Best Laptops For Engineering Students & Engineers In 2022

Engineering is an intense course to be studying at college, so you need an intense laptop to compliment your course.

From lengthy assignments to complex apps your laptop needs to have large storage, run smoothly, and preferable be lightweight with a long battery life.

Below is our list of hand-picked laptops, perfect for those studying engineering as we understand the specs you’ll need when purchasing a laptop. A basic model just wont do the trick.

Don’t be fooled by the words ‘gaming laptop’ this just means they have strong processors and powerful storage, they can be used by engineering students, not just gamers.

Best Laptops for Engineering Students in 2022

1. Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop

Amazing power and portability, perfect for any engineering student needing their laptop on the go, but working fast and hard. This laptop provides incredibly fast visual experiences, so it can keep up with whatever college work you need to do. It has a whopping 512gbs of storage so no matter how many assignments are thrown your way, your laptop will be able to handle it without the need of a hard drive.

Ultra Small

This laptop is incredibly compact, making it portable with no compromise on it’s ability to perform. We understand college bags are already heavy, so adding a compact, yet powerful laptop into your backpack is the go to for any engineering student.

Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop

Memory and storage

This laptop comes with plenty of memory and storage, meaning no assignment is too big to get done on your laptop. It has a fast 2933MHz RAM as well as 512gb of storage. But is this isn’t enough not to worry. You can easily add more storage with the open M.2 slot for easy upgrade.

Ultimate performance

This laptop brings the ultimate performance with it’s processor. This processor has up to 5.0 GHz Turbo Boost to ensure you have ultimate performance no matter what you’re doing. Engineering students tend to need to run complex programs, and this can be achieved with ease and no lag time with a high quality processor.

All in all, if you want to thrive a satisfying career in engineering field then this laptop will prove itself one of the best companion during your journey. And, that’s the reason we’ve considered it as our editor’s pick choice for one of the best laptops suitable to engineering college students out there.

Key Features
  • Ultimate performance to keep up with complex engineering programs.
  • High frame rate with more frames for incredible performance
  • Thin and compact, this laptop wont take up much room in your backpack
  • Full loaded with WiFi connectivity, and multiple ports for external devices
  • Customizable backlight colouring of your keyboard to personalise your laptop to your tastes.
  • Large memory and storage for keeping all important documents on your device


  • Brand – Happy Ranger
  • Weight – 8.75 pounds
  • Size – 13.98 x 0.78 x 9.25 inches
  • Model – RZ09-03286E22-R3U1


  • 15.6 inch screen to make split screening work for assignments simple
  • Thin and compact to easy fit in your backpack
  • Multiple ports to connect external devices
  • Customizable backlit keyboard to match your style
  • Ultimate performance processor
  • High amount of memory and storage with the ability to easily upgrade if more is needed, especially as the college year goes on.


  • Not as many ports as other laptops

2. Dell XPS 15 7590 Laptop 15.6 Inch 4K

An incredibly powerful laptop with 9th gen intel core processor to ensure no matter what project you’re working on your laptop can power it. As well as large memory and storage space, your documents will load quickly, with the ability to store lots of them. This may eliminate the need of bringing extra hard drives to collage, as it can all be stored directly onto your laptop.

Slim and lightweight

This laptop is thin and lightweight, meaning it won’t weigh your backpack down. The weight of this laptop doesn’t compromise it’s screen size with an impressive 15 inch screen you’ll be able to get all your engineering work done with plenty of room. Weighing in at only 4 pounds, this laptop rates at one of the lightest 15 inch laptops on the market.

Dell XPS 15 7590 Laptop 15.6 Inch 4K

Bright screen

This laptop has the ability to create deep contrast in all it’s visuals. Giving the option for self-lighting pixels which can be switched on or off depending if that extra kick is needed. The visual are more true to life with darks being more dark that competing laptops. Perfect for complex engineering work where every detail needs to be seen.

