6 Best Budget Laptops for Photoshop – An Ultimate List For You!

Laptops nowadays are designed and programmed to offer optimal performance, store more data and offer crisp visuals to the users. However, not every device that you come across in the market is efficient enough to run Photoshop applications, especially for professional photographers who deal with similar apps every single day. But, can you find a best budget laptops for photoshop with less hassle?

Yeah, Even when you find an ideal laptop for photoshop, you are going to be outrun by the affordability. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to shortlist a list of products that were budget-friendly but integrated with high-end performance. 

With so many variables, choosing the best one can be a challenge. So, our goal with this guide was to make the process of choosing easier and worth every penny that you spend.

Let us take a look at some of the best budget laptops for photoshop that you can consider buying.

Process to Filter out Best of Laptops for Photoshop While Making Decision

This section of the guide is where we will share the factors we considered while shortlisting the list of the products above.

  • Performance

With Photoshop, it wasn’t even a question that we needed to bring out the list of the best laptops with superior performance. When shortlisting, the first thing we considered was the Adobe Photoshop requirements. 

They include a responsive processor with at least 1.6GHz clock speed, the latest Microsoft Windows OS, a minimum of 4GB RAM, and 1080p display resolution. So, we ensured that the products we shortlisted came with all these configurations.

So, before buying a laptop for photoshop, make sure your laptop features as many as possible performance-oriented specifications for a smooth work experience.

  • Processor and RAM

The RAM configuration was quintessential, mainly because the budget-friendly laptops for Photoshop require a device that promotes multitasking. Adobe requires a minimum of 2GB RAM but for the same end, we’d recommend choosing one with at least 4GB RAM, more the better.

As for the processor, choosing a minimum of 2GHz clock speed and core i5 intel processor was a prerequisite that we didn’t want to bypass. Yeah, most of ideal laptop features majorly i5 processor, so, it won’t remain a problem for you.

Moreover, many might won’t agree that intel core i3 has less clock speed & has lesser potential to carry over high-end tasks that involves heavy vector graphics designing. Yeah, usually, all quad core processors  are good but still you should consider one wisely.

  • Storage

Faster bootup and storage are crucial, especially when it comes to devices that will run intensive applications like Photoshop. We’d recommend choosing devices with SSDs instead of HDD. In case you are choosing an HDD, choose one with a speed of 7200 rpm. 

  • Graphics Card

Although not a necessity since finding good-quality and high-range GPUs at a budget price is difficult. Photoshop can work fine without a dedicated GPU, so you don’t have to go out of your way to make things happen. Usually, any 15.6 inches screen with 4K resolution performs nicely if combined with an efficient GPU.

Many might also suggest you to go for an intel UHD graphics card, but things won’t change with that built-in graphics card. So, we’d advice you to go for a better and dedicated graphics card chip instead of intel UHD graphics card.

  • Battery life

Some devices offer as little as 4 hours of battery life & backup and some options offer over 11 hour battery life too. It all comes down to your requirements and the configuration. As a graphic designer, you want to invest in a gaming laptop that isresponsive and integrated with long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted performance.

Best Budget Laptops for Photoshop in 2022

Every single product that we have mentioned in this list is either crafted for multipurpose use or for the sole use of graphic designers and photographers who spend the majority of their time on editing software including Photoshop and lightroom.

Top-notch quality, higher responsiveness, and efficient performance were the three primary markers that we focused on when choosing the best products for this guide. 

1. ASUS VivoBook S14 S433 -Editor’s Choice

If you are a graphic designing student with a shoestring budget, the ASUS VivoBook S14 S433 is your best friend. This mobile workstation is perfect for meeting demanding performance without inflicting delays and glitches that you otherwise have to worry about.

The neat and minimal design of the device is what sets this apart from all the other options that you come across in the list. The autonomy of this device is designed to last you throughout the day.


The ASUS VivoBook S14 S433 measures 19.9mm in thickness and is 1.5 kg in weight. The only downside to this device is the fact that features a plastic body with only the hood made with aluminum. However, the device is designed to last you for long years, which is great.

