Are Dell Laptops Good? – An Ultimate Discovery of Dell’s Reliability!

Planning to buy a dell laptop? Or heard about them? Well, in either case, you’d like to know whether you’re opting in for a reliable brand or not! And, trying to get an answer for your question “are dell laptops good? Or not?” Right!

We all know that, nowadays, shaddy marketing strategy and excessive social media ads have given the liberty of creating false impressions for many brands. And in that case, we need to cross-check about everything starting from actual specifications a particular brand delivers to that brand’s reliability.

However, it’s neither easy nor one could do it without extensive research. Yeah, research is an essential part to explore a brand’s reliability. You need to jump between forums, hop into people’s conversation regarding different issues they’re facing from a particular brand, take opinions and feedback regarding experience from users of a particular brand.

Well, you don’t need to be worried as our team has done all the hard work for you to provide a solution to your problem. In a nutshell, a detailed explanatory answer to your question of “Are Dell Laptops Any Good?”

So, now, without wasting time, let’s move forward and take a look at the reality of dell laptops.

Are Dell Laptops Reliable & Good? – A Complete Discovery

In this part, we’ll talk about all the relevant details about the brand Dell. Also, we’ll uncover some facts & figures for sales of dell laptops.

Yeah, within very few minutes you’ll get an answer to your question of “Are Dell Laptops Any Good?”

So, let’s begin with the discovery!

About The Brand – Dell Incorporation

Dell is a renowned brand established in 1984. Since then, they’re inventing and delivering technology gadgets around the globe. Dell is considered among some of the fortune 500 companies and it also succeeds in securing 3rd spot for the world’s best computer manufacturing brands around the world.

However, they’re not just limited to computers only as they also manufacture laptops, desktop computers, high-end networking devices, superior storage drives, cameras, and even TVs. Yeah, they manufacture TVs and Cameras too; if you don’t know!

Moreover, this is the first brand to implement the concept of user-required customization in a laptop. Yeah, they’re the first who adopted the direct sales approach and offered a build-to-order model in the laptop & desktop market.

If you don’t know about this model, then it’s a sales model where a customer goes to the brand directly and chooses a preference for specifications and configurations for their next gadget, and based on their preference the brand builds a gadget for them. Yeah, nowadays, it’s common, however, dell is the first brand offering such facilities.

Also, this approach helped them a lot in building a reliable returning user base. And yeah, it also helped them in building the reputation in the market for inventing something out of the box.

Key Strengths Of Dell Laptops

Thinking Out Of The Box

Dell is a brand that believes in taking risks to bring innovation in the market. Yeah, this is the first brand, placing a camera in a very small space of bezel. And they don’t stop there; they again took risk of inventing the first bezel-free laptop for their users.

Well, these small things might seem unusual to many, but these innovations attract users for investing in their products. Ask yourself, won’t you go after something that’s unique in itself, if it has everything else in it that’s being offered by its competitor? You’ll. Right?

Moreover, we won’t even say that a bezel-free design is to lure customers, in fact, it helps in getting an immersive visual experience with the least possible distractions in the place. Right?

Wide Range Of Product Line

Yeah, dell offers a wider range of selection through a broad product line. Dell laptops are not specific to any single set of users. In fact, they’ve created wider product lines specific to each user segment. Yeah, no matter if you’re a gamer looking for a gaming laptop, a sales or marketing professional looking for a portable laptop, a student looking for a laptop suitable to engineering field, or a normal person looking for a suitable laptop; you’ll find one fit of a laptop to your specific needs in your segment from Dell’s product line.

Moreover, they have laptops in all budget segments too. Yeah, if you can’t spend too much on a laptop then they’ve many budget-friendly laptops in their arsenal, the same way if you’re looking for a high-end gaming laptop ranging in a budget of thousands then they won’t disappoint you for sure.

Stunning Customer Feedback & Reviews

Yeah, with a dell laptop what else you get as a bonus is, reliability of the brand that’s spoken by people who’re using a dell laptop themselves.

Look at reviews gathered by Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 15, and Dell XPS 17 on amazon and it’ll leave you stunned for a moment. Yeah, Dell’s XPS product line succeeds in gathering stunning 4.1 to 4.3-star ratings out of 5.

Moreover, upon inquiring multiple users who’re currently leveraging the power and performance of the Dell XPS product line, we found that most of them are happy with their choice and they’re duly recommending Dell XPS laptops to fellow laptop seekers. Not only XPS product line, but also Dell Inspiron product line quite good and succeeds in gathering a high amount of reviews from the people with nothing else, but positive feedback in the place.

Support Quality

I’ve used Dell Inspiron myself in my early days of entering into the information technology field, and, during those days I was needed to seek support because I broke down the display of my laptop due to an accident. Well, back then they were providing an accidental warranty and their technician arrive within 24 hours at my place after I called them. What’s even more surprising is, they replaced the whole laptop is it was under an accidental damage protection warranty.

Well, talking about current facilities offered by Dell, their support is still prompt and assists on time without delaying the solution to the problem. However, according to some of the user’s reports, their tweeter handle is operated through bots, and reverts with automated messages and tweets don’t help much. So yeah, to get support on time and with proper assistance, you’ll need to call their team through phone support. Also, their live chat support is quite helpful to be honest.

Major Weakness Of Dell Laptops

Battery life in Few Models Isn’t Impressive

Well, many might deny this as a weakness. But, it’s what it is. Yeah, in some of the models we encountered poor battery life compared to others in the competition.

Especially, in gaming laptops such as Dell Alienware & Dell XPS Gaming Model, the battery starts draining quickly after use of 6-8 months only. Well, their warranty usually lasts up to 12 months and you can always claim for a replacement of the battery, still, this factor failed in leaving an impression of a perfect laptop in our view.

Now, as we’re done with a general overview of dell laptops, let’s take a look at some of the related frequently asked questions for dell laptops from our readers.

FAQ – Test of Dell’s Reliability

Are dell laptops reliable?

If it’s about reliability based on what’s claimed and what’s being delivered, then yeah, we’d say dell laptops are reliable enough.

For instance, if you’re looking for a laptop with 10th generation intel core i7 processor and order the same from dell, then they’ll deliver 10th gen core i7 processor equipped model from your selected productline; be it Dell XPS or Dell Inspiron or Dell Alienware.

Moreover, dell is reliable because of the key strengths we mentioned in this discovery article.

Should I Buy A Dell Laptop?

Yes, definitely! We won’t resist your interest for dell laptop. However, we’d suggest you to buy only from authorized dealer or seller on online platforms. Or go visit your nearest dell showroom and buy it from there, this way, you reduces chances of getting cheated by sellers who sells fake stuff.

Is Dell Laptop of good quality?

Yeah, It is! And, that’s the reason we label the brand dell as one of the most reliable and quality brand out there on the market.

From Where To Buy Dell Laptop?

If you want less involvement and want to get prompt delivery at your doorstep then buy it from amazon. Otherwise, go visit a local dell showroom and buy it from there.

Is Dell After sales support good?

This question has a mix of positive & negative answers. Yeah, their phone & live chat support are good. However, if you’re planning to rely on their tweeter handle only then unfortunately their tweeter support team isn’t qualified enough to tackle customer’s technical queries promptly and appropriately.


As a verdict to your question Are Dell Laptops Good? All we’d like to say is, yes. However, to get one perfect fit, we’d like you to advise that don’t make a decision yourself if you’re not familiar with a combination of different technical specifications.

Yeah, dell laptops are good but it depends on what sort of customization you plan as your next buying pick.

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