9 Best Gaming Laptops Under $900 in 2022 – Experience Reality!

We’ve all been newbies in the gaming world.

Starting small is for the wise. You don’t have to marry your next gaming computer, especially if you’re testing the waters of the gaming universe. However, these best laptops under $900 are not only for those taking the first step.

You can enhance your gaming experience without reaching 1K. Expanded audio quality, enhanced visual immersion and more processing power don’t require you to sell your soul.

Gaming is not restricted for those who can drop a few thousands on a gaming laptop straight away

Technology has come so far, which is why some specs should stop being utopia. We truly believe everyone should have the option to upgrade their visual content experience without overspending.

This is why we’re bringing to you a list of computers that will do the trick. Each gaming laptop under 900 that we’ll be sharing will submerge you into your favorite fantasy worlds and maybe even do a little more than that.

Factors of Consideration for Best Gaming Laptop Under $900

  • The right size

In ancient times, it was believed that beauty was nothing else than the right proportions in the right places. We still have a thing or two to learn from them.

Just like any screen, your gaming laptop’s display will be framed inside hardware. We’re referring to that line that surrounds the space where your content and your game scenarios come to life.

The ancestors of humanity were right about proportions and dimensions, these are things that belong with the divine. If you want your visuals to be heavenly, don’t forget to check for screen ratio

This is a measurement, usually a percentage, that will let you know how much of the actual screen occupies the space of your computer’s lid. The higher the percentage, the bigger the displayed images and the more immersive the experience becomes.

So remember always! Screen size as well as overall laptop sizing should be your first factor of consideration while selecting one of the best gaming laptops under 900 bucks on the market.

  • Control Center

There’s no point in getting the best gaming laptop to enhance your multimedia content if you can’t get it to do as you say.

Being in control is as important as all other features that make up your computer’s internal structure. Precision and minimized delays offer a smooth experience, whether you decide to work or if it’s game time.

Keyboards are one of the aspects you should always take into account when reviewing the secondary features of gaming laptops. You want to look for a sturdy yet smooth structure. 

You’ll also want your keys to having the right sensitivity. They’ll follow your every command without pushing too hard, and they’ll be precise enough to recognize when you’ve just grazed past them. 

Well, you can get all these even in an affordable gaming laptop if you do a bit of research before buying. Anyway, you don’t need to do it as we’ve already done it for you.

How Is The Design Of A Best Gaming Laptop Relevant To My Experience?

  • Setting the mood

You won’t only find light and shadows on your screen. 

The color, texture, and material of the keys you press when taking control of your best gaming laptop will ultimately determine how you communicate with your machine.

We’ve already explained the importance of keyboards. They’re the command center through which you take control over your other worlds.

The first rule of a command center is being able to see. Backlight seems to be a stable factor in most computers designed for gaming or that support games as an alternative use as well.

However, only having a light shouldn’t be reason enough to speak positively about the performance of a keyboard. Lights that are not properly calibrated can actually get in the way of your visual. If the backlight of your keys is too bright, then it might even interfere with your play.

Look for a keyboard that’s backlit with a modest and subtle shine. The perfect lighting will let you see enough without getting in the way of what’s happening on the screen. 

So, if you want an unforgettable experience from your best gaming laptop under 900 dollar range then think about these things first.

  • Balanced Independence

If you’re out hunting for the best gaming laptop under 900, then you probably want the option to take it with you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be carrying your computer around while looking for gaming spots…or maybe it does!

Checking the dimensions, weight, and battery life should be on your list when looking to purchase your new gaming station. However, don’t let these override the main features.

While battery life and portability are important, particularly if you wish to carry your computer with you, these usually compromise the processing of the machine.

The logic behind it is simple.

The more processing power your computer has, the bigger the toll it takes on the battery. Your gaming laptop’s battery will naturally last longer if it’s running lightweight programs or graphics. The minute it starts processing higher resolution of 1920 x 1080 and speed, the faster it’ll consume its battery while it’s unplugged. 

So be wise enough and always hunt for at least 10th generation intel core i5 10300h if not intel core i7 procerssor or equivalent processors on your gaming laptop

Best Gaming Laptops Under $900 in 2022

1. Lenovo Ideapad L340 – Your gaming experience reborn

You did not think it was possible. 

You can immerse yourself into a new gaming experience with enhanced acoustics as Dolby Digital technology takes over your gaming scenarios.

In the meantime, your graphics will be enhanced while the computer optimizes your interaction with the 15.6 inch FHD screen. Yeah, along with it,  an unbeatable graphics card is also equipped on it to supplement the gaming experience.

Dolby Digital Audio

You might’ve not expected this on Lenovo IdeaPad at this price. Right?

Well, but, the Lenovo IdeaPad gaming PC is integrated with Dolby Digital audio technology so your gaming and musical experience to a whole new level.