The mid-range laptop is perfect for meeting your beginner-level graphics designing performance without any issues. The touchpad is pretty responsive and features an expansive design with NumPad technology for easy navigation.

The backlit keyboard can be activated with a single dedicated button. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about the lack of ports in the device anymore. It is integrated with the standard USB-A and USB-C ports with an HDMI slot for enhanced connectivity to external devices, which is crucial for graphics designers.

ASUS VivoBook S14 S433


Coming to the performance of the ASUS VivoBook S14 S433, the device is powered by Intel Core i5-10210U Processor with up to a 4.2 GHz turbo boost. Also, the 14” IPS panel with a Full HD display makes it easier for people to edit videos and photos with ease.

Moreover, this laptop is equipped with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card that provides a marvelous graphic & visual experience to the users. Yeah, a performance-oriented GPU is always a plus point in a laptop for photoshop as that’s the key element of graphic design and editing tasks.

The best part of this PC is the fact that it doesn’t heat up even after hours of consistent performance. Also, the 16:9 aspect ratio of the device makes it easier for you to watch videos and other content with ease. Yeah, these are the few things that are the most important factors of consideration and that’s what makes it one of the best budget laptop for photoshop & graphic editing tasks using illustrator or any other adobe software.

As for the battery life, it lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge, which is a lot more than what you’d expect in devices in the same price range. Also, the device features a 512GB SSD of storage with 8GB RAM for memory options. Also, 1TB Hard Disk capacity could be customized with few bucks. Yeah, it’s an upgradeable modular laptop out there on the market, if you don’t know!

Why is it better?

Amidst all the available options, the ASUS VivoBook S14 S433 is perfect for beginner-level graphics designers who want to rely on a reputable and reliable laptop for photoshop and for editing videos and images or watching movies and multimedia content without any issues.

Who is it ideal for?

If you are just starting with Photoshop and lightroom, and want to invest in a high-performance laptop for photoshop, the ASUS VivoBook S14 S433 is hands down one of the best options. Yeah, definitely, we’d recommend our readers to go for this value for money gadget out there on the market.


  • High-quality visual experience with an enhanced aspect ratio
  • Highly Efficient intel Core processor for efficiency.
  • Designed with narrow and nano edge borders for more screen to body ratio
  • Integrated with NumPad technology
  • Enough storage capacity with efficient Hard Disk drive.
  • Integrated with a range of functional I/O ports
  • Long-lasting battery life with the fast charging port


  • Brightness and contrast slabs are not the best

2. Dell XPS 9570 – Best Budget Laptop for Photoshop & Graphic Editors

When it comes to graphics editing, animation, and video editing; none could beat the beasts produced by Dell. Yeah, they’re known for their faster and efficient graphics processing units.

One such model we’re going to talk about today in this list of best budget laptops for photoshops & lightroom is Dell XPS 9570.


Firstly, this particular model Dell XPS 9570 is quite slim, compact, and very light in weight. Yeah, it features a 15.6 inch widescreen display where you could experience the perfection in visuals and graphics with naked eyes.

Also, compared to its previous product lines including Dell Inspiron, this one is designed for visual & graphics-heavy tasks. Yeah, with a dedicated graphics card and extremely powerful processor. Well, this photoshop laptop is equipped with an intel core i7 processor belonging to the 8th generation intel core processors product line.

Moreover, for graphics processing, they’ve smartly occupied a GPU in it. Yeah, they’ve equipped Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics card which is dedicated to graphics-heavy and memory-oriented tasks such as editing heavy graphics and visuals, animations, and video editing.

Also, some additional accessibility options provided on this beast make it stand out among the crowd. Yeah, you get a fingerprint sensor for safety and security and on any windows OS it could do wonders for you and your privacy mechanism.

Furthermore, you get two highly sophisticated speakers with Maxx Audio systems built on it. And you won’t believe; but, this combination caters to your sound needs beyond expectations.

Also, an HD webcam is placed on the lid using which you could take your video conferencing and skype calls in a smooth manner.

Dell XPS 9570


Now, coming back to performance which is your first priority; we’d like to pinpoint a couple of elements of the Dell XPS 9570 laptop.

