device has a pretty great output for the price range but you might have to compromise when it comes to the upper harmonics of the device. Also, the soundbar is backed with a range of EQ presets that allow you to customize the sound and the auto-volume function in the device.

The lack of bass and treble adjustments in this soundbar is a hefty downside but for a beginner-level item, this does get your job done with ease. The whole setup works ideal for smaller rooms and settings but if you are going to need a bigger setup, this might not be the best option.

Pros & Cons of Sony HT-29F


  • Rock Solid & Highly durable body build-up.
  • Comes with a dialogue enhancement feature
  • Compatible with almost all TVs
  • Comes with a lot of EQ presets
  • Enables multiple customization options
  • Sleek and modern design and look 


  • Lacks bass and treble adjustments

#2. Sonos Beam – Runner’s Up Choice for Soundbars for Dialogue Clarity

  • Color – White
  • Control method – Voice
  • Weight – 6.35 pounds

Another popular soundbar for dialogues is the Sonos Beam. It is a compact and modern design device that you can make the most use of. Aside from the overall clarity of this device, the users can also use this for smaller spaces.

If you live in an apartment with limited space, this is the best item you can purchase. This smart and compact soundbar is ideal for TVs and also for listening to music and podcast. But, above all, the device enhances the dialogue clarity, ensuring that you never have to complain about the same.

The device is designed and constructed and tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers. So, you know for a fact that you wouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of this device at all. Aside from enhancing the clarity in a human voice, it also enables users to experience an immersive gaming experience.

Sonos Beam SoundBar

This soundbar is one of the few in the market that is integrated with Amazon Alexa for seamless communication and commands. The voice control reduces your hassle and you wouldn’t have to worry about the last time you saw your remote control.

Much like a few other soundbars in the market, this one is pretty easy to set up and connects to your TV via the HDMI ARC port. In case your TV doesn’t come with an HDMI port, you can always rely on an adapter for the same. Also, it’s one of the best soundbar for Roku TV as well, so in case you’re having Roku then it’ll work absolutely fine.

With all the positive features of this soundbar, the one highly disappointing factor is the fact that it lacks DTS or DTS:X virtual surround sound. But, despite that, this compact soundbar is more than enough to instill the kind of voice clarity you need for a seamless listening experience.

Pros & Cons of Sonos Beam


  • Enhanced voice clarity with ease
  • Integrated with Amazon Alexa for easy handling
  • Easy to set up via HDMI port
  • Compact and modern-day design
  • Improves the voice quality
  • Pleasing aesthetics.


  • Lacks DTS and DTS:X surround sound

#3. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar – People’s Choice Soundbar For Dialogue

  • Color – Black
  • Control method – Remote
  • Weight – 3.7 pounds

Another compact and worthy soundbar for dialogues is the Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar. If you thought that Bose is only good for manufacturing the necessary headphones and accessories, you will be shocked to see how well this performs.

The device augments your audio quality coming out from the TV speaker and converts them into HD quality audio output. Packed with a range of the latest innovations, this soundbar is easy to set up and even easier to function with.

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

The flexible placement of this soundbar is another bestselling point. This ensures that you can stack it anywhere that you find space in the house. The Bose soundbar does support a mounting feature, which means that you can mount it to the wall to save more space.

The setup function and steps are very simple. All you have to do is take the soundbar and connect it to your television via an audio cable. That is all there is to it. We’d suggest using an optical coaxial cable for enhanced quality audio.

The soundbar comes with a universal remote, which means that you can indeed use this one in all remote for pretty much anything that you can think of. The bass functions and adjustments in this soundbar are pretty impressive too.

Pros & Cons of Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar


  • Flexible placement and design of the soundbar
  • Adjustable bass settings for more clarity
  • Supports mounting design to the wall
  • Very easy to set up using an audio cable
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • Smoother dialogue delivery and enhancement for better experience.


  • The overall sound sometimes falls flat

#4. Vizio V Series V51-H6 – For Pleasing Sound Output

  • Color – Black
  • Control method – Remote
  • Weight – 19.72 pounds

Coming right to an underrated soundbar for dialogue clarity, we have the Vizio V Series V51-H6. Not many users are aware of this brand or the kind of products that they come out with, so it isn’t surprising that you likely didn’t know about this soundbar.

It is a 5.1 setup, which consists of every last item that you’d need for superior functions and user experience while watching your favorite show on the TV. Even with a reasonable price range, the soundbar is backed with a range of voice enhancement functions that accentuate your listening experience.

Vizio V Series V51-H6 Soundar

Aside from the preset EQ features, the soundbar is also integrated with a separate dialogue enhancement function that you can make the most use out of. The dedicated subwoofer further enhances the overall audio output and takes it to the next level.