Large memory and storage

16gb of memory and 256gb of storage this guarantees you laptop to run fast and be able to hold many documents and important apps. High response rate from the large memory means no lagging no matter how big the project is that you’re working on. This laptop also boots and resumes within seconds, meaning you can get back to what you’re doing faster, no unnecessary waiting time while your laptop starts back up

Key Features
  • Powerhouse performance to ensure you never miss a deadline
  • Extreme darks and bright wights with the self lighting pixel display options
  • Slim and lightweight design so you don’t hurt your back lugging everything to class
  • Advanced Wifi technology to ensure your connection is strong, whether you’re connecting to your collage timeline or downloading engineering apps
  • Large storage space to ensure you have room for all your papers.


  • Brand – Dell
  • Weight – 5.51 pounds
  • Size – 9.27 x 14.06 x 0.66 inches
  • Model – XPS6590-7572SLV-PUS


  • Lightweight, perfect for college students who already have lots of textbooks to carry
  • Large storage space to minimize the need for external hard drives
  • Strong wifi connectivity to ensure you stay connected as long as you need
  • Extreme colour contrast to ensure your visuals are as life like as possible
  • Great audio, perfect for watching movies in your downtime
  • Touchscreen abilities


  • Not a long battery life, may need to carry charger to class with you

3. ASUS – ROG Zephyrus G14 14 inch

Whilst this laptop is a gaming laptop, that shouldn’t put you off it just because you’re an engineering student, let us explain. The 16GB system memory allows for intense multitasking as well as the Ryzen 9 processor allowing for heavy, smooth graphics. All of this is represented with high quality visuals making it the perfect laptop for engineering students who need that high end processor.

Light and fast

Not only is this laptop fast with it’s Ryzen 9 processor, I’ts also extremely lightweight. If you’re in collage studying engineering you probably don’t want to add another heavy item to your already heavy backpack, this laptop will fit in nicely, and lightly. Your laptop doesn’t have to be heavy and bulky to be fast and efficient.

ASUS – ROG Zephyrus G14 14 inch

Fast Rendering

This laptop has ultra fast performance, meanings theres no lagging and long rendering times. No matter how big your workload is this laptop will be able to handle it. It can keep up with every complex app and sleepless assignment nights. Work worry free knowing you wont encounter delays.

Lots of ports

This laptop comes with lots of ports, so if you need to attach external hard drives, or connect to another monitor then no worries. All can be achieved through this laptop. From HDMI to USB to headphones, you’ll be able to effortlessly connect

Key Features
  • 14 inch screen with full HD display to ensure you can catch every detail in every complex app
  • Intense multitasking thanks to the 16GB system memory
  • Lightweight to ensure your backpack isn’t being weighed down more than it already is
  • Quad speakers for great audio, perfect for class video calls
  • Available in multiple shades and incredible sleek and stylish
  • Up to 10.7 hours of battery life
  • Supports type-c charging
  • Secure login with fingerprint analysis


  • Brand – ASUS
  • Weight – 3.64 pounds
  • Size – 12.8 x 8.7 x 0.7 inches
  • Model – GA401IV-BR9N6


  • Lightweight, perfect for engineering students
  • Available in multiple shades, from dark to light
  • Long battery life meaning you can go to class without the need to bring your charger
  • 14 inch screen with full hd display
  • Security logins, can log in using your fingerprint
  • Large amounts of memory and storage
  • Comfortable keyboard for easy typing, perfect for large assignment writing.


  • No webcam, you’ll need to attach something separate if you want to use this laptop to video call.

4. HP 15 Laptop Notebook

The best display features with a high-speed processor make this laptop a perfect choice for engineering students. The i7 processor in the laptop will enable efficient multitasking and hardcore activities can be carried out with ease. It’s hard to spot a laptop with storage as amazing as in this one, at a reasonable price. The 32 GB RAM will help you perform every activity without any lags or delays.

Fast processor

The laptop comes with an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor to make your engineering life much easier. You can carry out even complex activities with ease using this processor, as i7 is one of the fastest processors in the market. The laptop has the potential to run any hard-core engineering software as it uses a powerful i7 processor.

