14 Best Soundbars for Apartments – Our Top Picks in 2022

Nowadays, having the ideal, modern surround sound system is essential if you want to experience high-quality surround sound. However, not all of us want bulky speakers and dangling wires that simply ruin the vibe of our homes.

This is where the soundbar comes in. The soundbar is a type of device that contains multiple speakers, and it takes your audio to a whole other level; it is sleek, compact, and relatively hassle-free. I mean, if you don’t already own a soundbar, you’re not living at this point. So, in this article, we’ve compiled some of the best soundbars for apartment which are curated after passing through a strict filtration process.

The device was invented in the 1990s and aimed to improve the sound quality of TVs. Altec Lancing launched the first soundbar, and other manufacturers soon followed suit. Today the soundbar dominates the market. The global soundbar market is now flourishing even more because of subscription-based platforms such as Netflix. People love the soundbar not only for its aesthetic quality, and cost-effectiveness but, also for the fact that it does not compromise on quality. Despite being way smaller than traditional sound systems, it is a force to be reckoned with.

If you’re still worried about choosing the wrong soundbar for your apartment then keep reading. In this article, we’re going to outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of our top soundbar picks. We’ve included something for everyone and every budget. By knowing the features of each device and what it is best suited for, you will be able to decide which one better suits your home. So let’s get into it!

How To Buy The Right Soundbar For Your Apartment

Now that you know some of our top soundbar choices for your apartment, let’s get into how you can choose the right one. There are plenty of factors that come into choosing the best soundbar for your home, so pace yourselves and grab a drink.

How Does It Work?

So let’s get a little technical here. The soundbar’s speakers are strategically placed, to create a surround-sound effect as the sound waves reverberate and bounce across the room. Similar to the sound effect at the movie theatre, for example. It is also powered through a single cord or via Bluetooth or WIFI, depending on the brand. When you’re looking for the best soundbar for an apartment, it’s cause you don’t want your walls looking like a jungle of wires and cords. Wireless is always the way to go.

Some soundbars come with a wireless subwoofer or have one built-in, while others opt out of including one. The subwoofer gives you deep range and low bass.

Why You Need a Soundbar

The reason you need a soundbar is that your TV is not letting you live the entertainment experience to its full potential. As TVs have gotten thinner, their sound quality has diminished. However, there are too many devices out there and we want to make things simpler for you. One common misconception is that soundbars are for tech addicts and sound nerds, but that cannot be further from the truth. Anyone and everyone can get a soundbar to amp up their home system.

Are Soundbars Too Loud For Apartments?

What’s great is that the soundbar is ideal for smaller setups and apartments. If you live in an apartment and do not want to compromise on having a home theatre, then the soundbar may be the right investment for you. They are a great option if you want an upgrade from your basic TV speakers.

However, you might be worried about being too loud and disturbing your neighbours. The good news is that you can easily manipulate the sound and lower the bass to avoid disturbing your neighbours. The bass is what usually disturbs your neighbours because of the vibrations.

But if you tweak the settings just a little bit, you don’t have to compromise on either your sound quality or the comfort of those around you.

Best Soundbars for Apartment in 2022

Preview Product Price
Bose Smart Soundbar 700: Premium Bluetooth Soundbar with Alexa Voice Control Built-in, Black Bose Smart Soundbar 700: Premium Bluetooth Soundbar with Alexa Voice Control Built-in, Black $586.15
Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth, and Alexa Voice Control Built-In Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth, and Alexa Voice Control... $349.95
Bose TV Speaker - Soundbar for TV with Bluetooth and HDMI-ARC Connectivity, Black, Includes Remote Control Bose TV Speaker - Soundbar for TV with Bluetooth and HDMI-ARC Connectivity, Black, Includes Remote... $279.00
Sonos Arc - The Premium Smart Soundbar for TV, Movies, Music, Gaming, and More - Black … Sonos Arc - The Premium Smart Soundbar for TV, Movies, Music, Gaming, and More - Black … $879.99
Sonos Beam - Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-in - Black Sonos Beam - Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-in - Black $399.95
Sony S200F 2.1ch Soundbar with built-in Subwoofer and Bluetooth Home Theater Audio for TV, (HT200F), easy setup, compact, home office use with clear sound black Sony S200F 2.1ch Soundbar with built-in Subwoofer and Bluetooth Home Theater Audio for TV, (HT200F),... $248.99
JBL Bar 2.0 - All-in-One Soundbar (2019 Model) JBL Bar 2.0 - All-in-One Soundbar (2019 Model) $199.95
VIZIO Sound Bar for TV, M-Series 36” Surround Sound System for TV, 2.1 Channel Home Audio Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers and Bluetooth – 4 M21d-H8R VIZIO Sound Bar for TV, M-Series 36” Surround Sound System for TV, 2.1 Channel Home Audio Sound...
Definitive Technology BP9040 High Power Bipolar Tower Speaker with Integrated 8' Subwoofer Definitive Technology BP9040 High Power Bipolar Tower Speaker with Integrated 8" Subwoofer $549.00
Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 with Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth Compatible, Smart Sound and Game Mode, 200-Watts Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 with Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth Compatible, Smart Sound and Game... $219.95
Polk Audio Signa Solo Sound Bar - Works with any TV | 10X More Bass | Voice Adjust Technology | Dolby Digital Surround Decoding | Black Polk Audio Signa Solo Sound Bar - Works with any TV | 10X More Bass | Voice Adjust Technology |...
Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR Home Theater Surround Sound Bar | Works with 4K & HD TVs | HDMI, Optical Cables, Wireless Subwoofer & Two Speakers Included Black Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR Home Theater Surround Sound Bar | Works with 4K & HD TVs | HDMI, Optical... $599.00
Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black $199.00
TCL Alto 5+ 2.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer - Ts5010, Black, 32' TCL Alto 5+ 2.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer - Ts5010, Black, 32"