Firstly, with a combination of 32GB VRAM & 1TB SSD, this takes almost less than a second to boot up. Yeah, you’ll get amazed with its capability of booting up faster.

Apart from that, a combination of intel core i7 processor with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card processes heaviest graphics tasks and jobs with ease. Yeah, to test out its capabilities, we asked our gaming experts to take a test on this device. Well, they said, that if given a chance, they’ll pick this laptop for a never-ending gaming experience.

And, all of us know, if a laptop could prove itself one of the best gaming laptops then it’s a perfect pick for editing & animating tasks. Right?

Furthermore, coming to the accessibility performance caliber of the XPS 9570 laptop, comes with plenty of accessibility options. Yeah, it includes a set of USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 ports, a VGA port, an HDMI port, a Type C Port, and a Memory card reader compartment.

At last, talking about battery backup and battery life. It runs for 9 hours constantly without any issues when tested a freshly bought piece. Also, from our research and looking at other’s reviews, we could assure you that even if you’re a heavy user then this laptop’s battery will ask for a replacement for 2-3 years in general. Yeah, it’s powerful enough and you shouldn’t worry about it even a bit.

Why Is It Better?

First reason being, its affordability. Yeah, it’s not a cheap laptop but it’s worth it for sure. Secondly, there is almost all ideal specification provided on that lets a photoshop editor or graphic designer perform their respective tasks without any sort of lags or performance issues.

So, these two reasons forced our experts to nominate this laptop as one of the best budget laptops for photoshop, lightroom, and graphic editing task on The Router Arena.

Who Is It Ideal For?

Anyone, looking for a sustainable & reliable laptop for photoshop and graphic editing within a budget of 1K-1.5K should opt-in for this tremendous laptop from Dell.


  • 1920 X 1080 Resolution Ratina Display of 15.6 inch screen size.
  • Highly performance-oriented NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card.
  • 32GB VRAM for faster memory processing along with a 1TB SSD drive.
  • Ideal for photo editing tasks & graphic designers as it operates photoshop very smoothly.
  • Very fast boot-up timing.
  • Truly Reliable Batterylife.
  • Dell’s trust & confidence reflects in their warranty terms.


  • None

3. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop – Best Laptop for Photoshop

Ideal for design software and editing programs like Photoshop, the Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop is ideal for handling your heavy-duty programs with ease. Aside from the functions, the high-end performance is what makes it stand out from the remaining options, especially with the mid-range pricing.


Not only does the Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop feature the reliability of the brand, but you also get to enjoy every aspect of everyday computing in this sleek and compact device. With the high-end processors and sleek and narrow bezels in the display, the device provides you with enough space to work, despite the multitasking involved.

Integrated with Alexa, it governs with swift voice controls for a smoother user experience like no other. Also, the overall construction of the device is not just durable but features an aluminum top cover for superior performance. 

Also, the connectivity options are pretty decent in the device, thanks to the USB 3.1, HDMI, and USB 2.0 connectivity options. Pair everything with the stunning backlit keyboard and you will have the flexibility to work from anywhere that you feel comfortable.

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop


The Aspire 5 is designed and backed with desktop-class performance, all thanks to the AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Mobile Processor with AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics. The processor delivers on the responsiveness, especially when you are dealing with heavy-duty applications such as Photoshop, Illustrators, or Corel Draw.

Yeah, with AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics card, doing tasks such as photoshop editing, graphic designing, or visual drawing becomes a fun activity.

The performance is further relayed via the expansive and narrow bezel 15.6” FHD display that produced true-to-life colors with Acer Color Intelligence.

Also, the Acer Blue Light Shield protects your eyes from the harsh impacts of the blue light from the computer screens with its anti glare display. 

Also, due to its FHD capabilities, the visual experience becomes smoother from all possible viewing angles on this affordable laptop for photoshop.

Not just that, the device features a 128GB SSD of storage with 4GB RAM that enables you to get your projects done in no time at all. Also, it runs on the Windows 10 in S Mode operating system. So yeah, RAM and Storage won’t remain a constrain anymore with this highly efficient and lightweight laptop from Acer.

Why is it a better option?