The speakers embedded in your computer reproduce high-end sound. Your soundtracks and game scenarios will come to life with this new technology. 

Lenovo Ideapad L340


Performance Modes

Your computer can perform just the way you tell it to. You can choose from different default modes so your experience with your gaming laptop is customizable.

If you choose the quiet mode, you’ll be getting a silent experience so you can focus on your work. When you switch to quick mode, you can improve your gaming experience. 

Eye Care

Our screens have become a huge part of new reality. The light that our screens give off can be dangerous not only to our skins, but our eyesight.

Gaming for extended periods doesn’t have to be an issue. The Vantage Eye Care mode takes care of your eyes by decreasing the amount of blue light your gaming laptop displays.

Key Features
  • The keyboard includes three settings you can choose from to customize your visual experience
  • You can choose from different modes so you can personalize your experience
  • The audio is powered by dolby digital sound technology to give your gaming experience a new dimension
  • The physical shutter on the camera of the gaming laptop allow you to shut it off for extra privacy and security
  • One of the Lenovo modes takes care of your eyesight by reducing how much blue light the screen gives off


  • Brand: LENOVO
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inch
  • Memory: RAM 8GB DDR4


  • The fans work efficiently and are extremely silent
  • The processor is more than enough to handle games on the heavier side
  • You can easily double the RAM memory size with a single stick
  • The SSD lets you play the highest definition games
  • You can choose from different keyboard default settings to set it up the way you like it
  • Two variants of same model for intel core i7 & i5 processors.
  • 15.6 inch screen sizing is perfect for efficient work as well as gaming experience.


  • The cord can wear out very often if you carry it around too much

2. MSI GL65 Gaming Laptop – Latest Choice Suggested By Gamers Only

It is not every day that you consider buying a gaming laptop. So, why not get the absolute best option when you are getting one? The MSI GL65 Gaming Laptop is just what you need, especially if you have a set budget of under $900. Not only do you get the reliability of a brand like MSI, but you also get the maximum benefits from the superior performance and responsiveness of the device.

Superior performance

Like any other MSI gaming laptop, even this one is programmed with the latest in the market to offer users with immaculate user experience and gameplay visuals without any lags. The device is programmed with the latest 10th Gen. Intel Core i5 processor that offers 15% superior performance and the utmost computing power you have never once experienced before.

Pair that with the NVIDIA GTX GPU and it delivers superior graphics performance as you have probably never experienced before. Also, the blazing productivity supports optimal offline and online game streaming experiences too.

MSI GL65 Gaming Laptop

Responsive display

Moving ahead to the display, the MSI GL65 is programmed with the best 15.6” FHD display with 1080p screen resolution and 144Hz refresh rate that reflects on the ridiculously faster gaming experience. Pair that with the higher refresh rate and you get to churn the maximum potential of the GPU to its maximum.

Optimal thermal solution

When you are using a gaming laptop, it is quite common for users to still be in front of their device for hours in the end. This contributes to overheating and the dedicated thermal solutions in this gaming laptop take care of that for the users.

It is integrated with up to 7 heat pipes for the ultimate performance without any compromise in between. Pair that with the stunning per-key RGB backlit keyboard and you will never once have to compromise on the performance.

Key Features
  • Delivers high performance and gaming power with the 10th Gen. Intel core processors.
  • Supercharged graphics performance with the latest GTX graphics.
  • Designed with a lightweight all-metal frame to support portability for the on-the-go gamers.
  • Backed with Cooler Boost Technology for optimal thermal solutions and superior cooling.
  • Comes with a customized RGB keypad for gaming any time of the day.


  • Brand: MSI
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: 10th Gen. Intel Core i5 processor
  • Screen size: 15.6 inches
  • Memory: 8GB


  • Durable and all-metal construction
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with multiple heat pipes for proper cooling
  • Responsive operating system
  • Optimal RAM management for faster bootup


  • Lacks a few important I/O ports

3. ASUS TUF FX505DT – Turns your gaming world into reality

It’ll be different to tell your gaming scenarios from real life.

With a built-in graphics card, the quality of the graphics goes hand-in-hand with the high-resolution audio of Asus TUF meant to transport you to a different world every time the screen lights up.  

The laptop performs at an optimized rate as the hardware enhances its mobility and connectivity. 

DTS Headphones

The DTS technology is an audio format that recreates an immersive experience in Asus TUF. The acoustics you’re getting have the fidelity of any home-theater system.

The Headphone:X surround sound can be recreated through this gaming laptop for under 900 dollars has speakers that you can get it through the headphones you connect to your computer.


NanoEdge Display

The FX505 computer has an IPS Type display powered by nanotechnology on Asus TUF. This means your thin screen has a lot more to offer than you can imagine.

The colors stay consistent throughout the gaming experience while the display keeps them alive and with realistic contrast on this Asus TUF gaming Laptop. The visuals stay stable from every angle you look at your screen from. 