HP 15 Laptop Notebook

High storage capacity 

The storage capacity of this laptop will let you store numerous heavy files and software and run them smoothly. It comes with 32 GB DDR4 RAM and 1 TB PCIe SSD storage space. With this storage capacity, you will not even need an extra hard drive to save files or documents.

Additional Features

Apart from providing excellent storage capacity and powerful performance, the laptop also excels in additional features like a fingerprint reader for security, a webcam for video calling, touchscreen facilities, and a backlit keyboard. These features make it one of the best laptops in the market for students and professionals alike.

Key Features
  • Wide 15.6 inch Full HD screen with touchscreen facility to enable easy navigation
  • Uses the fastest processor to provide no lags or delays while handling complex tasks
  • Premium quality built with stylish design to suit the likes of engineering students
  • Comes with multiple ports and a Wi-Fi 6 facility to support fast data transfers and internet browsing
  • Brilliant storage capacity to cater to the storage requirements of students, eliminating the need for a hard drive
  • Has a fingerprint reader and backlit keyboard. A fingerprint reader serves as a security feature to protect your private data and files


  • Brand – HP
  • Weight – 3.75 pounds
  • Size – ‎14.11 x 9.53 x 0.71 inches
  • Model – ‎15t-dy200


  • Touchscreen features with a wide 15.6 inches Full HD screen make it easy for students to view files
  • The fingerprint reader can help both students and professionals protect confidential files
  • Lightweight laptop with premium quality built and stylish look will attract engineering students
  • Comes with the backlit keyboard to help you carry out activities even during the night
  • Fast i7 processor will help students perform engineering related complex activities easily without the laptop hanging
  • High RAM and storage will be the best option to install and use numerous academic apps and software
  • Comes from a reputed brand and hence you can place your trust on durability and reliability


  • Price is slightly costly

5. Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop, 9th Gen Intel Core

No matter how big the project is you’re working on, this laptop can handle it. With 9th gen intel core CPU and high performance NVIDIA. With built in fans and acer coolboost there’s no need to worry about working so hard you overheat your laptop, this Acer Nitro is preopared for the hard work. The large 15.6 inch screen allows for plenty of room to watch your lectures and do your readings.

Built in Alexa

With Alexa built into your laptop, you can get things done hands free. If you’re studying in your room you can tell Alexa to set a timer for you so you know how to work before it’s time for a break. Or chill out from all the hard work and ask Alexa to play your favourite song.

Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop, 9th Gen Intel Core

Backlit keyboard

Spice up night time study with the red backlit keyboard. The stunning red glow from every key allows you to see exactly what you’re typing no matter how dark your room is. The keys feel good against your fingers and are placed with a travel distance of 1.6mm for ultimate typing speed. Finish your essays in no time.

Self cooling

This laptop has self cooling abilities. We know some of the programs you’re going to need to run as an engineering student can take a toll on your laptop, but this one is prepared to take the heat. This laptop has the ability to cool itself down with it’s built in twin fans and Acer Coolboost, so no matter how heavy your workload gets, it can handle it.

Key Features
  • 15.6 inch screen to see everything you need to see
  • 256gb of memory so you can store all important school files needed
  • Backlit keyboard for ease of typing in the dark (a bright fun red color)
  • Self cooling, no matter how intense your workload gets this laptop can keep up
  • Powerful processor so your laptop is always running fast
  • Great audio giving an immersive experience, dive deep into your projects.
  • Built in Alexa for hands free commands such as timer setting and music control


  • Brand – Acer
  • Weight – 5.07 pounds
  • Size – 14.31 x 10.04 x 0.96 inches
  • Model – AN515-54-5812


  • Sleek design, will look good on any desk
  • Ultra fast processor and large memory
  • Backlit keyboard for late night assignment writing
  • Self cooling, no matter how big your complex apps are, it can handle it
  • Built in Alexa for hands free commands
  • Wide screen of 15.6 inches
  • Great audio, perfect for relaxing with a movie and video calling professors


  • The trackpad can be sensitive, you may need to invest in a mouse

6. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 12.3 inch touchscreen

This is an adaptable laptop, perfect for on the go. Whether you’re in class or on work experience the surface pro can interchange between laptop and tablet. If you’re more of a note taker, then the included pen and touch screen will make it feel like your writing in a book. With up to 10.5 hours of battery life this is the perfect laptop for on the go. If you can’t decide between a laptop or a tablet for your studies, than get the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and have the best of both worlds.

