8 Best Laptops For Streaming Live Videos in 2022 – After Testing 28 Models

If you are into online game streaming or live streaming life events, you’d know how important it is to have the right laptop with optimal configurations. Unlike a software engineer, a live streamer has to connect their laptop to a multitude of external devices like a microphone, camera, and even a tuner.

So, investing in heavy-duty gaming or streaming laptop is a necessity for an uninterrupted streaming experience. Not only do you need to focus on the design and the durability of the device, but you also need to be mindful of the hardware and software configuration too.

After researching thoroughly, we have managed to narrow down our list of the best laptops for streaming based on the quality of the hardware, connectivity options, and obviously, the overall design of the device.

Factors to Take Into Consideration For Best Laptops For Streaming

When it comes to living streaming games and videos, finding the right laptop is key. This is what makes or breaks the whole viewing experience. So, when we had to shortlist our favorite picks, we knew we had to be careful with suggesting the correct specifications for optimal performance.

While making the choices, we had to keep certain factors in mind and we thought we’d share the same in-depth with our readers.

Processor – The King Maker For Laptops

With streaming, you want to stick to a minimum of Intel Core i5 processors and nothing below. This ensures enhanced promptness and superior performance compared to the other processors with lesser configurations.

As for the GPU, having a dedicated GPU is considered ideal; however, it is not mandatory. In our list, we have tried to include products that are integrated with a variety of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs since they are the best in the market.

Also, we won’t suggest you to go too high and invest in a GeForce RTX 2070 GPU. Yeah, you simply don’t need GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card for streaming requirements. In fact, GTX variants of GPU will work well too.

RAM and Storage – For Efficiency In Streaming It’s Must

You can’t skip out on the RAM configuration for a live 4K streaming design. A minimum of 8GB DDR4 RAM is considered ideal, especially for a superior user experience without delays and lags. Anything below that will result in delayed streaming and consistent glitches, something that no viewer wants to witness.

As for storage, stick to 512GB SSD of storage as a base point but make sure that the configuration does drop below 256GB SSD because then you won’t have enough storage to entertaining the heavy-duty games with.

So yeah, for RAM you should keep 8GB as the lowest requirement, and the higher the better. Also, for storage we suggest you to go for SSD instead of hard disk drives.

Display – Screen Matters The Most

This is a subjective opinion; however, we’d recommend that you choose the standard 15” display options for a decent experience. For an elevated experience, stick to the 17.3” variants.

However, it’s not a thumb rule that if you go for an 11-inch laptop or 13-inch high-definition laptop then it won’t provide you a decent visual experience, so it all depends on your requirement and preference. Yeah, I’m myself into the streaming profession and I stream my gameplay often on youtube, while I’m having a MacBook Air with a 13-inch display size.

Ports – Accessibility Is The Key

With streaming, you need to have access to multiple connectivity ports. This is a given and is a quintessential need, especially when you are handling different external devices to the streaming laptop. So, look out for the I/O ports in the laptops too.

Best Laptops for Streaming – Reviews

Live media streaming involves a lot of data transfer, so it is a given that you need a highly functional laptop that can seamlessly tend to your streaming efficiency and not cause lags and delays in between. Aside from the basic configuration requirements, including 16 GB of RAM, 2GB Graphics memory, a well-equipped display, and a lightweight design, there are a few other terms of consideration that you need to be mindful of.

Following are some of the best laptops for streaming that we have shortlisted for you to look over:

1. HP Pavilion 16 – Editor’s Choice

Live streaming requires a stable and high-end device that the users can blindly rely on for the expanse of the streaming. The HP Pavilion 16 is one of the most trusted devices for that, provided that it is one of the few HP devices that feature a 16” display.


The standout feature of the HP Pavilion 16 is the stunning design and display of the device. The device features a 16.1” FHD display with a 144Hz refresh rate for superior visuals and user experience like no other, especially when you are 4K streaming to a wider audience base.