1. Bose Smart Soundbar 700 – Editor’s Pick

Bose Corporation was founded in American in the 1960s, and the Bose Soundbar is one of the best soundbars for apartments, and it is our personal favourite for its elegant look. Now, did I include this piece just because it would look great with the interior design of my apartment? Perhaps, but let’s discover how the device is more than just pretty decor.

This device screams premium with its glass top, thin profile, and wrap-around metal grille. In this sense, it differs from the usual matte, robust soundbars, with its clear-cut lines. It also comes in a black or white finish and it’s safe to say that not many other soundbars match up to its visual quality. However, as expected, the high-end speaker is slightly more on the costly side.

Bose Smart Soundbar 700


This soundbar has the basic features of a traditional soundbar and much more. It comes with a voice-control integration, connecting to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which makes it easier for you to control the sound without lifting a finger. This also means you don’t need to have an extra voice-enabled device. If you’re worried about the device not hearing you over the sound, rest assured that its far-field microphones can pinpoint your voice over any noise.

Another feature the Bose 700 is praised for, is its ADAPTiQ audio calibration which enhances a clear and spacious sound. It also can connect via Bluetooth and wifi connection to stream music. Moreover, you can connect to the Bose Music app to adjust its performance and manipulate the sound.

Although the Bose soundbar has a high performance, it is somewhat lacking in bass, but as we saw earlier, that is what you want when it comes to the ideal soundbar for your apartment. The device focuses more on refining the sound rather than being explosive.


  • It is practical for small spaces (2.25 x 38.5 x 4.25 inches)
  • You can make and take calls using your soundbar
  • It comes with a universal remote
  • 3 channel soundbar magnifies the acoustic spaciousness
  • Dialogue enhancement does not over-emphasise high frequencies; making it clearer without distorting voices.


  • Less cost-effective
  • Slightly more complicated because of multiple features

Who Is It Ideal For?

The Bose 700 is slightly more advanced and expensive than your average soundbar, which makes it a great option if you are looking for a device that is a great sound system all on its own. It’s ideal for an apartment because it doesn’t need anything extra and it enhances your sound experience to another level.

All in all, it’s ideal with your 2.1 channel requirement and if you’re planning to take your smart home mission to a completely new level. Yeah, in our opinion it’s one of the best out there and you should definitely think about it.

2. Yamaha YAS – 209 Soundbar – Best All Around

Unlike the Bose 700, the Yamaha YAS 209 comes with a wireless subwoofer designed to capture low frequencies. This is what you want to be careful with, in an apartment to not disturb your neighbours with vibrations of the bass. But the advantage is that you can place it anywhere in the room to optimise the sound within your apartment.

Yamaha YAS - 209 Soundbar


Similar to the Bose 700, the device also has a voice-control feature connecting to Alexa. This is a great option to have in an apartment because your soundbar can virtually hear you from any room.

The Bluetooth connection also allows you to stream music on different apps such as Spotify. The mid-range soundbar does include a DTS Virtual X sound system which allows expansion of sound on a horizontal and vertical plane.

Keep in mind that this product is not designed to look sleek because Yamaha wanted to design a device that would disappear in the home. But they did update the design by rounding off the corners and moving the onboard controls to the top. Despite that, it does provide crystal clear sound and it is compact enough for an apartment (2.44 x 36.6 x 4.29 inches).

If you want to compare it with the more affordable YAS-109; the YAS-109 does not have a wireless subwoofer, nor integration with Airplay 2 and it also does not include Music cast surround sound.


  • Clear, high sound quality
  • Easy to install and use
  • Surround sound mode
  • Cost-effective
  • Practical remote control with all the settings laid out
  • DTS Virtual X adds motion-based effects
  • Includes soundbar controller app


  • Does not connect with Google Assistant & alexa connection isn’t stable
  • Does not support all streaming services
  • Not connectible through wi fi of apartment.