Optimized Mobility

The hardware optimizes your relationship with your software. This means that the NVIDIA GeForce offers you the perfect features for gaming as well as for different kinds of content on your Asus TUF Gaming PC.

Both modes optimize how the computer works so the battery life adjusts to the user’s experience. Portability has never been this practical. Yeah, Asus TUF gaming laptop is known for a reason. You Know That! Right?

Key Features
  • The NanoEdge display + graphics card portrays vivid colors in your visuals and keeps your graphics in the shape
  • AMD Razer is responsible for your gaming laptop’s power
  • The battery life of Asus TUF gaming PC optimizes itself according to the selected user mode
  • You’re getting Headset:X with DTS technology for a simulated surround sound experience
  • You can choose from quick and quiet modes depending on if it’s work or playtime
  • Wide screen resolution with 15.6 inch FHD.


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: 3.7 GHz
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inch
  • Memory: RAM 8GB DDR4
  • Graphics : GPU NVIDIA


  • It supports dual channel memory, so you can add an an extra one to upgrade your space
  • It’s really good for general uses like working and studying as well
  • The keyboard is smooth to play and typing
  • The 15.6 inch FHD screen has good lighting and offers clear visuals
  • Updating it constantly is all you need to keep it running without any issues


  • The mouse pad gets greasy really fast
  • The speakers are small so the volume of the sound delivered can be too low

4. Acer Nitro 5 – Shows you how fast your gaming experience can go

Speed enhanced graphics with AMD graphics card and surround sound. You can have it all in a compact machine that will surprise you with Acer Nitro’s hidden abilities.

More expensive gaming laptop doesn’t mean better, which is why you can start improving your gaming station by going faster and louder without compromising your wallet. 

FHD Graphics

Your movies and gaming scenarios will come to life with Acer Nitro 5 laptop.

You will be able to understand what real colors look like once you take a look at your new gaming laptop under 900 bucks screen. 

The grading will stay consistent, meanwhile, the colors will be bright and the shadows will always be realistic. It’s angle-proofed, so you will get the same quality from all perspectives.

However, for graphic processing, if you’re expecting something like Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card then you should look for some other brands as Acer mostly prefers AMD graphic cards in their gaming laptops. Yeah, it doesn’t have Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650.

Acer Nitro 5

Dolby Digital

The sound of your games has never been more personal than this.

Dolby Digital powers the technology in charge of reproducing the acoustics of your battle scenes and your game effects on Acer Nitro 5.

Thanks to the recreation of a surround system, you will feel the battlefield come to life through the sound your computer is able to output.

Processing Power

You shouldn’t have to spend thousands to enhance your gaming experience.

You will find that most gaming computers are in a higher price range because of the powerful processing units that make up their core.

You won’t need to invest great amounts of money to get your hands in a processor that will not compromise the speed and the quality of your videosn when you buy Acer Nitro 5. 

Well, what else do you need from your gaming laptop under 900 to have fun with your games?

Key Features
  • Acer Nitro 5 has a Full HD display + graphics card to enhance the graphics of each of your games
  • You get multiple USB ports, standard and micro connectivity are now within your reach
  • The AMD Razer 5 processing system optimizes the performance of this computer
  • A system of two fans makes sure your computer never overheats
  • The backlit keyboard is inspired in gamers, the light sets a red mood for an unforgettable match
  • Compatible for all high-end modern games on the market nowadays.


  • Brand: ACER
  • Model : Acer Nitro 5
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: 4 GHz
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches FHD 
  • Memory: 12 GB


  • It’s easy to set up and it turns on in just a few seconds
  • The speakers are quite loud for such a compact computer
  • Speed unbeatable compared to RAM 8GB DDR4 as it has 12GB
  • It connects to the internet really quickly
  • You get to choose where your gaming laptop’s performance will focus
  • MAZE customer support is really easy to reach and deal with


  • Screen Resolution of 1920 x 1080 would be great addon.
  • It it’s unplugged when you game, the FPS goes down

5. Dell Gaming Laptop G3579 – Let the game drive you

Submerge yourself into a new reality & all modern games with this ideal gaming laptop under 900 dollars. 

Yeah, your gaming experience is so much more than improving the visuals on your display.

Unmatched audio quality and enhanced wired and wireless connections will awaken your senses to let you play in a different way. 

Now, let’s experience some cool features of this gaming laptop under 900 by Dell. Yeah, the brand that’s known for surprises & quality.

Superior Graphics

The gaming experience that Dell computers offer is the right step towards turning your games into a universe you can be a part of.

The graphic memory is powered by NVIDIA technology. You’ll be able to play every single game with the highest resolution without compromising your gaming laptop’s performance and speed. 

Well, none can beat Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 and that’s a fact. So, don’t ignore this gaming beast for the sake of anything else.



You won’t be needing a soundbar to upgrade your audio anymore. 