The device is compatible with HD streaming on any of the platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Games. Also, if you are worried about color reproduction, you wouldn’t have to worry about the same, thanks to the 1080p resolution.

The overall design of the HP Pavilion 16 is a little out of the box, a different one than some of the standard HP devices available in the market. Also, the device weighs 4.85 kgs, making it easier for you to carry around.

HP Pavilion 16


The Pavilion 16 is powered by the 10th Gen. Intel core i7 processor with NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti GPU with 6GB graphics memory for an uninterrupted streaming experience. Also, the processor configuration makes it an ideal option for professional 4K UHD streaming.

The combination of 512GB SSD of storage with 8GB RAM is good enough for handling some of the heavy-duty streaming functions without causing glitches or disconnections in between. The device is also programmed to load the applications and OS quicker than you’d generally expect.

Why it’s better?

The compatibility and efficiency of the Pavilion 16 are what sets it apart from the rest of the mentions in the list. Not only do you get a standard 16” flexible display, but you also get to play around with the latest processors and ample storage options for a superior streaming experience for yourself and your viewers too. 

Who is it ideal for?

Given the specifications and the price range of the product, we’d recommend this device for professional live streamers who want to tackle heavy-duty games with the snap of the fingers.


  • Highly responsive graphics card with ample storage
  • Flash-based storage for superior data transfer
  • Sleek and modern design with durable casing
  • Comes with a multitude of I/O ports


  • The Integrated web camera is of subpar quality
  • Trackpad efficiency is not the best

2. Apple MacBook Air – Best Streaming Laptop For A Reason

And, here it comes from the brand that’s known for its perfection in craftsmanship. Yeah, it’s Apple. Talking about this particular model, It’s Apple MacBook Air that comes with Retina Display which is considered to be an essential element when it comes to streaming or media editing work.

Well, there’s a lot more than just a display; so, let’s uncover some of its fabulous features along with its performance caliber and suitability.


As stated earlier, the brand itself is known for perfection in each element they equip on their gadget and that provides a perfect blend of performance, durability, and long-lasting battery backup in MacBook Air too.

Moreover, this particular model’s product line is in existence since early 2019, however, since mid 20’s they eliminated Intel’s chips from its processor unit and decided to equip their own invention called M1 Chip for the purpose of faster & efficient processing.

Going further to explore the processing unit, it delivers the best performance with a combination of its built-in 8 core CPU & GPU unit and what’s even more surprising is, it still requires very less battery consumption to process high-end tasks. Yeah, this capability makes it the truly best budget laptop for streaming purposes.

Apart from these, you get 8GB DDR4 RAM along with 256GB SSD for faster booting. Also, a 1TB HDD is equipped as an ordinary storage drive. Moreover, the 13” retina display serves graphics and visuals with utmost perfection in rendering. Well, this retina display supports media of up to 2560 X 1600 resolution. Yeah, the highest possible resolution to date on the market is recorded by Apple’s products.

Coming to the battery backup, this gadget won’t let you down in the middle of your social media or ordinary streaming task. Yeah, as mentioned earlier, its processing unit manages things quite smartly and sucks very less power.

Apple MacBook Air


As stated in the features section, Apple MacBook Air performs stunningly smoothly without any jitter or lags in between. Yeah, all due to the highly powerful M1 Chip & GPU unit that coordinates smartly with the RAM and SSD unit of the laptop.

Moreover, its capabilities to render high-resolution media make it an ideal laptop for HD 1920 X 1080 streaming. Yeah, it works even better with fewer resolution media, and what we mentioned as ideal is known as 4K videos.

So in a nutshell, if you’re a high-end live streamer and require a companion that supports you for your requirements of sustainability for at least 6-8 hours of streaming without active power supply then Apple MacBook Air is your answer. Yeah, our team of experts has tested it for the same and what we claim is the outcome of our tests for performance on MacBook Air.

Why It’s Better?

We don’t think it needs any explanation. Right?