Who Is It Ideal For?

The Yamaha YAS 209 is a great option if you are looking for something more affordable. Yamaha has been in the game for decades so it is no surprise that they came out with a cost-effective device that brings the cinema experience to your home. Yet another great excuse to stay in.

Definitely, we’re recommending this soundbar for all smart home seekers out there and looking at capabilities available within this masterpiece no one would resist this recommendation.

3. Bose TV Speaker – People’s Choice

Back with another product from Bose, their TV speaker is a soundbar designed to enhance the sound of your TV and give you that home theatre experience. It is more basic and more affordable than the Bose 700. But it still allows you to rediscover the capabilities of great sound.

Despite it being significantly lower in price, the soundbar’s sleek design, and smooth blacktop is comparable with the rest of Bose’s devices. Although it does not include the tempered glass top that Bose is known for, there are two LED lights featured on the front to indicate different functions.

All in all, this Bose device is best for small spaces as its sound effects are more noticeable, which is why we added it to our list for best soundbars in apartments. Yeah, if there’s a small room in your apartment and you want one of the best soundbars for the same then none could beat it.

Bose TV Speaker


This soundbar does come with a Bluetooth connection, however, it has considerably fewer features included because it is mostly intended for simplicity. However, it still includes two full-range drivers placed in opposite directions to deliver the surround sound optimal for cinematic mode. It also includes an enhanced dialogue mode which is a great option if you have trouble hearing and don’t particularly enjoy subtitles.

Compared with the Bose soundbar 700, the TV speaker does not have built-in Amazon Alexa or App control, and it is also much smaller. Unlike the 700, it is not designed to be loud and produce a spacious range, it only enhances the sound of your TV.

All in all, one could raise their hand for checking this ultimate masterpiece if they really care about their needs and requirements in a modern soundbar for their apartment space.


  • Simple to use
  • Easy connection with optical audio cable
  • It has a slim profile (2.2 x 23.4 x 4 inches)
  • Very small and can fit well under your TV
  • Can be connected to a wireless subwoofer
  • Ergonomic remote control
  • Includes third party remote programming support


  • HDMI Cable is sold separately for HDMI Arc
  • Does not include App Control or a WIFI connection

Who Is It Ideal For?

The simplistic design aims to deliver a clearer, more natural sound, which also makes it suitable for listening to music and podcasts. This is a great option if you are just starting and experimenting with sound systems

4. Sonos Arc – Known for Pleasing Sound Output in Apartments

The Sonos Arc is considered one of the best soundbars, if not the best. But it is also one of the most expensive products on this list. Sonos wanted to create a product that they could continuously work and build upon and ended up creating an eight-year-long legacy. During this time, Sonos became the first company to add voice control to their soundbars, and the Sonos soundbar became the most popular of its kind.

The Sonos Arc creates immersive and precise sound with Dolby Atmos and it is the first Sonos soundbar to do so. It is designed to adapt to the unique acoustics of your apartment for the ideal cinematic mode. It is also compatible with most devices making it a convenient addition to your apartment setup.

Sonos Arc Soundbar


The technology does include voice control featuring Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It is available in a choice of two colours; matte black or white. The device has a luxurious look to it with both a status LED and touch controls, and the design is completely different from Sonos’ previous devices. You can also control the device through the Sonos app or the remote control provided.

The Sonos Arc has a unique 270º elliptical shape, which optimises the performance of its drivers while keeping its streamlined shape. It also consists of 11 drivers, 8 elliptical woofers, 4 microphones, and 3 tweeters. However, you do have the option of gradually adding a Sonos sub and rear speakers to create a complete sound system.

One element we found interesting was its night mode. This feature dampens any loud audio while keeping the overall sound even. It is a great option if you are living in an apartment and don’t want to shock your neighbours in the middle of the night.

Sonos isn’t an ordinary brand even! So we expect that our readers would be knowing all about the ideal requirements in their best budget soundbars on the market and that makes us raise our voice to recommend this smart soundbar for small apartments.


  • High-performance & Enhanced audio clarity
  • Includes Speech enhancement
  • Includes Far-field microphone for voice control
  • Sleek design (3.4 x 45 x 4.5 inches)
  • Dolby atmos for better experience.
  • Available WIFI Connection
  • HDMI Arc connectivity.
  • Works with Apple AirPlay 2
  • Compatible with Bose Music App
  • Includes multi-room audio


  • Does not connect via Bluetooth
  • Sonos app does not work if the TV remote is not IR based

Who Is It Ideal For?

Not all of us want a huge setup in our homes. So, if you want a simple sound system with only one speaker, the Sonos Arc is suitable for you and every apartment. Yeah, it’s one of the best soundbar for apartments in our opinion.