If you are extremely tight on budget but want to invest in a configuration integrated with NVME SSD storage, high-end and latest processor, and striking visuals, you wouldn’t regret investing your coins in this laptop for photoshop, illustrator, or any other similar application.

Who is it ideal for?

Although we wouldn’t recommend this device for advanced-level or professional Photoshop users, it is a pretty great option for individuals who are just starting with graphic designing and need a reliable device to support their work.


  • The comfortable and ergonomically designed device
  • Narrow bezels for an expansive visual experience
  • Integrated with the latest I/O ports
  • Desktop-like performance with Ryzen processor
  • Nvme SSD makes it one of the best laptops for photoshop & other graphic softwares.
  • High Resolution Display caters to all graphic needs.
  • Affordable pricing makes it a value for money laptop for photoshop.


  • Storage and RAM configuration could be better

4. Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop – Ultimate Performance Laptop for Photoshop

Lenovo is a brand built on trust. Not only do you have access to the best features, but the brand also assures you to provide the consumers with additional upgrades, all within an affordable price tag.

The Lenovo Flex 5 14 inch full HD laptop is an affordable convertible laptop that you wouldn’t regret splurging out on.

So let’s explore some more details about this thing and light laptop for photoshop, lightroom and similar graphic design tasks.


Aside from the fact that it is a mid-range 14 inch full HD laptop, the Flex 5 stands out with its versatile design and portable construction, especially for the professionals who are always on the go and need a device to support their endeavors.

This convertible laptop is designed for mobile work experience and weighs 3.64 pounds only. Also, the interior and exterior of the device are soft to touch, providing you with optimal comfort when you are working on it. The paint is extremely durable, not to mention that it contributes to the long-lasting possibilities.

The ergonomic design with a 360-degree hinge allows you to use the device in four different modes as per comfort – laptop, tent, and stand and tablet mode. This enables you to have an interactive and more intuitive user experience.

Also, this 360-degree high resolution capability lets you experience graphics from different viewing angles without any trouble.

Lenovo Flex 5


With Lenovo, you never once will have to worry about the efficiency of the device. The Flex 5 is powered by the latest AMD Ryzen 5 4500U mobile processor with Radeon graphics for responsive performance with lags and delays. The best thing about the processor is that it promotes versatile functioning, be it handling Photoshop or other content creation processes.

Well, if you don’t know, dedicated graphics cards are much better than traditional intel HD graphics capabilities. Yeah, it is.

Also, the 10-point 14” FHD IPS display contributes to efficient performance and a highly responsive touchscreen along with a crisp visual experience. The narrow bezels contribute to the enhanced screen-to-body ratio, providing more room to work with. So now, experience the real graphics with this 14 inch screen & Full HD 1080p display.

And yeah, it’s display is a fully anti glare display so visibility remains same in bright as well as dark room with very minor variation.

Coming to the storage and RAM configuration, the Flex 5 is integrated with 256GB SSD of storage and 16GB RAM for efficient multitasking along the way. Yeah, gone are the days of 4GB of RAM as they won’t do well anymore with latest and upgraded versions of Adobe Applications.

Also, not only SSD but it comes with enough of HDD storage as well, so that you don’t run out of storage space ever while getting involved with your graphic design & editing tasks. Apart from that, an HD webcam is also equipped on this laptop.

Furthermore, all essential accessibility options including HDMI Port, USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 Ports & other essential cable ports are provided on this laptop. Well, these specs are crucial for efficient graphic design experience.

Moreover, the prolonged 10 hours of battery life is backed with fast charging that charges 80% in under an hour. Yeah, its lithium ion battery is known for its long-lasting service to its users.

Why is it better?

The latest mobile process, convertible design, and highly responsive performance, all of these are available in the Flex 5 at a price under $700. There’s no way you can do any better than that from any other laptop for photoshop.

Moreover, it’s a thin and light laptop so you can carry it anywhere you like, as portability & mobility won’t remain a constraint anymore.

That being said, it’s a truly amazing laptop Lenovo is providing to its userbase at an affordable tag.

Who is it ideal for?