If not! Won’t you agree now if we say that Apple MacBook Air is the best for streaming considering its retina display, capabilities to render high-resolution media, and highly efficient processing unit?

You’ll! Right? Well, then that’s what makes it better than the rest of the laptops for streaming on the market.

Who is it ideal for?

In general, this laptop is an ideal fit for anyone who’s looking for a laptop that fulfills their requirement of high-end streaming. Apart from that, we won’t deny that it could do even more performance-seeking tasks. Yeah, it works well for development, machine learning, graphic editing, animation, and media editing tasks too.

Pros & Cons


  • State-of-the-art design and body build-up.
  • Product of a brand widely known for reliability.
  • Highly powerful processing unit with M1 Chip.
  • 13-inch Retina display that could render visuals for 2560 X 1600 resolution.
  • The combination of RAM, SSD & GPU makes it highly efficient.
  • The battery backup is quite good.
  • Works well for 4K & HD streaming for up to 6-8 hours.


  • Comes with macOS so for Windows users, it’ll be hard in beginning to get used to it.

3. Lenovo Legion 5 – Designed For High End Tasks

Up next in our list of top-rated laptops for streaming in 2021 & 2022 is from Lenovo. Yeah, Lenovo is awarded for the highest number of recommendations and the highest amount of user interest.

In this article, we’ve picked Lenovo Legion 5 for our readers after performing a test for suitability on this model. Yeah, our team of experts has curated this model only after they got assured about its performance caliber and suitability for streaming enthusiasts.

So, let’s explore this beast for its features, performance, and suitability in a bit of detail.


The first eye-catching feature of Lenovo Legion 5 is its neat and compact design. Yeah, this laptop is design features an ergonomic build that’s easy to handle and duly portable.

Moreover, it is backed by AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor for efficient processing. Not only CPU but also GPU makes it an attractive grab now piece; yeah, it is equipped with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics Card GPU for a faster and highly professional graphic experience.

With help of its GPU and a wide 15.6” HD display, it caters to visual experience for up to 1920 X 1080 pixels resolution very smoothly and without any jitter in the place. Yeah, an IPS panel with a refresh rate of 144Hz helps it in rendering media in full HD resolution quality.

Talking about memory management, you get 16GB DDR4 RAM for memory processing and 512GB NVMe SSD (Solid State Drive) for efficient storage so that you get a prompt booting experience.

From an accessibility point of view, you get all essential accessibilities including SD Card Reader, USB 2.0 Port, 3 USB 3.1 Port, Audio Jack, VGA Port, HDMI Port and much more that you need usually in a laptop for streaming.

Moreover, some other interesting features include ColdFront 2.0 system that helps this streaming laptop to stay cool even during high-end tasks. Well, that’s their own invention for avoiding issues of overheating during streaming and other heavy tasks like gaming and photoshop graphic editing.

Lenovo Legion 5


By now, you should have an idea about what it could handle! Yeah, with help of state-of-the-art specifications and attention to minute details of hardware configuration, Lenovo succeeds in delivering something beyond expectation.

Our team also compared this model with Lenovo’s other laptops and the results are surprising. Yeah, it overtakes every laptop from not only Lenovo but also from other brands like Dell & Acer when it comes to performance.

Moreover, many might get shocked when we’ll state that for gaming its battery will stand out without a connection of adapter to a power outlet for up to 3 hours. And that too, for AAA rated games that sucks a lot of power for efficient graphic rendering. Also, for other ordinary tasks including streaming this laptop will support you without any power source if the battery is full for up to 5 constant hours. Yeah, battery backup isn’t a point of argument here, thanks to its high-end processing unit & memory combination.

Why Is It Better?

Well, it’s not an affordable laptop and we won’t say that it’s better because it’s cheap. But, we can’t even deny the fact that Lenovo is delivering more than what’s usually expected at this price point. Yeah, superior performance and highly reliable product that has succeeded in making its stand among some of the well-reputed gamers around the globe, makes it better than the rest.

