Top 8 Best Handheld AM FM Radio Reviews In 2022 – For Smooth Communication

If you like listening to music, you know how hard nostalgia hits when you listen to your favorite songs on the radio instead of your phone. Phones are indeed more convenient, but nothing feels better than listening to your favorite local radio station when you are driving past your favorite beach or a quick drive down to your local grocery store.

But, let’s be honest, no one likes carrying around a hefty AM FM radio everywhere they. That is practically one of the primary reasons why radios aren’t appreciated by the masses.

However, with the consistent growth of technology, things are now pocket-sized and so are the radios.

Yeah, let them say “Bigger the better”, we’d focus on smaller only.

Here, we are going to divulge into some of the best handheld AM FM radios that you can buy to keep yourself entertained from the get-go.

Best Handheld AM/FM Radio In 2022

There is an abundance of AM FM radios available in the market. Some of them are sorted out for everyday use, especially with the compact design. In case you are looking for one, we’d suggest that you look through the list that we’ve mentioned down below.

Following are the best handheld variants that you can get your hands on.

#1. Vondior Silver HandHeld Portable Pocket Radio – Latest Pick

  • Power source – Battery powered
  • Radio bands – 2
  • Color – Silver
  • Weight – 3.2 ounces

Though we have an infinite amount of advanced technologies surrounding us, nothing can bring peace as much as a simple radio. Listening to your favorite music in solitude can transport you to a whole different world. Buying the best handheld AM / FM radio can be tricky as there are various models and brands in the market.

This AM/FM Portable Pocket Radio is one of the best ones in the market as it comes with efficient features, attractive design and very much affordable price. The radio has also got 4.2 ratings among its users, which is pretty commendable.

Vondior Silver HandHeld Portable Pocket Radio

Now coming to its design, the radio is silver in color with that classic vintage feels. It weighs just 3.2 ounces, therefore extremely easy to carry wherever you go. It is battery powered and hence you do not have to look or search for plug points during traveling. You can just have an extra set of batteries wherever you go for instant radio listening.

The radio uses AA batteries, which can easily be bought from any store. The AA batteries are known to last for at least a week. So, you don’t have to worry if you want to go on trips on the radio.

It has a large built-in speaker for effective open music listening. The sound will be powerful enough to fill your whole room. Even in rural regions, you can play the stations of your choice with their effective tuning. There is a built-in headphone port, in case you want to listen to music/news in private.

Pros & Cons of PowerBear Portable Radio


  • Elegant and classy design
  • Extremely portable; lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Large built-in speaker
  • Affordable price


  • No cons

#2. PowerBear Portable Radio – Editor’s Pick

  • Power source – Battery powered
  • Radio bands – 2
  • Hardware interface – 3.5 mm audio
  • Connectivity – AUX

When talking about the best handheld AM FM radio options in the market, the PowerBear Portable Radio is one of the best ones that you can peek into. From a sleek design to premium functions, the radio more or less takes care of everything that you likely need.

The compact and portable design of the radio is what makes it a bestselling option. It fits right into your pocket, enabling you to carry it for your entertainment anywhere that you go. It is battery-powered and runs on 2 AA batteries.

PowerBear Portable Radio

A single cycle of the battery can easily last for 800 hours, which is good enough. The built-in speakers in the radio are of the best quality, delivering crisp and clear audio quality that enables you to enjoy the music on the AM FM radio.

It has long-range coverage, thanks to the extendable antenna that is fitted to the side of the radio. It works even during emergencies, which is pretty helpful. Yeah, during emergencies, you can stay updated with the latest weather updates from a nearby weather stations on this radio.

Also, the product is backed with a lifetime warranty, so you can contact customer care in case of quality issues.

Pros & Cons of PowerBear Portable Radio


  • Long-distance range
  • The battery lasts for 800 hours
  • Sleek and portable design
  • Works on all occassions.
  • Highly durable.


  • The Channel indicator bar isn’t visible

#3. ZesGood Portable Transistor Radio – Best Handheld Pocket Radio

  • Power source – Battery
  • Radio bands – 2
  • Hardware interface – 3.5 mm audio

Next up on the list, we have a highly popular mode – the ZesGood Portable Transistor Radio. Not only is it one of the bestsellers around, but it is also one of the few affordable options that you can get your hands on.

The radio is integrated with a high-quality and HD built-in speaker that allows the user to experience crisp and clear sound. The 3.5 mm audio jack is ideal for when you are trying to listen to your favorite songs, talk shows with an immersive experience.