If you are a content creator or graphic designer or even a photographer who is always on the go and needs a lightweight and portable device that would support your work and the flexibility, this is just the device that you need. Yeah, it’s a truly powerful laptop and you shouldn’t miss up on this one if you don’t want to miss upon the true power.


  • High performance with mobile processors
  • Fast charging port charges 80% in an hour
  • Amazing RAM configuration and arrangement
  • Ample storage space for efficiency & comfort.
  • Crisp and vibrant touchscreen display with resolution of 1366 x 768
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • The long-lasting build quality of the outer body.


  • Can lag sometimes with multiple heavy-duty applications

5. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – People’s Choice

Microsoft’s Surface laptop range is one of their bestselling options. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly variant in the lot, we’d recommend checking out the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, instead of the latest versions which are close to $2000.

However, despite a few lacking precisions and functions, the device manages to overthrow the MacBook Pro when it comes to its processors, so you know you are getting a valuable deal for under $800.

Let’s see how this laptop for photoshop could cater all our needs of UHD graphic experience while doing photoshop editing tasks.


This wouldn’t be the first in the lot but Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 stands out with its stunning design. Ideal for intensive tasks, this device is designed to handle all your editing and content creator needs without lags and delays.

Featuring an ultra-slim design, portability is a feature that you wouldn’t have to worry about anymore. Also, password-free fingerprint recognition enables secure logging in via the Window Hello. And, let’s not even forget that it is available in 4 stunning color variants.

This 15.6 inch laptop weighs 2.79 pounds, allowing you the freedom to travel without any issues. Also, despite the cheaper price point, the device is equipped with USB-A and USB-C type ports for connecting external devices that are often needed when you are handling heavy-duty applications. 

Also, this 15 inch laptop comes with a built-in sd card reader slot so accessing data & images from Micro SD cards and flash drives won’t remain an issue anymore.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is available in two different size variants with different keyboard finish, something that enables you to have a comfortable typing experience throughout.

Yeah, if running photoshop on your personal laptop is all you need, then you won’t regret your decision ever for investing on this beast.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3


Not just the looks and design, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 also makes it big with its performance. The device is powered by the 10th Generation Ice Lake Intel Core i7 processor (1065G7) with dedicated graphics for vibrant and clear visuals. And yeah, it’s no more a secret now that 10th & 11th gen intel core processors are the best among all on the market.

Also, the device is equipped with an elegant and compact 13.5” PixelSense display with 1504p screen resolution for UHD Graphics experience. So, if you are worried about full HD 1920 X 1080 quality video editing using Photoshop or other graphics-intensive applications, you wouldn’t have to worry anymore. Yeah, this 13.5 inch laptop is not just good and ideal for graphic editors but it’s one of the best light laptop for them too.

Even the battery performance in the device is immaculate, offering up to 11.5 hours of long-lasting battery without any delays or complications. Also, the fast-charging feature easily charges the device up to 80% in an hour.

Round up everything with the combination of 128GB SSD of storage and 8GB RAM for superior multitasking as well.

Also, storage 512GB is upgradeable as an additional configuration requirement. Yeah, storage 512GB can be easily upgraded in this laptop.

Why is it better?

Compared to the other options in the list, the 10th Generation Ice Lake Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor is integrated with one of the best processors. Not only do you get to experience heightened responsiveness, but it is also one of the most lightweight options on the list.

Who is it ideal for?

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is suitable for anyone looking for a responsive device for tending to all their content creation process. If you are looking for a device that will tend to graphics-intensive applications such as Photoshop, this is the best option around.

Moreover, it’s an ideal fit for those who’re looking for a laptop that could help them tackle their machine learning related technical issues with their laptop as well.


  • Responsive and vibrant touchscreen display
  • Renders smooth graphics for up to 1920 X 1080 resolution.
  • Integrated with latest mobile processor
  • Ergonomic design with sleek portability
  • Enables smoother multitasking
  • This laptop has an HD webcam for a better video conferencing experience too.


  • Storage isn’t sufficient for Photoshop users

6. HP 15 Laptop – Latest Value For Money Pick For Photoshop Editors & Graphic Designers

Before buying a laptop, it is important to sort out your needs or requirements and choose the laptop accordingly. For photographers, applications like Photoshop and Lightroom are very essential. To run such applications with full efficiency, you will need a laptop with fast and reliable performance along with the best display delivering rich colors and details. HP 15 laptop caters to all these needs at an affordable cost.

