Best AM Radio For Long Distance in 2022: Top 7 Products with Reviews

Many might think that what’s the purpose of mobile phones, tablets, and latest tech gadgets? If, you’re still looking for a radio device.

Well, they might not know that all these latest modern tech gadgets becomes a scrap when you’re going to cut the contact with wider world during your adventurous trip in the forest or a complete natural explore. Am I Right? Yeah, I’m.

When you plan a trip to forest or a wild terrain where it’s hard to get network signals, you need one of the best radio for long distance AM reception to help you stay in touch with outside world.

And, if you’re planning such a trip in near time, then in this article we’ve curated 5 of the best radios for you that will assist you during your outdoor trip.

Yeah, finding one is pretty troublesome as there are many factors which needs to be considered while buying one.
Well, we’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled a list which makes sense.

Also, at the end of this article, we’ve crafted an easy to digest buying guide which will help you make your final call.

So, now, without wasting time, let’s explore our reviews for best long distance AM reception radio devices.

Best AM Radio For Long Distance in 2022: Top 7 Products with Reviews

#1. Sangean PR-D18BK Portable Radio – Editor’s Pick

When it comes to long distance AM frequency capturing, nothing can beat Sangean. Yeah, the model we’re reviewing currently is from a renowned brand in tech gadget space and they’re know for a reason.

Also, if we talk about durability then this portable digital radio from Sangean is known for producing most durable and long lasting gadgets for their users. So, this one is not an exception.

Well, even if you’re planning to utilize this long distance AM radio during your outdoor trips or adventures then it can handle the toughest punch you throw at it.

Sangean PR-D18BK Portable Radio

Now, if we talk about transmitter then Sangean PR-D18BK digital AM radio can pick all distant stations as its transmitter is exceptionally sensitive and could grab all the frequencies promptly.

Talking about user interface, you gets an LCD display with backlit facility, an adjustable sleep timing button, snooze button, a buzzer which is gentle enough to not disturb you from your sleep still helps in awakening you smoothly. And, apart from that, it’s capable of pre-setting 10 different radio stations on this amazing AM radio.

Also, all these controls are located in a way so that users get easy access to it. Understanding these controls and its working not going to cause any trouble as it’s pretty easy too.

Moreover, auto scan feature for scanning nearest radio stations on its own makes it a charm to use during busy trips.
Above all, Sangean digital AM radio operates on 4 AA batteries which are easily available on all nearby grocery shops that come across your way of journey.

All in all, users love this long distance radio for all the obvious reasons starting from durability to ease of use.

Pros & Cons of Sangean PR-D18BK Long Distance Radio


  • Highly durable.
  • Exceptional feedback from real users.
  • Easy to access and control.
  • Fabulously sensitive transmitter for long distance signal receiving.
  • A lot of convenience features to make outdoor trip a memory.
  • 10 presets for setting up desired radio stations.
  • Auto scan feature for unknown locations you travel around.
  • Operated of AA batteries which are easily available all around the world.


  • Malfunctioning issues on some unit, which is resolved by replacing batteries.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, Sangean PR-D18BK is a complete no brainer for the price it comes at. Yeah, it’s not just an affordable gadget for you but also comes with lot many features which are hardly available on a long distance AM radio at this price. Yeah, just go for it if you’re planning a long distance trip from your residence and don’t want to miss out your favourite radio shows.

#2. Sony SRF-M37W Walkman Digital Tuning Radio – Best Long Distance AM Radio

When it comes to gadgets, how could we forget the brand sony? Yeah, Sony is the brand that don’t need any introduction as everyone knows its caliber very well.

And, this digital Walkman is not an exception in this list. Yeah, with premium range features this digital AM/FM radio comes at a highly affordable price. How? Let’s discover!

Firstly, with modern sleek design, Sony SRF-M37W is capable enough to grab attention of people around you. One can also consider this as their favorite pick in handheld radio segment.
Moreover, its compact and very light in weight so carrying it with you during your adventurous trips doesn’t going to become an issue. Yeah, it’s decently portable.