The overall sound reproduction is not as loud as the other soundbars in the market but it does stand out with the clarity it provides. The extra bass feature enhances the depth of the dialogues too. The only downside to this product is the build quality, which is extremely feeble.

Pros & Cons of Vizio V Series V51-H6 Soundbar


  • Comes with a range of voice enhancement functions
  • Reasonable price range
  • Backed with several EQ range
  • Integrated and adjustable bass functions
  • Comes with a dedicated subwoofer


  • Build quality of the device is disappointing

#5. Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 with Wireless Subwoofer – The Best Performer

  • Color – Black
  • Speaker – Surround sound
  • Weight – 3.3 pounds

If you want to invest in a soundbar for dialogue clarity and want to invest in a reliable brand, the Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 is hands down one of the best options around. Aside from the sleek and modern design of this device, it is also backed with all the accessories you need for enhanced audio clarity.

The wireless subwoofer that comes with the soundbar is a boon. It lets you experience the rumble of the thunderstorms and the clarity of the raindrops by building a creative and immersive surrounding. The smart sound technology in this device detects the kind of shows you are watching and adjusts the settings accordingly.

Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450

Aside from your general TV viewing experience, this soundbar from Samsung is integrated with a game mode that comes with special settings for when you are playing games on this device. The Bluetooth connectivity in this device further makes your user experience a lot less complicated.

Not only does this soundbar work amazingly with Samsung TVs, but it is compatible with a range of other brands too. So, chances are that you can use it even when you plan on changing your current television set.

All in all, this one comes with all ideal requirements that one expect from a soundbar and that’s the key reason which is convincing enough for a healthy recommendation here.

Pros & Cons of Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450


  • Paired with a high-quality wireless subwoofer
  • Seamless Bluetooth connectivity option
  • Backed with Smart Sound technology
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Compact design 


#6. Polk Audio SIGNA S2 Ultra-Slim Universal TV Sound Bar – Updated Model is The Best

  • Color – Black
  • Weight – 3.9 pounds
  • Control method – Remote

Last but not least on the list of the best soundbar for dialogue clarity is the Polk Audio SIGNA S2 Ultra-Slim Universal TV Sound Bar. This one is the best option for users who are looking for a good quality soundbar with an individual subwoofer.

The overall design of this device is extremely sleek and lightweight and fits anywhere that you deem suitable. The soundbar from Polk is suitably designed for TVs that support HD and 4K quality visuals.

Polk Audio SIGNA S2 Soundbar

The best thing about the Signa S2 is the surround sound quality that enhances the dialogue clarity, improves the voices, and makes them a lot clearer when you are listening to the same. The additional subwoofer that comes with the model enables you to experience more bass to the sound.

The Polk Adjust Technology is another benefit of this product as it helps you get the maximum clarity out of the dialogues and the user experience, all thanks to the adjustable functions in the device. It supports Bluetooth connectivity too.

Pros & Cons of Polk Audio SIGNA 52 Ultra Slim Soundbar


  • Durable and sleek design
  • Produces amazing surround sound
  • Comes with an additional subwoofer
  • Integrated with Polk Adjust technology
  • Adjustable functions in the device


  • Remote functions are disappointing

#7. BESTISAN Soundbar – Freshly Picked Budgeted Soundbar for Dialogue Clarity 

  • Color – Black
  • Control method – Remote
  • Weight – 5.4 pounds

This is one of the easily affordable soundbars in the market with efficient features. It comes with two built-in speakers that have the potential to provide powerful sound quality. It can be controlled using a remote. The 95Db expansive audio produced by this soundbar will fill your entire room and make you enjoy the room-filled sound. You can install the soundbar by wireless and wired methods.

It has Bluetooth 4.2 feature, which will work from distance up to 33 feet / 10 meters. You can also use the wired method to use the soundbar, which can be done using optical cables or through AUX, RCA. The soundbar is designed using DSP technology to produce high-quality sound. You can enjoy all your favorite music and movies with clear crisp sound using this soundbar. It will make you feel like you are in a theater.


The soundbar can be used in three different modes including movie mode, music mode, and dialogue mode. You can activate each mode according to the activity you carry out. When it is in movie mode, the bass deepens and you will experience theatre quality audio. When dialogue mode is ON, high precision sound quality is ensured to make you hear dialogues with high accuracy. In music mode, the soundbar will produce great highs and lows with the best bass to enrich your music listening experience.

Another best feature of the soundbar is its slim design. It is 28 inches, specially designed to fit anywhere and save space in your room. This makes it easier to carry anywhere. The soundbar package comes with the soundbar device, remote, power adapter, audio, and optical cable, manual guide, wall mounts accessories, and the service card.

