7 Best Cobra Walkie Talkies In 2022- All You Need To Know About!

When it comes to the most popular walkie talkies in the market, Cobra is hands down one of the most popular brands in the market. Not only are they popular because of the durability of the devices, but they are also extremely popular because of the quality of the devices they manufacture. The cobra walkie talkies are backed with clear audio speakers and end-to-end functions that make them superior choices compared to all the other options available in the market.

Cobra walkie talkies are powerful and the perfect companion you need during your adventure trips, be it camping or skiing. The best thing about Cobra walkie talkies is that they provide long-range coverage and come with varying power settings that make it easier for you to handle its activities well.

Here, we are going to break down some of the best available Cobra walkie-talkies that you can invest your money on. Yeah, we’re assuring it upfront that you’ll get only the best of the bests in this list as we’ve filtered around hundreds of models of Cobra and curated this list of only 7 top-performing models.

Best Cobra Walkie Talkies in 2022

There is an abundance of Cobra walkie talkies available in the market. While some are available for cheaper options, there are a few other ones that can dig a hole in your pocket. So, always make sure that you pick out the best ones that suit your needs and interests.

Following are the best Cobra walkie talkies that you can consider investing in.

#1. Cobra ACXT645 Walkie Talkie – Editor’s Pick

  • Number of channels – 22
  • Item weight – 5.12 ounces
  • Water-resistance – IPX4

When talking about the best walkie talkie option from Cobra, we have the Cobra ACXT645 Walkie Talkie. This is a bestselling model from this brand and is backed with some of the best functions and features that make it stand out from the rest.

It is backed with 22 channel browsing and covers 35 mile range, which ideal when you are trying to make the most out of the walkie talkie and want a comfortable audio output from a device. It also provides over 3100 channel combinations, which is great too.

Cobra ACXT645 Walkie Talkie

It has the weather report alert with NOAA weather alert that is backed with 10 different channels for you to browse through. This enables easier updates concerning the weather conditions around. The exterior build of the walkie talkie is waterproof, enabling you to carry it around on adventures.

The walkie talkie comes with the hands-free function supported by the eVOX function for voice-assisted functioning. The built-in LED flashlight is another benefit that you can experience with this walkie talkie. It functions on rechargeable batteries.

Pros & Cons of Cobra ACXT645


  • Multiple channel support
  • Backed with NOAA weather alert
  • Has a built-in LED flashlight
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to carry around


  • Battery life isn’t the best

#2. Cobra PR562BLT Walkie Talkies – Latest Pick

  • Number of channels – 22
  • Item weight – 2.24 ounces
  • Water-resistance – IPX2

There are numerous models of Cobra walkie talkies in the market. Among them, this is one of the popular models. This Cobra walkie talkie belongs to the PRO series and comes with a Bluetooth function. It is made of weatherproof materials to withstand tough terrains. The weather-resistant design makes it an ideal choice for traveling, trips, treks, family outings, etc.

You can pair the walkie talkie with a Bluetooth headset to enjoy the handsfree feature. This will be of great use when you can’t use your hands when climbing mountains, trekking or jogging. The walkie talkie works well up to the range of 32 miles. It is equipped with 22 channels and 2662 channel combinations.

Cobra PR562BLT Walkie Talkies

Apart from regular channels, you can also enjoy listening to weather updates as it has 10 NOAA weather channels. This will warn you well before any storm or emergency arises. The walkie talkie uses the VOX function to support hands-free access. It will easily pick your voice even when you don’t press any buttons during busy scenarios.

The walkie talkie has a vibration alert feature to notify you during incoming calls. There is a built-in LED flashlight to guide you at dark light-less places and nights. The light is located at the device’s bottom. You do not have to worry about slips when holding the walkie talkie as it comes with a rubberized grip to prevent accidental fallings.

It supports UHF and FM tuning with high clarity long-range reception. There are 10 different call tones, which you can set for 10 different parties during incoming calls.

Pros & Cons of Cobra PR562BLT


  • Weatherproof design
  • 10 weather channels
  • VOX function
  • Built-in LED torchlight
  • Covers up to 32 miles


  • Bluetooth is not compatible with all headsets

#3. Cobra RX680 Walkie Talkie – The Best Cobra Walkie Talkie

  • Number of channels – 22
  • Water-resistance – IP54
  • Battery – 18 hours

Next on the list of the best available options is the Cobra RX680. This is one of the most heavy-duty and rugged-looking walkie talkies that you can get access to. It provides an extended long-range signal up to 38 miles, which is extremely promising, to begin with.