Apart from that, if we talk about compatibility for streaming, then this laptop has each ideal spec included on its body which is required for high-end streaming tasks. And hence, it makes a good fit for the same.

Who is it ideal for?

Talking about its suitability, this laptop is ideal for gamers who like to spend their time on AAA games. Also, it’s ideal for streaming hobbyists and professionals who spend most of their time in front of a laptop for staying connected with the world through their live stream on youtube.

So yeah, if you need a laptop for regular streaming with decent screen size, superior hard drive, quality audio output, and other exceptional qualities then this laptop comes with all your expected specs and you could go for it without worrying. Yeah, it’ll cater to all your streaming needs with top notch performance in the place.

Pros & Cons


  • A high-end gaming laptop with superior performance caliber.
  • Highly reliable and trustworthy design & body build.
  • Marvelous memory management with NVMe SSD + SD RAM of 16 GB
  • AMD’s processor for utmost perfection in processing
  • In-house and flagship cooling system equipped on the device.
  • Battery backup is sufficient


  • A bit expensive for beginners in streaming field.

4. Acer Predator Helios 300 – A Perfect Performer

Touted as Amazon’s bestselling laptop, the Acer Predator Helios 300 is nothing short of a beast and is the best laptop for streaming heavy-duty games online with your viewers. The responsiveness of this laptop makes your live streams a lot more realistic and, at the moment, than any other in the market.


Although the device has undergone multiple upgrades over time, the latest version is designed to last. The Predator Helios 300 is equipped with a sleek and responsive 15.6” FHD widescreen LED-backlit display with 1080p screen resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and 3ms overdrive response to living every moment in the game and the stream.

The display is integrated with optimal color calibration and perfect for gamers who tend to stream first-person shooter games. Also, the 180W TPD is comparably a lot better than the other options available in the market. 

Weighing 4.85 pounds, the device is slightly on the bulky side. Not only does it allow you to experience smoother streaming performance, but you also get to witness optimal gaming performance, which is always a benefit. 

Apart from that, for the accessibility option, you gets USB 3.0 port along with SD Card Reader, VGA & HDMI port etc.

Well, we too agree that instead of USB 3.0 it’ll be really great if they’d have provided USB 3.2 for faster reading writing speed during file transfers.

Acer Predator Helios 300


This Acer’s is powered by the 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU with up to 6GB of dedicated graphics memory. Being integrated with a higher clock speed ensures smoother gaming performance for the live streamers. 

Also, pair the performance with 512GB SSD of storage with 16GB RAM and you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of storage or not having enough disc space to install games to your device for playing.

Well, if you’ll compare to their traditional productline named as Acer Aspire, then you’ll realize that it’s much better than Acer Aspire when it comes to performance.

Why is it better?

This Acer’s laptop is an OG gaming laptop, one that has been around for ages and tickled the minds of every advanced level gamer and live streamer. The best thing about this device is the reasonable price tag. Despite the high-end configuration, the device is priced under $1,400, which is pretty amazing.

Who is it ideal for?

The heavy-duty functions of this device make it an ideal choice for live streamers, advanced-level professional gamers, and even creative professionals who are into media editing and such.

Also, for law school students, engineering professionals & medical field people, this laptop is ideally a good fit in our opinion.


  • Highly responsive refresh rate
  • High-end dedicated graphics memory with additional HDD slot for expandable storage
  • Higher CPU clock speed
  • Adjustable and high-end thermal performance
  • Integrated with a varied range of I/O ports
  • 15.6 Full HD display catering to your visual needs.


  • The bulky and heavy design

5. Acer Nitro 5 – Best Laptop For Streaming Videos

We can’t stress this enough but if you are a beginner-level streaming enthusiast looking for a heavy-duty and high-performance gaming laptop for yourself to start with, the Acer Nitro 5 is your ideal pick. The value for money and high-end specifications are what make this device a winner on the list.