Overall, if you are looking for a soundbar at an affordable price with the best features, this one will be a great pick.

Pros & Cons of Bestian Soundbar for Dialogue Clarity


  • Theater like powerful sound quality
  • Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth feature
  • Movie mode, dialogue mode, and music mode
  • Slim and sleek design to save space
  • High precision sound with clear crisp quality
  • Uses remote control for control
  • Comes at an affordable price compared to its peers


  • No voice control feature
  • No DTS and DTS:X surround sound

#8. ZVOX SB380 AccuVoice Dialogue Boost – Value For Money Soundbar 

  • Color – Black
  • Power source – DC
  • Weight – 14.47 pounds

If you live in a small living space with very minimal availability of free space around, the ZVOX SB380 AccuVoice soundbar is hands down the best purchase you can think of making. It is a powerful soundbar that is integrated with a subwoofer for better dialogue clarity.

The soundbar has a very versatile design that you can either set up on the TV cabinet or even set it up against the wall using an amount. It all comes down to the kind of space availability you have around. The soundbar is integrated with everything you need for enhanced dialogue and audio clarity in this soundbar as well.

ZVOX SB380 AccuVoice Dialogue Boost

You have the standard digital amplifiers in the soundbar along with three full-range speakers. It does lack the rear speaker but the PhaseCue feature makes up for it with its surround sound function. The Output Leveling mode controls the loudness and adjusts it according to the needs of the user.

The unique feature of this soundbar has to be the AccuVoice technology that ensures enhanced clarity of the voices like never before. All the features in this device make it ideal for everyone’s usage, including someone who has impaired hearing.

Pros & Cons of ZVOX SB380 AccuVoice


  • Versatile installation function
  • Backed with PhaseCue for surround sound
  • Comes with AccuVoice technology for better clarity
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Enhances the audio output and dialogues


  • The individual subwoofer would have worked better

#9. KMOUK KM-HSB001 Soundbar

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: KMOUK
  • Control Method: Remote as well as Touch
  • Weight: 4.46lbs

KMOUK is a company that loves to ‘Make Different Sounds’. The company makes a number of audio products including earbuds and soundbars. While they are popularly known for their gaming earbuds, the KM-HSB001 is one of their finest soundbars out there. It delivers primarily on two fronts – great audio, reasonable price. When you go for the upper-end of the markets, there aren’t that many expensive sound bars out there. However, for the $50 to $100 category, you really don’t know which brand to pick. KMOUK is one good contender.

Given that this is a KMOUK product, there’s a special focus on the gaming side of things, and the soundbar comes with a specialized ‘Game Mode’ which enhances your gaming experience. This is great for both, console/PC gamers, as well as mobile gamers. You can hear the lightest of footsteps in this with great clarity. However, the true power of this soundbar can be seen when it comes to content that carries dialogues! You can hear every detail of what each character is saying, and hear even their faintest whispers with crystal-clear quality.

KMOUK KM-HSB001 Soundbar

One of the first things that you need to know about this soundbar is that this isn’t one of those heavy or bulky-looking devices out there. This is quite a slim and sleek soundbar which gives you a great audio experience at a compact size. It can easily be placed next to any device you want to use it with, and doesn’t occupy a lot of space while giving you good quality audio. 

It supports TV sets, laptops, PCs, phones – basically, any device that can transmit audio is supported. The KM-HSB001 can connect to your audio source using a wired as well as a wireless connection. There’s a 3.5 mm jack that can be used to connect it using the AUX cable, and there’s also the support for Bluetooth 5.0 – allowing you to play music wirelessly. The device also comes with a deep bass and a natural-sounding treble.

Summing up, why we suggest you check out the KMOUK KM-HSB001 is because it comes with all that you would expect out of a high-quality soundbar, but brings it at a price point that is very affordable. If you are looking forward to watching long hours of content, this is just the right device to go for! Furthermore, you might also want to use it to improve the existing audio quality of your old TVs and laptops. 

Pros and Cons of KMOUK KM-HSB001


  • One of the best soundbars for dialogues – makes each word clearer 
  • Great option for gaming too, with a specialised ‘Game Mode’ 
  • Portable – can be kept anywhere and can be carried around with ease 
  • Great option for improving the sound of old TV sets or laptops 
  • Natural sounding treble and bass


  • Might need a separate subwoofer to feel the real ‘thump’ on the bass 

#10. JBL Bar (JBLBAR51BLK) 5.1 4K Ultra Soundbar – Best Budget Pick

  • Color – Black
  • Speaker size – 10 inches
  • Control method – Remote

Another leading brand that creates high-quality products in the field of sound engineering is JBL. If you are looking for a high-quality and reasonably priced soundbar from their brand, we’d suggest taking a look at the JBL Bar (JBLBAR51BLK) 5.1 4K Ultra Soundbar.