High-end audio quality is not exclusive to luxury sound systems. It shouldn’t belong only to film lovers either.

Dual frontal speakers are in charge of firing top-notch sounds to you. The audio system is powered by MaxxAudio Pro sound.

Wireless Improved

Wireless is key in life. 

It’s also no secret that a good and stable connection can be the difference between a precise win and loss due to delays and unresponsiveness. 

This gaming laptop under 900 dollars, supports longer-range connectivity to wireless internet, which is why your computer will always be peaking in real-time.

Key Features
  • The NVIDIA processor is behind the performance and graphics of this gaming laptop
  • You have access to an immersive sound experience through MaxxAudio Pro quality
  • The screen is anti-glare so you can enjoy your gameplay
  • Higher wireless connectivity capacity for enhanced responsiveness
  • Mobility takes a new shape with this computer, the thinnest gaming laptop in the Dell series
  • Your computer grants access to 8 ports for a plethora of wired connections
  • Capability of playing all major and heavy modern games.


  • Brand: DELL
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: 3.9 GHz (intel core i5 10300h)
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inch
  • Memory: RAM 8GB DDR4
  • Graphics Card : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics card


  • You can process any format and size of multimedia files
  • The CPU peak performs automatically when in use
  • It’s not only good for gaming, but for boosting daily laptop usage
  • This gaming laptop doesn’t crash, even when running heavier games and programs
  • Screen sizing of 15.6 inch is wide enough for enjoying your highend games.
  • This laptop has two variants one for i5 processor and another for intel core i7 processor.
  • Battery life is very good, even at peak performing levels


  • CPU usage can get high too fast because of the way it performs
  • It can take a long time to boot up

6. HP Pavilion Gaming – Stepping into a new reality

It may be hard to believe, but this machine is ready to transport you into another reality. 


The software of the HP Pavilion is doing more than processing your games. You’re a single connection away from starting to experience VR in your home. 

VR Ready

Optimized graphics take a new dimension with actual immersion in your games. 

The screen of this bad boy has been analyzed and improved so it can be ready for VR performance without extra softwares.

You can now purchase VR equipment along with HP Pavilion and you can turn your games into the real world by simply connecting the device to your VR. Well, yeah, if you’re expecting your gaming beast to be ready for modern games then it is.

HP Pavilion Gaming

B&O Sound

B&O is in charge of the dual frontal speakers that take over your sound immersion the minute the next gameplay begins on HP Pavilion.

This Danish company fine-tunes your sound to perfection. The acoustics HP Pavilion will output will be custom-tuned and wrapping around your senses in no time. 

Improved Cooling System

According to the configuration of the internal structure of your gaming laptop, the cooling system will be accommodated in different ways. No matter the shape, the airflow will always be stable on HP Pavilion. 

The cooling air flowing through your working computer will guarantee stable performance and prevent overheating even when playing heavier games.

Key Features
  • This computer is VR ready, you can easily pair it with the corresponding equipment to begin a truly immersive gameplay
  • Being the best gaming laptop under 900 bucks it has dual thermal cooling ventilators that take care of your system’s performance and stealth
  • The speakers are engineered and manufactured by the Danish audio company B&O
  • You can run games up to 1080p and still maintain peak speed on HP Pavilion.
  • The keyboard is full-size and entire backlit for setting the perfect gaming mood


  • Brand: HP
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: 4.1 GHz
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inch
  • Memory: SD RAM 8GB DDR4


  • The backlight of the keyboard turns off after there’s no activity, so it can save energy
  • Every game runs smoothly even on ultra settings
  • The computer is good for gaming and for work that requires more power
  • It’s extremely easy to set up and upgrade
  • It supports USB-C connections


  • The attention from the manufacturer can get unreliable when you’re trying to reach them

7. ASUS VivoBook F512 – Life takes on a new meaning

More is better. Especially when it means your computer gets slimmer and your visuals take over your entire world.

Meant to enhance what you see.

The dimensions of the hardware are kept to a minimum so the only thing your eyes catch is the stories coming out of your screen. 

So let’s see what else this one of the best gaming laptops under 900 dollars has to showcase to us.

NanoEdge Display

This gaming laptop’s display is meant to enhance your viewing experience by minimizing the thickness of the frame that encircles your high-definition screen.

The seamless frame has been designed to be kept at minimum dimensions while still allowing the placement of a high-definition camera on top of your frame. 

Well, being one of the best gaming laptops under 900 dollar price range, we were not expecting such marvelous technology in it. Anyway, you’re getting it for cheaper than what it should cost, so don’t miss this one.

ASUS VivoBook F512

Extra Connectivity

When reading about the specs some computers have to offer, you might’ve noticed some offer just a couple of ports and make a big deal about it. The connections of this slim Asus crush the competition. 

Being an affordable gaming laptop; It over delivers. Yeah, some cool capabilities of an affordable gaming laptop. Right?