HP is one of the popular laptop brands in the market and is known for its high reliability and durability. Therefore, you do not have to think twice before buying this laptop. It is a great choice for photographers or video editors who are looking for a laptop to run photo and video editing applications.


A widescreen is crucial for people dealing with photos and videos. It makes editing and corrections much easier and effortless. HP 15 laptop comes with a 15.6-inch Full HD screen with IPS Display technology. The display supports ultra-wide viewing angles and is equipped with an anti-glare screen and a 6.5-millimeter micro-edge feature. The 82% screen-to-body ratio will deliver rich visual quality with fine colors. The FHD feature will support Full high-definition images.

The laptop is an ideal choice for photographers as it is of thin and sleek design with lightweight nature. It weighs about 3.75 pounds. So, you can easily carry it inside your backpack when you go out for photoshoots.

You can indulge in video calls with ease as the laptop comes with an HP True Vision HD camera. The webcam supports video chats even in low lights. It has dual-array microphones with noise-canceling technology to deliver clear crisp audio without unwanted background noises. The laptop is of natural silver in color, looking stylish and classy.

HP 15 Laptop


Expect high productivity and reliable performance with HP 15 Laptop as it is equipped with an 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7 Processor. The processor will deliver fast performance with instant response and enables easy multitasking. You can install and use multiple photos and video editing software or applications with this processor.

In terms of memory, HP 15 laptop comes with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD Storage. You can seamlessly work and multitask efficiently with 8 GB RAM. It uses Windows 10 Home operating system.

With the HP Fast Charge facility, you can charge your laptop from 0 to 100% in less time. It will take only 45 minutes for the laptop to get charged from 0-50%. This will help you save time during urgent scenarios. The battery life of the laptop is also really good with about 6 to 7 hours for pretty intensive use. The battery life will help you deliver great performance throughout the day.

Why is it better?

The laptop is a great choice for both photographers and people of various fields as it comes with fast performing Intel Core i5 processor. You can prefer this as it comes both with valuable features and an affordable price. The 15.6-inch Full HD display is a great feature for graphic designers and photographers as they deal with images and videos.

Who is it ideal for?

The laptop is highly preferred for photographers, graphic designers, photo and video editors, students, and working professionals. The fast charging feature and lightweight design of the laptop make it a great choice for people who travel frequently.


  • Fast charging facility with good battery life
  • Widescreen with FHD display
  • Intel Core i5 processor for fast performance
  • Wi-Fi 6 with Bluetooth 5.0 for fast connectivity
  • The thin and lightweight design supports portability
  • HD webcam with noise-canceling microphone


  • No touchscreen feature

7. LG Gram Laptop – Best Budget Laptop For Photoshop

Last on the list is the latest release – the LG Gram Laptop. While people were gradually forgetting the legacy of LG, this thing and light device brought back all the important influencing reasons. From the latest processor to ideal RAM configuration, the device stands out in multiple other prospects too.


Aside from the staple design of the LG Gram Laptop, the device also stands out in terms of its portability and slim design. The best thing about this device is the full-body metal construction that is designed for rough usage every day. 

Given that the device is designed to handle CPU-intensive tasks like Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop for a seamless user experience[1]. Also, it provides users with up to 40gbps connection speeds for uninterrupted performance. 


Thanks to the 10th Generation Intel Core i5-1035G7 and the Intel Iris Plus Graphics, you wouldn’t have to compromise on the device’s performance. Also, the responsive 15.6” FHD display is ideal for tackling 4K/5K editing with ease and flair. Yeah, with it’s FHD display you can play full HD 1920 X 1080 resolution videos too.

Definitely, if you could use this laptop for 4K media creation it means, you can use this laptop for 4K streaming as well.

Moreover, its processor is much better than those of some widely suggested dual core & quad core processor on the market.

Also, despite the affordable price range, the device is integrated with 256GB SSD of storage and 8GB DDR4 RAM for unmatched user experience and performance. Well, for running photoshop & similar applications it’s a must specification expected from your laptop. Isn’t it?