Despite the affordable pricing, this streaming capable laptop manages to reel in a stunning design and premium curved edges for a high-end value in a gaming laptop. Also, the backlit keyboard makes the device stand out from the rest of the options, enabling you to stream any time of the day without delays.

From enabling you to stream heavy-duty games like Tomb Raider and Far Cry to tackling graphics-intensive applications for video editing, this laptop takes care of all your needs. The 15.6” FHD display adds value to your streaming experience and further supports content creation as well.

Yeah, we all know that a laptop for streaming videos requires at least a full HD 1920 X 1080 resolution for smoother graphic and visual experience.

The only downside is the construction of the laptop. Weighing in at 5.06 pounds, this is not your typical portable gaming device. Also, the backlit keyboard in this device comes with a numeric panel for enhanced visibility. 

Pair that with a range of I/O ports including USB Type-A and Type-C ports and you have a winner here. Also, the keyboard features adequate spacing and comfortable depth for an easy typing experience, which is great too.

Acer Nitro 5


Coming round to the performance of this fabulous laptop, it is powered by the 9th Generation Intel Core i5-9300H processor with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU with 4GB of graphics storage.  

The combination of 256 GB SSD of storage with 8GB RAM is a downside, especially if you want to store offline games on your gaming laptops. However, you do get an expandable storage slot in the device, which is pretty great. 

Also, the Acer Cool Boost technology contributes to the superior performance of the device, thanks to the twin fans and dual exhaust ports. 

Well, according to our experts, they found this laptop similar to Asus ROG model in terms of performance and efficiency.

Why is it better?

The price bar is what makes this device the best you can get for live game streaming. From typical and standard games to the high-end graphics-oriented ones, there is a lot you can meddle around with. Yeah, all these superior specification details makes it an ideal laptop for watching movies in 4K.

Who is it ideal for?

Since this laptop lacks a good configuration in terms of storage and RAM, we’d ideally suggest this laptop for beginner live streamers only. 


  • Stunning design in an affordable price point
  • Optimal thermal management 
  • Integrated with a quad-core processor for higher clock speeds
  • Integrated with dedicated NVIDIA graphics
  • 15.6 Full HD Display for stunning visual experience.


  • Storage and memory options could be better
  • Fan creates whirring noises

6. ASUS TUF Gaming F17 Gaming Laptop – Latest Pick For Online Streaming

To live stream videos and indulge in online video games with high efficiency, you will require a laptop with powerful features and an outstanding display. ASUS TUF Gaming F17 Gaming Laptop is one such laptop that comes with brilliant display features, power-packed performance, and great storage capacity.


The gaming laptop comes with the widest display to make your live video streaming very impressive! It has a 17.3-inch Full HD display that is equipped with IPS technology to produce rich visuals. The refresh rate of the display is 144Hz. It supports 1920 x 1080 screen resolution.

You do not have to worry about the laptop’s durability as it is certified with MIL-STD-810H military standard construction. You can therefore carry it anywhere you go inside your backpack without worrying about harsh handles. It uses Windows 10 Home operating system.

ASUS TUF Gaming F17 Gaming Laptop


In terms of performance, expect stellar performance from this gaming laptop as it uses Intel Core i7-11800H Processor. We know how Intel Core i7 processors work! You can carry out multitasking with ease and live stream videos or games without any lags or delays. Along with the i7 processor, the laptop uses a GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card to produce quality visuals.

Concerning memory, the laptop comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB PCIe SSD storage capacity. You can store plenty of images and videos with this amount of storage. For efficient browsing, the laptop comes with Wi-Fi 6. This enables fast browsing and streaming of live videos without any buffer.

Why it’s better?

The laptop comes with a brilliant display size of 17.3-inch, which is very crucial to get the best experience while streaming videos. Apart from the large display, the laptop also comes with excellent storage and RAM and uses a powerful Intel Core i7 processor. This will help you carry out complex tasks effortlessly with great speed.

Who is it ideal for?