The device is aimed to transform and improve the overall listening experience of the users by improving the dialogue clarity and the bass projections. Despite the 510W power, the audio output from this soundbar is pretty loud and clear.

The JBL soundbar is backed with an equally high-quality subwoofer with a 10” transducer. It comes with separate tweeters and transducers that help alleviate and improve the overall sound quality and output from this device.

JBL Bar (JBLBAR51BLK) 5.1 Soundbar

The soundbar from JBL is also integrated with the SoundShift technology that enables the users to switch between the TV and Bluetooth audio source depending on the quality of the show that the user is watching.

The device is one of the few in the market that is backed with 4K connectivity with HDMI ports for easier connection to the TV. It does support Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity as well.

In nutshell, you won’t regret your decision of going with JBL as it’s considered as best among so many flagship brands in sound sector. Above all, features and functionalities that are offered in this particular model is worth a look for sure.

Pros & Cons of JBL Bar 51BLK Ultra Soundbar


  • 5.1 channel UHD 4K connectivity
  • Comes with wireless speakers
  • Supports Dolby Digital sound quality
  • Integrated with SoundShift technology
  • Multiple adjustability options
  • Suitable for people with budget under $200 for a soundbar


  • The bass feature is over the top

FAQs – Best Soundbars for Clear Dialogue 

1. Do I need a soundbar if my TV has good-quality speakers?

While you might not feel the need to own a soundbar if you have loud-firing speakers on the TV, understand that the soundbar is not just for loud audio. It helps clear the dialogues and adds better sharpness and clarity to the audio.

2. Can I buy a separate subwoofer if the soundbar doesn’t come with one?

Yes, you can buy a separate compatible subwoofer with the soundbar if the same isn’t already included in the package of the item you are buying.

3. Will adding speakers instead of a soundbar enhance the dialogue clarity?

Chances are that it won’t. The primary function of a speaker is to enhance the sound and loudness of the TV’s audio output. It always doesn’t have anything to do with the clarity of the dialogues. So, chances are that adding a speaker won’t do the job.

4. How a soundbar makes dialogue delivery smoother and in a more enhanced way?

The answer to your question is Technology. Yeah, these brands have experts in their research team who knows how to make realistic and perfect use of technology to enhance the overall entertainment experience of a vast segment of users.

5. Is It True That, Soundbars Improve Dialogue?

Yes! Compared to built-in speakers on TV, these devices are designed specifically for clarifying quality of audio and that results into an improvisation on dialogue delivery as well. Moreover, most of soundbars on market are designed for noise reduction and cancellation that also adds up on to the quality you get in term of sound from your soundbar.

6. Do I need different soundbars for music and movies?

Ideally, if you buy a good quality soundbar, it should suffice for both these purposes. However, if you are looking at some very specific needs, you might consider buying two separate soundbars for that, one that focuses totally on movies and another that focuses totally on music. However, most soundbars are generally good for both purposes, unless you are an absolute audiophile.

7. Where do I place my soundbar for maximum clarity of dialogues?

Place your soundbar about 3 feet away from where your ears are, and that should be enough to get clear and high-quality dialogues. However, you might want to get it closer to you if you are gaming and want to listen to a very specific and detailed sound (someone breathing, whispering, footsteps). 

8. How much does a soundbar for dialogues generally cost?

Soundbars vary in their pricing – it generally starts from about the mid-40s in the dollar value, and goes all the way to $500 and even beyond for some of the most high-tech offerings, which provide a loud, long-lasting and clear audio experience. On an average, something between $100 to $150 is what you can get a decent product for. 

9. Can too much bass ruin the dialogue quality?

Bass is great only where it is needed – at every other place, it actually has a counterproductive effect. Having too much bass while watching something that is dialogue-heavy might actually ruin your listening experience, so we suggest you play it by the ear and reduce the bass levels when there’s a lot of talking happening on the screen. Bass is great for a thumping sound – engines, explosions, etc. It also makes for a great music listening experience depending on the genre you are listening to. However, we don’t really suggest too high bass for listening to dialogues.


With so many different types of the soundbar for dialogue clarity available in the market, we know that choosing the best one is always a challenge. We hope that with this video, you can find the best option that works well with your needs.

So now, Keep in mind that you want to invest in a soundbar that is compatible with your television set and not just a random one. Also, try and buy a device that is versatile and highly compatible with other devices. This way, you can ease your work later even after you change your television set.

Yeah, that’s all for now! And, we hope you’ve got your solution for finding a truly working dialogue enhancement gadget like a soundbar from our recommendations.

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