USB reversible ports and HDMI make 1920 x 1080 high-resolution connections a reality. The slots make memory upgrading easy and convenient.

Gaming Mobility

Who said you can only play games inside your room?

This best gaming laptop has been specifically designed so you can take it with you, no matter the circumstances.

3.5 libs of power and sleek design so nothing interrupts your gameplay or your work time. Pack it and go, take your entertainment wherever you’re headed.

Now, let’s explore some key features & advantages of this best gaming laptop under 900 bucks on the market in the USA & Canada.

Also, we’ve listed some marvelous gaming laptop under 800 bucks in the USA & Canada as well.

Key Features
  • The body to screen ratio is at almost 90% so you can keep your head in the game without being distracted by the hardware
  • A wide variety of slots and ports expand your connectivity options
  • Being the best gaming laptop, it weighs barely 3.5 lbs. You can take your game scenarios with you
  • The tilted keyboard upgrades your interaction and grants you more control
  • The fingerprint sensor keeps your gaming stories and your documents secure
  • Efficient Graphics Card for better visual experience.


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: 3.6 GHz
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inch
  • Memory: 8 GB


  • It’s more than expected for the price range
  • Although not advertised for gaming, it can withstand games up to 720p
  • 15.6 inch widescreen gaming experience is cherry on the dessert.
  • The SSD and CPU work together flawlessly, optimizing the responsiveness of your gaming laptop
  • Booting your computer takes virtually no time
  • There are multiple connectivity ports available
  • Works fabulously for the majority of modern games.


  • You can only upgrade the memory to 12 GB
  • The information you can find online about the computer can be misleading, so you have to do extra research

8. Acer Swift 3 – The Best Budget Gaming Laptop

Who would’ve thought that your gaming experience could start in such a simple space?

If you’re on your way to becoming a gamer, this is a good place to get started. Little steps towards a professional gaming station take time, and the Swift 3 makes it seem like time flies. 

So now, should we start exploring this one of the best gaming laptops under 900 bucks?

Precise Visuals

Image precision is all about technology and dimensions meeting halfway.

Higher quality graphics and content on a screen that occupies over 80% of the computer’s body is everything but average.

This IPS screen promises a vivid enhancement of the visuals you’re used to dealing with. You don’t need to drop some thousands to start gaming with class.

Acer Swift 3

U-Series CPU

The CPU or central processing unit is behind the optimum performance of your computer.

Despite the slim design, there’s a whole lot of power in the heart of this processor that’s known for its higher responsiveness rate.

The AMD Ryzen 4000 series is currently one of the most modern types of processors a gaming laptop under 900 range can have. Well, we know, AMD Ryzen 5 would be better than this one but, for now, you’ll have to manage without AMD Ryzen 5 as we’re hunting for a budget-bound gaming beast. Right?

And, yeah, according to our experts and some well-known gamers this processor has power equivalent to intel core i7 processors. Yeah, intel core i7 processors are usually costly than this one but you’re getting similar performance for a bit less price.

Eternal Life

Your gaming experience is being reborn.

You probably want a little more than just better visuals and colors lighting up your screen. You want to be able to not be plugged into a wall while enjoying your best gaming laptop life.

Acer decided to give you almost a day of battery life so you can enjoy better content for longer. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the key features of this one of the best gaming laptops under 900 dollars on the market.

Also, if you want to lower your budget and yet want something ideal for modern games then we’ve some curation of laptops under $750 as well.

Key Features
  • Over 82% of your visuals take over the frame of your best gaming laptop to create a graphic immersion
  • This computer is powered by a new generation Razen CPU that optimizes its performance
  • You can work and play without wires when you have access to 11.5 hours of battery life
  • You probably want to do more than control your games, which is why a built-in Alexa is included in the system
  • AMD Radeon graphics highlight every detail of graphic content that lights up your display


  • Brand: ACER
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: 4.1 GHz
  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Memory: RAM 8GB DDR4


  • Designed to get you through your workday and to improve your gaming time
  • The semi-matte screen is very easy on sensitive eyes
  • It can withstand medium capacity games without faltering
  • The keyboard is high end, it feels smooth to the touch and it’s backlit
  • The hardware is reinforced, you’ll be getting a durable machine


  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 or AMD Ryzen 5 should have been a good addition instead of AMD graphics.
  • The battery life of the gaming laptop can run very low

9. HP 2019 – An Affordable Gaming Laptop

One day at a time.

Setting up an entirely new gaming station is not an easy task, not an easy step to take either.

Investing big is not always wise, which is why if you’re just beginning your gaming adventure, this is a wise and safe move towards improving your experience. 

Well, there’s a lot more than we think about this one of the best gaming laptops under 900 dollars on the market. Yeah, we’re going to discover more reality about it now.

SSD Boosting

Be ready in a flash.

Whether it’s work or playtime, you shouldn’t have to wait for your system to wake up. The wait can kill the mood. 

