Best Operating System For Laptop – Which one should You Choose?

Choosing a new laptop is no small deed. 

This is particularly true not only because they will stay with us for a long time (hopefully), but because of the various gateways they bring into our lives. 

Best Operating System For Laptop

A computer is the way we spend some of our free time, the way we communicate with each other. It’s how we speak, how we see, how we learn, how we work, and how we have fun. 

Choosing a laptop is not about looks. 

Picking the best looking hardware available in the market will only get you so far. A device so complex and so relevant in our daily lives has to be taken into careful consideration. 

What your computer’s hardware is like will matter, but what comes inside is what will determine what makes it a perfect match for you. We’ll talk about the positive, and not so positive, aspects of each system so you can make an informed decision. 

What Is An Operating System?

Operating systems are what we call the way we interact with a computer. As you may know, computers speak a different language, a binary one. This is why we need translators, so we don’t have to learn their language to use them. 

Operating systems are not to be taken lightly when choosing one for our laptop or even your dream gaming laptop. They’ll be like our eyes to the world. Your whole digital experience will, for the most part, depend on your digital interface. 

The features of different operating systems will define them as efficient, fast, friendly to users, etc. Let’s not forget that these systems take a toll on the computer’s processor and memory as well. 

A well designed laptop is one that is ready to run its current operating system and it’s ready to receive all the updates that will come along in time.

Some Of The Most Common Operating Systems In 2021

We talked about operating systems as translators between the binary language and us. Each translator has their own style, tone, and way of interacting with its users. 

We’ll take you through some of the most used operating systems around. Deciding for one of them will have to be based on what they offer and how compatible they are with your hardware device. 

In the end, the best laptop operating system will be the one that works more efficiently with your laptop’s hardware. 

Microsoft Windows

This is the most used operating system in the world. It’s not only because of how most programs and developed applications are meant to be compatible with it, but because it is very accessible. 

  • Interface

Their system makes it easy to navigate through their features and to work through the programs. This is one of the characteristics that makes it the first choice of many. 

  • Versions

This operating system has developed a great number of versions and editions of the same system. It makes it more versatile. Based on the use you’ll be giving your laptop, you can choose a version of the system that will fulfill your requirements. 

  • Security

The system comes integrated with a proprietary anti-virus, which works on the clock to keep your software safe. 

  • The Negative

There have been a lot of complaints about the privacy of Microsoft users is managed based on the way they collect data from customers. Although they have an integrated antivirus, they are very prone to being harmed by malware. 

Mac OS

We’re pretty sure you know what a Mac laptop is. We also know that they tend to be on the pricier side.

  • Interface

One of the highlights of this system is the user-friendly interface. Most mac users are mostly grateful for how easy it is to get around the system without the need of being a tech genius. 

  • Programs

Applications are another big hit with Apple’s system. The applications that are already integrated into the system will allow you to carry out every fundamental task a computer could be used for. If they’re not enough, you can always download more apps from their store. 

  • Security

The computer’s camera, microphone, and location services won’t talk to strangers. You will have to grant your permission each time a program or platform wishes to access one of these. This is a perk not to be taken for granted. 

  • The Negative

Mac’s operative systems work with mac computers only. This is limiting even if you’re ready to go all-mac, because their price range is considerably higher when compared to other laptops in the market.

Best Operating System For Laptop-Mac OS

We thought you should know about these two giants of the laptop industry in detail, it’s very likely that your decision will be in between the two. However, you should know there are many options out there. 

There Are Some Others That Could Catch Your Eye

Chrome OS

This operating system is marketed as the fastest one available. It is meant to work with Chromebook and has a reputation for being safe and easy to use. It’s most relevant feature is “sandboxing.” Parts of the software are independent, if one is infected the other remains safe. 

Linux mint

This system is completely free. It’s considered to be one of the most stable and fastest systems available. It’s not just free, but it’s pretty much lightweight too. So yeah, in case, you don’t have superfast internet connection then you could connect your phone to laptop via USB & download OS from it’s oper source platform too.


This is yet another open source operating system. It’s not only one of the fastest systems available, but it comes with built-in malware protection too. 


1. Which is better, macOS or Windows?

These two are the most used operating systems in the world. They are both characterized by user-friendly interfaces and a great deal of programs and applications developed for each one. 

Deciding on one or the other will depend mostly on the uses you give your laptop and on the programs you’re most likely to run in it.

2. What can Mac do that Windows can t?

Mac users pride themselves in having exclusive features no other users have access to. Mac operating systems have perks such as how easy it is to manage applications, the retrieving of deleted data, simplified administration of files and computer features, quick previews of file contents and automatic data back-ups.

3. What is the main purpose of a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is hardware designed to run a light operating system. It’s meant to be a productive assistant and grant you access to the basics of a device meant for entertainment such as internet navigation, streaming and games.

4. What are the disadvantages of a Chromebook?

Since this is a device that hasn’t been designed for heavy duty, its processing power is weak. These are not meant to be work tools but are made to run on low power. This is also the reason why they run Chrome OS, which is a lightweight operating system.

You’ve Got All The Info You Need Now

We’ve talked about the most influential operating systems of our time. If you’re on the hunt for a laptop, there’s a high probability you’ll end up with one of the two. 

So yeah, that’s all for the top-rated and highly suggested operating systems for gaming laptops. However, these operating systems are not limited to laptops only and can be installed and used on desktops or personal computers as well. Yeah, we’ve curated a diversified list for our readers so that they don’t feel like having half the information which is not a good scenario.

As a bonus feature, we mentioned another couple of systems that might catch your eye if you’re not feeling too mainstream and would like to explore other options.

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