5. Sonos Beam – For Best Quality Sound in Apartments

If you want to achieve a similar quality to the Sonos Arc, but you are not ready to spend as much money, then the multiple award-winning Sonos Beam might be worth taking a look at. What we love about this soundbar for small aparment is that it is compact but it packs a punch. It is intended for smaller spaces, and it dominates the category for cost effect soundbars.

This tiny device is exactly what you need when you want to blast music from the living room while dancing in the kitchen. I know it’s what I need when I need to change the song but can’t leave my eggs on the stove. It is ideal for an apartment because it is the embodiment of a tiny body, big personality.

Sonos Beam Soundbar


This soundbar for small apartment has a slim design, with a black mesh fabric wrapping around it, hiding the grille. The top also includes a touch panel which is fairly easy to use. The inside of the device consists of 4 oval-shaped woofers, 3 passive radiators, 5 far-field microphones, and a single tweeter.

The beam also connects via WIFI rather than Bluetooth, and this means you do not have to worry about being in range to play your music. While you can use the beam as it is, you can also add other components such as a subwoofer and rear speakers, to turn your 3.0 set up into a 5.1 set-up.

It has a neutral, well-balanced sound profile, and it is deficient in low bass which is preferable for an apartment.


  • Easy to Use
  • Includes HDMI connection using HDMI Arc
  • Supports Apple Airplay 2
  • Integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Includes Night Mode
  • Includes Speech Enhancement
  • Slim fit suitable for limited spaces (2.5 x 25 x 4 inches)
  • Pairs with Sonos App


  • Does not come with a TV Remote
  • Only supports Dolby Atmos Digital

Who Is It Ideal For?

The Sonos Beam is ideal for someone who is just dipping their toe into the soundbar world but does not want to mess around. You want something sustainable and reliable, which is why this is probably the best option for you.

Yeah, one expecting a smart soundbar for their apartment shouldn’t look further as it has everything you’d usually expect from a small ideal soundbar in your apartment. And yeah, if your TV size is small and you want a compact piece then too it’s ideal for your needs.

6. Sony HT-SF200 Soundbar – For The Trust of Brand

Next on our list is Sony’s 2.1 audio, compact, single soundbar that claims to do it all. Despite not being the most advanced and hi-tech soundbar on the market, it does its job, and it is extremely cost-effective. Sony is a trusted brand when it comes to the audio world. So this smart soundbar could be what you are looking for.

Cost-effective, high-quality sound, an HDMI arc… and you thought you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too.

Sony HT-SF200 Soundbar


Don’t let its small size fool you, the Sony HT-SF200 has a built-in subwoofer that delivers a good bass. It has the advantage of being wireless, as well as including two front-facing speakers. It streams easily through Bluetooth technology and can also be connected via USB.
Compared with the Sony HT-X8500, this smart soundbar has fewer features; for example, it does not include 3D surround sound, nor does it support Dolby Atmos. While it does have a Compact fit (6.31 x 25.38 x 7 inches), it is slightly more robust than the other soundbars.


  • Minimalist design
  • Easy setup
  • Dolby Atmos addition makes it a worthy investment
  • A more affordable price point
  • Includes HDMI Arc


  • Does not include WIFI Connection
  • Does not include multi-room audio

Who Is It Ideal For?

Its compact, black design follows the standard for soundbars, and it maintains a low profile. It is practical if you have a smaller apartment and not want to add to the clutter. Moreover, it suits at its best to someone who’s looking for a top-quality soundbar along with a built-in subwoofer. Yeah, it enhances the sound experience to a whole new level.

7. JBL Soundbar 2.0 – Reliability at its Best

JBL is an American company that comes out with several great audio devices, and their Bar 2.0 is not an exception. It was designed to be a replacement for the JBL Bar Studio. JBL claims that their updated version delivers surround sound and deep bass that brings the authentic cinema experience to your home.

We think it would be ideal for your apartment because it’s everything you want in a partner; a high-end look with low maintenance and no strings attached.

JBL Soundbar 2.0


Despite being quite affordable, JBL’s sleek design makes the device look high end. Similar to other JBL devices, this one is built-in dark grey plastic, and a metal grille that covers the entire front.

It delivers up to 80W of power, includes a Bluetooth connection to negate the use of cables. It aims to be as simple as possible and while the JBL Bar 2.0 does provide good sound, some find it lacking due to the missing subwoofer.

Compared to the JBL Bar 5.1 Surround, this soundbar has less power and does not include 4K connectivity.
All in all, this smart soundbar offers basic streaming capabilities, with high-quality sound. So, it is a great option if you are a beginner and are looking for something simple.


  • High-quality design
  • Lightweight
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Low-profile design and fairly compact (2.28 x 24.17 x 3.54 inches)
  • Supports Dolby Audio
  • Simplified remote control
  • More powerful amps than the JBL Bar Studio


  • Does not support Dolby Atmos
  • Limited features

Who Is It Ideal For?