Even with the basic 22 channels support, it is backed with 2662 channel combinations that you can make the most out of. It is also integrated with 121 different privacy codes to prevent interventions from other routes of communication.

Cobra RX680 Walkie Talkie

The entire model is waterproof and dustproof, which means that you wouldn’t face any issues carrying it to the wilderness during your adventure trips. The NOAA weather alert keeps you updated about any kinds of unnecessary weather conditions that you might experience later.

The best part about this walkie talkie is the long-lasting battery life, which easily lasts for up to 18 hours. Aside from that, it is backed with the eVOX mechanism, which means that it can be used hands-free, especially during times of crisis.

Pros & Cons of Cobra RX680


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Hands-free mechanism
  • Backed with eVOX mechanism


  • Lots of static noise

#4. Cobra ACXT390 Walkie Talkie – Know For Best Quality By Cobra

  • Number of channels – 22
  • Item weight – 3.84 ounces

If you are looking for a Cobra walkie talkie that is compact and can easily slide into the side of your pocket, the Cobra ACXT390 is hands down the best option around. It has a long-range that covers around 23-miles around the periphery.

But, even with the standard 22 channels available in the machine, it can enable the users to experience 2662 channel combinations for more seamless and easier communication. The package comes with rechargeable batteries and a micro-USB charging cable.

Cobra ACXT390 Walkie Talkie


Like standard, it supports 10 NOAA weather channels that can prepare you for weather alerts and emergencies that you likely wouldn’t know of otherwise. The voice-activated transmission also comes in handy during times of emergencies and cuts out the hassle from the process.

Another unique feature in this model that you wouldn’t find in the other ones is the changeable ringtone settings. There are 5 different selectable tones that you can choose and pick from.

All in all, a value for the money call it is.

Pros & Cons of Cobra ACXT390


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Backed with weather channel alerts
  • Different selectable tones
  • Voice activated transmission


  • Voice quality isn’t the best

#5. Cobra ACXT145 Walkie Talkie – People’s Choice

  • Number of channels – 22
  • Item weight – 2.24 ounces

Perfect for the entry to mid-level users, the Cobra ACXT145 is hands down one of the most popular Cobra walkie talkies that you can look into. It doesn’t have a very long-range, which can be a bummer, but let’s be real, you need to make do with what’s available.

The rechargeable batteries are amazing and help you carry them around with you whenever needed, especially when it comes to adventure and camps. It has call alerts with five different changeable tones that you can set accordingly.

Cobra ACXT145 Walkie Talkie

The roger beep tone is a unique attribute to this walkie talkie, mainly because it enables suitable confirmation of the user’s transmission and signals once the call is over. The range of this walkie talkie cover 16 miles, which is not the best but an average option.

The battery saver circuit in the walkie talkie ensures that the charge lasts longer than you’d normally expect. This enables you to use it for extended periods without any further hassle or complaints. If the device doesn’t emit transmissions for 10 seconds, the device switches off immediately.

By now, you already know all the plus and minus about the brand Cobra, so now you should focus more onto your own needs and prerequisites. And, based on that if you like this particular variant from Cobra then we’d definitely recommend it to you.

Pros & Cons of Cobra ACTX145


  • Battery saving model
  • Has roger beep tone for better communication
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Long lasting charge


  • Powers off now and then

#6. Cobra SH130 Walkie Talkie – Top Rated Walkie Talkie By Cobra

  • Number of channels – 22
  • Colors – Multiple colors
  • Dimensions – 11.5 x 7.95 x 1.25 inches

If you are specifically looking for a Cobra walkie talkie for kids, the Cobra SH130 is your ideal option. It is durable, highly functional, not to mention, extremely easy to use as well. It comes in four different quirky color options, which makes it one of the best picks around.

Cobra SH130 Walkie Talkie

Aside from the attractive colors of the walkie talkies, it is also backed with a few easy-to-use buttons that make it a fun and interesting game for the kids to play around with. The 8.1-mile range coverage is not the best, but does get the job done right.

The device is backed with 22 different communicating channels that are ideal for kids who are playing around on the field or the park. Aside from the kids communicating, this is also a safety device that you can get your kid when they are playing alone in the park.