The laptop is ideal for people who are looking for a high-end and powerful laptop to live stream videos and carry out other intensive tasks. As the price range of this laptop is quite high, it is not for those who want a budget-friendly laptop.


  • Fast processor with the best graphics card
  • Excellent amount of RAM and SSD storage
  • Military standard construction ensures good durability
  • Large display with Full HD feature
  • Comes with multiple ports for data transfer


  • Not a budget-friendly laptop
  • No touchscreen display

7. LG Gram Laptop – A Budget Friendly Laptop For Streaming

If you are particular about investing in a streaming laptop that would sustain your work for longer periods with decent battery life, the LG Gram is the best option. This mid-range laptop features a stunning build quality and highly responsive performance, something that you wouldn’t regret splurging out on.


The LG Gram features a thin bezel, heavy-duty construction with a 14-inch FHD display that you can make the most use out of. From stunning displays to clear visuals while live NetFlix streaming, your audience wouldn’t have to complain about glitches or delay anymore.

The device is equipped with an IPS-grade screen that offers optimal color reproduction with a suited dynamic range that is perfect for streaming games, movies, and videos like it’s no one’s business.

Well, its screen features an anti glare facility. And in case you don’t know about Anti Glare displays then it helps in obtaining crisp clear graphics and visuals even in bright areas.

The primary highlight of this device is the battery life. Even with consistent streaming and gaming performance, the 72Wh battery offers up to 15 hours of battery life, which is perfect for professional live streamers. It can even last up to 22.2 hours with general usage.

LG Gram Laptop


As for the performance and efficiency of this device, you get the Intel 10th Gen Core i5 processor with Intel UHD Graphics for optimal efficiency. The processor is backed with Turbo Booster technology for heightened efficiency and unmatched user experience as well. Also, the quad-core processor makes this an ideal device for seamless multitasking.

The lack of a dedicated GPU does reflect on the final streaming results but with the kind of price point it comes with, you can’t complain a whole lot. You can also attach an external monitor up to 4K resolution with the device, which is again a positive aspect of this product.

Apart from that, this laptop comes with an operating system installed on it. Yeah, you don’t need to buy a licence separately for an operating system when you buy this laptop.

Why is it better?

One of the most common issues that live streamers face is battery life. The LG Gram resolves that issue only. So, if you are into professional live twitch streaming and want a device that doesn’t need to be plugged in every few hours, this is your safest bet.

Also, we’d like to point your attention towards one thing that, for streaming, you don’t need an intel core i9 processor; yeah, having latest-gen intel core i7 or even intel core i5 processor is more than sufficient, if you’re looking for a streaming laptop.

Who is it ideal for?

This device is ideal for users on the go who generally won’t have direct or frequent access to power outlets to recharge their device now and then. Well, yeah, this is a perfect fit for people who travel often like someone looking for a laptop in real estate business or investing agents and so on.


  • Quad-core processor with Turbo Boost technology
  • Thin, lightweight, and portable design
  • Long-lasting battery life up to 22.5 hours
  • The responsive and vibrant display panel


  • Lacks dedicated graphics card slot

8. HP 17z Laptop – Best Large Screen Laptop for Streaming Videos

When you are planning on buying a laptop for live streaming video content, one of the first things that you are probably going to consider is the camera, and the second major thing is the screen size and display quality. While we have focused on a number of laptops here which have a pretty good web camera, let us now take a closer look at this laptop which comes with a rather large display; one that gives you a very vivid and high quality visual output. 


The first thing that one obviously notices about this laptop is the screen. At 17.3 inches – this is much larger than what you would see in most other laptops. This is an HD+ (1600 x 900) SVA Anti-Glare WLED-backlit Display which gives you a very large area for live streaming. You can share your screen with ease and observe every bit of information that is going off it. 