The 72Wh li-ion battery offers superior performance like nothing else you’d possibly expect. 

Apart from that, this laptop features plenty of accessibility options that include sd card reader, multiple USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 ports, USB Type C cable port, HDMI port and VGA Cable port too.

All these combined make it a complete boost technology gadget for editors & graphic designers out there. And also, makes it a best laptop for photo editing tasks.

LG Gram Laptop

Why is it better?

Compared to the other devices, the LG Gram Laptop is responsive, not to mention that it is one of the best options that can tackle responsive user experience, especially when it comes to dealing with HD graphics and photographs.

Yeah, regardless of its low price, it becomes one of the most ideal laptops for editors working with adobe software including Photoshop, Illustrator, or even other software like Corel draw and similar.

Yeah, it’s one of the best laptops for photoshop and photo editing tasks.

Who is it ideal for?

The LG Gram Laptop is perfect for a professional graphics designer, and photographers that deal with heavy-duty photo editing applications. Moreover, looking at its lightweight nature and compact build quality you could gift this laptop to seniors and old-aged people in your home too.

So, all in all, if you’re looking for a cheap laptop for photoshop then it won’t let you regret on your final call, that’s for sure.


  • Premium dedicated GPU configuration
  • Highly efficient intel processor for optimization of processing.
  • 15.6 inch retina display is ideal for photoshop editors.
  • 8GB of RAM is more than enough for superior performance.
  • Storage is upgradeable up to 1TB HDD as an extra.
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Highly responsive performance
  • Military-grade metal body & durable build quality.


  • Can lag when multitasking

8. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop

Lenovo’s ideapad series of devices have been around for a while and have gained a pretty good reputation around them for being budget-friendly yet power-packed. This is one of the best options out there for someone who is looking for a great laptop for editing photos and using photoshop – but one which is priced under $500. As we take a closer look, you will see that it is not just the price, but pretty much every aspect of this Lenovo Ideapad device delivers much more than what the price point promises.


The first thing that really appeals to us about this laptop is that it comes with a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor. Not many laptops offer you a new-generation i5 for this price point, which is a big plus over here. Furthermore, there’s 512GB SSD storage along with 8GB of RAM. All three of these things, when put together, ensure that photoshop, as well as some other graphic editing apps that you might plan on using, will work really well. 

Other than that, one more thing that we really love about this laptop is the overall build. The laptop comes in a platinum-gray color model and It’s got a nice, premium and sleek look to it. The gray that Lenovo uses here is certainly better than the gray used by HP, which gives it a more plastic sort of a look for their budget laptops rather than a metallic look. You get a nice 14 inch screen on this laptop, which is a FHD LED Backlit Anti-Glare Display. The trackpad is nice and wide too. 

Another benefit that you get here is that the device features a number of connectivity options. There are ports on both sides. A 3.5mm port on the right, along with a card reader, and on the left, there are three USB ports (including 2 USB 3.0 ports) and an HDMI port. This allows you to connect to a monitor or a TV to edit your photos on an even bigger screen.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop


In terms of performance, most users are generally happy with the way this laptop pans out for them. Not only do they get a device which can run all their favorite photo editing apps, but also one which can be used for a number of other purposes. When you look at the performance of this laptop, you also have to look at it in context with the price point. At under $500, the Lenovo does not under-promise, but certainly over-delivers. The i5 processor, along with 8GB of RAM gives you enough firepower to set all your graphic editing apps rolling, as well as get some basic video edits done.

In addition to that, this laptop is also a pretty good all-round entertainment unit as you can make use of it for watching your favorite movies and TV shows. This is also a decent device for someone who wants to play basic video games – nothing too high-end, but it still delivers a pretty good gaming experience for basic usage. Lastly, this can always be used as a device that has to be carried around for work or travel, and allows you to work on-the-go. It is also a good place to browse your mails and update your social media. 

Why is it better?