Pros & Cons of Cobra SH130


  • Quirky and fun device
  • Cover 8 mile range
  • Backed with multiple communicating channels
  • Ideal even for kids to play with


  • Kind of hard to use for small kids

#7. Cobra CXT1045R Walkie Talkie – Highly Durable Pick

  • Number of channels – 22
  • Water-resistance: IPX7

Next on the list of another heavy-duty Cobra walkie talkie is the Cobra CXT1045R. It is backed with the standard 22 channels’ perception that enables users to get clear audio while communicating with others around in the adventure sites.

It is backed with 37 miles extensive range that you can use for communicating with people around. Even with the 22 channels, it is available for 2662 channel combinations with 121 privacy codes that prevent the risks of interference that many complain about.

Cobra CXT1045R Walkie Talkie

Like the previous one, even this walkie talkie is backed with 10 different NOAA weather alert channels that help you stay prepared for any upcoming storms or weather issues that many can experience while out on an adventure.

One unique feature about this walkie talkie is the “Rewind Say Again” feature that allows you to connect to missed radio calls by helping record an initial message for 20 seconds. The floating design with orange accents further gives this a very premium and unique look.

Pros & Cons of Cobra CTX1045R


  • Covers longer range
  • Backed with NOAA weather alert
  • Records 20 seconds missed radio call message
  • Premium Look


  • Sound quality could be better

#8. Cobra CXT195 Walkie Talkie

  • Number of channels – 22
  • Tuner technology – UHF
  • Item weight – 7.2 ounces

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for Cobra walkie talkie, we’d suggest that you opt for the Cobra CXT195. This doesn’t come with a very favorable range, but for the kind of price you pay, this is not the worst in the market.

It runs on the UHF tuner technology, which ensures better radio communication and clarity of speech when you are communicating with people around. The long-distance reception is hands down one of the best things about this model.

Cobra CXT195 Walkie Talkie

The front panel push buttons are easy to use and provide easy access to the channels accessible across the radio communication. Well, this feature comes in handy during situations of survival and emergencies.

Also, The built-in weather report support is a savior and receives all the necessary communication that you need to keep yourself updated about the weather conditions around.

Pros & Cons of Cobra CTX195


  • Crisp audio quality
  • Built-in weather reports
  • Extended battery life
  • Powered with UHF Tuner Technology


  • Range is poor

FAQs – Top Quality Cobra Walkie Talkies In 2022

1. Are the Cobra walkie talkies worth it?

If you are new to buying walkie talkies, you likely wouldn’t know about Cobra. But, this brand stands out amidst all the other options in the market, especially when it comes to a durable build and quality communication. It features a high-quality design and a very sleek construction that makes them highly functional and easy to carry around for work.

2. Will the Cobra walkie talkies work with other brands?

Yes, if you own a Cobra walkie talkie and your friend owns one from other brands like Motorola, it will work, provided it comes with the FRS tuner technology. They don’t need additional licensing or other complications, making them ideal for you to invest your money on without any further questions.

3. Are all the Cobra walkie talkies waterproof?

No, all of them aren’t waterproof. There are a few specific and high-quality models which are waterproof, meaning that you wouldn’t have to regret splurging out on this model for your needs. Some options from Cobra are even susceptible to immersion in the water and will still come out working perfectly fine. You just need to find the ones that suit your needs and then invest in the product accordingly.

4. What are the communication and transmission ranges in the Cobra walkie talkies?

There is no standard range of transmission in these walkie talkies. While some cover around 38 miles of the distance across, there are a few variants that can only back you up until 16 miles radius. There are a few options that cover just 2 miles. You need to look through the available options, and then pick out the one that best suits your interests and requirements.

5. How long do you need to charge the Cobra walkie talkies?

The charging time of the walkie talkies depends on the kind of battery it has. Generally, the majority of the options require 4-5 hours of charging to ensure that you can use the walkie talkie for extended periods. But, if you have a device that comes with a more powerful battery, you might have to charge more.


Cobra is one of the most popular brands when it comes to quality walkie talkies for communication. If you have been planning on buying one, we hope that you find an ideal one for your need. Always ensure that you check through the reviews and the features before deciding on one that you want to invest your money in.

Also, compare the prices and make sure that you are paying an amount that is worth it in the end. The last thing you want is to pay an unprecedented amount of money. And yeah, never compromise on your budget because of one-two features on a gadget as it’s the brand’s tactic to lure in the customers by giving a couple of more features and raising the price at a higher scale.

So now, with all our advice, we believe that you should have all the ideas about which particular model of Cobra walkie-talkies on the market matches your needs. And, based on that you could make a worthwhile choice.

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