The all-in-one compact device is also one of the most affordable on our list and is a good option if you do not want a big and bulky setup. You won’t regret your decision of buying this one of the best soundbars for your apartment.

8. Vizio M-Series All-in-One 2.1 Home Theatre Soundbar – All In One Pick

We’re bringing you another affordable option with the VIZIO M-Series All-in-One 2.1 Home Theatre Sound Bar. Vizio is a major TV brand, and its price points are usually reasonable. This device couples a new modern design with a powerful performance to give you a bright and clearer sound, and honestly, its price point is a great reason to justify buying one to your spouse.

Vizio M-Series Soundbar


Its angular design is not only convenient but, it provides a clean, aesthetic look. It is a bit longer than the traditional soundbar, and it isn’t very tall. The Dual 3” subwoofers are built into the bar, creating a deep sound and negating the need for a separate subwoofer.

It also includes a 2-way speaker to deliver a brighter sound as well as more clarity. The bar is known to have a very neutral sound profile and basic sound enhancement features. But choosing between this one and the others on the list still comes down to your preference and needs.


  • Easy to set up even with wi fi
  • Affordable price
  • Includes DTS Virtual X
  • Low-profile design (2.2 x 36 x 5.3 inches)
  • Optimised for 4K HDR content
  • Integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.


  • Does not include a WIFI connection
  • Inaccurate surround sound effect

Who Is It Ideal For?

It is more suitable for those who want to enhance their movie experience and is another great option if you are just stepping into the soundbar world.

Yeah, Vizio M Series soundbar is one of the best out there for people living in an apartment or small packed spaces. It fulfils all their needs without any hassle and serves them with mind-blowing sound output flawlessly.

9. Definitive Technology Studio Advance 5.1 – Value For The Money Soundbar for Apartments

If you want a soundbar that screams luxury, then you might want to consider Definitive Technology’s 5.1 Sound Bar System with built-in Chromecast.
The high-performance technology is designed to deliver immersive surround sound and a wide sound stage. Not surprisingly, it falls under the more expensive category on our list, but is it worth it?

Definitive Technology Studio Advance 5.1


We believe it is; this speaker consists of 9 speakers and comes with a wireless subwoofer which gives you that high performance 5.1 system. Remember, when it comes down to speakers, more is more.

It also has an adjustable centre channel for more clarity and an enhanced dialogue. It also includes a movie mode that expands the soundstage to create an authentic home theatre effect.

The one-touch EQ Modes help you optimise the device’s performance, making it convenient and simple. Moreover, the three HDMI inputs & one HDMI Arc connection allow you to connect to your TV and media speakers simultaneously. All these combined make it one of the best bet for ROKU TV sound system too.
This is a great option if you are willing to spoil yourself and spend a little extra on your soundbar.


  • Simple and elegant design (wraparound grille fabric with aluminium ends)
  • Remote access through wi fi
  • Includes google Chromecast Music
  • Integrated Bluetooth streaming
  • HDMI Arc Connection for better experience.
  • Simple set up
  • Includes voice control with Google Assistant
  • 120w amplification


  • More complicated than a basic soundbar

Who Is It Ideal For?

Definitive Technology claims that they want to fill your room with sound, not speakers. Moreover, it’s best for someone who’s looking for dialogue enhancing capabilities in his soundbar. Yeah, Who doesn’t want to be blasted out of their seats with the opening of Jurassic Park I, II, and III?

10. SAMSUNG 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 – Blend of Trust, Quality & Reliability

Next up is the Samsung 2.1 Soundbar with a wireless subwoofer. We all know Samsung and its new little assistant. It is one of the biggest electronic brands, but the good thing is that their prices usually vary.
This smart soundbar gives a satisfactory performance at a great price, helping you create your little sound bubble. It is not as affordable as the Vizio 2.1, but its price is way more cost-effective than Definitive Technology’s Soundbar. But is it comparable to the more expensive models?

SAMSUNG 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450


You’ll be happy to know that the R450 has a design of a premium device. Its charcoal grey colour is a change from the usual black, with a metal grille enveloping the front and top surface.

It connects via Bluetooth, and the setup is easy; if you have a Samsung TV you can even control it with your TV remote.

The device consists of 2 speakers, and overall it has good accuracy and sound range. It also includes a game-mode setting that allows you to manipulate the sound and boost game sound effects.

Compared to Samsung’s HW-Q70R, it is less powerful. Samsung’s HW-Q70R includes 7 speakers, Dolby Atmos, and a dedicated centre channel. The HW-R450 does not include acoustic beam technology. This allows you to experience a wider soundscape that aligns with the motion on the screen.

And yeah, Alexa and google assistant with Dolby Digital makes it an ideal soundbar for a small room of an apartment.

Moreover, if compatibility for your samsung smart TV is your concern, then we bet you can’t resist it when we’d say that it’s fully compatible for all updated smart TV models of samsung.