The SSD graphic card is flash-based. When this is the case, the time you have to wait until your gaming laptop’s ready for you goes down significantly.

Being the best gaming laptop under 900, it’s offering a lot more than we’d have exected from the brand.

HP 2019

Screen Resolution

As we’ve mentioned earlier, upgrading slowly is a steady way towards a gaming system that is just right for you. 

A 1366 x 768 high definition resolution on your screen gives you enough to get started in the world of improved visuals. Your images stay clear and the colors are brought to life.

Stay in Control

The performance of a gaming laptop that enhances visual content can’t only compromise a couple of specs on graphics and color enhancement.

This user-friendly interface allows you to stay in control 24/7. Working? Getting ready to play? Regardless of which, don’t let your computer control you. Take command of your display. 

At last, we’d like to advise you that instead of going for some cheap gaming laptop that doesn’t worth even our attention, you should coin your money on a right model. And, buy an affordable gaming laptop for youself.

Key Features
  • The keyboard is designed to be comfortable for gaming and working
  • The speakers output high-quality audio to further enhance gaming and entertainment moments
  • This best gaming laptop is virtually compatible with every software and device you could possibly want to connect it with
  • It’s built with sturdy and high-quality materials that withstand every trip you make
  • The design and quality of the display improve any visual content you feel like projecting on your screen


  • Brand: HP
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz (intel core i5 10300h)
  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Memory: RAM 8GB DDR4


  • Being one of the best gaming laptops under 900 its battery life lasts for extended periods of time
  • It’s surprising that for the price range it includes an SSD
  • It streams in good quality, videos as well as medium capacity games
  • It has an incredible amount of ports for a flexible connectivity
  • The materials are lightweight, it makes it perfect for your to transport
  • Another variant for same model with intel core i7 processor is available, yeah, customization is possible.
  • It’s an Affordable gaming laptop on the market.


  • The product specifications can get confusing when you compare them to other computers of the same line and brand

10. Lenovo IdeaPad 3i

There’s a very large market for those people who wish to buy a gaming laptop under $900. There are just so many options to choose from. However, we believe that Lenovo’s Ideapad 3i is one of the best laptops that you can get hold of. This is a gaming laptop in the ideapad series, and it gives you everything – from the specs to the looks that you would need in a high-quality gaming laptop. You can also use it for compiling large volumes of code, as well as for editing video and for other purposes. Here’s a closer look:

Specifications: CPU/GPU/RAM/Storage

The laptop comes out into the markets with an impressive CPU – the latest (11th) generation Intel Core i5 11300H processor, which can be clocked up to 4.4 GHz – and gives a power-packed performance that ensures that you can play all your favorite games on it. In addition to this, the laptop also makes use of an impressive GPU, the NVidia GeForce GTX 1650, which makes sure you always have enough power on board to run every game you want!

Besides this, you also get a power-packed 16 GB RAM, which always gives you enough memory to multitask as well as to quickly switch between a game you’re playing and that document you might be editing at the same time! Another highlight of Lenovo’s ideapad 3i is that it comes with a 1TB SSD storage, giving you enough space at all times to store all your games and to install all your favorite apps and software. 

Lenovo IdeaPad 3i

Design and Display

In terms of design, this laptop is quite different when you compare it with other laptops in Lenovo’s Ideapad series. The IdeaPad 3i is a proper gaming laptop from Lenovo and the company has ensured that the design conveys the same. There are angled cuts on the corners as well as a backlit keyboard – which make it look ‘cooler’ compared to other devices in the series. The laptop has a rather broad keyboard as well, which carries a num pad on the side. The keys are well spaced and comfortable to type. 

The laptop features a 15.6″ Full HD (1920×1080) IPS display. This gives you a great gaming experience as you get to experience all those visuals in the best possible way. In addition to that, you also get an anti-glare screen here, which makes it easier for users to use the device under bright lights or outdoors. The bezels are also very slim here, ensuring that you get a very large display area on the screen. 

Battery Life, Connectivity, OS and Other Features

The laptop provides about seven to seven and a half hours of battery life upon regular usage. However, when you play games on it, the battery life does take quite a hit, but this isn’t something that surprises gamers because the battery of most laptops does tend to take a hit when you play games on them. Other than that, when you look at the OS, you get Windows 11 here, which is a big advantage as that is the latest Windows OS out there. This gives you access to not only the latest features but also the latest security enhancements. 

Summing up, the Ideapad 3i from Lenovo is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking forward to get hold of a good gaming laptop that delivers an all-round performance, even in aspects beyond regular gaming. A product that is well worth the price tag – priced neither too high nor too low, and a device that gives you a solid performance and a rather good battery life as well.