Next gen power

Can run like a tablet, but as powerful as a laptop. With an intel core processor, as good as what you’ll find on other laptops it runs fast and hard. This laptop also has instant on feature, meaning there’s no wait time to start taking notes in your lecture.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 12.3 inch touchscreen

All day battery

With a battery life of up to 10.5 hours you can be confident leaving your charger at home and not taking up any extra space in your backpack. Stay powered on all throughout class and recharge at night ready for another jam packed day tomorrow.


This laptop is touchscreen, meaning you don’t need to use a mouse or trackpad to open what you want to open, just tap the screen. Access apps fast and on the go whether your laptop is set to laptop mode or tablet mode. Perfect for busy students who are travelling on buses and waiting for classes.

Key Features
  • Interchangeable from laptop to tablet
  • 10th gen intel core processor for fast loading and no buffering
  • Thin and incredibly lightweight, perfect for the student on the go
  • All day battery life of up to 10.5 hours
  • Choice of keyboard colours to match your style
  • Instant on graphics to ensure your screen is always running at high quality
  • 128gb of memory to store all your assignments on your laptop without neededing a external device
  • Bluetooth capabilities


  • Brand – Windows
  • Weight – 1.1 pounds
  • Size – 12.8 x 2.68 x 9.21 inches
  • Model – QWU-00001


  • Incredibly lightweight weighing in at only 1 pound, you wont be weighing your backpack down
  • Convertible from laptop to tablet for ultimate creativity when doing assignments
  • Long battery life, leave the house with confidence without your charger
  • Fast processor and large storage space
  • USB ports to connect to displays when needed
  • Touchscreen, open apps with the press of a finger, no trackpad or mouse needed.


  • Battery life can shorten over time

7. Microsoft Surface Book 3 – 15 inch touch screen

The laptop built for performance. Running fast you can work on intensive tasks and run complex apps. An impressive 15 inch screen which can be used as a laptop or a tablet. Take the entire get up to collage with you or just pop the tablet in your bad to save space.

Everything a laptop can do

Plug your tablet/laptop into the surface dock 2 to transform it into an efficient desktop. The dock provides abilities to charge as well as connect external devices to your Microsoft surface. Everything a desktop can do, except you turn this one into a tablet whenever convenient.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 – 15 inch touch screen

Different Modes

Change up your Microsoft Surface Book depending on what you need it for. Have it in laptop mode for fast typing and assignment writing, turn it into studio mode for detailed engineering design work or lastly turn it into tablet mode for a more relaxed, easy and portable experience

Backlit keyboard

The keyboard may be detachable, but that doesn’t make it any less than one attached to a laptop. This keyboard is still backlit, providing easy typing in dark rooms. With every key lit up you wont need to get up to turn the light on when you study through the night.

Key Features
  • Incredibly powerful with a 10th gen intel core processor
  • Fast graphics to keep up with every complex app
  • Insane battery life of up to 17.5 hours, plus standby mode if you need that extra push of life until you get back to your charger
  • Convertible, from laptop to tablet
  • Powerful speakers for any class video calls
  • USB and full sized card slots built in
  • Large 15 inch screen


  • Brand – Microsoft
  • Weight – 4.2 pounds
  • Size – 13.5 x 0.9 x 9.87
  • model – SLZ-00001


  • Detachable tablet for easy portability and lectures on the go\
  • Insane battery life of up to 17.5 hours, leave your charger at home with confidence
  • Fast graphics and powerful processor to keep up with all your complex engineering work
  • Backlit keyboard for easy typing no matter the lighting
  • Large 15 inch screen
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Lightweight and portable


  • No thunderbolt 3 port

8. Dell XPS7390 13 inch InfinityEdge touchscreen laptop

Don’t let the size fool you. At a portable 13 inches, this laptop still packs a punch. It has a 10th gen intel processor while still being 8% thinner than other laptops. This laptop is engineered for performance, small but mighty with a staggering battery power of up to 17 hours.