  • Clean build
  • Wide sound stage
  • Connectible through wi fi in an apartment
  • Addition of Dolby Atmos as an update
  • Integrated smart sound mode
  • Wireless surround sound


  • Does not connect through WIFI
  • Does not integrate voice control

Who Is It Ideal For?

This sound system kit uses smart sound technology and is optimised to elevate your entertainment experience. It is also optimised for Samsung TVs so give this a shot if you want something that pairs well with your Samsung devices.

11. Polk Audio Signa Solo Sound Bar – Choosen for A Reason

Polk is the underdog of this list; not a common name but a worthy adversary. This universal home theatre soundbar could not be left off of our list. Polk claims that they make the best speakers for the best price and those are some tall claims.

Polk Audio Signa Solo SoundBar


The soundbar is integrated with Dolby Digital to create a virtual surround sound. With its wireless music streaming through Bluetooth technology, you can stream your favourite music from any device. It also comes with a night mode to lower the bass and increase Polk VoiceAdjust for a clear-cut dialogue without raising the master volume.

But how does it compare with similar items? Unlike the Polk Audio S2 Ultra-Slim Soundbar, this device does not include a WI FI connection or HDMI through HDMI Arc feature.

The Signa Solo is compact, with a cloth grille and black plastic covering. But for some, it may be too simple and lack the refined, premium quality that the other soundbars have.


  • Centred clearer dialogue
  • Multi-dimensional soundstage
  • More Cost-Effective
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Slim and low-profile


  • Does not include a WI FI connection
  • Not the most aesthetic remote & not even compatible for alexa and google assistant

Who Is It Ideal For?

Despite falling on the more affordable side, this small device works with any TV to create a rich and immersive soundscape. We’d suggest the Polk Solo to anyone who is looking for reliability and an easy set-up, it’s no surprise that this popular choice. So yeah, people planning to place a soundbar in their apartment’s small room should go for it as it’s completely worth it for the same.

12. Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Home Theatre Surround Sound Bar – Perfection In Everything

Last but not least is the Polk Audio Magnifi Mini Home Theatre Soundbar. Another one from Polk, this device has the technology to create a room-filling home theatre experience. While it is slightly more expensive than the Polk Audio Signa Solo, it is still very affordable. Plus it is probably the cutest soundbar on this list; especially, for a small room of an apartment.

Polk Audio MagniFi Surround SoundBar


The Magnifi Mini also features VoiceAdjust technology that customises the voice levels of the sound for the best listening experience.

More importantly, it includes WIFI, Google Cast and Bluetooth so that you can stream music directly from your smartphone, tablet or any other compatible device.


  • Polk’s Patented SDA Audio Technology
  • Includes a wireless subwoofer
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Wi Fi Connectivity
  • Connects through alexa and google assistant.
  • Universal compatibility
  • Total system power is at 150 watts


  • Does not include voice control
  • No onscreen display
  • Does not include a mobile app

Who Is It Ideal For?

Unlike the other soundbars, this one is designed in a new and modern way. It is extremely compact but still delivers a powerful resonance which makes it ideal for anyone living in a small apartment.

13. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System

When it comes to buying the best soundbars for Apartments, one cannot ignore Bose, one of the biggest names in the audio markets. Bose’s Solo 5 TV soundbar system is a high-quality product that offers superior audio, and can fill your entire apartment with sound! This is not only a power-packed soundbar for watching regular TV content, but one that can deliver a very theater-like effect and convert your living room into a home theater. Let us observe this soundbar up close:

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System


The Solo 5 from Bose is the ultimate solution to all your TV watching needs in your apartment. Be it spending a night alone with a comfort watch or be it watching your favorite sports event with your friends around you, this is a soundbar that does both these tasks with great efficiency. It is loud, it is clear, and it comes from a company which knows their way around audio tech. 

The Bose Solo 5 features a powerful audio system, which ensures that you get a sound quality that is much better than what your TV can offer. It ensures that every dialogue that is spoken reaches you with utmost clarity possible. TV audio often ends up sounding clunkier than what it is supposed to. Using this soundbar will optimize your experience like no other. The speaker is easy to use as well as easy to install. It can be kept on a table, but it can also be wall-mounted with ease. 

The soundbar supports multiple means of connecting it with your TV. You can use optical audio input, coaxial audio input, or a 3.5mm aux input to connect your TV and your soundbar. In addition to that, there’s also a bluetooth connectivity which ensures that you can connect all devices – your laptop, phone, tablet, etc. to your soundbar and stream your favorite content via that. 

The soundbar can be controlled by the universal remote that it comes with. We must now pause and appreciate the detail that Bose has put in this remote. Normally when you go for a soundbar’s remote, you’re going to find a smaller remote which comes with just the basic bass and treble control and the volume buttons. This one, however, is very useful and provides you a much larger control over your audio playback from the soundbar. You can also control your TV, your set-top box and other remote-controllable devices using it, which makes it a really great controller to use.