Sony SRF-M37W Walkman Digital Tuning Radio

Apart from that, it just requires a single AAA battery to function. So, yeah, compared to other heavily priced units this one comes with more power at an affordable cost.

Talking about presets, you could store up to 20 radio stations for easy access on this device. Moreover, battery memory setting prevents your radio from re-setting your already stored presets.

Now, if we talk about additional functionalities then Sony’s radio comes with a weather station direct tuning which connects you with nearby weather station to get an update regarding weather forecast. Pretty convenient. Isn’t it?

Also, from user interface point of view, we’d give 5 out of 5 rating to this amazing gadget from Sony. Yeah, it features an LCD display screen that comes with a clock and battery life indication. Apart from that, it also shows currently tuned radio station on it.

Moreover, it also features a built-in DX switch that connect you with nearest AM radio station if you’re travelling around an unknown place.

At last, you gets a belt clip along with a wired stereo headset to listen to your favourite radio station during your outdoor trip.

Pros & Cons of Sony SRF-M37W Digital Radio


  • Sleek and elegant design.
  • Compact in size so portable to carry along.
  • Highly durable unit.
  • Comes with some amazing functionality.
  • Built-in DX switch for direct tuning of nearby radio station.
  • Built-in weather station connectivity.
  • 20 preset capability.
  • Battery memory backup to keep presets intact while replacing battery.
  • A set of utilizable accessories in the box.


  • For few users first time usage was not convenient enough.

Our Verdict

In nutshell, if you want to get best bang for your bucks then this AM radio is made for you. Yeah, with amazing features, sleek design and heavily affordable price range we definitely recommend our readers to buy this one of the best radio for long distance AM reception.

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#3. Tecsun PL880 Portable Radio – Best Radio for Exceptional Coverage Range

Planning to bring one of the most dominant gadget from Tecsun home? Well, we’ve got you covered. Yeah, Tecsun PL880 has got tremendous attention from radio lovers for many reasons.

Firstly, this radio comes with built-in capabilities of digital signal processing for HF bands that makes it capable of gathering even weak signals. Yeah, it uses quantum jump for forwarding weak signals with better strengths.

Apart from that, Tecsun has paid decent attention over listening experience as well. Yeah, you gets 450 mW yield from its speakers along with bass and treble control functionalities.

Now, talking about design, it’s not as elegant as our priorly reviewed units but still it’s not entirely ordinary in our opinion. Also, in terms of portability, its very compact in size and light in weight so portability won’t be a concern here. Yeah, all these combined makes it one of the highly portable radio for activities like camping, hiking, and cycling.

Tecsun PL880 Portable Radio

Tecsun PL880 is equipped with latest firmware update in it, which gives you tremendous freedom over controlling your preffered channels.

Also, it is equipped with PLL synthesized dual conversion receiver that offers an amazing level of sensitivity and selectivity.

Moreover, user interface is also pretty easy to understand and operate as you gets everything mentioned on top of each button which helps you in achieving your goal.

Tecsun PL880 features an analog LCD screen with backlit that displays battery life, current station and other modes you’ve selected on this radio.

It also allows you to set alarm clock on it. Also, sleep timer on this radio is a bliss.

In terms of runtime, you gets breath of relief as it is equipped with a single Li-ion battery which is rechargeable and it comes with a charger adapter in the box.

Pros & Cons of Tecsun PL880 Digital AM Receiver


  • Portable design.
  • State-of-the-art combination of technology.
  • Symbol of perfect craftsmanship.
  • Comes with many built-in presets.
  • Fabulous listening experience with treble and bass controls.
  • Capable of strengthening weak signals.
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery for power.


  • A bit Price gadget but worth a try for the level of perfection it offers.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, Tecsun PL880 is a definite recommendation for all those who could afford a bit pricey unit for the sake of features and functionalities they desires. Also, listening experience on this one of the best long distance AM radio is better than all other units we reviewed in this article.

#4. C Crane CC Skywave Portable – Best Travel Radio for AM Reception

No matter if you want a radio for your home or for a long distance trips, this marvellous piece of perfection won’t disappoint you.