Long battery life

Incredible battery life of up to 16 hours and 58 minutes when running productivity apps such as word, perfect for writing those long essays. The battery will also last up to 10 hours and 22 minutes when using apps like Netflix, perfect for a study break.

Dell XPS7390 13 inch InfinityEdge touchscreen laptop


Extra security when it comes to logging into your laptop. You are your own password. No one other than you can get into your laptop as the power button is also a fingerprint reader, meaning you can log in with just a touch, while keeping everybody else out.

Ports galore

You won’t be short of any ports with this laptop, with 9 different ports ranging from SD card readers to USB ports, no matter what you need to plug in you’ll have it with this laptop. No worries if you’re project is so large it needs to be run on an external hard drive, just plug it in and get to work.

Key Features
  • Incredibly thin and very portable, perfect for slotting in your backpack to take to college
  • 13 inch screen yet incredibly powerful
  • Fast memory and 168gb worth of storage
  • Dual fans to cool your laptop down to avoid any overheating
  • Fingerprint recognition for log in security
  • Built in camera, perfect for classroom video calls
  • Plenty of ports to keep you plugged in no matter what you need


  • Brand – Dell
  • Weight – 2.7 pounds
  • Size – 11.7 x 8.2 x 0.5 inches
  • Model – R8-CFVU-AFAU


  • Small and lightweight, perfect for the backpack of any engineering student
  • Secure logging in, no one else in your class can gain access
  • High quality webcam for any class video calls
  • Voice activated, control playlists by just saying the word
  • Dual fans to stop your laptop overheating
  • Clean and sleek design
  • Incredible processor, storage and strength.


  • Cooling fans can be noisy at times

9. Asus ZenBook 13 inch ultra slim laptop

Portable, thin and light, and very compact while still including everything you need and being powerful. Perfect for any engineering student as it will slot into your backpack with ease while still delivering everything you need for a successful and productive day at school.

Noise-canceling technology

This laptop has noise cancelling technology, by machine listening it is able to isolate and get rid of any unwanted noise from human speech to ensure communication is well heard. Whether you’re watching a lecture or video calling with your professor, you will hear everything being said.

Asus ZenBook 13 inch ultra slim laptop

Extreme battery life

With up to 22 hours of battery life, you can leave your charger at home with confidence, knowing you will return with a laptop still turned on. To go along with this extreme battery life, it also has a fast charge feature, meaning it can be charged from 0 to 60% battery in only 40 minutes.

ErgoLife hinge

This laptop has a precision engineered hinge, this lifts the edge of your laptop slightly, resulting in the keyboard being in the optimum typing angle. So you can write those thousand word essays with ease and comfort.

Key Features
  • Military grade durable, if it falls of your desk, it’ll be fine.
  • The hinge will lift the keyboard to the optimum typing height for comfort and speed
  • Ergonomic keyboard to compliment the life
  • Thin, portable and lightweight yet still providing the most important ports
  • Large screen with limited borders to maximise what you’re seeing
  • Noise cancelling technology to hear everything your professor says


  • Brand – ASUS
  • Weight – 2.6 pounds
  • Size – 12 x 8 x 0.55 inches
  • Model – UX325JA-AB51


  • Easily multitask between devices with the Asus app
  • Ergonomic keyboard paired with an ErgoLift hinge to make typing fast and comfortable.
  • Military grade durable to withstand the drop from your desk to your floor
  • Thin, lightweight and portable, perfect for already heavy backpacks
  • Extreme battery life of up to 22 hours from fully charged
  • Noise cancelling technology to make video calls a breeze


  • No headphone jack for private listening

10. Lenovo Thinkpad T15

Lenovo’s Thinkpad series of laptops are just the perfect ‘everything’ device. They are a great device to use at home, they’re a great device for regular office goers, they can also double-up as gaming laptops, and they also make for some of the best laptops for engineering students and engineers! These laptops offer a powerful combination of specs, as well as a very durable exterior – which is really great for students as well as working professionals! 