The simple reason as to why this laptop is better compared to many other similar names on the list is the price-quality equation. For a price of under $500, you are getting a brand new laptop (and not a renewed product), and one which comes with some pretty impressive features in terms of the CPU, RAM and storage. It offers you an SSD storage – which is the modern-day standard, and comes in a rather good-looking premium metallic body. All of this put together makes it the best budget laptop for photoshop users.

Who is it ideal for?

This is an ideal laptop for someone who wants all the good features but does not want to splurge for a very high-end laptop. This is a good laptop for content creators who are starting out, or for photo editors and graphic designers who want to edit their photos and artwork, but don’t want to spend too much on the laptop. This is also a great device for home-users, students, and people who generally prefer to work on-the-go. This is an all-round unit and can suit the needs of multiple users who don’t want to do something that is too ‘power intensive’ like heavy gaming or large-scale video edits. 

Pros and Cons:


  • Priced really well – offers great features under $500 
  • Bright and high-quality display, offers great visual output for graphic editing 
  • Premium design and well-built casing 
  • Great for multi-purpose use such as basic gaming, video editing, office work, etc 


  • Battery life could be improved – currently gives between 4 to 5 hours on an average 


1. Is it necessary to have a dedicated GPU for Photoshop?

No, it is not a mandatory feature. While it is true that a dedicated GPU can improve and enhance the overall performance of the device, Photoshop with run without a dedicated GPU as well.

2. Which processor is best for Photoshop?

Well, There is no limit or standard answer to this question, mainly because the better the processor, the faster is the responsiveness. However, try to resort to options that include at least 2 GHz clock speed for faster performance.

3. Are all devices for Photoshop expensive?

No, not necessarily and this guide is a testament to just that. All you need to do is compile the right and ideal configuration for the device and ensure that it’s the best in the market to be able to run Photoshop with ease. We’d highly recommend looking through the list of products above for ease of choosing.

4. What Display Size is good for Photoshop?

Ideally, 15.6 inch display size is sufficient. Yeah, for photoshop, lightroom & illustrator a 15.6 inch display suffice all essential requirements.

5. How to ensure your laptop remains cool while running photoshop?

Photoshop is an app that puts some amount of pressure on your CPU. Especially when it comes to rendering larger edits on heavier files, you are bound to witness your device heating up quite a bit. The best way to keep things cool is to make sure that you ensure that all your vents are clean and dust-free because dust can block the path where heat escapes from and that can cause it to get trapped inside and heat up the laptop. Other than that, we recommend using cooling pads under your laptop – or to use air conditioning in the room in which you are using the laptop that is heating up.

6. Can I use budget laptops for photoshop for video editing as well?

Yes, you can do some amount of basic video editing using these budget laptops that are being used for photoshop – possibly great for editing some reels or tik tok videos, but not something that you might want to use for editing professional-scale videos or commercial projects. However, as far as basic needs go, this laptop has got you covered and you can make edits that don’t require too much rendering. Video rendering does take quite a toll on the processor and it is recommended you only do light edits on these laptops.

7. Can budget photoshop laptops also be used for gaming?

As we pointed out with video editing above, budget gaming laptops aren’t really ‘gaming’ devices, but can be used for basic games – your experience will be even better if you play all these games on low resolution settings. However, avoid playing power-intensive games here as most of these laptops usually do not have a heavy-duty GPU, and their processors will be overburdened even if they are able to run these games. Hence, we recommend avoiding gaming in these laptops. 

8. Where can I buy the best budget laptops for photoshop?

The best place to get hold of these laptops is perhaps the Amazon web store. Because you are looking for something very specific, it might be difficult for you to find these devices in regular stores. Hence, we recommend getting them online. Amazon shows you a much larger collection of these devices than any physical store, and also offers you better deals and discounts as well as great return policy. Furthermore, if you are considering buying a renewed product, then Amazon is a far better bet for you than compared to traditional stores. For your ease, we have linked all the products on our list to their respective Amazon web pages. 


And, that is a wrap for this guide. If you have been looking for some good quality and affordable laptops for Photoshop, we’d recommend you take a look at all these options that we have sorted out for you. However, we understand that everyone’s personal preferences are requirements are different, which is why we have tried to keep our list diverse and versatile so there is something for every user to choose from.

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