Key Features:

  • 15.6 inch full-HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display 
  • Intel Core i5 11300H processor + NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU 
  • 16 GB RAM + 1 TB SSD Storage 
  • Runs on Windows 11 OS 


  • Brand: Lenovo
  • Operating System: Windows 11 
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 11300H 
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Memory: 16 GB


  • Large storage space and decent memory size 
  • Runs on the latest version of Windows – Windows 11 
  • Offers up to 7 and a half hours of battery life 
  • Striking visual appeal   
  • Decent speakers and can double up as an entertainment unit


  • Can heat up upon prolonged gaming usage 

11. MSI GF75 – Turns your games into a new dimension

If you’re looking to start investing in your gaming passion, you’ve found exactly what you need to get started.

This computer is the best first step towards a whole new dimension of gaming. The visuals will catch more than your eye. 

Intel Core i5 Processor

This is the perfect processing unit so you can start testing new waters when it comes to enhancing your gaming experience.

This new gen intel core i5 processor will improve all your gaming moments. Graphics and performance will be unmatched, it’s the perfect first step towards becoming a gaming expert. 

Don’t miss out on the deal as having 10th generation intel core i5 10300h in a laptop under $900 is hard hustle to find.


The Style of Gamers

Internal and external design meet in this innovative computer that’s been created with gamers in mind.

The internal structure is meant to give you a nudge towards your first enhanced gaming experience. In the meantime, the case of the gaming laptop and the keyboard design improve your user experience. 

GTX 1650

The graphics of this gaming laptop under 900 dollars are not the only elements that will blow you away. Well, you’re getting a highly efficient graphics card on it.

The general performance of your new gaming computer has been boosted up to 167% of its average speed. 

Although smaller in size, this gaming laptop under 900 will change the way you look at your workspace, and the way you experience your next play. 

Well, where else would you find graphics like Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 in a price range of $900 for a whole laptop?

Yeah, it’s a no-brainer in our opinion and just for Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650, we’d suggest our readers don’t miss out on this deal.

Key Features
  • You’ll get 144Hz to refresh your screen and enhancing your graphics with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650.
  • The computer possesses an NVMe SSD that results in optimized performance
  • The design of this gaming laptop under 900 follows the top-of-the-line external structure of the most luxurious gaming computers in the market
  • The intel processors power your laptop’s performance so you feel your games
  • You get almost twice the power of the previous series while its size is 8% smaller in this gaming laptop under 900 on the market.


  • Brand: MSI
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz (intel core i5 10300h)
  • Screen Size: 17.3 inches
  • Memory: RAM 8GB DDR4


  • The refresh rate is incredibly high for the price range of the computer
  • This computer can power your gaming station and your work programs
  • This gaming laptop gives you the possibility of upgrading its memory without hassle
  • You can customize the color of your keyboard
  • Doesn’t slow down even when playing with ultra graphics


  • If you have issues, getting in touch with the company can be very hard
  • You have to check the extra components, the package tends to change often

How To Pick A $900 Gaming Laptop That Meets Your Criteria

  • How your graphics come to life

The features of a laptop’s graphic card and the range of its display will be key in bringing your graphics to life.

The types of games you’ll be playing will play a significant role when deciding to go for a higher or lower resolution, and when taking a look at refresh rates of a display.

When it comes to graphic specs: The more, the merrier.

A higher resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a faster refresh rate will always bring your visuals closer to real life. However, some games will peak and still not reach the highest visual quality. This is why comparing the resolution of the games you play to the specs of the screen will help you get what you need.

Moreover, graphic cards matters too. Yeah, having something like Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 is always a plus point when it comes to a gaming laptop.

Graphics is crucial and it could make or break your dreams of having a memorable gaming experience, so choose your best gaming laptop under 900 dollars wisely. And, we’d suggest considering one among our nominations as we’ve ensured each model for the best graphic experience.

  • No one likes it when they don’t perform

The CPU and GPU are the processing units that work together to get your best gaming laptop under 900 working in a more efficient way.

The newer and bigger these two components are, the more productive your computer’s functioning will be. Gaming, content streaming, and multi-tasking all depend on the optimization of the performance based on these units.

Let’s talk CPU.

You can run medium-sized games with 8th generation processors. If you want to play heavy duty with ultra-high resolutions like 1920 x 1080; yeah, 4K to be precise, you’ll have to find multi-cores that are at least a 10th generation and an inter core i7. And, if not intel core i7 then make sure you’re going for at least 10th generation intel core i5 10300h.

What about GPU?

The best GPUs available in the market are the NVIDIA GeForce ones. These are the little pieces that will make the biggest difference performance-wise.

  • Space for more

Most computers that are working and play ready usually possess bigger RAMs. However, you want upgradability to be an option.

Although the memory you start with will probably be enough to begin with, the chance to upgrade it automatically grants more power to your portable PC. 

More games, more content, and more programs. They will only benefit from having multiple alternatives. Expanding your RAM can only expand your horizons. Ideally, look for RAM 8GB DDR4 for better processing.