Yeah, C Crane Skywave portable radio is heavily user friendly to operate. Apart from that, its pretty light in weight and compact in shape so you can carry this amazing gadget along with you anywhere you like.

Moreover, it is loaded with hefty features on the board that makes it a gadget that grabs anyone’s attention. Yeah, namely it comes with NOAA weather station connectivity which will reduce your hassle of finding nearby weather station for planning your day based on current weather forecasts.

And yeah, it also comes with built-in aviation station configuration that helps you in getting traffic updates of your nearby routes.

Also, it’s designed in a way so that it can reduce static signals that spoils overall listening experience.

Moreover, if we talk about overall listening experience and speaker quality then people who’re using it currently, has reported that they’re getting crystal clear audio output from this device.

C Crane CC Skywave Portable

Now, talking about ability to store radio stations, then this amazing AM/FM receiver radio is capable of storing 400 presets. Yeah, highest on this list of reviews for best radio for long distance AM reception.

Well, you can store AM, FM or SW bands as presets on this radio from C Crane. Yeah, this one is also one of the best FM radio which also gives AM reception facilities at its best.

Apart from that, it comes with an LCD display which shows current time, alarm clock, sleep timer, selected radio station frequency and a lot more.

As in additional features and functionalities, it offers direct entry keypad, auto scan functionality, sleep timer, fold out back stand for support, battery indicator, lock switch and couple of other features that you’d love to explore.

Now, if we talk about power then this long distance AM reception radio operates on 2 AA batteries which is available all around the world. Well, you’ll lose your saved presets after replacing battery as it resets every time you replace batteries.

Pros & Cons of C Crane Skywave Portable Radio


  • Sleek compact design.
  • Portable gadget for trips and travel lovers.
  • Highly durable.
  • A lot of features to explore.
  • Capability to strengthen weak signals.
  • Marvelous listening experience is a great plus.
  • Operates on 2 AA batteries.
  • Auto scan mode.


  • Resets every time you replace batteries.

Our Verdict

For anyone expecting a pile of features and functionalities within their radio gadgets, this one is made specifically for them. Yeah, not just features but physical design of this radio unit from C Crane is made by keeping end user in the mind. So, in our opinion, this is definitely worth it if you love some advance features to have in your pocket.

#5. Horologe AM/FM Pocket Radio – Best Budget Radio for Long Distance AM Reception

And, here is comes the most compact radio which occupies the least possible space in your pocket. Yeah, ultimate portability is a built-in feature when you opt for Horologe AM/FM radio.

Well, one shouldn’t under estimate its capability to grab and capture long distance signals from its size. Yeah, it is packed with some latest modulation parts on the board that makes it possible to strengthen weak signals and also capturing distant signals with an ease.

In our opinion, it’s most powerful radio gadget made for people who are looking for portability with amazing features.

Moreover, this radio comes with dual power options, means you are all free to either use it using 2 AA batteries or using 3V direct power adapter.

In terms of technical capabilities, Horologe AM radio is equipped with an advanced DSP chip which acts as a brain that not just store presets but also helps in improving reception of frequencies.

Horologe AM/FM Pocket Radio

Also, they’ve kept user convenience and ease of access in the mind while designing this gadget for their users. So yeah, all you get is tremendous range of functionalities in heavily compact size.

It offers an LCD screen to showcase different settings along with radio frequency.

In terms of additional features, you gets sleep timer which turns the gadget off after a specific time period so that you don’t need to worry about draining battery if you go asleep.

Alarm clock, volume switches, Misoperation lock etc are some of the additional functionalities that you get on this radio device.

Moreover, in the box you get a streo headset along with a belt clip as additional accessories.

Pros & Cons of Horologe AM Radio


  • Least space occupying radio device on this list of reviews for best radio for long distance AM reception.
  • Portable unit for travel lovers.
  • Comes with pile of features to explore.
  • Misoperation lock to avoid re setting device in unknown hands.
  • Mind blowing sound output.
  • DSP chip to save and store 200 presets.
  • Capable of transmitting AM, FM and SM signals.
  • Dual power operation compatibility.