Powerful RAM/Storage/Processor Combo

This laptop packs in an Intel Core i5, and before you begin wondering if it compares up to i7 machines, do keep in mind that this is an 11th-generation i5 laptop, which makes it one of the most powerful i5 devices, comparable to sixth or seventh generation i7 laptops. The processor is great and does not heat up even upon prolonged usage. This makes it particularly useful for engineers who might want to run modeling software or render large files. Even if you need to code on this laptop, this is a pretty good option.

Furthermore, the Lenovo Thinkpad T15 comes with 512GB of storage space, along with 16GB of RAM. These RAM/storage specs are also quite impressive, and they make for a great laptop for anyone who is looking forward to running power-intensive software which needs a large RAM.

Lenovo Thinkpad T15

Great Display

Engineers often work with models and modelling software, and one thing that you need is a good screen for a great output. This laptop from Lenovo comes with a decent 15.6 inch FHD IPS display, which offers a resolution of 1920×1080 and a brightness up to 300 nits. It provides a viewing angle of 170 degrees. The display used here is an anti-glare display, which makes sure that the engineers can use it when working on-field in an outdoors environment. In addition to that, the colors that you get here are also pretty vibrant, which is an added benefit. 


The laptop runs on Windows 10 Pro, and comes with 2 x Thunderbolt USB4 ports, 2 USB-3.2 ports, and 1 HDMI port. The laptop also supports rapid charging, and can charge up to 80% in an hour! There are a lot of connectivity options available to the users here, including WiFi 6 connectivity standards and an RJ-45 port. There’s a three-year warranty on the laptop, which is pretty cool.

Summing up, this laptop has got a little something for all users, but is particularly of good use to engineers, who can use this to run all their power-intensive software and compile their code in it. It is also a great laptop for outdoor usage. 

Key Features
  • Bright display, great for outdoor usage 
  • Latest 11th gen Intel Core i5 processor
  • Lots of connectivity options, including the latest WiFi 6 standards
  • Battery supports rapid charging  
  • 3-year warranty period


  • Brand: Lenovo
  • Weight: 4.01 lbs
  • Size: 14.4 x 9.8 x 0.8 inches
  • Model: Thinkpad T15


  • Does not heat up 
  • Multifunctional laptop – can be used for home, office or for gaming
  • Great display for viewing content   
  • Longer warranty period than many other brands
  • Rapid charging can charge up to 80% battery in an hour


  • The speakers need real improvement and could be louder

11. Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Extreme 2nd Gen

Extreme power with extreme possibilities, this lightweight powerhouse laptop with up to 14 hours of battery life is perfect for the busy engineering student. Carry it in your backpack with too much added weight and confidently study all day without needing to worry about finding a charging station.

Battery Life

This laptop comes with extreme battery life of up to 14 hours, meaning no matter how long your study session is, this laptop should last the length. To accompany the long battery life this laptop also has rapid charging technology so when it does come time to charge, it doesn’t take long before you can use it on the go again.

Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Extreme 2nd Gen

Multiple display options

This laptop has the ability to switch display options. You can choose between bright FHD IPS HDR display, or bring true color to life with the 4K OLED touch screen/ No matter your project there is a screen setting for you, from assignment writing to diving deep into the complex engineering apps.

Multiple Monitors

This laptop has the ability to connect and work with up to 4 separate monitors, meaning no matter how big the job you can connect up the screen space. Stay productive and in the zone with glance technology, so your curser will automatically change to the appropriate screen depending on where you’re looking.