So pick your one of the best gaming laptops under 900 dollars wisely, and ensure that it has enough of storage capacity for storing high end games.

Gaming Laptops Are Not High-maintenance, So This Won’t Take Up Too Much Of Your Time 

  • Keep your cool

In fact, keep it cool. 

So many users overlook this factor, yet it is one of the most important aspects when caring for your computer. Ventilation will determine the performance of your gaming laptop. In the long run, proper airflow will also determine the lifespan of your machine.

Air cooling systems through fans or design are a fundamental part of every computer. You should keep this concept close, especially when you’ll be using your computer as a gamer.

You see, the more your computer has to process, the hotter it will get. Maybe running light programs won’t make it flinch. But, as soon as you engage in higher resolution games, your gaming laptop will start feeling the heat.

Cooling systems will make sure air flows through the interior of the computer and keeps both processing units at optimized temperatures. 

Also, if you need better resolution and higher visual then opt in for 1920 x 1080 resolution which is also known as 4K. Yeah, 1920 x 1080 resolutions cater better graphics and visuals compared to traditional resolution sizing. So, prefer 1920 x 1080 for most of the time if possible.

  • Protection is key

Sketchy websites are not the only way viruses and malware can find their way into your system.

This doesn’t mean you have to be paranoid about every pop-up window. However, constant system updates and antivirus should become your new healthy habits.

Like every software, viruses also get upgraded. By updating your laptop’s system, you’re not only making sure bugs are dealt with. When your computer is operating its latest system version, it’s immune to malware that affects older versions of that system.

Malware is not the only thing that can bring your computer’s performance down. Once in a while, do a general check on your system. Make sure programs don’t run in the back, and that there are no files occupying unnecessary space. 


1. Are gaming laptops good for everyday use?

The short answer is yes. Gaming laptops are meant to withstand long hours under a lot of pressure. Since they are designed to process graphics and heavy-duty games in an optimized way, then they can handle simpler tasks.

Due to the amount and features of the specs of a gaming laptop, these tend to be more expensive than computers built to fulfill lighter and more specific everyday functions.

You can use your gaming laptop for your daily tasks, but you may not be able to use your regular laptop as a gaming station.

2. How much should I spend on a gaming laptop?

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop, you’ll be taking into account features such as graphic cards, processing units, and RAM memories. The price range usually follows after these. But, if you expect high-end features like 4k 1920 x 1080 resolution then you might need to open up your pockets a bit more.

Although the prices seem to be sky-high, you can find very good quality laptops to use for your games without reaching a 1K investment. But yeah, don’t fall in the trap of marketing by going for some cheap gaming laptop that’s not meant to be a gaming gadget.

3. Can I find good gaming laptops under $900?

Yes, you can easily get hold of good gaming laptops under $900. You may not get all the bling that comes with a Razer or Alienware device at this price point, but you can certainly find good laptops from brands like Acer, ASUS and HP which also make decent gaming laptops. We have prepared a whole list of the best gaming laptops under $900 and reviewed them all. Do make sure you go through the above list in detail as it will help you decide which is the best gaming laptop for all your needs. 

4. How much RAM and Storage do I ideally need in a gaming laptop?

If you are planning on getting hold of a good gaming laptop, you need to make sure you have a powerful RAM and a large storage. We recommend having a storage space of at least 512 GB (and ideally 1 TB). It will be even better if you can get a laptop that offers and SSD storage as that has a clear advantage over laptops with an HDD storage. When it comes to RAM, 16 GB is good enough, but having 32 GB of RAM is excellent for gaming, as it is an activity that does consume quite a bit of your laptop’s memory. 

5. Where can I buy the best gaming laptops?

Gaming laptops can be purchased from retail outlets that sell laptops and other consumer electronics. However, the problem with these stores is that they generally have a large collection of regular laptops but there usually aren’t as many ‘gaming’ laptops with them. For that, we recommend checking out the Amazon web store as it contains a much larger range of options that you can choose from based on your needs. You also get better offers and discounts on Amazon, along with easy return and replacement policies in case you’re not really satisfied with the laptop. 

6. Which company makes the best gaming laptops under $900?

There’s no singular answer to this, but as you can see in the list that we have curated above, there are actually quite a few companies which make gaming laptops under $900. Acer, ASUS, HP and Lenovo actually take the lion’s share of the market. These four brands collectively have dozens of laptops available out there which are meant specifically for gamers who want a good gaming laptop but aren’t really willing to shell out thousands of dollars for buying them.

Choosing The One

We understand if you’re still not sure which one you’ll be choosing. Picking your next gaming laptop can get as personal as going underwear shopping.

However, there’s no harm in getting a little nudge towards the options that may deliver the most within this price range.

The Lenovo Ideapad L340 is one of our personal favorites. Lenovo IdeaPad is specifically designed for regular people who’re not so regular. A laptop that goes wherever you go, that was born to work by day and play by night. 

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