Besides that, the laptop offers an AMD Athlon Gold 3150U processor, which runs at 2.4 GHz, but can be boosted up to 3.3 GHz if need be. You get a standard AMD Radeon Graphics GPU alongside the processor. Accompanying that is 16 GB of RAM along with 512 GB of SSD storage. The laptop runs on Windows 10 Home OS, and is likely to eventually get an upgrade to Windows 11, the latest version of the Windows OS. 

If you are looking for something that’s a little more power-packed than what this laptop has to offer, you might want to take a look at some other variants which provide up to 32 GB RAM with 2 TB of storage space.Furthermore, when it comes to connectivity options, this laptop does feature a lot of them, which is quite a relief. On both the sides, you can find a large number of ports. There’s one SuperSpeed USB Type-C port which offers a signaling rate of up to 5Gbps. Then there are two SuperSpeed USB Type-A ports, an HDMI 1.4b port, and one 3.5mm port for headphone/mic. Lastly, this laptop also comes with a free mousepad from PCOnline365.

HP 17z Laptop


Performance-wise, this laptop delivers on all fronts. First of all, when it comes to streaming, you’ve got a webcam with an integrated digital microphone built into it. This means that if you are planning on using this laptop for streaming, you’ve got the complete setup. A decent web camera along with a large display. This ticks both the boxes. If you plan to use some software to stream your video, you can easily install and run it as it comes with a decent processor along with 16GB of RAM. It also helps that this laptop features 512 GB of storage space where you can easily store all your software and files. 

The camera performance here is also pretty good, which is another important part of any laptop that you intend to use for live streaming content. One more thing that really stood out in the case of this laptop from HP is the kind of sound quality that it delivers. While we have observed that HP laptops are generally better sounding than other laptops, this one takes it one step forward. If you want to check out a video that you have edited, you can hear your sound in a crystal clear way. The microphone performance is somewhat dicy, and we recommend you add a separate mic for your audio input. 

Why is it better?

When it comes to comparing this with other laptops and devices that offer similar specs, the biggest thing that truly sets the HP 17z apart from them is the screen. The large canvas allows you to view things in a better manner – and be able to access more data. While you are streaming stuff off your screen, it is always recommended to have a large screen – and laptops really don’t get any larger than 17.3 inches. This is the key USP of this device from HP – and what makes it one of the best laptops for live streaming videos. 

Who is it ideal for?

This laptop is ideal for anyone who needs a large display and some decent specs on the back end. 16 gigs of RAM and 512 GB of storage space, along with a large display gives you the space to do a lot of things – from streaming (the primary purpose of this article), to gaming, graphic design, video editing, etc. Basically, anything for which you might need a large screen laptop for. 


  • Decent quality web camera with a built-in microphone
  • Lots of high-speed connectivity options
  • 17.3 inch large display gives you a big screen to work on
  • SSD storage makes things faster 
  • Free mouse pad with the laptop


  • Built in microphone isn’t that great, you might require to use an external mic for better quality

9. Dell G5 Gaming Laptop – People’s Choice

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For the users looking for an affordable yet high-quality gaming laptop for live streaming, the Dell G5 Gaming Laptop is an ideal choice. Not only do you get the reliability of a brand like Dell, but the configurations in the laptop also make it an ideal choice for a smoother and streamlined user experience.


This low-key yet high-end gaming laptop from Dell is everything you need for a seamless streaming experience without delays. If you are into streaming live sports and other major life events, this device can be your ideal support system.

The device is equipped with a standard yet stunning 15.6” FHD display with 1080p screen resolution and 120Hz refresh rate for superior streaming capabilities and crisp video clarity. The lower refresh rate might hinder the quality of heavy-duty games but does get the work done with standard UHD streaming.

The best thing about this gaming laptop is that it’s integrated with a durable battery that can last for up to 6 hours easily. Also, it weighs around 5.18 pounds, which is slightly disappointing for streamers that prefer lightweight and portable laptops.


Coming to the performance of the Dell G5, you wouldn’t have to compromise on that front and Dell has taken care of that for you. The device is powered by the 10th Gen. Intel Core i7-10750H processor with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with 6GB dedicated graphics storage.