ZesGood Portable Transistor Radio

The 14-inch extendable antenna in the radio ensures better coverage and high-quality reception that lets you listen to your favorite stations with a stable signal and crisp audio quality. It also enables users to listen to multi-channel experiences.

It has a very easy user interface and is even easier to tune. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned in the package and you are good to go. It is battery-powered and runs on 2 AA batteries for longer hours.

Well, above all, It is backed with 18 months warranty. What else you want? Usability along with the reliability that’s all we need from a pocket-sized device that’s meant to last longer. Isn’t it?

Well yeah, all these features combined make it one of the top picked portable radio out there on the market.

Pros & Cons of ZesGood Portable Transistor Radio


  • HD built-in speaker
  • Stable signal
  • Easy user interface
  • Reliable gadget that lasts longer than expected.


  • Difficult to tune

#4. DreamSky Pocket Radios – Best HandHeld AM/FM Radio

  • Power source – Battery
  • Radio bands – 2
  • Item weight – 6.72 ounces

If you are looking for a portable pocket radio with a slender but lightweight design, the DreamSky Pocket Radios is a pretty good option to look into. It has an additional 16.5 inches extra long telescopic transistor for a stable signal range and clear audio reception.

It is equipped with a standard built-in high-performance speaker that allows you to experience the music the best way you can. It has a separate earphone jack that you can plug your earphones in for a better listening experience.

DreamSky Pocket Radios

The tuning process in this radio takes only two steps. So, if you are worried about the user interface, keep in mind that you wouldn’t have to worry about that at all. It also makes for a perfect gift option for anyone who you know loves listening to music.

The compact design of the radios also makes it a further winning attribute. It runs on two AA batteries, which gives off good and long-lasting hours if you are worried about running out of battery soon.

In a nutshell, go for this one if you want to spend your money on a quite reliable, useful, and long-lasting gadget for outdoor trips.

Pros & Cons DreamSky Pocket Radio


  • Portable and sleek design
  • Easy to tune and operate
  • Good reception with the transistor
  • Pleasing sound output.


  • Low signal sometime

#5. Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio – Known for Perfect Sound Output

  • Power source – Battery
  • Radio band – 2
  • Item weight – 3.04 ounces

If you are particularly looking for a handheld AM FM radio from a premium brand, the Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio is the best pick, without a speck of doubt. It comes with a separate built-in speaker that produces loud and clear audio.

The best and likely the unique feature of this radio is the telescopic antenna that enables you to have amazing reception for easier access to the radio channels that you want to listen to. The standard all-black design further comes with a carrying strap for added comfort.

Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio

The portable radio is battery-powered and runs on 2 AA batteries. The LED battery status indicator is a life savior, especially if you have a habit of forgetting when to change the batteries. It also has a separate LED indicator for the tuning, which is great as well.

Furthermore, when you go for a Sony device, you don’t need to look back on its reliability. Yeah, each penny spent on this one is worth it. And, you’ll realize it once you use it for quite some time.

Pros & Cons of Sony ICFP26 Portable Radio


  • Loud and clear built-in speak
  • Premium quality brand
  • LED battery status indicator


  • The tuner is a little iffy

#6. VR Robot Personal AM/FM Pocket Radio – For Uninterrupted Entertainment

  • Power source – Battery
  • Radio bands – 2
  • Connectivity – USB

Last on the list is the VR Robot Personal AM/FM Pocket Radio. This is another popular handheld AM FM radio that you can slip into your pocket for easier access and even easier functions. It has highly adjustable settings that make this a superior option.

It has a unique function where long-pressing the Tuner and + button helps with auto scanning for radio channels that you can listen to. It is one of the few options that is backed with additional earphones that ensures that you wouldn’t have to buy one separately.

VR Robot Personal AM/FM Pocket Radio

The lock switch design helps save battery power and prevent accidental operation that many often tend to complain about. Unlike the other battery-powered options, this one comes with a 500mAh rechargeable battery that works for a pretty long time.

The overall design of the pocket radio is extremely lightweight and makes it easier for you to carry around. The product is backed by a 12-month warranty.

Pros & Cons of VR Robot Personal AM FM Radio


  • Adjustable settings
  • Lock switch design
  • Rechargeable battery


  • AM tuner is not the best

#7. Vondior AM FM Radio Portable – Best Pick By People

  • Power source – Battery
  • Hardware interface: 3.5 mm audio jack

For the users looking for a premium quality brand, the Vondior AM FM Radio Portable is your calling. This AM/FM radio lets you unwind and make the most out of your free time and helps you live the days that you probably miss now because of the rampant growth of technology.