  • Less durable compared to other radios in the list.

Our Verdict

Are you looking for a most compact and best radio for long distance AM signal reception? Well, then none can be better than Horologe Portable radio. Yeah, it’s the best bang for the bucks you spend if you’re looking for compact and portable radio unit.

#6. Retekess TR618 AM FM Radio – Best For Crisp Sound Output

Since AM radios aren’t that popular anymore, it isn’t surprising that finding good quality and affordable options can be a little hard. Don’t worry though because the Retekess TR618 AM FM Radio is one of the few remnant options that you can invest in confidence.

The radio supports 87-108MHz frequency support, allowing you to make the most out of this portable device. Aside from the staple and durable construction, the radio is further integrated with a 23.62 inch extend antenna for better communication without interruptions.

The Retekess TR618 AM FM Radio supports the transistor analog radio support for uninterrupted communication. You can also attach a USB and SD disk if needed. You’d be surprised but the device also supports 3.5 mm earphones for easier communication.

Retekess TR618 AM FM Radio

Also, the radio is integrated with a 3W big speaker for ease of communication that allows you to listen to your favorite songs and communicate clearly without any interruptions. Also, this is a tabletop radio, which means that it wouldn’t take up a lot of space.

The small size of this radio allows you to make the most use of the space that you have available. The larger pointer knob supports tuning and volume control, all in one. So, if you have someone older at home that wants a radio for smoother communication, this is the best one.

This is predominantly a shortwave radio with a long power cord for smoother home use. Also, the radio is backed with 3 D batteries for ease of communication. 


  • Portable design
  • Supports analog radio support
  • Easy to use
  • Supports shortwave radio signals
  • Ideal for someone older at home


  • Signal reception isn’t the best

#7. Jazmm Store’s 4X D – AM Radio For Long Distance Reception – Latest Pick

This is one of the easily affordable AM FM radios in the market with durable construction and quality features. The radio comes with a large speaker that produces clear sound with good details. It supports both AM and FM reception. FM reception at the frequency range 87-108MHz and AM reception at frequency range 520-1730 kHz.

You can expect strong reception with this radio, which is ideal for listening to NPR, classical music, baseball game, and news stations. The radio comes with a long antenna to deliver strong signals even while the reception is a bit weak. As this is a portable radio, it is highly suitable for travel purposes. You can carry it effortlessly while you go on trips and vacations.

Jazmm Store's 4X D - AM Radio

You can change the sound mode of the radio according to your mood and environment. It is equipped with low and high modes settings. The volume will be loud in high mode, while it will be subtle in low mode. You can use the low mode during night-time while relaxing, sleeping, and when studying. During parties, camping and outings you can enjoy loud music with high mode. This is one of the unique functions that are quite rare to find in other radios.

You can charge the radio by two methods. It has a power cord and also supports DC-1.5V batteries. It has pretty decent battery life. You can also listen to music and news in private without interferences using the 3.5mm earphone jack in this portable radio.

Coming to the design, the radio is black and grey with durable built. Another advantage is its warranty period. The radio comes with 12 months warranty period. You can also contact customer support any time of the day.


  • Durable construction with strong built
  • 12 months warranty and 24*7 customer support
  • Decent battery life; supports two power sources
  • Two modes: high mode and low mode to adjust volume according to the environment
  • Lightweight and easily portable, suitable for travel purposes
  • Has a Long antenna for a strong signal
  • Has a 3.5 mm earphone jack for private listening of channels
  • Easily affordable and good value for money


  • None to mention

Our Verdict

We would say, this radio is highly recommended for those who are looking for a budget-friendly AM FM Radio with decent features. As the radio comes with large speakers, clear fonts, big volume knobs and a big tuning knob, it is ideal for any age group. As it supports two volume modes, it is suitable for various uses including partying, camping, family trips, vacations, personal leisure uses, etc. It is also durable with decent construction.

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