Key Features
  • Multiple monitor support to connect as many screens as you need for those big projects
  • 14 hours of battery last and rapid charging so your laptop is always ready to be on the go
  • Multiple screen resolutions to fit what you need, from assignment writing to complex designing
  • Office assist with Cortana Premium, just ask your questions no need to open a google page
  • Light and thin, perfect for your backpack
  • Multiple ports to connect multiple external devices


  • Brand – Lenovo
  • Weight – 3.76 pounds
  • Size – 14.2 x 9.7 x 0.7 inches
  • Model – X1 Extreme 2nd Gen


  • Long lasting battery life with rapid charging for a quick top up
  • High performance processor
  • Glance technology to move your cursor to where your eyes are looking
  • Multiple ports for easy connection of external devices
  • Office assistant for hands free voice control
  • Different screen resolutions to fit what you’re doing


  • Audio is not very strong

Amazing secondary features on your laptop for engineering students

In terms of features on your laptop for your engineering course, you’re going to want something with a fast processor and large memory. While these are all pros of the above mentioned laptops there are smaller features many of these laptops also have which will make your schooling easier.

If your programs you need are so large they’re going to take up the majority of your storage, ensure your laptop has plenty of ports to plug in external hard drives. Back up drives are also a good idea as you don’t want to lose hours worth of assignments if your laptop does happen to break down.

Most of these laptops come with impressive battery life, meaning you can charge it up overnight and leave your charger at home with confidence when you take it to class with you the next day.

Design elements of your laptop for engineering students

Every laptop is designed slightly different but they all have the end goal of increasing your productivity.

Some are able to remove from the keyboard and turn into a laptop which others are specifically designed to have the keyboard titled to the perfect typing angle.

Most of these laptops are thing and lightweight, perfect for the engineering student who already has a heavy backpack. Slot it in with your books or carry it under your arm with ease.

Specs are more important when it comes to laptops than your colour. Most of these laptops come in sleek shades, like space gray and matte black. Chances are you won’t be getting a sky blue laptop with the graphics and processor you’re after as an engineering student.

You can have some fun with backlit keyboards though, some have changeable colours while others are a bright red!

How to select the right laptop for your engineering course

Every engineering course is different and comes with a different workload, but we understand that no engineering course is easy and you’ll want a laptop that can keep up with all your hard work, assignments and all the complex apps you’ll be using during your time studying at college.

We would recommend getting a laptop with a decent amount of storage, as having to carry around different hard drives to plug in every time you want to save something can get repetitive and frustrating, let along fill up your bag with extra unneeded equipment.

Think about where you’ll be using your laptop, if you’ll be in a classroom with easy access to power, battery life may not be a concern, but if you’ll be out learning on the job with power less accessible then you probably want a laptop with a long battery life so you can stay charged and ready at all times.

Does your class have online lectures and do you need to appear in zoom calls? If so, you’ll want a laptop with a built in webcam to make this easy.

Are you a night owl and get your best studying done late? If that’s the case a backlit keyboard will be a game changer when you’re writing your assignments in the dark at 2am.

Every course is different and every laptop is different. Talk to your professor if you’re unsure and see what specs they would recommend your laptop have to ensure you have a productive, fast working laptop that can keep up with your course load.

Maintenance tips for your laptop for engineering

Taking care of your laptop is a fairly simple process. Ensure when using your laptop you have clean hands and no food or drink around that could be spilled onto your laptop. Liquid could completely damage your laptop to the point of needing a new one, whereas food and crumbs can be incredibly frustrating if they get under the keys, making typing difficult and potentially even stopping the use of some keys.

In terms of battery life, when you choose to charge your laptop wont effect it’s battery life. Whether you plug it in at 2% of 70% the unplugged battery time won’t be affected.

When it comes to cleaning your laptop, a soft cloth should do the trick to remove any dust. If needed, a damp cloth or a small amount of rubbing alcohol will help remove any harder to reach dirt and kill any germs. Keyboards store a lot of germs, so it’s important to clean them often to avoid making yourself sick.

FAQ – Best Laptops for Engineers & Engineering Students

1. What type of laptop do I need as an engineering student?

Being an engineering student you will need a high quality, fast laptop. Engineering involves many complex programs to be run on your laptop, and a basic laptop with simple storage and memory probably won’t cut it. Gaming laptops are designed for holding large amounts of files and working fast. This type of laptop tends to work well for complex apps and could compliment your studies. Gaming laptops aren’t just for gaming (or download a game too and relax on your days off from school!)