One more feature that a lot of users have actually appreciated about this soundbar from Bose is that it comes with an auto-shut off feature, which means in case of no playback for a while, it will shut down itself. Lastly, if you are using something like an Apple TV or Roku TV or one of those types of TV setups in your apartment, this speaker connects really well with those as well. This pairing happens over Bluetooth and no wires are needed, keeping the setup rather clutter-free. 

Pros and Cons for Bose Solo 5


  • Universal remote – control tv, soundbar and set top box with one remote 
  • Extremely clear audio on the dialogue mode
  • Easy to wall mount 
  • Compact, doesn’t take up too much space 
  • Lots of connectivity options 


  • No subwoofers, nor can you attach one to it 

Who is it ideal for?

This is among the best soundbars for anyone who has a budget up to $200, and is looking forward to experiencing high-quality audio from Bose, a brand that is known for delivering an unparalleled audio performance. However, buyers need to know that it neither packs in a subwoofer nor allows you to attach one. But in any case, the audio performance is really good for a soundbar without one! Ideal for apartments, where you can watch movies and tv shows, listen to music, play podcasts or audiobooks with stunning clarity. Also makes for a great soundbar for house parties!

14. TCL Alto 5+ – Updated Pick for Best Soundbar for Apartments

Before the invention of soundbars, people used to think a TV is just enough to keep them entertained. Slowly, they realized the sound produced from the TV doesn’t match up with the audio expectations they had, as theatres leveled up their love for bass and sound effects. Soundbars soon came into existence and fulfilled the entertainment needs of cinephiles. If you are looking for a quality soundbar for your apartment at an affordable cost, then the TCL Alto 5+ soundbar is a great choice!

The soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer to deliver that extra bass you are craving for, which cannot be produced by TV’s default audio system. With sound optimization and home theater level quality, this soundbar is very popular among people. As TCL is one of the trustworthy brands in the market, you don’t have to think twice about the quality of the soundbar. It is of high quality with amazing durability to last for years.

TCL Alto 5+ Soundbar


How about turning one of your apartment rooms into a home theatre? The soundbar produces high clarity sound with a great volume boost to fill your room with rich sound effects. It comes with three different modes to optimize sound according to the type of content you are watching. Awesome isn’t it? It has a movie mode, music mode, and news mode to enhance sound effects appropriately. You can bring the music to life by TCL Auto 5+ soundbar’s wireless subwoofer, which will produce a deep bass effect.

TCL Auto 5+ soundbar comes with flexible and quick setup options. You can connect the soundbar to your TV through an optical cable, Aux, or IR pass-through cable. No matter what kind of connection you use, you will require only a few minutes for the setup and as soon as the setup is over, you can start using it in seconds. Apart from these connectivity options, it also has a Bluetooth feature to allow wireless connection. By this, you can connect your smartphones, tablets, or laptops to listen to loud music in an effortless wireless manner.


  • Quick setup with flexible connectivity options
  • Wireless soundbar produces deep bass
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • 3 modes available: movie mode, music mode & news mode
  • High clarity sound with boosted volume
  • Bluetooth feature enables wireless connection


  • No DTS virtual sound effects
  • Does not support Wi-Fi connection

Who Is It Ideal For?

TCL Auto 5+ soundbar is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a decent soundbar at an affordable cost. The cost factor does not compromise the audio quality of the soundbar. It produces high-quality sound with deep bass through its wireless subwoofer. If you are looking for a soundbar that can adjust the sound effects according to the type of content you watch, you should give this one a try!

You can go through the 3 different modes available in this soundbar and activate it according to your need. Overall, the soundbar will suit the expectations of apartment people who are craving a home theater experience.

Here are some of our best tips to find the perfect apartment companion.

  • Set a Budget

Before you dive headfirst into buying a soundbar, it’s good to decide what your budget is. We’ve listed soundbars with a range of price points above, to ensure that there is something for everyone. If you are starting out, you may not want to spend too much. It may be best to opt for a simpler but effective model.

And yeah, if you come across anyone who’ll say something like there is no best soundbars available when you set a budget then just ignore them as they’re lying. Yeah, you should check this best budget soundbars under $300 if you don’t believe us.

  • Size and Space

Another important aspect to take into consideration is where you want to place your soundbar and whether or not you have enough space. The devices listed above are compact enough for an apartment, but people usually choose to place their soundbar right under their TV. So ensure that you do have enough room. Similarly, if you are also buying a wireless subwoofer, it may be beneficial to decide the optimal placement before purchasing yeah compatibility for space is an ideal identity of a best soundbar.