So, if you are one of those live streamers that meddle around with higher graphics settings, you wouldn’t have to complain about the same with this one. Not just the heavy-duty games like PubG and Fortnite, the Dell G5 is designed to run other graphics-intensive games too. 

The 1TB SSD of storage with 32GB RAM further propels efficient offline media storage and effortless live youtube streaming results.

Why is it better?

Compared to all the other devices on the list, the Dell G5 is one of the cheapest in the lot. However, despite the low price range, the laptop manages to integrate all the latest features and functions that a live streamer would need for an efficient user experience, which is pretty promising.

Who is it ideal for?

As said, this streaming gaming device is ideal for users who are working on a budget and don’t want to splurge out $2000 or $3000 on a single laptop.


  • Stylish and premium design
  • Integrated with higher refresh rate for enhanced frame rates
  • Responsive and tactile keyboard
  • Expansive trackpad design for superior navigation


  • Battery life is subpar
No products found.

FAQs – Best Laptops For 4K Video Streaming

1. Is it good to live stream using a laptop?

Yes, even laptops nowadays are configured with the latest and high-end features that enable seamless streaming on twitch without any glitches.

2. Is MacBook ideal for live video streaming?

While it is a good enough device for streaming, it isn’t an ideal one, especially if you are a professional gaming streamer with a larger audience base.

3. Can one live stream with the stock web camera?

Most of the stock web cameras in laptops nowadays are integrated with 720p camera quality, so you do have the option to stream directly via that camera. However, if we had to suggest, we’d recommend choosing a high-definition external camera for superior visuals while doing streaming.

4. Is It Necessary to have 15.6″ Display For Streaming?

Well, it depends, because a 13″ retina display is more effective compared to a 17″ HD display. yeah, ideally it’s not about display sizing, it’s about resolution and the system that supports the pixel rendering mechanism. However, in general, we prefer 15.6″ display for streaming as it’s both; compact and visible for the user.

5. What are the two most important things that one needs to keep in mind while buying the best live streaming laptop?

When you head out to buy a laptop for live streaming purposes, we recommend you to check out the screen size and the webcam quality. These are the two things that really matter the most for someone who wants to live stream their content. Having a large screen gives you a bigger, broader, canvas to work on and having a good quality camera is extremely important because your entire output ultimately depends on that. If you aren’t really satisfied with the kind of visuals you are getting from your built-in camera, we suggest you go for an external camera. 

6. Where can I buy the best live streaming laptops?

Live streaming laptops, as we mentioned earlier, need only two things – a good camera and a good screen. You can find many of these across any store that sells computers in the US. However, for the sheer number of options that you can get, and for a better set of deals and discounts, and for a relaxed returns policy, we recommend you go for the Amazon web store. For your ease, we have linked all our laptops with their respective Amazon pages so that you can have them bought in just a couple of clicks! 

7. Can I use inexpensive laptops for streaming?

As long as you have a decent-sized display and a good quality camera, yes, you can use inexpensive laptops for streaming as well. There are some really expensive laptops that don’t have a good camera and there are some really inexpensive ones out there which come with a high-quality webcam. However, a great streaming setup really doesn’t cost you too much in the monetary terms. 

8. How much do live streaming laptops generally cost?

A live streaming laptop can be priced as low as under $400 but there is no upper limit to it – the most expensive ones are easily north of $2500. If you just want to stream your content raw, you can go for those on the lower ranges. However, you will have to invest a little bit of money if you are planning on buying a laptop on which you can edit your videos as well. On an average, you will need to spend somewhere between $500 to $700 to get your hands on a decent device that will continue to perform well over a longer period.


If we had to pick our favorite among the list, we’d suggest you stick to the Acer Predator Helios 300. This device is nothing short of a beast, something that you can use for media streaming your favorite games or videos or even use for the content creation process. So, not only do you have access to a internet video streaming device, you have access to a versatile option that you can make the most use out of.

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