2. Do I need a new laptop if I’m an engineering student at college?

You don’t need to purchase a new laptop, you just have to know what the specs are on your laptop. There’s no point buying a second hand laptop if it has no memory and will run slowly. While a new, fast laptop may be a wonderful investment for your schooling not everyone can afford one. Look for a fast processor and large storage space and you should be fine.

3. Do I need a fast laptop as an engineering student?

While any laptop is going to help you in your engineering course, a fast laptop is going to make this even easier. Engineering is a heavy topic with a lot of complex apps and a laptop that isn’t built with speed and storage in mind may struggle to run these kind of apps.

4. Can I plug a hard drive into my laptop?

This depends on the laptop you decide to purchase, but many come with extra ports. It’s never a bad idea to have a hard drive to back up all your schooling work and if this is important to you, make sure you choose a laptop with a port that can achieve this.

5. Is the most expensive laptop the best laptop?

Not necessarily. You can find a high performing, high quality laptop for an affordable price, you just need to know what you’re looking for. Understand what you need out of your laptop to best tackle your engineering course and buy around that, you don’t have to buy only the most expensive.

6. What should be the ideal processor for a laptop for an engineering student?

Ideally, in the best-case scenario engineers and engineering students should use a laptop that offers them an i7 processor of the latest generation. However, if that is not possible, even an i5 laptop should do the trick, given it is at least running the 10th or the 11th generation of their processors. In any case, engineering students should avoid buying i3 laptops as they aren’t really well-suited for the task. They would still run most of their software, but the kind of lag and processing time they’d take is too high compared to an i7 or even an i5 laptop.

7. Should engineering students buy fanless laptops?

Fanless laptops are all the rage these days, but when it comes to engineers, we’d recommend you don’t go for them. This is because engineers often have to work with software where a lot of processing power is involved, or a lot of rendering or compiling happens. Hence, there’s a chance that your laptop will heat up at some point. This is why we recommend using laptops that come with fans. If you are using fanless laptops, try using an additional cooling pad to keep things cool.

8. Which is the best gaming laptop for an engineering student?

Gaming laptops are often great laptops for engineering students because they usually have high specs and a ton of processing power that you may not find in regular laptops. Besides, gaming laptops carry a cool and edgy look, and can be used for gaming purposes – which is something that students often like to engage into. The best gaming laptop for an engineering student, in our opinion, would be the Razer Blade 15.

9. What are the ideal specs for a laptop for an engineer?

Ideally, a laptop for engineers needs to have an i7 processor of the latest generation, 32 GB of RAM, and 1 TB SSD storage. However, something with an upper-end i5, 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB of storage is also acceptable. One more thing that you need to keep in mind is that these laptops need to operate at cool temperatures or must carry a built-in fan to dissipate the heat. Engineers might also need a laptop which has a lot of connectivity ports.


Having a laptop is going to greatly improve your college experience as an engineering student as it’s going to make assignments and complex app work a lot simpler, rather than only having access to your colleges desktops.

Laptops allow you to take your work on the go with you, making homework that little less stressful.

While we can’t tell you what laptop is right for you and your course, we can give some recommendations. We would recommend the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Extreme 2nd Gen as it has a long battery life of 14 hours, meaning it can keep up with a full timetable of classes, it’s thin and light so it wont weigh down your backpack and it has multiple ports to allow for external devices to be plugged in. It’s also capable of being connected to multiple monitors, making it easier to work on those big projects.

Our second recommendation would be the Microsoft Surface Book 3 – 15 inch touch screen as it is incredibly versatile. It can be a laptop when you need it to be an artist table and tablet when you need to concentrate on designs. It also has a long battery life and is lightweight and portable perfect for the commutes to college and keeping your backpack light. While having the option of being a tablet it still has a large 15 inch screen and a fast, hard working processor to keep up with everything you need it to do.

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