Even with the small and portable design, the radio manages to pack in the best user experience that you could think of. The radio runs on AA batteries, which is perfect if you want to make the most out of your user experience.

Vondior AM FM Radio Portable

The built-in large speaker ensures uniform sound distribution for enhanced clarity of the audio. It ensures long-lasting battery life with the radio, which means that you can take them on road trips or longer unplanned trips as a source of entertainment.

Given how easy it is to operate the radio, you can gift it to older generations to keep them hooked to the old traditions. It has a very elegant, sleek, and classy design that fits right into your pocket and is budget-friendly too.

All in all, this Handheld AM/FM radio deserves a mention not just for its design but also because of its capability to serve its users up to the best of its potential. Yeah, we’d definitely recommend this handheld AM/FM radio to anyone who’s looking for an ideal yet useful gadget for them or for their loved ones.

Pros & Cons Vondior AM/FM Radio


  • Portable and classy design
  • Large in-built speaker design
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • The tuning dial is highly sensitive

#8. Prunus Portable AM FM Pocket Radio – Best Budget AM/FM Handheld Radio

No products found.

  • Power source – Battery powered
  • Hardware interface – 3.5 mm audio

For the users who are always hooked to their earphones and want a portable AM FM radio that comes with an additional earphone option, the Prunus Portable AM FM Pocket Radio with Earphones is the best bet.

The radio is extremely lightweight and just weighs 61 g, without the batteries. Aside from being a portable radio, it also works as a digital alarm clock, which is one of a kind. It has a separate lock button, which prevents pressing unwanted buttons.

Prunus Portable AM FM Pocket Radio

It has high-tech features, which auto-scans through the available stations and then save the stations so you can easily access them later when you are in the mood to hear back to those stations. It is one of the few portable radios that feature the L1-L30 level volume adjustable feature.

Aside from that, the radio features the standard built-in speaker and supports the 3.5 mm audio jack that lets you blast your favorite song without any compromise. It runs on two AAA batteries, which are a little different than the previous ones.

Pros & Cons of Prunus Portable AM FM Radio


  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with presets for favorite channels
  • Adjustable volume function
  • Suitable FM Radio for Drive-in movie experience.


  • Buttons are confusing at the beginning
No products found.

#9. Greadio AM/FM Portable Radio – Cheap Handheld AM Radio

  • Power source – Battery powered
  • Radio bands – 2
  • Item weight – 3.84 ounces

If you are tired of using the same kind of portable radios with the standard black design, the Greadio AM/FM Portable Radio is a good alternative. It comes in a wood-like design with a brown texture that makes it stand out from the lot. The cherry wood design is the first factor that makes it a bestseller.

The dual-radio bands enable the users to surf through their favorite channels and listen to the music that they love. It is battery-operated but has a long-lasting battery that you wouldn’t regret splurging out on.

Greadio AM/FM Portable Radio

It has a highly-functional design that you can operate through. It has minimal buttons that let you adjust the channel settings and then switch through for easier navigation. It is one of the best gift options that you can get your parents or grandparents.

Even with the durable design, the portable radio weighs just 0.29lbs, which makes it one of the best ones to slip inside your pocket and have the best time of your life. It is backed with a 12-month warranty and has a separate headphone jack for easier navigation.

Pros & Cons Greadio AM FM Portable Radio


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to use design
  • Lightweight
  • Speakers are reliable and provides decent output.


  • The sound quality is subpar

FAQs – Best Handheld AM FM Radio in 2022

1. What is the difference between AM and FM radio?

The difference between the two radios is in the way the carrier wave is modulated and then the amplitude of the sound information. If you are buying a radio, get the one that is integrated with both the modulations.

2. Are the handheld AM FM radios worth it?

Yes, despite what you might think, they are completely worth the price you pay, not to mention, they are of the best quality as well. They are lightweight and portable and very easy to carry around.

3. Do all the handheld AM FM radios come with earphones?

It is nothing but a myth. Some models feature earphones but not all of them come with the same. So, if you are wondering that every single one of them will come with an earphone, you are mistaken. Yeah, if it’s included then it’s good and if not, we could always buy one from amazon. Right!


So that’s all for our top picks for durable, reliable, and useful hand-held AM/FM radios on the market.

Well, With so many different types of AM-FM radios available in the market, choosing just one becomes a hassle.

So, We hope that the list of products that we have mentioned here helps you make a better decision. If possible, ensure to keep a check on the quality of the products and the individual features before you end up investing your coins in the product.

Also, don’t forget to check out our recent article on ham radios for beginners where we’ve explained all about top models on the market.

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