  • Deciding on its main function

Now when you are choosing a soundbar, you need to know what you want to use it for. For example, the Bose TV Speaker is the better option if your main goal is speech enhancement. Whereas, if you want the full cinematic experience, the Sonos Arc, Bose 700, or Definitive Technology soundbar may be more suitable.

Deciding on the main function will also allow you to prioritise features. For example, if you want an immersive experience, you might want to go with a soundbar that includes Dolby Atmos. Yeah, Dolby Atmos will take the experience to a new level. Likewise, going for the technology with a voice-control option may be a good idea if you want to negate the use of an external home assistant and change settings without a remote.

  • Types of Connections

The types of connections you want available are also a significant factor in choosing the appropriate sound system. Bluetooth is the easiest way to wirelessly connect your soundbar to any device, and usually, you don’t have to worry about range in an apartment. But it’s good to know whether or not both Bluetooth and Wi Fi integrations are a must for your needs.

In an apartment, it is more beneficial to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth or WIFI, because you don’t a mass of wires hanging off your wall. Plus, as the space range of an apartment is more limited, these two connections work great. Yeah, the best soundbars won’t disappoint you from a connectivity point of view.

  • Build-ability

If you are purchasing a soundbar as the first piece for your apartment sound system, then it is beneficial to think about how you may want to expand on it with time. Soundbars like the Sonos Arc and the Sonos Beam are great options if you plan to build on your system later on by adding a subwoofer and rear speakers.

You may think that one soundbar is enough but it’s best to keep your options open.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Soundbar for a Small Apartment?

You have chosen to trust us so we won’t lead you astray. If you want the safest option for an apartment, it would be the Bose TV Speaker because it is the tamest one out of all the options. Even the Bose 700 or Sonos Beam would suit a small apartment, but if you’re worried about thin walls and nagging neighbours then a basic option is the safest. And yeah, this soundbar will fit perfectly well in even a small room of your apartment.

2. Does My Apartment Need a Soundbar?

If this is still a question, I am disappointed in you, I thought we bonded there for a minute. But no worries, you can still redeem yourself.

Now, I won’t lie to you, I wasn’t always a believer. I also used to live in the dark world of average sound quality. But, the truth is, if you want the ultimate, mind-blowing sound experience, even your apartment needs a soundbar. It may work better in one. The smaller space can allow the sound waves to bounce off the walls.

3. How Big Should a Soundbar Be For an Apartment?

I am sorry to be the one to say this but, size does matter. At least it does in this case. If you do not have much space in your apartment, go for a smaller soundbar like the Polk mini.

If your apartment is spacious and you need to fill the growing void inside, then something like the Definitive Technology Studio Advance 5.1 is what you need.

4. What all to consider while buying a soundbar for an apartment?

The three most important things that you need to keep in mind are – how does the soundbar connect to the TV, how do you control the soundbar, and how is the audio quality like. If the soundbar connects in a way that your TV supports, comes with a remote control, and offers high-quality audio playback, you should not hesitate and consider it as a potential option for your apartment! You might also want to check how loud it is so that your house parties attract a fun bunch! 

5. Is a bluetooth soundbar well suited for an apartment?

Yes, a bluetooth soundbar should do just fine. Most soundbars today connect via bluetooth technology (while also providing the option to connect with wires at the same time). It is an old misconception that wired soundbars provide a better audio quality than bluetooth soundbars. They both provide the same kind of performance, particularly if you are keeping the audio source and the soundbar close to each other. Bluetooth soundbars are great for an apartment and you should totally go for them! 

6. Where to buy the best soundbars for apartments?

When buying the best soundbars for your apartment, make sure you’re checking out online portals such as Amazon. While you can easily buy them from your neighborhood store that sells electronic items, buying them online would give you access to a much bigger marketplace where you can find a large number of brands and products, and you might end up getting your hands on something that isn’t locally available. Besides, if you’re unhappy with the performance, it is much easy to return the products via Amazon! 

7. Should my soundbar also include a subwoofer?

It is not compulsory for a soundbar to carry a subwoofer in it. However, having a soundbar with a built-in or an exterior subwoofer gives you a better audio quality. For instance if you are watching an F1 race or a car chase in a Bond movie, you’d be able to feel the sounds in a much better way if you were using a subwoofer. However, if you’re getting a speaker without one, for instance the Bose Solo 5 (which we’ve reviewed above), it is still a pretty good deal because of the amazing audio quality it delivers. Hence, if they fit in your budget, go for a soundbar with subwoofers, but even if you don’t have them, it should work just fine!


So there you have it! Everything you need to know before buying a soundbar. We have laid all of the best options out for you, and we hope that it has helped in some way or another. We have also attempted to include devices that will address most if not all of your needs while still keeping them fresh and flexible.

If you still want some more guidance; we would suggest the JBL Soundbar for a more cost-effective approach, the Sonos Beam if you are looking for a middle price point, and the Bose Soundbar 700 if you want to splurge a little. We can roll both ways.

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